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Your Thoughts: Selling Your Stockpile – Yes or No?

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Check out the following email I received from reader, Ronni:

[h2s_box]The reason I am writing today is to ask: How do you feel about couponers that resell their stockpile items? This has recently become a HUGE scandal here in West Texas as there is a person who is known to clear shelves, hits the stores when the trucks deliver and has the employee’s give her the items she’s couponing before they are even stocked on the shelves and has now rented a space and is re-selling items which she procured with coupons.

After following you for some time I am aware about how you feel about ‘extreme couponing’. Most of us in this area are friends and we are not extreme couponers. Just regular couponers LOL. The problem we are facing (beyond crabby cashiers, non coupon educated management, etc) now is that the resale lady is making it more difficult for non-extreme couponing families in this area to save as much money or catch the really great deals.

Are we in this area wrong to be “just jealous” that she beats us to the deals and in turn makes a buck off of her saving ability? Or are we right in feeling that this is completely tasteless? What are your thoughts?[/h2s_box]

I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic! Thanks for any insight you can provide.

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  1. cindy

    There is a slippery slope here. I think if there is anger and a sense of unfairness, it should be directed to the employee who is “setting aside” the items for this person. I don’t fault the person reselling the items. She is very organized and has the creativity to actually start a business and make a profit from the use of coupons. More power to her.

    I do think a better way would be to “plan” the purchases with management so the pre-ordered items would not be a part of the stocked shelf items. I do this all the time with Riteaid and Walgreens and Albertsons in my home town.

    Like it or not, capitalism IS the foundation of our way of life and THE reason our population has the opportunity to be creative in every aspect of life…..including our means of earning money.


  2. Shannon

    It annoys me when people clear the shelves to resell the items because I need to use coupons to save money because times are tough. So when I go to a store to get an item on sale that I have a coupon for and the shelves are cleared, I get really bummed out!

  3. JulieC

    Heres a question is have… Why dont we do something about it? Lets not let these “resalers” get away with what their doing. To me it wouldnt do much good to contact the proper authorities because they probably have more “important” (to them, but not us) things to deal with. Most of all of us have a facebook and/or twitter, Lets all post to our walls “A beware” sort of post. To tell people when you go to a flee market , or garge sale and see huge amounts of products these are couponers who are clearing shelves, paying very little(or free) and making it hard for us “innocent couponers” to get the things we need for our families. And at the end of your post ask people to share this…The word will get out (in my opinion) and less people will buy from them and then hopefully one day they will stop! Im doing this and I hope all you fellow couponers will to!

    • Diana

      Post away if that makes you feel better. However, how do you know that the people selling their stockpile cleared a shelf?? I accumulate so many products over the course of a year and I have NEVER cleared a shelf. Two years ago, my husband was laid off, and I sold my entire stockpile at a community sale. many in our community were going through touch times too and were VERY thankful for the oppurtinity to buy my things. I remember two ladies that actually got teary eyed when they paid me, because they were so appreciative of being able to get things for their families at rock bottom prices. So, yes, I was evil, I sold my stockpile and I would do it again, if I needed to. I helped myself and I helped members of my community!!! To each their own!

      • JulieC

        Lol im talking about people who clear the shelves on purpose to resale the items, most everyone falls on hard times, and when i did I used the small stock up i had to get through, so yes to each their own! You took what i said and turned it around! I said nothing about falling on hard times, its about people being greedy and clearing the shelves and resaling!!!!!

        • Diana

          Oh, I wasnt trying to turn around what you said at all. You make some interesting points. I was just pointing out that the person you see doing a garage sale or at a flea market didnt necessarily clear any shelf at all. Your hope is that the “word will get out and people will stop buying from them”. I was just pointing out that the very people you want to condemn may have been me at my community sale selling my stockpile to not only help myself, but help others in the process. I understand in your second post that your only talking about people who clear shelves to resell the items. However, in your first you did say you wanted to alert everyone on facebook not to buy from anybody selling stockpile items!! So again, i was only saying that some people selling their stockpile may not have cleared a shelf!!! I am not turning your words around, I am just offereing a different perspective/opinion.

    • cindy

      Oh please….”innocent couponers” vs “evil resellers”? There is so much self righteous talk going on here I can hardly believe it. Let’s face it……couponing has now become a competitive sport…whether you are buying for your family ……charity …..or resale. You aren’t going to stop people from buying as much as they want, when they want, and for whatever LEGAL purpose they want. Save your judgement for the stores. Until stores start setting CLEAR limitations on quantities….OR… least planning ahead for their sale items…..I guess you’ll just have to get better organized to get there first. This reminds me of “Survivor”. The motto being…..outwit….outplay….outlast!

  4. mom

    on a total neutral note, I did find it funny that Colin said “a person in West Texas” and reading people notes we all assumed the person is a women and never said anything about men couponing or shelf clearing 🙂

    • Diana

      Its funny that you say that, because my biggest “competition” is two men at Walgreens! They are very nice though and one of them has even given me coupons on two occasions. I havent seen either of them for awhile, but I bet they are still at it!!!

  5. fred

    I’m a dude that loves coupons. No one needs 12 pantene shampoos or conditioners per visit. Take 4 and come back during the week and but 4 more. You still get your stock pile and everyone can enjoy some savings. When I looked at my stockpile and still had 10 right guard deodorants after giving to the shelter and to friends I knew I had to dial it back. We all agree no likes going to for example CVS and finding the shelves cleared and the manager telling you to come back Friday only to find the shelves empty again. Ease up folks and lets all reap the benefits of our hard work.

