Walgreens: FREE Almay Make-Up Removers AND Inexpensive Eye Shadow

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Wow, as I mentioned here yesterday, Coupons.com has a new and high value Almay coupon valid for $5/2 Any Almay Cosmetics Products! Even sweeter, this coupon makes for 2 FREE Almay Make-up removers at Walgreens! WooHoo!

Check it out…

(Photo Credit: Wild for Wags)

Buy 2 Almay Make-Up removers on sale Buy 1 at $5.99 get 1 50% off
Total = $8.99
Use the $5/2 Any Almay Cosmetics Products coupon found here
Plus, use the $2/1 Almay Cosmetics and Make-up Removers Walgreens Coupon found in the March Coupon Booklet (will deduct $4)
Final cost 2 FREE Make-Up Removers! Sweet!

And don’t forget you can still score this great deal on Almay eye shadow…

Almay Cosmetics Buy 1 get 1 50% off
Buy 2 Almay Intense i-Color eye shadow products $7.49 each (based on online price)
Minus the Buy 1 get 1 50% off sale = $11.24 for both
Use the 5/2 Almay Cosmetic Products coupon found here
Plus, use the $2/1 Almay cosmetics or makeup removers Walgreens coupon found in the March Coupon Booklet (will deduct $4)
Final cost $2.24 total – only $1.12 each!

(Thanks, Wild for Wags!)

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  1. April

    The Walgreen’s in my neighborhood had the Almay eye makeup removers on clearance for $2.50 so I got four of them for free using two of the $5/2 Almay products. YAY!

  2. Leslie

    I avoid Walgreens bc of their poor customer service, but if I do stop in there, do I need to add something else besides the 2 makeup removers or will it still take it with the coupons adding up to $9 and the merchandise $8.99. Thanks for any help, like I said don’t shop there.

    • Maggie

      I know what you mean, I stopped that. They will run all over you if you let the people behind the counter, I’ll put up a fight, I tell them I’ll call corporate and I want the the top dawg up here now to settle this, now when I walk in they know me as the person that will shake them up in here. and I tell them if they give me crap, they will pay dearly, Im the trouble maker and that’s the way I like it , theres a new sherriff in town. When I come in they let me do my deal and leave me alone. Then I tell them, now that’s customer service with a smile.

      • Kath

        LOL that is so funny. You rock!

      • adrienne

        I find being nice and making friends with the cashiers goes a long way.

        • Cathy

          I also find that you “get more bee’s with honey”! No one likes a crabby customer! I have worked retail and was ALWAYS more likely to help a customer when they were kind! Go with the mantra: “Treat others as you would like to be treated”. I love a good deal better than anyone, but I’m not willing to cause someone a “bad” day over it!

    • kelly

      They wouldnt adjust it down so had to purchase a filler as it came up short by 3 cents or else they not let me use the 5/2 coupon!

      • Ione915

        It is on their policy to adjust the q down. Always have your policy on hand.

    • erica

      Too bad, the customer service here in Phx, for the most part, is excellent! I’m thinking its prob. just the folk in your area. πŸ™

  3. brandice

    Thanks Collin….awesome deals

  4. Gingey

    Is the coupon booklet available in the store?

    • Jennifer

      Yes – near the front by the weekly ads.

  5. Brittany

    My Walgreens woudn’t let me use the coupon on the makeup removers. The coupon didn’t go through, and they said it was because the makeup removeres aren’t cosmetic products. I hate Walgreens. πŸ™

    • Jill

      Makeup remover NOT cosmetic product? Makeup & cosmetic are like the same. It removes cosmetics and is sold in cosmetics. That is ridiculous. I would challenge that one because Walgreens.com has makeup remover listed under BEAUTY. Although I am not a Walgreens shopper so……

      • Brittany

        I did. And the manager came over and told me the coupon is only good for what is shown in the picture. πŸ™ Walgreens is the worst company ever.

        • Kristy

          I would have asked them why it’s found in the cosmetic section then? πŸ™‚

          • DeAnn

            I am so sorry that this didn’t work for you, but it did for me. I bought 2 makeup remover cloths, plus one other item, and all my coupons went through no problem, and it even was a .77 MM which went towards that other item I bought.

