Video: How to Earn Cash Using the Ibotta App

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In this video, I will show you how easy it is to earn money using the completely FREE Ibotta App for both iPhone and Android Devices. Enjoy!

(If you can’t see the video, go here.)

Here’s a summary on how to earn money via the Ibotta App:

Head over here and download the Ibotta app for FREE (note that this app requires iOS 10.0 or later and is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch).

Before you head out to shop, browse through all the different product offers. To earn cash, you’ll need to purchase these products… BUT FIRST, you’ll have to unlock these money-earning offers by watching quick videos, viewing recipes, taking polls, posting to your Facebook Wall etc. AND then actually going to the store to purchase these specific items.

Note that Ibotta works at over 100,000 locations and at over 80 different retailers (like Target, Walmart, Walgreens, Rite Aid and many more stores!) in the United States. The awesome part for all of us couponers, is that in addition to getting cash back on your purchases, you can also use manufacturer’s coupons to lower your out of pocket expense even further! πŸ™‚

Be sure to check out the product detail page on the app itself in order to view the offer’s details including the size you’ll need to purchase, expiration date etc. Once you unlock a rebate, the expiration date can be found on both your checklist and in the Ibotta Product Gallery (tap on the item to reveal the expiration date). Once a product is on the Checklist, Ibotta ensures that the expiration date of a product will not change.

Please note that all qualifying receipts must be submitted before the product rebates expire AND receipt submissions are only accepted as valid if submitted within one week of purchase.

After you make your in-store purchases, you’ll just need to upload your receipt via the Ibotta app. Ibotta will then verify your purchases and determine whether credit should be added to your account within 24 hours. In many cases, you will receive word from Ibotta in under 1 hour. It is super simple to upload your photo and money was added to my account within an hour. Very cool!

Once you’ve reached at least $20 in earnings, Ibotta lets you transfer funds to PayPal/Venmo; and once funds are withdrawn from the app, you should expect to see payment within 24 hours. You can also take advantage of other options, like gift cards from Amazon, Starbucks, Kohl’s, and more.

In addition to the Ibotta App, you may also want to check out Checkout 51, which offers similar cash back opportunities!
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  1. Karla

    I cashed out using Paypal and got the funds deposited in my account almost instantly. Just one of a couple reasons why I love this app!

  2. Jami

    I didn’t have to scan my receipt, just the barcodes of the items purchased. Has it changed?

    • Janet

      You scan the item first now and after it asks for the receipt. You have to go on the redeem tabs now. HTH!

    • Erin

      You still need to scan receipts through Ibotta, though they did slightly change the process. Go to your toolbar on the bottom of the app and click “activity.” It will tell you if you have any receipts pending. If not, then you didn’t submit it. You will first have to scan the barcode. Once it is verified, then you scan the receipt and upload it.

    • mel

      I just did an ibotta and I had to upload my receipt. Not sure how they can credit if they can’t verity the purchase??

  3. Erin

    Gosh, I LOVE cash back apps. I just got $2 for buying two Barbara’s cereals, and I only paid .30 OOP! I still have some high-value Barbaras Qs, so I’m hoping they will offer some more Barbara’s rebates before they expire.

    If anyone would like to sign up using my referral, I’d greatly appreciate it:

    • Suzanne

      Erin, I used your link! If someone would use mine, I’d appreciate it! πŸ™‚

  4. ~jenn~

    I love to use all of the shopping apps like this one. Seems that they’re becoming all the rage because more and more keep popping up.

    Fancy a Lindt chocolate bar for FREE? Just download Shopmium for iPhone or Android ( and use my referral code during sign up: GUEGEHPR Bon appetit!

  5. Caitlin

    I love Ibotta! Made $90 in about 6months on stuff I was already going to purchase! If anyone wants to sign up, please use my link

  6. Catie

    Shopmium is another great app, downloaded 2 weeks ago and already have $5 in my paypal account. Please sign up using my code to get a free Lindt chocolate bar! GHUAGKQV

  7. Mel

    I had a cash back offer for Belvita Soft Baked under Ibotta .75/1, Shopmium 1.00/2, and Checkout 51 1.00/2. Safeway has these on sale for 2.50 each, and there’s a 1.00/2 mq in 3/9 SS. In the long run I only paid 1.25 for 2 boxes! Love these cash back apps!

