Shop Your Way Rewards Members: Check Your Account for Possible $10 Reward

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If you are a Shop Your Way Rewards Member, be sure to check your account for a possible 10,000 point bonus added for being a “valued member”! And 10,000 points equals a $10 reward! πŸ™‚ After logging in, click on the “Rewards” button in the top right to see if you have this bonus.

I was super surprised when I logged in to see that I actually had this offer in my account since I don’t shop at Kmart or Sears all that often. If you also have these bonus points in your account, don’t forget about the fantastic Kmart deals I posted earlier – a great way to make use of the $10 reward!

(Thanks for the heads up, Clip & Follow!)

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  1. Emily

    Didn’t get it πŸ™ I wonder how they select?

  2. Ashley57

    Darn, I didn’t get it. thanks for sharing though, I am sure tons will see it thanks to you!

  3. Jennifer

    None for me either, but thanks anyway!

  4. Alea

    No bonus here.

  5. Amanda C.

    I also just read on a message board that Kmart is supposed to be depositing $20 worth of points to the accts that are in the areas that Sandy hit, starting tomorrow.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh that’s awesome!!

      • Emily

        Wow– that’s really nice of them to reach out to people individually!!! I wasn’t affected by the storm but I can only imagine how helpful that would be if we had been.

    • Amanda C.

      This is what was posted on the message board. They said it was on the Shop Your Way Site:
      In an effort to help millions of our customers affected by Sandy, existing SHOP YOUR WAY Members in the area will get up to $20 worth of points deposited in their account this Saturday for cleanup supplies such as dehumidifiers, flashlight batteries & more between 11/3-11/8. We look forward to rebuilding together!
      by Sears

      We’re committed to helping our customers affected by the devastating hurricane rebuild their lives. Existing SHOP YOUR WAY Members in the area will get up to $20 worth of points deposited in their accounts this Saturday to use on toiletries, water & more 11/3-11/8. Let’s work together on rebuilding!
      by Kmart

      • michelle

        Thats awsome! I hope people in need realize they got the reward before it expires…but a nice gesture all in all πŸ™‚

  6. Marlena

    no bonus points for me πŸ™

  7. dani

    Aww I didn’t get extra points but its ok you should check more often I get about $5 like every other wk or so for bout 2 months here and there for various departments!

  8. Stephanie W.

    nope πŸ™

  9. Samantha

    Got them! I don’t think I’ve been to a Sears or Kmart since before last Christmas.

    • Samantha

      Wow, I received 5000 points in May, June, and July, and an additional 10000 points in June too. I let them all expire! Boo! I’ll have to check my account more often.

      • nl

        There’s an App for that…lol..

        • Tricia

          Thanks for the app idea. I’ve had a total of 25000 pts expire- that’s $25!!! I’m so mad at myself. I’ll have to sign up for the app so I don’t lose anymore.

          • nl

            You’re welcome. Definitely easier to check your acct that way. I love it

            • A.R

              hi, whats the name of the app? thank you..

              • N

                I can’t get the post on my mobile but for the person who asked for the name of the app, its: “shop your way rewards” in the app store

  10. Brandi

    My account had been inactive for a few months at least and I still got the $10 credit. Used it this morning for a Christmas gift for my daughter!

  11. Catie

    Me neither πŸ™ Boo. Oh well, maybe next time

  12. Liz

    I received $10 rewards. I will spend the money on

    Use Coupon Code CONNECTION and PIN 8257 for free shipping. (Exp 11/15)

  13. Evelyn

    I got it.. thanks for the heads up.. I just notice I let $5.00 expired. I had no idea πŸ™

  14. Meg

    Woohoo got them!

  15. Robin

    Checked my rewards and sure enough it was in there. I always forget to check, but thanks to your post I am 10.00 richer today!!!

  16. Emily

    For those who are getting the rewards…have you purchased lately? I’m wondering if it is just for people who have NOT made a purchase in a while. I have made 2 purchases recently, but no reward.

    • Rebeca

      I got them but I basically “live” at Sears! They deposit in my account $3-$5 worth of points almost weekly and if I shop in stores, I get all those coupons that give you $20 or $30 worth of points if you spend “X” amount. I also get my car oil change there since I get coupons for that too, either free, $15 or $19.

      Last week they had their $1.99 clearance plus the 15% off anti-bully coupon on their FB PLUS the points you get in your SYWR account, what a steal!

