Baby Related Freebies Round-Up: Nursing Covers, Magazines, Formula, Diaper Samples…

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Here are a few current baby related freebies you can score…

* Get a FREE Seven Brand Baby Carrier ($48 value!) when you enter the promo code FREE at checkout.  You’ll just need to pay shipping, which is $11.95 for 2-8 day delivery.

* Get a FREE Seven Brand Udder Cover Nursing Cover ($34.95 value!) when you enter the promo code FREE at checkout.  You’ll just need to pay shipping, which is $11.95 for 2-8 day delivery.

* Head on over here to request a FREE Huggies GoodNites Underwear sample, if you haven’t previously! Just wait for the GoodNites sample banner (5th banner for me) to show and click on the free sample link. You currently DO need to be a Sam’s Club member to score this freebie.

* Head on over here to sign up with the Pampers Gifts to Grow Rewards program and you’ll start off with 100 points! Once you sign up, check out this post for information about how you can enter to win 10,000 free Gifts to Grow points. Also, be sure to go here (and scroll past this post) to see all codes that may still be available to enter for even more points.

* Head on over here to request a FREE subscription to American Baby magazine!

* You can sign up for one of 3 different Parent’s Choice infant Formula Samples here, here and here!

* Go here to request a FREE subscription to Babytalk magazine! These magazines typically have coupons and other special offers inside! ๐Ÿ™‚

* Head on over here to score a FREE Member’s Mark infant formula sample. You’ll be able to choose between Complete, Gentle, or Sensitivity infant formula.

Enfamil Family Beginnings

* Go here or click the banner above to join Enfamil Family Beginnings. Just for registering, you’ll receive FREE samples of Enfamil products and up to $60 in savings! It also states they will send you $250 in FREE gifts (when I signed up a few years ago, I received a free diaper bag filled with coupons and samples)!

* If you’re pregnant or recently gave birth and are looking for a way to snag a few inexpensive birth announcements and also receive free samples and coupons in the mail, you may want to sign up for Similac’s StrongMoms rewards program! Whenever you sign up for Similac StrongMoms (it’s FREE!), you may receive a unique code valid for $20 worth of premium birth announcements from Shutterfly!

Also, just for signing up, you’ll receive weekly prenatal emails focusing on Mom’s nutrition and baby’s growth and development, access to FeedingExpert: a service available 24/7 providing support on everything from pregnancy nutrition to newborn feeding, and enjoy up to $329 in membership rewards, partner offers, infant formula, coupons, free samples, and lots more!

*Offer is a one-time $20 credit good towards a card purchase of $20 or more (excluding shipping, handling, and taxes) at Your order may only include one type of card and excludes calling cards and 3×5 cards. Offer valid for one-time redemption per member.

* Finally, don’t forget to sign up for Dolly Parton Imagination Library program to score a FREE book every month for your child. Head on over here for more details.

…And you may also be interested in checking out the following post and reading through all of the helpful 500+ comments that were left – What are YOUR Price Points for Baby Items?

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  1. Lyndi Hedgecock

    just wanted to let you know that i have heard that a lot of people have had fraudulent charges on their credit card after ordering the seven brand items. i havent personally been involved, but i just wanted to give you a heads up on that! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Amber

      Lyndi – you beat me too the punch as this happened to us last time I ordered this- not only did I have an outrageous $2000 charge after they charged $1.50 first that went through and I thought it was something my husband ordered! I spent 3 weeks with the bank to get the money back and it was traced back to this purchase as it was the only thing I purchased with the card in that week. Even worst I never got the sling and spent multiple times trying to contact them to no avail! Not worth the hassle in my opinion.

    • Amie C.

      I heard the same thing. They had a huge issue with fraud. I think they always offer a code so you get the sling for free and just pay shipping.

    • Bre

      Supposedly this happened to a few people in the past but I have never seen a post from someone it happened to it was always saying that they heard it happened. I ordered from them in the past and it was not an issue. I am not picky what so ever but this cover up is not as high quality as others. You do get what you pay for. I ordered mine 1 year ago and shipping was only $9 so they have raised that. It does not cost $11.95 to ship this size product so they are making their money through the shipping. Also it may take a little longer than usual to get to you because a lot of people buy when they have these promos and a lot of the items go on back order.