  8. Jessica

    I love that milk is usually a weekly item! If you would like to sign up, please use my link

  9. Margie

    If anyone still needs to sign up for a new ibotta account, please feel free to use my referral link below. Many, many thanks to anyone who does! πŸ™‚

  10. Kara

    LOVE ibotta and use it all the time…..I have transferred over $30 to paypal since Jan and gotten $10 in Starbucks giftcards :o)

    if you choose to try it out….here is my link!

  11. J

    I would love it if anyone would like to use my Shopmium referral code to get a free Lindt bar. It is: GHEYAHTX. My ibotta code is: if anyone would like to use that as well! Thanks so much in advance! You can also combine these 2 apps for more savings!

  12. Jackie

    At target if you buy milk you can score 5% off using cartwheel and also get $.50 back using the ibotta app! Saving even more on milk!

  13. D

    I have earned over $25 using ibotta in just the short while that I’ve actually been using the app! Sign up with my referral link and get 50 cents back on your milk purchases every week! Plus, don’t forget to collect your $2 sign up bonus just for registering. Thanks so much! πŸ™‚

  14. Kelly

    I’ve never had someone use my referral link. I’d appreciate it if you were going to give Ibotta a shot. It’ VERY AWESOME! Thanks!

  15. Jamie

    Did the milk bonus reset this week? It does not show for me. Also I looked in to Shopium a couple weeks ago. Did not sign up yet, the reviews were not in English and it seemed it was a foreign app. Curious about anyone’s experience with them????

    • M

      Often my milk offer doesn’t reset until closer to the middle of the week. Hth

    • Erin

      I think it popped up on Monday last week, but in previous weeks, it was Tuesday or Wednesday.

    • Janet

      Yes, it reset.

  16. Jun

    Thank you Collin for the video. Anyone would like to sign up Ibotta can use my link and for shopmium sign up to get a free lindt chocolate use my code GMMAFMQT
    Thank you

  17. Domi

    Don’t forget about shopmium!! It’s newer but with different offers and faster payouts. Use my referral code GGCCKEVE to get a free Lindt chocolate bar when you sign up as a new user. You’ll get instant cash in paypal once your first rebate is processed. Thank you so much! πŸ™‚

  18. emily

    I love Ibotta and all these money saving apps! If anyone wants to sign up for Shopmium and get a free Lindt bar, here is my code: GMYCCKVK
    I would appreciate it so much

  19. Laura

    Please use my referral link if you’d like to sign up: Thank you so much!! πŸ™‚

  20. Amu

    Me me use my referral link pleasseeee πŸ˜‰
    Hope everyone signs up- unlike other apps you get easy money just signing up and doing bonuses
    . I even linked my food lion card so at food lion I never have to scan receipts/bar codes! It does it automatically

    My link:

  21. April

    Does this work on pay as you go phones?
    Would love to upgrade to a smart phone. What is the cheapest way to go as far as cost?

    • Diana

      April, check out ting for a smart phone. I love it! My husband and I both have internet, texts and minutes and pay about $40 a month, after taxes, for both phones! If you do try it, please join through my referral link. I believe you get $25 for joining through my link.

      • sarah

        That looking like a good deal but can’t get the service in my area.

  22. Jen

    I love Ibotta!!!! I would love love love it if someone wanted to save money on all the great products they buy and use my referral link to sign up also!!! I love sharing ways to save money and this app is the way to go!!!! Every mom should know this secret!!! Thank y’al in advance for using my link if you do!!!!

    • susie

      Marchnmr20 will get you 20% off too

  23. Sarah

    I love the Ibotta app! It’s great to get money back on top of using coupons for items that I would be purchasing anyways. Here is my referral link:

  24. Sarah

    Thank you for explaining this! Your website is so helpful. : D

  25. Andrea

    If anyone is interested in downloading the app, please use my referral link. Thank you so much in advance!

  26. JessJayBird

    You mentioned that you can still use manufacturer’s coupons with Ibotta – can you use store coupons with it too?

  27. Vicki

    If anyone is still looking to sign up for shopmium or ibotta, please feel free to use my referral link and code GGCCMHQE for shopmium! Get a free Lindt bar and $2 with your first rebate when you sign up with both. I’ve earned over $112 on ibotta alone!!