      Make sure you have marked the option of getting their emails and notifications and visit the store often to check the clearance racks. Needless to say, I love Sears! πŸ™‚

    • Kristy

      I received them & I only made like 1 or 2 purchases within the last 6 months..

  17. shayna

    How do you redeem your points?

    • Amy Seewald

      You need to make sure you know your PIN #. If you log in to the site, you have the option to change the number. At checkout, tell the cashier that you want to use your points. They will look your account up and you type in your PIN. The points you have will come off the total. πŸ™‚

      • shayna

        thanks! does it work the same way online?

  18. T

    WOW! I just logged in to my account and saw I got the 10,000 bonus points! Great news as I’m headed to Kmart Monday πŸ™‚

    • T

      How do we redeem these points anyway? I’ve never even used them before, mine usually just expire πŸ™

      • Donna

        When you get them just go to K-Mart and show your card when you check out and the amount will come off.

      • dani

        if you buy online usually on the right hand side it says to enter your number and pin number if u go in the store ask to redeem your points and then you enter your pin number which is on the back of your card

      • Jessica

        Kmart does do daily deals on their website too. I will check those regularly – my other half loves new tools and they are often less than $10 shipped to the door.

  19. kifita

    none for me πŸ™

  20. Abby

    nothing πŸ™

  21. johnya

    i got $5 whoohoo

  22. Natasha C

    Nothing for me πŸ™

  23. Tina

    i wish i got some pts….. πŸ™

  24. Dana

    Got 10000 points, too!!! Thanks, Collin!

  25. Krysta

    Got it! Thanks! BTW- I have NEVER made an actual purchase, only the free Tuesday things at Sears Outlet…

  26. bailey

    I just saw mine! How do I use them? I can use it at kmart too?

  27. mom2five

    no points for me either.. πŸ™

  28. Melony

    Got it! I lost my keys a few weeks ago and thought I lost them forever but a friend found them so now I have $15 in my account.

  29. Gail

    No bonus points for me either but there was a $5 off $25 shoe purchase and I plan on stopping by to buy some boots I saw online!

  30. Rei

    Got my $10 πŸ™‚ Thanks for the tip!
    They gave me $10 two weeks ago too.

  31. Mandy B

    Thanks for posting this! I would have had no clue. I got the $10 reward.

  32. E

    Not on our account, but thank you for sharing. What a fun bonus for those who got it. πŸ™‚

  33. nl

    omg I actually got it! thanks so much for posting this.. i never get these type of things.. i would never have known it was there.. I don’t have a kmart by me but sears sells kcups for like 11.99 so almost free! yay

  34. jj

    I got an email for 2x points through 11/10 plus the bonus points!

  35. jeanette

    yay i got the bonus points

  36. Melanie

    Woohoo! Got the bonus $10! Thanks for posting….they expire on 11/8 so I would have totally missed out if it weren’t for your post!

  37. mary

    many thanks – got them and used them up – check on gift off the xmas list – thanks

  38. Barbie

    Holy Batbooty I have $20 dollars in there ….thanks for the heads up guys . *does a little dance*

  39. Janel H.

    What the heck? Got 5000 points deposted on 10/12 and 10/15 they deducted them because they weren’t redeemed! Had I known about them, I would have used them.: (

  40. M

    I got the $10 reward, but I never would have known about it if it weren’t for this post!! They usually send an email notifying of any “bonus points” but I did not get an email, so thanks for the tip to check the account! I did notice that it said the points expire on 11/08/12. Thanks for the heads up!

  41. Sandra

    I need help! I try to log in with my member number and zip code but it says “One or more of the details you provided (email, ZIP, membership number) do not match”. I resubmit the email address I joined with and they email me back with the same membership number and a pin number. Log in page only ask for zip code but not the pin number. I can’t log in, help!

    • Alla

      It could be your shipping address. Cuz it said the same thing to me when I wanted to purchase something last time and it said they same message so I had to scroll down and checked that I had 2 different addresses there and I had to chose one as a billing address. Sroll the page down and chose a billing address and then try to enter your pin number. It should work. If not call Kmart customer support or chat with them, they are really nice. HTH.

  42. Megan

    Woo hoo! I had the $10 in my account! Thanks for the heads up.

  43. Jessica Weimerskirch

    i got it too! Mine says: Redeem points in Whole House – 2 …what exactly does that mean?

  44. J-knee

    I got it too! THANK YOU b/c I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

  45. Sarah

    What does “redeem in Whole House 2” mean?

