*HOT* FREE $25 Target Gift Card with Purchase of 2 Pampers Diaper & Wipe Combo Packs

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Calling all of you with little ones in diapers! Through 7/26, head over to where they are offering up a FREE $25 Target Gift Card when you purchase 2 Pampers Diaper and Wipes Combo Packs. Even sweeter, when you purchase 2 of these combo packs, you’ll also save an additional 10% – automatically applied at checkout. Shipping is FREE on $50 orders after discounts or if you’re a Target REDcard Holder, you’ll score an EXTRA 5% off AND FREE shipping (no minimum!).

Choose from select sizes of Pampers Swaddlers, Pampers Baby Dry and Pampers Cruisers Diapers and each Pampers Combo Pack also comes with 192 Pampers Wipes. When you combine all of these promos, it makes for a SWEET deal on Diapers and Wipes. Here’s just one idea of the deals you can score…

Deal Scenario:
Buy 2 Pampers Swaddlers size 1 Combo Packs (168 diapers + 192 wipes) $42.99 each
Total = $85.98
Automatically save an additional 10% = $77.38
Pay $77.38 for both (or $73.51 for REDcard holders)
Get $25 Target Gift Card
Final Cost $52.38 + FREE shipping for all (or only $48.51 for REDcard holders)!
* That is equal to pay 16¢ per diaper (or 14¢ for REDcard holders) and snagging 2 BIG packs of wipes for FREE!

(Thanks, Christine!)

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  1. Cara

    Is this good for the rest of the week?

    • Kristi

      It says good through 7/26 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yes – through July 26th! 🙂

  2. Lizz

    How does this compare to their usual deal on the up & up diapers? It’s hard to determine with the wipes being added in.

    • Sara

      I would love to do this deal, but unfortunately my daughter broke out into a horrible rash with pampers. It seems as though pampers has added a chemical to all of their diapers which is causing the irritation. She used to use Pampers as a young baby and never had problems.

      • Ashley

        did you try the pampers cruisers? Both of my kids couldn’t use any other diaper, even the pampers baby dry made them break out. I wish their skin would of chose a different brand of diaper to decide to like since pampers cruisers are really expensive but they are the only ones that work for us

    • Madsmom

      I didn’t factor in the wipes, but I did a comparison and the up&up diapers are cheaper. There is also a gift card deal going on with them. This is however an awesome price on pampers! At least IMO!

  3. Lola

    These are the packs that I paid $34.99 for in store.

    • Sarah

      I think they are slightly larger and have wipes. I just bought size 4 Swaddlers at target last week and the $35 box contains 102 diapers whereas these have 114 plus the equivalent of 3 packs of wipes that are $2.49 a piece.

    • Kaylee

      I am wondering why these are so much online. These same exact boxes were on clearance for 70% in the past 2 months. I found my last box a week and a half ago but I stocked up on all sizes by running around to the different Targets in the area. All the Targets around here don’t carry these in store anymore.

  4. josie

    I just did this with size 3 Cruisers. Using my Red Card and factoring in the $25 gift card, it was about 30 cents less than buying the same amount of Walmart brand diapers and wipes. AND I didn’t have to set foot in Walmart which is worth about $5. 🙂 So a good deal for me.

    • Lizz

      not having to step foot in Walmart is priceless

      • Nia

        Super priceless!!!!

    • mel

      Priceless- AGREED! I can’t stand the place! When Target gets a Redbox, I will officially never ever have a reason to go into a Walmart again.

    • Nicole

      It sounds like all Walmarts are equally a pain to go to.

      • Ashley

        I agree! My only problem is my walmart is 15 minutes away and my target is close to 40! So I’m kind of forced to choice walmart sometimes

  5. Stefanie

    Is this offer good online only? It would be great if it was available in stores and could be combined with coupons- although I’m not even sure stores sell these packs.

  6. Sheila

    Actually, you have to add tax as well. But, for the next 24 hours, I believe there’s a 5% off coupon in cartwheel for swaddlers.

