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CVS: Digiorno Pizza Only $1.33 (Starting 10/14)

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Wow! Here’s another awesome deal you can score using the Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Large Digiornos Pizzas coupon found hereΒ no longer available πŸ™! Starting Sunday, 10/14, CVS will have Digiorno Pizzas Buy 1 Get 1 FREE! Paired with the coupon, this makes for a smokin’ deal! πŸ™‚

Check it out…

Buy 6 Digiorno Pizzas $7.99 each (estimated cost)
Minus buy 1 get 1 FREE sale = $23.97
Use 2Β Buy 2 Get 1 FREE Large Digiorno Pizzas coupons foundΒ hereΒ -use zipΒ 63122
Final cost $7.99 for all 6 – just $1.33 each. WOW!

(Thanks, Cort, CouponaholicΒ and I Heart CVS!)

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Comments 122

  1. audrea

    does anyone have a suggestion for how to get/print coupons like these … we have a laptop, but no printer.

    • Shayla

      unless it’s a store coupon like target or Michaels, most places need you to have the physical coupon (they need to turn them into the manufacturer vs their own store coupon). Sorry, my bro is in the same boat too =(

      • audrea

        well i get that they need the coupon, however, how can i get them from sites like the link takes you to above? i thought i could save the coupon onto little memory stick thingy then take it to library and print, but the only options on the site is to print.

        • Joseph

          You’re pretty much out of luck. Almost all coupons are printed through a Java applet that has to be installed on the computer to prevent fraud. It’s impossible to export them to a PDF or anything and if your library is halfway decent they aren’t going to let you install software on their computers. You’re going to have to find a person with a printer, unfortunately. πŸ™

        • candy

          now i have app on my phone and it lets me send coupons to my email to print later… if that helps…

        • Azal

          If u have a smart phone like iphone u can download the coupon app. And then u have the option to either print or send to e-mail. Hope this helps…

        • Ashley

          You can go to the library and access Hip2save on their computers and then just print there. I think my local library charges 5 cents per page.

      • sway976

        That’s a pretty awesome deal since u said the toner lasts forever…not quite sure why I didn’t look into this b4 instead of using my HP – although that ink is pretty cheap. I need to see if Office Max has the same kind of deal, since I have all those rewards πŸ˜‰

        • Tracey

          I went into Staples to buy the Brother printer. I was all set to get it until I found out that the drums would have to be replaced which are over $100. I ended up buying the Lexmark Pro901 the black ink is $5 for 510 pages. I print coupons from 3 computers all on the same printer and it last me 3 months.

      • shanshan

        Ashley’s suggestion on the used Brother Laser HL-2240 for $49 is great. I just wanna add that a brand new one goes on sale for $59.99 almost every other month at Office Depot (free shipping!). Even though I own 2 Brother mono tone laser printer and 1 Brother Color laser printer, I find my self going back to this base model HL-2240 all the time! Authentic replacement toner is only $45-49 shipped from Amazon and prints more than the claimed 2,600 pages! Best deal ever!

        • Katie

          Thanks for the tip – the new one is actually on Staples for $59.99 this week. Also, thank you all for the comments – my husband was starting to fret about the amount of ink we’re using, but I had never considered this option for some reason!

    • dd

      go to the library, just pay about .15 a page

      • Robin Weber Beck

        library doesnt allow coupon printer to be loaded. It would be worth it to buy a printer. Office depot has a clearance sale. I saw one for $30

        • Dd

          Yes they do, I printed coupons there all the time whenever it’s a good deal.

          • shanshan

            @ Dd. If you had couponed long enough or read comments often enough, you’d known that most libraries don’t allow uses to install anything on their computer. If you could print coupons from your library then someone in charge must have installed the coupon printer application. For the rest of us, no authorization to install on library computers = no IPs. (For me the only exception is the SmartSource based coupons which works different than most other IPs)

            • Jennifer

              Yep. I’ve found this to be the case too. I even asked one of the librarians if she could install the coupon printer application and I was told that was not allowed.

    • nelly

      send the link to a family or friend that has a printer and tell them to print the coupons for you. If you want to print them in the library send the link to yourself on a email. But coupons like this won’t last long probably for tomorrow it would be gone. Get yourself a printer.

    • Patricia

      Send me your email. I printed but really don’t need 6 pizzas πŸ™‚

      • Alicia

        If Audrea doesn’t get in contact with you, I would love to have the coupons. My crazy internet/computer was not working last night and now I can’t find the coupons today. alicia_3988 at hotmail dot com.