  46. Cindy

    I think they gave it to people who dont shop there as often probably to get them to come back..

  47. Beth

    I got it! Also got some 15% off coupons in the mail the other day πŸ™‚ It looks like time to do some Christmas shopping!

  48. michelle

    I had ten bucks not long ago from sears…said it was for lawn and garden… Around the same time frame Collin posted that boot deal at kmart (thnx btw Collin, got 3 pairs of boots and a pair of mens shoes) and when i checked out I got prompted to use the 10 bucks they gave me. made my day πŸ™‚
    Skipping on over to sears now, maybe they gave me another one. πŸ™‚
    thnx for the heads up Collin.

    • michelle

      Heads Up! You have 10000 points expiring on 11/8/2012
      TYVM Collin! Sheesh Sears is crushing on me lately πŸ˜€

    • Alla

      Same here Michelle,
      I got those last week and they said for lawn and garden and I ordered couple stuff from lawn and garden for same day store pick up but it was canceled because they did not have one or more of my items so I decided to call the store and see if they had the BOGO shoes and they did. I went there and got my better half shoes with my points and it worked like charm πŸ™‚ I ended up buying a pair of working boots and pair of fall casual shoes for him, plus a free 6 ct. resee’s candy with $20 purchase for my toddler πŸ™‚ Paid $25.00 for both shoes, so $12.50 each. He could not believe his eyes, lol… He really needed shoes and they came just on time. Just saw that I have 10000 again. πŸ™‚ Couldn’t get better than this. Cuz now it’s my turn for new boots. YYAAAYYYY πŸ™‚

  49. Laura C

    Oh my goodness! I got them, and I am SO excited! Thank you SO much for the heads-up on this Collin! You’re the best!

  50. Sue

    Thanks for the heads up – I have 10,000 points set to expire on the 8th – I was heading there tomorrow anyway to look at toddler slippers – not gonna let them go to waste!

  51. Brooke

    My account had the extra points! Just ordered a scarf with free shipping to the store, and paid nothing out of pocket! Thanks, as always πŸ™‚

    • Jan

      Can you give the link to the scarf that you ordered?

  52. Tina

    I get pts often in my account, just didnt get these but when they say example “spend $5 in shoe dept, my store lets me use them on anything not just the shoe dept. It always works. πŸ™‚ So normally i get food with my free pts at Kmart……..

  53. Sue

    Saw my points can be redeemed in Whole House? Does anyone know what that means?

    • Sarah

      That’s what mine says too and I’m also wondering what it means.

  54. Kristen

    Thanks for the heads up! – got 10,000 bonus points and used them on a dress and leggings from Land’s End for my little girl. Free shipping and the total was $0 after the rewards! I almost never shop at Sears or KMart, but order from Land’s End clearance several times a year and this is like the 4th $5 or $10 worth of bonus rewards I’ve received in the last 3 months!

    • cindy

      What’s the free shipping code for landsend?

      • Kristen

        Land’s End Free shipping code is CONNECTION with pin: 8257

  55. Lynn

    Thanks – It would have expired by the time I looked at my account!

  56. Babs

    I received the points too! Thanks SO much for the heads-up. I would not have checked it otherwise.

  57. Meg

    I really only shop at kmart when they give me points, thanks for this post, wasn’t in my email and never knew how to check points online! going to combine with a $5 off $35 coupon I got at the registers last week. Thank you collin!

  58. Kristy

    Thanks! It’s in mine! Says expires by the 8th

  59. A.R

    Hi kmart shoppers, I am new to kmart.. I’ve never shopped there.. could someone please confirm if the SYWR card is a credit card (like the jcp card) or just a normal store card (like cvs, riteaid etc..)?? TIA!!

    • Darla

      The SYWR card is a normal store card, not a credit card. You accrue points for every dollar spent and then can redeem on purchases.

  60. Ashley

    Didn’t have any points- bummer! But the past 4 weeks in a row they gave me 3,000pts each week, so I can’t complain πŸ™‚

  61. Chasity

    They send me $5 every week. I normally redeem them for FREE tissue, paper towels, or laundry detergent since they have it on sale each week. Needless to say my stockpile is always growing with KMart!

  62. Karen

    just ordered 8 pairs of socks for myself …total was $2.82!

