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Target: *HOT* The Croods DVD Only $2.48 After Price Match (Print Your Coupon Now!)

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In addition to the *HOT* deal on the movie Epic that you can score at Target after price match and coupon, you can also head to Target to score a sweet deal on The Croods DVD…

As I mentioned this morning, Target will price match an item on – you’ll just need to show the price on your mobile device or bring in a printed page showing the current price. Before you head out, be sure to print the Holiday Price Matching Policy and keep it with you when shopping.


And YES, you can use manufacturer’s coupons in addition to getting the price match. See a screenshot above taken directly from Target’s Holiday Price Matching Policy

$5.00 off The Croods on DVD or Blu-ray
The Croods DVD $7.48 (after you price-match to’s online price!)
Use the $5/1 coupon found here
Final Cost $2.48! AWESOME!

NOTE: prices can change at anytime so I encourage you to head to Target sooner than later to ensure you snag this *HOT* price!

(Thanks, Casey!)

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Comments 121

  1. Robbie

    Target gives me problems when I give them a coupon after pricematching πŸ™

    • mel

      With this deal, I’d pay first using the coupon, THEN PM @ the cs desk. I’ve done it lots of times and never had a problem.

  2. Laura

    My target told me they are not honoring price matching this week

    • adri

      they are wrong it was only untill dec. 02

  3. Amy

    Print out the price match policy & show it to them if they give you problems. I work at Target & I’ve read in detail the policy (not all guest service does this). We can apply a manufacturer coupon after a price match.

    • Lorianne

      Can you please post the link to their price match policy?? Thanks!

      • Lorianne

        NM, I see it above!

  4. Theresa

    why cant we price match at best buy?

    • Kris

      I tried to do it at Best Buy – they would only price match or take coupon – but NOT both!
      πŸ™ Manager was quite rude!!!!!

  5. Rebecca

    I’m sure you could grab this deal at best buy as well.

    • Courtney

      I thought target was the only one that price matched online. is that what you are talking about?

  6. dana

    The coupon policy specifically states u can use a manufacturer coupon after price match..they can’t dispute that.

  7. kate

    LoL I just left Target doing the Epic deal! Ughhhh. I’d love to have this but not sure if I wanna drive back up there after work…I think resting is more important to me than a $3 movie right now. πŸ˜‰

  8. Teetee20055

    Do Best Buy accept manufacturer coupons?

    • ohlyia

      Yes but I haven’t tried it with a price matching scenario.

      • mel

        Yes. My DH PM a movie a while back + used an IP.

        • Kat

          English please?

          • Tiffany

            Her darling husband price matched and used a coupon at some point

        • amy

          Ok this is prob a dumb question but what does dh stand for..

          • Tiffany

            Dh usually is darling husband.

            • mel

              yes, dh = dear/darling/darn/dumb, etc (depending on what he does LOL) In this case, he was a dear to pricematch and used an internet printable on the movie.

        • LisaR

          Where you a member of the Old Coupon Mom Forum?? This is the lingo we used all the time!! Or is it just common coupon lingo now!! LOL

          • LisaR

            Opps question ment for mel

  9. Cathy

    Just got epic but man the lady was rude she kept teeing to find something wrong so she wouldn’t have to price match and mumbledunder her breath when i had a coupon

    • Erica Daniels

      Target should be notified, with the person’s name, when this happens. A company should not advertise a ‘perk’ while their associates despise honoring it – rediculous.

  10. Peace

    Does WalMart price match with Amazon?

  11. Candy

    Went to target this morning and the Manager on duty said he won’t match amazon’s video prices.

    • Janel

      Yep same here. They said anything with the Amazon Prime next to it, they can not price match because Prime is a paid subscription that gives you a good deal when you subscribe to it.

      • Stacey Pendergrast

        Just because the item has a “PRIME” logo next to it does NOT mean it is a reduced price for Prime members. It means it is eligible for the FREE SHIPPING that Prime subscribers get on items sold by Amazon. I do NOT have a Prime subscription and that price is showing up for me.

      • Jen

        Wow…tell them next time Prime Membership doesn’t mean only those with Prime get the deal, it simply means they have already paid for the shipping with their subscription and there won’t be a shipping cost.

      • Lenore

        I was told this same thing today! I was trying to explain it as well, but they said if they added it to their cart, they would not get the same price because they did not have prime. Can anybody confirm?

      • Rochele

        yours only has a prime logo next to it because you have a prime membership. logout of your prime and save the link to the movies when you are logged out and it will no longer show the primeprime membership. and btw prime is irrelevant bc it doesnt change prices you just get free 2 day shipping. walmart has the same price right now too so you could also show that.