    • gau

      Audrea all you need is a printer usb to connect to your laptop that’s what I do. If i want to print multiples I can with other ppl laptop πŸ™‚

    • Ashley

      I also recommend keeping and eye out for printers at garage sales, goodwill, thrift stores and other resale events.I was in the same boat as you, without a printer and was only able to print at my mom’s house. That is until I got super lucky and scored an awesome HP 3 in 1 printer for 2.00!!!!! Of course I know that this wont be the case for everyone, but it is worth keeping an eye out. Or, you could take your laptop to a friends or family memebers house and ask to use their printer, all you have to do is hook up to their printer via usp. HTH! Good luck.

    • Lisa Gann

      I can print on any printer with my lap top when I go places and have to print if they have wifi you can print from your laptop to there printer. I have even printed at office depot with my iphone I downloaded 2 apps to my iphone one from brother and one from hp lets you find and print on any HP or Brother printer works great I went to the app store and did a search for them they were free. I think the library has wifi it’s free to you may have to pay for prints. you can get a printer for 40 or 50 bucks almost any were on sale now days I have seen many the past few days. Office depot and frys I get frys ads on my facebook page they did have one this week think it was 44.$ hope this helps

  2. Ashley57

    I can’t find this coupon?

    • Scott

      Try Zip 50261

  3. Shayla

    Oh my goodness, you just made my day. Here I was doing the deal below saying 4 for the price of 1 and you pointed out an even better deal. That’s why you are the Queen Bee. Thanks…I’ll be placing my special order tomorrow with my fav CVS store =)

    • Tashreee

      May I ask how do you go about placing special orders? Can this be done at any Cvs nationwide?

    • dd

      how do you place the order, I always read people placing their order in order to get large quantity, so please show me how.

      • Jennifer

        Yes me too! I asked a CVS manager about it once, and they said they order 6 months in advance and they can’t change the quantities or place additional orders…

        • shanshan

          Aww Jennifer that doesn’t sound right! Then how do they ever get new product in store? 6 month after everyone else does? I would not think any CVS would have survived the competition being the last one to bring in ANYTHING!

          • Jennifer

            Yes I thought it was strange too. But my CVS manager has been awesome otherwise and their rain checks never expire and they will staple mfg coupons to them and accept them after their expiration as well, so it’s really not a big deal.

      • Shayla

        depends on your store, I’m sure. But the manager at my CVS allows me to as long as they are not told they can’t (most recently I did Listerine and Pullups). Now granted I may be at the mercy if it never shows up, but they usually give me a raincheck if not. Only prob with this coupon is that it expires on 10/21 so not much time to allow for it =( When in doubt, just ask.

  4. amy

    isn’t the coupon only valid up to $6.51

    • Shayla

      I just read that too Amy, but still a great great deal!!!

    • Christie

      Mine says “up to $6.01”.

  5. nicole

    we can also use 2 $2/2 coupons with this to make it cheaper.

    • Samantha

      You beat me to it! I was thinking you could as well… : )

      • Lynn

        So you can also use 2 of the $2/2 Qs? My CVS will never get this one right….

  6. Bethany

    Not to be “nit picky”, but the coupon says max value of $6.51. Just so I understand, that’ll take off $6.51×2 = 13.02. So 23.97 – 13.02 = 10.95 instead of 7.99?? Still an amazing deal!

    • Lynn

      I’m not understandig the math? If the CVS deal is buy 2, get 1, wouldn’t the price start at 31.96? You would buy 4 at 7.99 and ge 2 FREE?

      • Lynn

        Nevermind!! Got it..

  7. BG

    As Nicole said can’t you combine the two coupons (Buy 2 get one free and the $2 off 2) at CVS?

    • Shayla

      No, the B2G1 coupon attaches itself to all 3 per manufacturer. however, YMMV depending on your CVS.

  8. Samantha

    Hmmmm… can you use the $2/2 coupon WITH this since CVS allows a coupon on a free item? I’m having trouble wrapping my brain around all the deals…

  9. Dana

    My CVS will not allow both the B2G1 and the $2/2

    • Shayla

      Me neither, which is understandable. As is, not all CVS understand their own policy about using a coupon on a store free sale so it gets all confusing and just hope my usual cashiers/manager are there.

  10. Senorita

    This deal sounds amazing, but I’m very confused. Please help out a math challenged Senorita. I will buy 6, and the bogo sale deducts 3, so I am paying for 3 to start, right? Then, the b2g1f mq will deduct 1 pizza, right? So since I already used one b2g1f mq on the 3 remaining pizzas, how can I now use another b2g1f mq??

    • Jessica

      This is confusing me as well….