  63. E

    no points

  64. Susie

    Thanks, just placed a order from Sears with my points, I ended up getting 2 different pink cookie 3pk girls nail polish, each priced at 2.98, and 2 different pink cookie girls lip gloss sets. For the four sets, after points and the free shipping I paid $1.68 out of pocket!!!! DD will love these!

  65. Cheryl

    Thanks! Got them!

  66. Laura

    No points. I shop at Sears often too.

    • Lolita

      I have placed several Sears/Kmart/Land’s End orders in the last days and did not get the bonus points either. I wonder if it is only for people who don’t shop often? I did get $4 about a month ago to spend on martial arts or boxing items… lol, there was nothing free and none of the products that I could have used the discount on were worth it for me.

      • Valerie

        You know, i shop often at or and did not get the points either. It may only be for people who don’t shop there often. And i also have received free points for the last month or so and I use it on any purchase even it if specifies a department to use it in. In other words, it works for ANY purchase. HTH.

      • Crystal

        I actually just ordered from Land’s End yesterday and redeemed about $8 worth of points … so I didn’t expect to find this bonus, but it was there! Must be really random.

  67. WynetteC

    No points. But thanks for the heads up. πŸ™‚

  68. Nicole

    How do you utilize the points? I’m confused. Do I print something out?

    • kimberly

      you get points by buying stuff from sears and kmart online or in store they add up and you can use them like cash its like the new walgreens deal.

      • Nicole

        Yeah I get that part but do I need to print anything out and take it to the store? I have like $21.00 in my account.

    • Savannah A.

      Just tell the cashier that you have points you want to use. They can scan your card at the register to see how many points you have available so there’s no need to print anything out.

  69. kimberly

    no points

  70. gohogsgoinar

    No points – I used to shop them quite often but haven’t shopped Kmart in about 4 months and haven’t shopped Sears in 6 or so

  71. Nicole C

    How do use these in store do I just tell the cashier when checking out that I would like to use my points towards my purchase, I giver the cashier my number to look up my account.

    • Nicole

      That is what I’m trying to figure out. I wonder if it will just come off automatically?

      • Valerie

        They will ask you for your phone number which is associated with the shop your way account. Or you can give them the number and pin of the account. If you don’t have a print out of the account, you can log on and print one out at It’s very easy! Just this month i received $24.79 for free! Every week they deposit like $3,5 or $7 dollars etc! I love kmart and sears!

        • Lolita

          Wow, I wonder how you get all those points deposited! I have gotten $4 once and it said it was for martial arts or boxing, I don’t have need for any of the items available in that category.

    • Savannah A.

      Yes, just tell the cashier that you have points you would like to use. They can either scan your card to see the available points or I think they may be able to look it up by your phone number as well.

  72. Jen Trimble

    ive been getting $5 to spend every week from SYWR’s…does anyone know why they’re doing this? i hardly EVER shop there! think it has anything to do with the membership for free shipping?

    • Lolita

      I signed up for the free membership (it cost 2 cents) last year, and I have only had the extra money once (and for martial arts or boxing items, which I had no use for).

  73. Crystal

    Thanks for the heads up! I checked and truly did not expect to see anything because I never get these offers, but to my surprise, it was there!

  74. Kimberly Brim

    I just called the customer service as I was unable to log into my account she said the reason people are getting extra points is because of hurricane Sandy, areas with the worst amount of damage will see larger amounts on their card so if you are not in the area dont expect any extra points.

    • Lolita

      Ok, I get it. That’s awesome of them to do this!

    • Maria

      this is true. I received an email from sears indicating that they are helping with the hurricane sandy recovery by offering these points. I thought that was very nice of them. I am going to try to purchase something I can donate.

  75. nicole

    Thanks Collin i have the points woop.

  76. asmith


    In my account and I rarely shop at kmart or sears

  77. valerie

    Thanks for posting this, I will be getting much needed diapers. I usually use cloth, for the saving, but need disposables for all the holiday traveling. I NEVER would have looked or known if you hadn’t posted.

  78. CourtneyAmanda

    None for me πŸ™

  79. Amanda W.

    no points here. πŸ™

  80. Christina

    None here. I wish I got them. Congrates to those who did.

  81. Kate

    Non for me :(. I did get $5 last week and several times more a few weeks ago .

  82. Taw Chy

    Sad! no points.

  83. Amy

    When does the credit expire?

  84. Brittany

    I got the points! They expire on the 8th. Thanks for posting!!!