  12. Kara

    It is the same price at as well. You can price match to that too.

  13. J

    Grrr! Stupid printer printed the coupon on like 5 pages both times I printed and now I’m out of prints:( I didn’t really need this as my kids liked it but didn’t love it but STILL! Thanks a lot printer!!!:/

  14. Tiffany

    I guess other stores don’t have ipads up at cs like my store. They scan the barcode with the iPad and it pulls up the item and prices at various places.

    • Tiffany

      And it is the only way they will price match… They won’t go by your own devices or printed pages… Which makes sense bc prices online can change so quickly.

      • Suzie @ Dorothy Sue and Millie Bs too

        It does make sense that’s how they would do it…. BUT the price match policy states they will take a printed copy of an online price….

        • Keri

          Yes, the policy does state that you can use a printed copy, but it also states that the price will be verified by a Target employee – hence the ipad scanning the barcode.
          I did this a few hours ago and it worked perfectly.

    • kate

      That’s exactly how it is at my store. Then when they scan the item they just click the store they are price matching. My target is great…never any problems.

  15. Kali

    This is great- now just waiting for the blu ray version to go down in price. πŸ™‚

    • Amanda

      Me too:)

    • chrissy1925

      Me three. Just did Epic at Target also.

    • Jojo

      I got my blue ray for 5 bucks at target. She did it for me with the amazon pricing.

    • Yvonne

      The blu ray version was on amazon for 9.98 today I tried price matching but the whole Prime thing made my stores manager angry

  16. Lorianne

    I was told by the customer service desk that they only price match, no other websites.

  17. Cindy

    Just left target had no probkem doing the epic movie …she even said how someone came earlier to do deal πŸ™‚ Houston Tx

  18. Katrina

    The Croods and Epic on is only 7.48 (I don’t have a target by me) so with price matching from the website to my store and using coupon will that work?

  19. Suzie @ Dorothy Sue and Millie Bs too

    Thank you so much Colin!!! What great “quality” stocking stuffers!!!

  20. Miguel

    I did this deal as well for both DVDs and I had no problem the guy who helped was very nice and polite and took my coupons without any issues and I did 4 different transactions

  21. Bologna

    Really cute movie too!

  22. Kat

    For those of you who were successful, did you check out at the register in the electronics dept or customer service desk? Thx.

    • Samantha

      I checked out at customer service and had no issues.

    • Amanda

      My target only will price match at customer service because they have an iPad there that they check the prices on. But I had no problem doing this deal:)

  23. Denise

    I went to customer service. She didn’t look thrilled that she had to sell at $19.99 movie for $2.78 (after taking $5.00 coupon), but did price match Amazon and took manufacture coupon.

  24. Jennifer

    Just did the deal on Long Island, NY. Worked great. Out of the 2 employees behind guest services 1 knew the policy, 1 did not and wanted to call over a manager. I was totally fine with that. I am loyal to Target, so happy to go through the motions if it means letting some get trained on the job.

  25. Elizabeth

    I just got this deal too! Along with the epic one at TOYS R US, but I price matched with walmart. com for both movies and used my coupons no problem.

  26. Brooke

    I did this deal in WI and the person at customer service gave me the deal with some hesitancy, and implying that she was doing me a favor. She said The Croods didn’t come up on the ipad they use to price match, but did give me the price when I showed her my phone.

    • axhilli

      I did the deal for Epic in WI with no issues are you in SE WI.

  27. Brindha

    Did epic at my target with no probs. cashier gave me no trouble… Had a pleasent check out! Going back for croods now!

  28. RH

    I don’t live close enough to Target to take the risk they might or might not do the price match! Plus 8 1/2 mo pregnant and not wanting to drive just for the movies! I will be close to a Target tomorrow so hopefully price is still this on amazon so I can price match. I went ahead and purchased on Amazon though at $7.48 and will return if I am able to get the deal better tomorrow. I will be sad if I don’t and the price never goes back down before Christmas. We loved this movie!!! $7.48 isn’t too bad either! *Fingers crossed price stays low for tomorrow and there are more deals to be had tomorrow while I am there!!!!!**

  29. Candy72

    Just did the deal for both movies at my target in CA. They didn’t give me any hassle and were aware of the deal!! Yay! Thank you Collin!!