    • Shayla

      per CVS policy, they are one of the few that allows you to use a coupon on a store free item sale. Therefore, buy 6 (manufacturer sees 6 leaving store), get 3 free with the store BOGO sale, the you can use two B2G1 free coupons from the manufacturer (since they saw 6 pizzas leave store). Not all stores see it this way and not all CVS understand it so good luck!

      • Senorita

        Aha, thank you!

    • Trena

      Because you are still getting 6 pizzas and CVS lets you use coupons even on the free items:)

      • Senorita

        Thank you, I think I get it now. πŸ™‚

  11. bonnie

    where is the 2/2 coupon

  12. Kayla

    I don’t eat these, terribly high sodium!

    • Laura

      Not to mention Digiorno pizzas are gross!

      • Nikki

        Totally agree. With so much great healthy eating info out there these days, no excuse for folks to be buying this tomato-sauced cardboard πŸ™
        J-U-N-K food.

  13. mer

    I know some CVS stores switch their prices over on Saturday evening. Would the pizzas be b1g1 on Saturday night then???

    • Kay

      If your store usually turns on the ad early by Saturday, it should ring up as B1G1 free. You can check by scanning the pizza at the red machine, HTH!

      • mer


  14. Chelsea

    I’m getting this awful feeling that this will be one of those deals that just goes horribly wrong for me….my CVS gets really confused when it comes to BOGO stuff. :'(

  15. sarah

    the deal works best…because 6 is divisible by “2” and by “3”

  16. nelly

    what zip code is the 2/$2 I can’t find it?, thnks

    • nelly

      I found it! 53213! πŸ˜€

  17. Tina

    I cant find either coupon…. must be outta prints?

    • Marion

      I can’t find any, either. Sad day.

  18. jess

    I found the b2get1 but it won’t print! it keeps saying it prints and i had other coupons with it that printed but not this one. Tried it alone and still says it printed but didn’t i’m guessing maybee its out!

    • Tina

      what zip u using?

      • jess

        the 63122

  19. gau

    I hate the selection of pizzas they have at cvs my fam. can only eat cheese they only have pepperoni no go deal for me nor my fam. πŸ™

    • Marion

      I’m a vegetarian so if they only have pepperoni… I guess it’s not so sad that I can’t find the coupon! πŸ™‚

  20. Tracy H

    I just got one using the 53213 zip code

    • mandt711

      It was the $2 off of 2 pizzas coupon

      • Lisa Gann

        I got the $2. for 2 just now thanks for the zip code

  21. daisy

    try 50265 zip code, the coupon value is up to $6.01

    • Kimmy

      Great price! However, I dont think CVS has many topping options for their Digornio’s they have available. Well, at least from what I walk by and glance at. But I love pepperoni anyway. πŸ™‚ So Getting the deal would be awesome! I usually get them at the $.99 cents store (big corporate chain store not sure if anyone has it also or if its just in Texas..logo is purple and green I think) for $2.99. Great price and no coupons required! They have YUMMY flavors. Buffalo Chicken (SO GOOD!), thin crust pepperoni, garlic bread pepperoni, cheese pizza with those cheese sticks (also 2.99 and they are a big pricier at Krogers!), and they had cheese pizza with Nestle toll house chocolate chip cookies, SUPREME, and some others. It’s amazing what a variety they have. About a year exp. dates and always lots in stock! I ususally buy about 4-5 of these because we have Frozen Friday’s and I make either a pizza or Voila! Cheap and easy! πŸ™‚

      • Kimmy

        didn’t mean to reply to your thread about that Daisy! I mean to reply and say thanks for the zip, I found the coupon there!

    • shanshan

      Thanks Daisy under 50265 I found the B2G1 coupon up to $6.01 (oh well better than none).

      • Lisa Gann

        Thanks I just got 1 B2G1 coupon from 50265

    • traci t

      Daisy, you’re my hero!!! Couldn’t find it under any other zip until I read your post. πŸ™‚

    • Diane

      Thanks Daisy…..what a great group of ‘coupon buddies’!!

  22. Shannon G

    Is the coupon prints out? I can’t seem to find it.

  23. r

    No cvs here πŸ™

  24. Lisa Gann

    HEB has DiGiorno for $3.99 with in store coupon 12.6 – 34.2 oz assorted varieties but 10/09/2012 is the last day of sale

    • Diane

      Is it a M coupon or a B coupon? In other words, can we combine the in-store coupon with the B2G1 coupon? Thanks!

  25. Carrie

    Please note the expiration dates on coupons! I just printed them out, and it expires on 10/14!

    • MoneySavingLisa

      Thanks for that!