  85. crystal

    Yay! Thank U, I bought myself a new bra~~

  86. Andrea

    I got the $10 today & $5 last week. Love it, thanks to Kmart & Collin for pointing it out or they would’ve expired without me noticing I had them.

  87. michele

    I got the points! I finally ordered a new area rug for the kitchen. $50… not to bad for a 5×8!

  88. pharmchick

    TH?ANK YOU!! you know, since my hubby gets the shop your way rewards emails i miss out on all the bonuses, but not this time! i used a 15% discount code and free ship to store to get a carters coverall and 2 pairs of shorts for my son for a grand total of 0.45!!!

    15% code is CSONOV20

  89. Shannon

    How do you use the points online? Is it only through the SYWR website?

    • Rebeca

      Nope, through but you need to sign and at check out it gives you the option.

  90. M

    I checked my account earlier and saw that I got the 10,000 points. I also just got an email from Sears Holding Corporation that said:

    “In the wake of Superstorm Sandy, I want to extend a hand during this difficult time on behalf of Sears Holdings Corporation.

    In addition to the 100+ truckloads of supplies we are sending to the communities impacted by Sandy, we have added $10 in free Points to your SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDSSM account. Please use them toward whatever supplies you need from Sears and Kmart through November 8. It’s a small gesture to help our SHOP YOUR WAY REWARDSSM Members.”

    This might explain why some people are getting the bonus points and others are not.

    • Rebeca

      I logged again to add the same company, mistery solved!

      • Rebeca

        Ups, sorry, reading the news while typing, LOL. I meant “same comment” πŸ˜‰

  91. shayna

    I had a $5 reward, plus $1.87 I had earned. Got DS a pair of shorts for next summer on for 13 cents shipped!

  92. Elizabeth

    Thank you so much for posting this information. I checked my account and have been rewarded with points that equal $20. Our area in New Jersey was hit hard by hurricane Sandy and this will help out so much right now.

  93. barbie

    does the total have to be over $10, my total is $9.94 and I applied my shop points, but it still asking for payment?

  94. barbie

    Okay, this is what my account says Redeem points in Whole House – 2? SO does the mean I can only spend points in Whole House-2?

  95. paula

    I was in sears the other day and they had clearance rounders in each dept for $1.99,not much left in the kids and baby section but a lot in the womens and juniors dept,its summer stuff but free stuff for next year,yeah!Thank you Collin!

  96. Heather B.

    Sears is having a one day sale tomorrow sat. and select misses and juniors coats will be on sale for $19.99. If you got the $10 (10,000 points) thats a winter coat for under $10. Wow!

  97. ashley

    I got the points! I never would have even thought to check my account if I didn’t see this post! Thank you!

  98. Emily

    You seriously rock so much! I just logged in and I had the points so I ordered my 2yo a shirt and a pack of big girl panties (potty training starts soon!) and they gave me the option to sign up for free shipping for 90 days,no credit card needed! I paid out of pocket $.99!!!!

  99. Tiffany


  100. debbielynne

    I live VA and got $10. Sears gave the bonuses to those living in areas that were affected by Hurricane Sandy. I found a $1.99 final summer clothing clearance rack and spent it on tops, shirts, and shorts – whoo hoo – thank you Sears!

  101. Tiffany T

    Didn’t receive it πŸ™

  102. richard rochette

    wahooooooooooooooo i got mine thank you hip2save for the heads up you rock!!!!!!!!!!

  103. Faith

    Well I received the points and picked canning Jars to get free. I am going to make cookie kits and place them in canning jars. I have alot of people and I think it would be fun to make a nice homemade gift for people I wouldn’t normally give a gift to.

  104. Monica

    I work at Kmart. Just wanted to let everyone know the $10 in points was only given to those hurt by Hurricane Sandy. In other words, the east coast.

  105. Melissa

    I checked mine a week ago and was positive that it came up with $4.98 in rewards. However, I was in there today buying a last minute gift and the cashier told me that I had $20.98. Now, I was sure that I saw $4.98 a week ago. It was a very nice surpise however it happened. It really brightened my day a lot. Many thanks to whomever.

  106. Nancy

    I can’t never find my pin

    • Amye

      try your zip

  107. laura vazquez

  108. Rose seward

    Kmart says I have two accounts with my name and I need them combined and a pin # since they don’t use cards any more. Thank u in advance

    • Karen B. Wood

      I work at Kmart. We don’t issue new cards, but you can print one, and it will work just like an issued ‘real’ card. Once you’re here on the website, go to ‘rewards’, and it will be one of the choices on the screen, at the bottom right.