    • Amanda

      Interesting… not sure if it was related, but I did order this cover about 5 months ago, and did just have a fraud charge on my credit card. My credit card alerted me right away, and I just had to open up a new card, but I wonder if they were related.

    • Em

      I ordered one about a year ago and thank God, no problem with credit card. However, the sling is just ok quality. I also ordered the nursing cover which is very flimsy and you could just rip it after one wash!

  2. Maggie

    Thanks! Just purchased a baby sling that I normally couldn’t afford! And they give you a different code after you order for another free sling from their site or a carseat cover from another website!
    Thanks again!

  3. Mama E

    I tried the FREE coupon code for the nursing cover up and it only takes $35.00 off the total. The charge for the cover up is $4.95 plus shipping.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      How odd!? All the nursing covers I see are priced at $34.95 and the code takes off $35, so FREE after the promo code. For the slings, it does add a size exchange insurance that you can remove if you do not want it. The promo code deducts $40 for the slings, so you’ll just pay $11.90 shipping.

  4. Mary

    Has anyone tried this carrier? It doesn’t look like the most comfortable sling in the world but I would be curious if anyone has any experience with it. 12 buck…debating on whether to give it a shot.
    I have tried the Udder Cover Coverup and was not too impressed. I’m more a throw a little blankie or luvie on the side of baby’s face to cuddle with kinda person tho…

    • Crissy

      I bought a similar one at a garage sale called a slingaling. It was great when my son was small b/c it was simple to throw on & easy to toss in a bag or purse. Once he was about 3 months old & heavier (he was a big baby though) it started hurting my back to use it so I switched to a larger Beco carrier. The one I bought a garage sale was only $.25 so it might be worth checking out something like that or a kids’ consignment shop.

    • Katie T

      I tried this sling and did not like it. It was really uncomfortable. Not worth the $12, in my opinion.

    • Samantha

      I loved my seven sling, It was great for my little one up until she was about 18 months. There are different sizes, so make sure you measure correctly and they work great, at least for us. =]

    • Rebecca

      I love my Hotsling which is like these. They’re pouch slings, not the dangerous bag slings. I love it and use it from birth to the weight limit of 35-lbs with my kids. It’s so comfortable – as long as you get the right size for your body & wear properly.
      If you’re handy, you can actually make your own easily as it’s just one piece of fabric connected at the ends with a french seam. I actually make them now. Friends/family love recieving them as gifts. The main important measurement is from the top of one shoulder to the opposite hip.

    • Porsche

      I did not think that sling was worth the 12 dollars. The material does not stretch at all. I ended up buying a baby k’tan sling. They are kinda pricey usually around 50 but it was so worth it. There are around 10 different ways to wear it and I guess you can even put infant twins in it.

      • michelle

        Oooooh! I LOVE my baby K’tan sling. It’s like having the moby without all the work.

  5. Christy

    I bought the nursing cover last year and haven’t had any issues with suspicious credit card charges

  6. Crissy

    I bought the nursing cover about 2 years ago & didn’t have any charge issues either. I just paid for shipping. It’s thin material which I like b/c my son doesn’t get too hot & I can fold it up really small to toss it in my purse or the diaper bag. I’ve run it through the washing machine several times & it’s held up well. I’ve been really happy with it.

  7. Sara

    I bought the sling for my best friend and she loved it. I use a similar one called the Peanut Shell and LOVE LOVE LOVE it, I carry around my CHUNKY 8 month old in it.He likes it and even falls asleep in it while were out shopping. I also ordered the nursing cover for myself and it’s nice, it has a metal part in the top so that it stays arched out so you can see your little one. I also didn’t have any crazy charges- so I’d buy from them again. Hope that helps!

  8. Jess

    I got the sling a year ago and it was horrible. Scratchy material and after ‘fitting’ myself according to their website, I couldn’t even get it around me, forget throwing the baby in too. I would pass and get one from a store you can test out…not worth the shipping.

  9. Annonymous

    I have an Ergo Baby Carrier and a Baby K’Tan Double Sling both are phenominal!!! They aren’t cheap but I didn’t mind spending more for a great quality and they feel very secure:) Everyone has their favorites…just sharing mine:-)

  10. Nicole

    I purchased this nursing cover before and it’s very poor quality. The materials and shipping are not even worth the $12. I’ve heard similar things about the carrier. I can’t recommend either.

  11. Anna

    Would someone please tell me what is a good price for size 4 diapers per diaper?