  30. Courtney

    I was able to do it right at guest services. The lady was super nice. She looked it up on even though I brought the print out in. But I got both DVDs for $6.01 (the croods and epic)

  31. Vane

    Just did it @ SoFLa, Plantation, stores with no problems! Thanks, Collin :)!!

  32. SeeMomSave

    I did 2 copies of the Croods & 1 copy of Epic at Target in Birmingham, AL. I got raised eyebrows but they did it anyway! Thanks Collin, you make Christmas so much better for my kids!!

    • Korrine

      SeeMomSave – which Birmingham Target did you go to? I would like to do this deal as well.

  33. Lindsey

    So does toys r us take the manu coupon if I pm there?

  34. ana

    they told me no at my store in miramar fl bc they stated they dont price match anything that states 75 off

    • Casey

      That sounds crazy. Some people amaze me how they make up there own rules

  35. sudha

    I did both epic and the croods deal in two different stores. first i went to target and found The Croods dvd but not Epic dvd. so, i priced matched with Amazon and used the coupon so finally got it for $2.48. And then i went to Best Buy found Epic dvd and they also price matched with Amazon and accepted the coupon so final price is $2.48. Hope this helps.

  36. ana

    I know jajaja…. that was the stores supervisor .

  37. stacey

    my target didn’t have the regular croods dvd, only the one with the toy- which on Amazon was over $30!

    • sudha

      IN Target they have this dvd’s at couple of places. when you’re in store try to check opposite side racks.

  38. BJ

    The price on Amazon has jumped back up to 19.99! Does anyone have a print off of Amazon you can somehow email to me?

  39. Rachael

    It’s back up to 19.99.

  40. Marcy

    Amazon’ price jumped up to $19.99

  41. Kimberly T.

    The associate at my Target tried to say to me, “No ma’am, this is sent by Prime,” and I had to giggle. She was trying her hardest NOT to sell it to me for that price, but there wasn’t any denying it once she realized Prime was a program through Amazon, and not who fulfills the merchandise, lol =] Needless to say, I got it =]

    • Kimberly T.

      Granted, this was over an hour ago, I see now that the price jumped back up!!

  42. lesa

    the croods is now 19.99 at amazon.. this changes quickly!!! but I did get Epic today for $9.96, my Target priced matched, and they verified the price on their Ipad.. so you have to act fast.. thanks Collin

  43. Helen

    Thank you,Colin for posting the holiday price match policy. The customer service denied to price match with, and manufacture coupon at first, but I showed them where to read in the holiday price match policy. ” She prepared it well” was what she said after reading the price match policy I gave her. This is the first time I left happy with doing price match at Target.

  44. Nl

    Woooohoo! I must have just made it. I had no prob at target. They looked it up themselves. I paid $3 w/tax. I have spent so little this holiday and gotten awesome stuff. Thanks for all the deals!!

  45. mommy81

    I have a question I have a print out for the price for the croods for $7.98 but then the price changes so I m not sure will they honor the printout or look online?

    • Susan

      They probably wont she wouldnt even accept looking at amazon from my phone, they have to look it up on their Ipad themselves for it to be valid.

      • mommy81

        I guess I will just wait for target to put their price down

  46. Susan

    I did epic at Target today, they didnt want to take my coupon but they did get out the policy and realized I could do it had no issues just a new person who was learning. πŸ˜‰ Tried to get croods but they were sold out, it was same price on and they said in store they would match it but were also sold out, however Toys R us Price matches AMAZON as well so I was able to snag croods there! HTH!

  47. Michelle

    I just did the deal for both Croods & Epic, no probs!! I have the rebate for Epic anyone know of a rebate for Croods? Thanks Collin so much!!!

  48. Trinity

    THANK YOU! I was able to nab this dvd as well as the Epic dvd! Guest service was amazing! I had the price match thing printed out because the two ladies weren’t exactly sure about the price matching. I pulled out what I printed & prior to going, I underlined WHEN price matching started and when it would end, what could be price matched and that a coupon could be used AFTER the price match. It worked like a charm! πŸ™‚

  49. Shana

    Hopefully they will have another deal for this movie, I was standing in line at Customer service then the price jumped up to $19.99 :(.

  50. Andrew

    Just did this deal after 7pm at Best Buy before the price jumped. Printed out the prices for both movies with the time stamp of 6:30pm.
    Unlike the last time I did a price match at Best Buy, the manager did not look at a computer or his phone to verify the price. They looked at my printout and accepted it.
    The only thing that took a long time was for the manager to override it and the cashier was confused how to enter coupons at the register.
    6.01 out of the door for The Croods and Epic.

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