    • Laura Steffens

      Can you use cartwheel online? I didn’t think you could but I’d love to be able to if it’s changed!

  7. Gina

    First time mom-to-be, and I have no clue about diapers. Will two packs of swaddlers be too much (do they quickly outgrow that size)? How long on average would these two packs last?

    • Amber

      Unfortunately it depends on the baby. My little girl stayed in newborn size for 2 months, but quickly outgrew size 1. I would think that 2 boxes of size 1 is a good place to start. Most of the time you can exchange unopened boxes of diapers for different sizes…not sure how it works with an online order.

      • Gina

        Thanks, Amber! I’ll go ahead and get two swaddlers to start.

      • Jen

        Just another experience here…my baby was in newborns for about 3 weeks. She was almost 10 lbs at birth (!!!) but lost a full pound in the hosptial and gained weight pretty slowly after. She was in size 1s forever, was in 2s for a bit, and has been in 3s for several months now at 9 months and 20lbs. The weight is tricky because our baby is very long so she is in smaller diapers than other babies of the same weight.

        As PP said, make sure you can exchange at the store if you have a big stockpile. I stocked up and am only now (at 9 months!) buying more diapers. In fact, I have several boxes left but they are size 4s and we’re not there yet!!

    • Kim

      Congrats on the baby! 🙂

      I’m a first time momma and would say it depends on the baby! We went through 1 box and 3 bags of newborn, but way more size one and twos. We’re in size 3s and little one is only 4 months old! I think we’ll be in size 3 for a while. I still have some 1s and 2s, but we’re planning on more babies so we just stashed them away.

    • Nicole

      Hi Gina – I don’t think two packs would be too much. With newborns, you can plan on changing about at least 8-10 diapers/day (at least that was our frequency with our two), so I always went through packages pretty quickly. I wouldn’t stock up on too many of the newborn size though because depending on the size of your baby when born, they could outgrow the size more quickly. My boys wore newborn size for about a month before changing to size 1 and they were a little over 7 lbs at birth. But you can plan on the later sizes lasting much longer, especially size 3’s and 4’s. So if you’re stocking up, this is a pretty good deal! Hope that helps!

    • Theresa

      I would get two size 1’s. both my boys grew out of newborn fast.

      My two month old has been in size one for at least a month and he was 7 lb 3 oz when born and is 11 lbs now

      Hope that helps you 😄

    • Amanda

      With my daughter she went through about 1 box of size 1s, 2 of 2 and then was in 3s for quite a awhile….If you think you will be getting a lot of gifts yet, I would suggest getting a box each of 2 and 3 and skip the 1s…I’m expecting my 2nd next month so I’m planning on getting a box of 1s and box of 2d, this is definitely a great price 😉

    • Gina

      Silly question…size one is the smallest they offer. Is that equivalent to newborn??

      • Alison

        Nope, it’s one size up from newborn. Most of the time if you have a baby that gains weight well, you’ll be out of newborn quick. A small amount if newborn and a large box of size 1 would be best in my opinion.

      • K

        Usually size newborn are not offered in large box sizes, only smaller packages. Probably because they grow out of them so quickly.

    • Emily

      My baby girl was in size NB for a month, but then only in size 1 and size 2 each for two weeks and then in size 3 for a month…before starting size 4’s before she was four months old! Now at seven months, she is still in size 4 and with her crawling, they are actually getting a bit big! I have enough smaller diapers to completely diaper another baby…ha. She was 8 lbs at birth and was 18 1/2 lbs at six months…but once she figured out how to eat gained weight quickly! (She’s very very long for her size and exclusively breastfed, hence the large diapers!)

      • Heather C.

        Wow! Big baby for being EB…

        • Dja

          Lol my daughter must be a giant. She was 21 lbs at 5 months and also EB.