            • nasreen

              this is what the strange in store that each store has different register that will scan in different way .. the scanner show it is not match how other store did . πŸ™

      • nasreen

        i have same problem they did not take it as cosmetic product ….

      • Tina

        they would not take mine either….i am nice to them, try talking and they still act like its to much trouble for them to wait on me. they are very rude.

    • Jean

      Same thing happened to me. They said it wasn’t a makeup item. Pretty silly.

    • Mi

      The same thing happened to me πŸ™

  6. Susanne

    I just did this transaction at my local Walgreens and at first it loked to be all kinds of trouble~ having the same issues as cited by others: wouldn’t take the $5 coup then re rang and did coupons in different order still wouldn’t work. Verrrry nice Manager came to rescue and instructed cashier to ring $5 coupon for $4.97 (the actual total of Almay items) and it worked no problem. Hooray! Apparently computer system will not allow them to override to create “overage”….wise Manager uses this solution. Perhaps you can try suggesting this to your local Walgreen’s??

    • Susanne


    • kelly

      yeah same here they adjusted mine down to 4.98 to get it to work at one wags and the other one i stopped into wouldnt adjust down so i had to buy a filler item. these almay products are very low in stock as i had to travel to two locations just to find them!

  7. jessica

    Well at my walgreens your not allowed to combine coupon booklet with any other offers Is this true ??

    • Maggie

      NO, be assertive with them. That’s all they understand. There’s no such thing as customer service anymore, you have to get your own resolution. and I’ve found that out everywhere I go. Very poor service, so I make my own service.

    • Dawn

      It’s in their coupon policy that you can combine a Walgreens coupon with a manufacturer coupon. Show them the policy or better even, call customer service. I was surprised once at how fast they call to apologize when you call customer service. I had a bogo free coupon with a bogo 1/2 off product once and they would only give me the 1/2 off price as the free amount, so I told them nevermind. Went home and called customer service and the Walgreens manager called me back later that day telling me I could come in and get the full price item for free instead of the 1/2 off item.

  8. Sarah

    For all these reasons is why I am waiting until next week to use the coupon for deals at CVS! I live CVS!

  9. Steph

    I have to say here in our tiny town of Little Falls, MN there are the nicest people working there. I have never had a hassle. I will go try this transaction at lunch and see what happens. I’m sorry you all have such issues.

    • Steph

      ok, I’m back from the store. They did let me use the $5 off coupon on the makeup remover towellets. the $2 off coupon in their book says 1 per transaction, but like stated in Collins notes it did take off $4. So I did get there items free. Actually a .77 cent money maker if I totaled it up right. Steph

      • Steph


  10. Meg

    Like most of you have said, I don’t care much for walgreens anymore, since the change in the rewards program. But, I got this to work with no issue! I just got a candy to cover the overage!
    My order was: 4 bottles of almay plus 1 candy, balance reward card, (2) $5 coupons followed by the $2 walgreens coupon. Total was .35 (plus NY tax)
    Good luck everyone!

  11. Hmal

    Can u buy 2 eyeshadows and two make up removers in the same transaction? And have all the coupons and deals work? Total of 2.24 then.

  12. Amy

    Just did this deal in Muncie, IN. the beauty counter cashier was wonderful. Got two of the eye shadows and then found 2 Almaty mascara on clearance for 3.99 each. She had to manually enter the coupon on the mascara. Got them for $1.50 each!

    Also this Walgreens is starting a beauty club with a punch card. Spend $100 and get 15% your next store purchase. She punched my total before coupons ($70) instead of after ($22).

    Great customer service today!!!

  13. holly

    HMAL- yes you can. I just bought 12 items. Two Eyeliners, Two Mascaras, and 10 makeup removers. I also bought some stickers for $2.50, my total was $8.50 and I got a coupon for a FREE SAMPLE BOX!!!

    The guy did scan the walgreens coupons first, so I got beeped, but he overrode it and had to manual add the last 3, $5 coupons. So I’m not sure why I beeped, because of the cleaner or because the Walgreens coupons were scanned first, but it all worked out for me.

    THANK YOU!!! I needed makeup so badly!

    • holly

      sorry, 4 makeup – 8 cleaners.