  28. Suzanne

    I just signed up, how cool! If someone would use my link, I’d appreciate it! πŸ™‚

  29. Holly

    Love the coupon apps… Please I use my link for ibotta and for shopmium … Fancy a Lindt chocolate bar for FREE? Just download Shopmium for iPhone or Android ( and use my referral code during sign up: GYFUEKTX Bon appetit!!! Please I would appreciate it greatly! Have a wonderful day!

  30. Rainey

    That is good to know, I thought it was linked to a debit card and I was kinda worried about giving that info. I like that it goes to paypal. Thanks for the info!!!

  31. Barb

    Still figuring out ibotta. If set up a paypal account do you get actual cash back or do you need to use credit to buy things ie on ebay?

  32. Kathy Mellon

    How can I get my Winn Dixie and cvs purchases in they on list but not in section to redeem on my ipad2

  33. Heather L.

    Can you use the same receipt to claim ibotta rebates on multiple phones? For example, can I use the same receipt to claim the same ibotta offer on my phone and my husband’s phone? I’ve tried to find the answer but can’t get anything definitive. I’d appreciate any imput…thanks!

    • nyom

      Hi heather,

      you can not use a single recepit two times for the same item to get cash back on different devices. And also if you hav e multiple items in a single recepit, claim all in once.
      Hope u got it.
      enjoy the app. πŸ™‚

  34. nyom

    L O V E this App….very happy to use it,very good response.
    If you haven’t sign up with Ibotta yet, then please use my referral link and it will get you $2 bonus reward and also increase ur team and get extra team Bonuses….YippEEEE..!!!

    Thanks πŸ™‚

  35. Rachel

    I would like to be an ibotta team member. My facebook id is Rachel Coupo. My ibotta id is I’m new to ibotta, but I’ve earned about $5 in my first two weeks! It’s great! I don’t know how to add team members, but I’d really like to. Do you know how? Thanks!

  36. nicoleabradley

    Does anyone know if you can have two Ibotta accounts per household? Like if I have one on my phone and my hubby has an account on his? I wouldn’t use it to scan the same things, but if I wanted to do the deal twice (like the Transformers deal with the Target BOGO deal this week 9/21).

  37. Chris LeBlanc

    Nicolebradley – I have 2 account one for my wife and one for me since the first of Aug we have made over 250.00. The trick is to have 2 receipt. Example I went today and buy 4 glade candles. They were on sale at walmart for 2.00 each. Before cp 8.00. had 1.00 off on each candle 1.00 off 2 on ibotta and 1.OO off checkout 51. oop was free. I did separate transaction. So everything was doubled. plus my wife and I are on each others team so week get double the credit for the monthly bonus.

    • Vica Hanna

      Do you have to have 2 devices to be able to have 2 accounts?

  38. Chris LeBlanc

    Ibotta and checkout 51 tip:

    1. When you are walking into a store look for receipts on the ground. I make extra 20 – 40 dollars a month doing this. If you find a receipt that has an ibotta item, just scan the item in the store and then take a picture of the receipt you found.

    2 Checkout 51 – when buying the fruit and vegs – if the item is sold by the pound like bananas just buy one. It will cost about .12 and 51 will give you .25 .. 13mm

    3. Save your receipts. Example this week I bought glade melt on the 29 Sept and when Ibotta loaded new product on the the 1st glade was one of the items.

    4. Resturants and appeal. Ask the manager for receipts. take a pic in the store and you are done. Free money

  39. prak

    It’s a free & Great app that pays you cash for buying your favorite products. It’s really helped to save a good bit of money through Gift cards, direct PAYPAL deposit .
    What are you waiting for?

    Here is my referral link:

    Referral Code: ou4a

    Redeem a few painless rebates, and money will rack up quickly between you and me!
    Some new bonus offers for new members..To grab that Join Ibotta ASAP.

  40. nisha

    Would be so sweet of yours to use my referral link!

    Here is my referral link:

    In referral option u can directly put the code: qzp8w

    Ibotta changed the referral program where
    I will get 2$ and you will get perhaps 10$ in parts but you have to shop within 10 days to get these superb welcome bonus.

    * Make sure : redeems a rebate within 10 days of signing up to earn Welcome Bonus

  41. Chrys

    Do you need recipt if it says verify by barcode?

  42. M.Sneed

    I can’t seem to watch any of the videos but it does unlock rebates with questions. Am I doing something wrong?

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