    • Shayla

      Only the $2/2 expires, not the BOGO. You have an extra week 10/21 to use the BOGO.

  26. Jill, FL

    Got my coupons!. Now I’ll use the $10 ECB I got from a survey and get totally free pizza. Gotta love that !!!!!

    • Lynn

      GREAT IDEA Jill!!! Thank you all! Had to try lots of zips…but got it thanks to all the great Hipsters!

  27. mary

    is this no longer available? i cant find it

    • Lauren

      Hi! I just found it at 50265 zip!

      • Patty

        Thanks Lauren! Found it there!

      • Nikki G

        Got it. Thanks.

      • Elizabeth

        Thank you Lauren..I thought I lost this deal

  28. Inga

    where do you go and enter the zip? please help!

    • Inga

      nevermind… found it lol

  29. Liz

    Those coupons expire 10/14/2012!!! So we have to use them on Sunday 10/14 at CVS/Walgreens.

  30. Katie

    The add says there a is a limit of 4 at CVS. Still a good deal- 4 for $7.99….

    • Cara

      Is this still going to work if you buy 4? 2 free and then buy 2 get one? Really only paying for 1? Are you sure we can’t get 5? BOGO on two then buying 2 get one. buy 2 get three free?

  31. natalie

    I cant find it?? is it gone?? I already change the zip code and follow Collin instruction??

    • Heather B

      I just printed mine….so it is still up

    • squarejellybean

      use 50265 its there now it wasnt there last nite. I just printed my bogo coupons. thanks hipsters for the comments

      • Tina

        Wow just read the comments above they expire on Sunday, I guess I will get a raincheck if they are not in the store…………………

  32. Scott

    Try Zip Code 50261

  33. Christina

    I’ve used all the recommended zips and can’t find it…anyone know it’s it’s *really* gone this time?

  34. stephanie

    Azal, how are you doing? How do you search or put the zip codes on your smart phone to find the coupon? Please help!
    Thank you.

  35. Pam


  36. Kidsallgone

    I installed the app on my Android phone (yay!!) but I can’t figure out how to look for the pizza coupons πŸ™ I click on FOOD, but it doesn’t come up and I don’t know how to type in a zipcode or where to find a certain zipcode. Oh well, probably too fattening for me anyway lol πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  37. stephanie

    Mrs. Collin, how are you doing? Thank you for all the great posts. You the best!
    Can you help me with the iphone coupon app please. Zipcode?

  38. Valeska

    Is this sell only in certain markets? When i looked at the ad for next week it did not show it.

    • Shayla

      Yes, only certain markets are participating =( So bummed because mine is not…I called CVS corporate and they confirmed it’s regional. On a positive, my parents area is participating so I put a call into them. Keeping my fingers crossed that the merchant can deliver!

  39. carrie

    Awwww i must have missed out on this deal!! πŸ™ cant find it anywhere

  40. K

    Couldn’t find it on Tuesday at around 12:30 AZ Standard Time. Tried suggested zip codes.

  41. Sherita

    ok, so this may seem like a silly question but where do we put in the zip code. It appears that has changed the format so I don’t see where to put in the zipcode on the new site. ANy help is appreciated! Thanks

  42. liz

    Is this coupon still available? I can’t seem to find it.

    • Shayla

      it appears it is no longer available, as it is not even showing in my printed coupons =(

    • ViCkY

      Yeah its gone πŸ™ I got lazy yesturday morning and printed only from my pc and figured I would print from my laptop before lunch. But all prints were out by like 11am on the zips I had read about and I havent seen anymore zips posted for that coup (Lesson I Learned: Dont put off for later what you can do right now)

  43. Renee

    Why can I not find this coupon!!!??? I have tried a couple of different zip codes but no luck. My zip is 29672. Can anyone tell me what to do or what I am doing wrong? This is why I get frustrated couponing…..

  44. ViCkY

    I found my HP Laser printer at a Goodwill thrift store for $8 (took me a while to find it because i wanted a laser printer) it still had a full toner cartrige. I bought a spare toner on ebay for $12 and still havent had to use it. All for $20! Not a bad deal when you add up all the coupon savings πŸ™‚

  45. Erica

    Does anyone know how well stocked these pizzas are at CVS? Just seems like they wouldn’t have a large supply of them versus a grocery store. I feel that if I bought 6 that to me would be like clearing their shelf…

    • Seth

      Well you could always price match the items at Walmart. As long as you have the ad from CVS and Walmart carries the same size/product. Just throwing that out there. : )

  46. Guest

    the ad it a limit of 4, cannot get 6 in one trans – right?

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