      • Kristy

        I’m not sure why it beeped. I bought 8 makeup removers & everything scanned like a charm. Walgreens coupon was scanned 1st too!!! So weird!

  14. Sandy

    I bought 4 of the make-up remover pads, priced at $5.99. It gave me a few pennies in overage so, I bought a filler. Plus, I got a coupon for $10 off $35 starting on the 10th.

  15. Larkin

    Some coupons stating cosmetics are not to be use for makeup removers or cleanser. Not sure about how to interpret this deal….?

  16. Holly

    I just went to a Walgreens I frequent often, and their prices are $6.49 for the Almay wipes, and $6.99 for the other makeup removers. Not free but still inexpensive.

    I did not buy b/c I will check another store after work. Also, you can check stock on Walgreens website.

    • Krista

      Thanks for the tip on checking online! Saved a trip by seeing they are out of stock.

  17. D

    I can’t find a Walgreens in the Atlanta area that carries Almay! πŸ™

  18. Hillory

    for some reason, when i used the 2/1 wags coupon in the wags march book, it would only take it off of one and not both??? cashiers are always so nice, tried several things…but could not get it to work?? any suggestions

    • Jennifer

      I had the same problem! It did take off $5/2 manufacturer coupon, but only took off 1 $2 off March Coupon booklet…so ended up paying $2 for both make up removers….(priced at $5.99 plus B1G1 50% off sale)…still a good deal, but a little bummed that I wasn’t able to get them for free like most of you πŸ™

  19. dealgirl

    Just went to Wags to pick up the eye makeup removers, $6.49 ea at my store. The cashier who I frequently see there and is usually pretty nice said that my coupon wasn’t for those items. So I nicely told her that it says “any” Almay product. She still insisted it wasn’t so I asked if we could ask the manager and see what they thought. The manager said go ahead and use it because it does say “any”. Well then when I gave the cashier the March booklet, she deducted $2 off, not $8. I ended up paying around $9 for all four. Still a decent deal because I actually use these everyday, but I kind of wonder if she did that on purpose because I asked for the manager. I’m sad now haha.

    • Diya

      You should go back and report it to the Manager. You are talking about $6. It might not seem like a lot but if she can do that to you today out of anger then she will most likely do it again. OR Maybe she did not do it on purpose so I suggest that you go back within this week and talk to the Manager again. You can buy something else for that $6 !!!

    • laurie

      She didn’t do it. You have 2 give em the Wag’s book qs first, then mfr. Happened to me too. Fortunately I caught it b4 paying, and had her re-ring items. Give em your reward card, then store qs, then mfr. However, my stupid mfr qs wouldn’t scan and it was saying not valid on items purchased- but I was buying 4 Almay mascaras! WTH?!? They told me (at 1st store) if it doesn’t scan we can’t accept it. What? When it is clearly for the items I’m buying? Mascara’s in the fllippin picture even!! Needless to say went to another store, had same issue but nicer cashier/mgr who manuallyh entered it.

  20. Tarri

    6.49 here for the m/u remover pads, so I passed on getting them in hopes for a free or mm deal.

  21. pauline

    I purchased 6 specially marked ($4.99 printed on the bottle) 80ct. make up removers.
    [(3*$4.99)+(3*$2.49 b1g1 50%)-$12 walgreens coupon]=$10.44-2($5 coupons). I could only use 2 $5 coupons, so they were close to free. There were other (different upc but look the same) 80ct. make up removers priced the same but were not discount with walgreens $2 off or buy 1 get 1 50% off.

  22. nasreen

    my walgreens our side when they scan 5/2 show it is not match the makeup remover .grrrrrrrrrr i really don’t like walgreen they have the worst customer service .

    • T

      the clothes worked for me… not the makeup remover pads. About to try to liquid.

  23. Linda Reickard

    I tried this last night & the manager finally entered the $5 coupon for $4.97. I still owed tax, which i don’t understand. If you don’t pay anything, how can there be tax? At other stores you pay zero! Linda

    • dealgirl

      Certain states don’t have tax on food, so maybe that’s what you’re referring to? Since this is not food, that’s probably the difference! HTH!