  109. David Arnett

    How do I get my rewards pin number

  110. debbie

    want to know how i get my points when you go in and shop and buy and the computers are down ?

  111. Aaron Fishman

    Been trying to get a pin to use my rewards for two years- it’s a joke. Can never find the right place to access info- this is a rip off! Don’t know why Sears would have such a phoney rewards program- maybe I should quit shopping at Sears. Every time I shop at Sears they tell me how many points have expired and can’t be used. Tried to contact the phone number they gave me, PINQ595959 to get a pin but it answers “not in service”.

    • NL

      My pin is on the back of my card. The number to call is 18009918708. The hold time is long. Ask them to mail you new cards if you don’t gave them. Hth

    • Michelle

      if you text the word pin to 5959595 you’ll get a text back with you’re pin number!

    • Mary

      I have a member number .trying to get a pin number I don’t have a card

    • shena

      u text the word pin to 595959 n it will send u ur pin but it has to be from the number that u used to sign up…I work at kmart…

  112. Tammy File


  113. victor

    I need change my number…now is 4849516777..please.ty.

  114. jayne malone

    I want to cancel my rewards points

  115. Alice Tyner

    What is current points n what is base points mean?

  116. Angela Jones Thomas

    You have spend money and rewards give you a discount

  117. bertha giles

    i want to know how many bonus points i have

  118. Mk

    I couldn’t find the word reward. Where is it?

  119. cynthia

    I didn’t get any reward points???

  120. Amanda

    I cant get into my account to see my points so have no idea how many i have

    • Karen B. Wood

      Your receipt will show how many points you have.

  121. sherbernetta francois


  122. Sandra Beaver

    Missed getting my Rewardsof earn10% in points when u spend $75. @ K-Mart. I spent $109.97
    Went back to store courtesy desk said they couldn’t help me go to Shop your way rewards- tried that (can’t down load app on cell) -don’t know where to go or who to talk to. Rewards expire 10/29/13 worked a couple hours to get this far. Please help!

    • NL

      I have emailed w/all my issues in the past. Sent to:
      Include your syw rewards #
      Good luck

  123. lisa glass

    I have been trying to retrieve my pin # and have not had any sucess the workers at the store tried to help but with out any luck any suggestions on how to get my pin?

  124. Jessye conner

    To whom it may concern, I can’t get my account right. Someone must of had my # first . We have to go by my email address. Please can you help me get fixed right.
    Thank You,
    Jessye Connet

  125. jeffdupre

    I need to retrieve my pin# thank you

  126. yolanda leib

    I forgot my password for my reward how I can get it! !

  127. Lisa

    i bought the movie frozen dont see my reward points
    what am i suppose to do

  128. johanna

    Send me my feed back please and I have to acctivate my card from K mark or Sears

  129. jmb

    There has got to be an easier way to get see or add points to card. How or where do you sign up or log in to get to see what is going on.

  130. Diane Warrenfeltz

    My email today said I had 22.50 and when I went to the store they said I only had 10.00 and some change last week I was to have 15.00 and when I went to use them I had none would like to know why you keep taking my points that I can’t use them

  131. sandra dial

    you change my pin number so I cant use whatever I have in their, would like to know my pin number? my email address is – please send my number. Sandra dial

  132. Emily


  133. sara pabon

    The cashier was very friendly at sears in Greece town mall

  134. Ivemin

    I want to chagen muy mail addres

  135. Bob Worthington

    My daughter bought a small freezer from your Kmart store and it was dinged up and minus a leveler so she took it back and all they had was a floor made del and it was scratched and ding but they charged her full price any how. Doesn’t seem fair.



  137. Maria del Carmen GarcΓ­a moreno

    Cuanto tiempo tengo para usar mis punto en mi rewards

  138. Donna davis

    Never received my purse only got the drill bits had 30 in points and ordered 2 items got one not the other

  139. jim

    these people are the worst i have ever dealt with, i have called and emailed many times, asking to delete my account, they still didn’t do it, one of the worst customer service departments i have ever seen, do not get involved with these people

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I’m so sorry you’ve had a poor experience with them. Thank you for the honest feedback!

  140. JudyDisher

    I received a card in the mail saying I had points to redeem but they would expire 6 30 2018 how many points do Ihave and why are they expiring so soon

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