    Collin, I thought you had a post once with good prices on various items? where can I find it? Thank you.

    • Zosia

      anna, i use now size 3&5 but i’d say anything bellow $.20 is good. Last time i got great deal at rite aid where i paid $.18/ct after coupons fir size 5.

    • Vicki

      The very last link in Collins post above is a list of price points for baby items.
      I generally aim for $5-6/ jumbo pack of name brand diapers…don’t remember how many size 4’s are in a pack since I’m now back to using size 2’s.

    • Rebecca

      Best Deal & my go-to choice:
      4 Thirsties Duo Wrap Covers [18-30lbs] @ $12.25ea ( )
      2 doz. Medium Cloth-Eeze Prefolds [15-29lbs] @ $32/doz. ($2.66/ea) ( )

      Cost for use on 1 child; (may be used on additional children which decreases cost/use further; adding in cost for washing varies by situation but has made very little difference for our family):
      $113 / 2years = $56.50/yr / 365days/yr = $0.15/day / 8changes/day(avg) = $0.019/change

  12. Zosia

    Anyone interested in coupon for free can of parents choice formula at Walmart? Please let me know. Also have some samples received before , unfortunatelly cannot use for my princess- she is on soy.

      • Zosia

        kim, sent u email, hope u got it

  13. Chemmoto

    I bought the Seven Brand Baby Carrier and only paid $11.90 for shipping and I received the promo code “ucovers” for 100% off a car seat canopy ( a $49.95 value) AND 100% off a Seven Brand Baby Carrier ( a $39 value) at these two websites: and

    • Nicole

      Too good to be true! You’ll pay outrageous shipping, and the items are awful quality!

  14. Trisha

    I used an ugly homemade sling for my 1st because I didn’t want to spend a lot on something and not like the fit. I’m excited to try this one, $12 is worth the try – I doubt I could make one for this! I also ordered the udder cover gift set for $5 more because you get some washable breast pads and a bracelet.

    • Rebecca

      Joann’s has great deals, & if you subscribe for emails they send great 50% off coupons all the time. You just need to buy a little over twice your shoulder-to-opposite-hip measurement. I’d be happy to share sewing details.
      Here’s my favorite sling fabric (on sale right now!) & it’s the same nice material as Hotslings:
      Sew Classic Bottomweight Stretch Poplin-MANY COLORS
      reg. 7.99
      sale 3.99
      50% off Sew Classic Apparel Fabrics

      • Trisha

        Thank you for the fabric info! If my sling doesn’t arrive, I may just end up having to make one!

      • Zosia

        Just saw code DAF79 for 50% off, not sure what r the exclusions

  15. Kristen

    The “FREE Seven Brand Udder Cover Nursing Cover” is a scam. They say it is valued at $34.95 and you only have to pay for shipping but you can get these on amazon for cheaper than the $11.95 shipping. So if you want one of these it would be cheaper and safer to just buy it from amazon.

  16. Nicole

    So many people I know have been scammed by Seven Slings/Udder Covers! Either they are getting fraudulent charges on their credit cards or don’t receive their items…and the ones have, report the products being so cheaply made. Take your $12, and get to Target where you can see a sling (or nursing cover) first hand, and then you know you aren’t being scammed!

    • Kim

      I received the udder covers and the nursing cover, but the sling was on back order and I still have yet to receive it. I ordered it back in November and my son will be one year next month. I’m glad I saw this post because I will call to get my refund. So much for “free” ๐Ÿ™

  17. deerslayersmom11

    I ordered this for my DIL. Hope everything goes well….I also recieved another code for a carseat cover for about the same deal. Just go to, and, enter ucovers in the coupon field!!

  18. shandimessmer

    Thanks for the listing;)

  19. kathleen

    I have heard the Seven Slings baby sling is not good so something to consider before ordering…

  20. Lori r

    SAMs club now requires a member # for sample of goodnites.

  21. Susan

    i wish i read the comments first. i just ordered one. hopefully no extra charges or anything will come from it…i really wish i didn’t order it now, but nothing i can do. will let you know if anything happens. wish me luck! ๐Ÿ˜›

  22. kay

    this deal is listed on craigslist a lot. I always figured it was a scam.

  23. L

    The goodnites sample is now requiring club membership number.

  24. hollie

    2 weeks since i ordered from seven slings and still no delivery!

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