    • blucoke

      The Walgreen here in my town makes me pay for the rang up priced (which is the total after Walgreens $2×2 coupons deducted & before the $5 Manufacture $5 coupon applied) taxes, so the total was ($4.98+ 7.5% tax)-$4.98 Manufacture coupon (by using the $5 coupon) = $0.68 total I paid

  24. Melissa

    I generally find most Walgreens clerks to be very nice, especially at the cosmetic counter, but clearly most have received very little training when it comes to coupons, even after Walgreens issued that coupon policy over a year and a half ago (I think it was)! Then Walgreens went and added the current confusing points system, which again most of their clerks don’t understand and which is confusing to most customers! (The first and only time I used my points under the encouragement of a Walgreens clerk, it negated the points I was supposed to have received on the deal I was purchasing – a deal I only was buying because it was a good deal with the points. So, now I am afraid to even use the blinkety blank points!

    Anyway, I think it is time for some serious feedback to Walgreens! On every receipt they have a number to call for a survey. With all the Hip2savers out there in Coupon Land, we should be able to make a dent in the thinking of Walgreens, don’t you think?

    • dealgirl

      You can’t use points for an item that generates new points. You can only use RR’s or you won’t get new points. It’s super silly.

      • Melissa

        I bet if Walgreens conducted a survey on their new points program, less than 10% of those surveyed would show complete comprehension. Actually, I think that 10% is a rather generous gestimate. I bet that it is only some of us couponers who know what is going on, and I do not count myself as one of those since I am still confused.

        BTW, I see great variation in Walgreens around my town. Some are much better than others at posting the points signs and Register Rewards deals. Often I will go into a local Walgreens after reading about a deal on Hip2Save and see no evidence of the sale other than by looking at the weekly circular. So, I am sure that it happens frequently that people buy items that should have earned them points, but because they are cashing in the points, they do not earn them after all.

  25. Sarah

    I was just at walgreens and tried to use the 5.00 off almay coupon on the make up removers and it would not work they say that it had to be a cosmetic not make up remover. Maybe it will work at CVs, but the computer would not scan the coupon,I told get it was maker up remover but that is not considered party of the coupon.

  26. angel

    I think I am going to never ever shop at Walgreens again. The coupon would not work and it took 20 minutes for the manager to adjust the coupon. Dont waste your time there. And then all the dirty looks you get!

  27. bahija

    I tried to use the coupon today at Walgreen but they did not let me use both coupons the manager said that I can only use one coupon because if I use two is going to exceed the value of the product I asked her to adjust the coupon but she said that she cannot do it.

  28. jane

    This deal worked great for me. I purchased 4 make-up remover pads and 4 liquid removers. Came out to be better than free! Thanks!

  29. Diya

    I went to Walgreens today and got 4 eye shadows ($7.49 each). I used two $5 coupons and the $2 walgreens March booklet coupon (took off $8). So basically paid $5 + tax for 4 eye shadows. I didn’t bother going through the free make up remover because eye shadows were a better deal for me. I am making few gift baskets for some upcoming events. I have already gotten awesome deals on brand name make up.

    I was also able to grab some nice Maybelline lipstick and lip gloss shades from KROGER (75% off)…paid only $1.43 each. Also Maybelline eye shadows (75% off) for $1.23 (used $1 man. coupon and paid .23 cents) … so basically got tons of make up for SUPER CHEAP. Most of the clearance make up was gone. I was just lucky to get the leftover.

    Target also has some make up marked down really low. I was able to grab Maybelline Mineral Powder for .63 cents (marked down to $2.63 and I used $2 off man. coupon)…..Loreal eyeshadows marked down to $2.63 from $8.99…which I think is a great price even without coupons and sales…..

    I know this is RANDOM but I wanted to give other heads up.


  30. Jan

    I didn’t get the make up removers (all gone at both our local Walgreens), but scored some cheap eye shadow and I needed more mascara! Spending 3.50 on 2 mascaras is great! πŸ™‚

  31. wags ba

    please try to ring these products up in the beauty dept as the beauty advisor will get a kick back off 1.00 on each almay makeup remover and always try to check your skin care hair care beauty ect in cosmetics

    • Guest2

      If the cashier was ever there I would.

      • wags ba

        wow that is a bummer somone is not doing there job. we are suppose to be in that dept at all times offer advice help custumers greet the custumers and of course ring up your purchases . but some dont take the job seriously

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