  6. Rebba

    i only sell my stockpile to my family and friends who cant go shopping cuz of personal reason or can’t get a ride

    or dont need the stuff for the moment i try to buy what i can with the coupons i buy at the store like “Dollar Tree” or “99 Cent store” or CVS
    many times i noticed that the shelf have been cleared of Pantene in the past or of Head & Shoulder, and Herbal Essences shampoo

    what i also noticed is that someone who clears the shelf only left the Pantene Hair Styling and CONDITIONER so many cuz my coupons were expiring i asked the manager if i can just buy the conditioners and hair spray and mousse stuff since they dont know when theny will stock up on the shampoo
    u have no idea how much i conditioner i had

    anyway im just saying i was sooo upset because i thought i knew who took all that and there are 2 people i know that resell but what right does it give me complain they buy and earn for their living too in a way

    plus im selling my stuff to friends and family since i dont find comfort in yard sales stuff and where am i going to get so much stuff of each if i were to do a yard sale i always only have 5-6 of the same items of less LOL that would be to crappy of a yard sale so i think im fine with friends and family

    oh and just to let anyone who might say something
    i didn’t start to sell its just my aunt and grandma gave me money back for the items i gave them for free since i felt i had too much of each of those product i gave them free, but they said that i must have had a hard time getting them or at least paid something… i was soo touched and happy that they were helping me when i didn’t even ask

  7. Sasha

    This is America folks…
    it is nobody’s business how you dispose of your stockpile items but yours.

    • Diana

      This is the BEST post ever!!! I totally agree!!!!

    • Wendy

      Well said

    • Allysia

      I will be the FIRST to say I totally disagree. It becomes everybody’s business as to how people dispose of their stockpile when their actions lead to harder couponing rules and scrutiny. I’m sure somebody had the same thought about “extreme Couponing” until the show aired and it became publicized that people ridiculously stocked-piled items that they couldn’t even use in a lifetime –let alone by expiration date. Do you seriously think the CEO of Publix, Wal-Mart & Target or Henkel & Unilever didn’t catch a “bad ” whiff from this show. As a result of that show, Manufacturer’s and Stores alike, changed couponing policies just to try and combat some of the in-saneness that goes on with some Couponers. It’s ideas like these that give all couponer’s a bad rep and make us look like we are out for greed instead of trying to support our families.
      And before anybody passes judgement on me, I am a year old African American Med student, couponing for 3 households (a total of 13 ppl), so I know what I am talking about!

      • Carol

        How true. Thanks Allysia.

  8. Lea

    I agree it is your business what you do with your stockpile, but sorry, yes I have a problem with people clearing shelves to make a profit. Some stores in my area have imposed daily limits to try to stem this. Reselling goods is HUGE here! You must be at walgreens when the doors open on Sunday morning to get the sales. Their are three women that will clear the shelves in my area. The stores don’t carry a large inventory and get one truck in a week. CVS is just as bad, women come in with stacks of cards to make the purchases. The store manager has tried to stem this, people complain to corporate, so he now accepts them without question. The idea that someone feels they are helping by selling goods at lower prices is CRAZY to me. If the items were available in the stores they could purchase them for pennies on the dollar or free just as you do. I usually grab two of the sale items (coupons from a double paper). I have a stockpile and I donate. Lets call it for what it is, greed.


      It is no ones business what people do with the items they aquire from couponing. I mean come on people, there are other important things to worry about. As far as clearing shelves, most of the time they are not well stocked anyway, and even so…People have the right to buy as many of an item as they want without courtesy to the next person they have never even met. I have never sold my stockpile…BUT i am trying to gain more stuff so i can….To each its own…I dont knock anybody for what they do.

  9. Des

    I don’t agree at all with trying to profit from a stockpile. Whenever I get free items that I don’t use, I donate them or use them for random acts of kindness. It seems dishonest to clear a shelf then sell the items, when the customers could’ve paid less by going to the sale provided the items were still there.

  10. valerie

    The only angry people are the jealous people. I have a huge stockpile (huuuuuge), and I let all my family and friends “shop” from it, so I haven’t sold any of it yet, but I am sure that I would like to. I never have a problem with items being out of stock at my local stores, and if it was I would simply get a raincheck. Leave people alone; times are tough and this is a pretty easy way to make some additional income if your dedicated and organized enough to actually do it. My stockpile is for my immediate and extended family as well as friends and neighbors. I also like to make up huge gift bags for birthdays and the christmas holiday. To the sellers….keep doing what you do and ignore the judgemental kindergarden mom’s.

    • Wendy

      You are right, you can do anything you want to do ( within the law ) This is America However when people live their life with this dog eat dog mentality it effects everyone. As a direct result of your actions, Companies have had to take action such as reduce the number of coupons availble, shorter exp dates and lower value coupons
      Calling people judgemental kindergarten moms is not very nice and while you suggest to simply get a raincheck it might be difficult for that Mom to make return trips if her time is limited
      Rembember we are all trying to save money
      So all I ask you is to have some consideration for your fellow couponers, after all the world would be a better place if we act in in an ethical way and try to help one another as best we can

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