    • Janie

      (Codicil: I’m not a mother but have so many nieces & nephews, I’m up to my eyeballs with babies – the last 3 being born in the last 12 months.) One box each of size 1 and size 2 would be a safe bet since you’ll probably get more from baby showers, etc. All of my nieces & nephews went through about 1 diaper change every 1-2 hours in the first few weeks. It went down to 1 every few hours then around 2-3 months, it became more manageable. But be warned, your baby will be a poop machine. Babies come at different sizes and grow at vastly different rates. My niece never fit newborn size, went through size 1 in 2-3 weeks, and is still growing big & fast. My nephew, born a few months after, had to get preemie diapers purchased for him despite being a full term baby. Months later and he’s still in size 1. As you get closer to your due date, your doctor can give you an estimate of baby size. And the family has learned to only buy diapers for new babies at stores where you can easily return or exchange unopened diaper packages for the right size. Congrats & good luck.

      • Janie

        But yeah, I agree with previous comments. If you decide to stock up, do so with bigger sizes that babies grow into.

    • Dawn Karageorgis

      Our nurse had to get us size 1 diapers the day our “little one” was born! lol But she was a bit of a moose, 10.5 lbs. I’d get maybe one small pack of newborns and then start stocking up on size 1’s 😉

      • jessica

        Lol sounds like my daughter, she was almost 10 pounds day she was born and we had her in size 1’s when we left, they had the drawers stocked with newborn diapers I tried one and said nope isn’t gonna work lol

        • Jen

          mine was born 9lb 12oz…and was so long she stayed in newborns for several weeks! the 1s were laughably big on her, but the nurses kept trying because she was so heavy they assumed she was a chunker!! She’s now 9 months and 19 pounds soaking wet…but almost 30″!! So she’s still in 3s with room to grow.

      • Laura

        Ha ha. Had the exact same thing happen. Our second baby girl was 10 lbs 11 oz at Birth. The nurses had to go to the peds floor to get the size 1 diapers. She is still huge for her age and wearing at least 3t for clothes since she turned 2. I am worried her big sisters 3t winter stuff won’t fit and I’ll have to skip to the 4t box.

    • Lisa

      If you are planning on having a baby shower I wouldn’t buy newborn because you will be given them. Buy size 2 or 3

    • Rachiejordi

      It really depends in how big of a baby you have! My daughter was 6.9 and wore nb for two months, size 1 for three months and she’s in size 2 now at almost 9 months (but this will be the last box cause she’s big enough for a 3! Haha.)! If you think you’re going to have a 9 pound or bigger baby I’d say it’s too much, but if you’re not 2 boxes would be fine. 🙂

  8. Crystal

    Is this a good deal per diaper?? I’m pregnant and want to stock up.. Thanx

    • Debbie

      Yes great deal!!!

    • Cindy

      Yes, it is really good

    • Lolita

      For size 4, the equivalent cost of this deal with Amazon mom (without any coupons) right now is 64.51. Target is 77.38 plus the $25 dollar gift card, so if you treat the gc like cash, then you save 12.87 total.

  9. Katie

    how do you use the cartwheel extra 5% off online?

    • Katie

      You can’t. Cartwheel only applies to in-store purchases.

      • Katie

        thats what i thought, but someone said you could! Thanks!

  10. Kimberly

    Is there a limit to how many times you can do this?

  11. Michelle

    2.5% cash back through

    • Couponrn

      Shopathome excludes cash back on diapers. Use ebates instead.

      • Laura Steffens

        Ebates excludes diapers as well 🙁

  12. Candace

    Has anyone tried to do this 2 times? For example if I go back and purchase 2 more boxes, will I still get the 2nd $25 gift card? I can’t find where it mentions a limit.

  13. Amber

    I am due in November with twins . But I think buying these items now would be too early. Anyone pls tell me how ahead of time should I buy diapers and wipes
    First time mom

    • Sarah

      They don’t go bad, so if funds are tight I would start stocking up as soon as possible, it certainly does no harm (unless you have no place to store them). I have 2 in diapers and we go through two of these boxes of diapers a month. So you’ll need at least 48 of these boxes in the next two years 🙂

    • Steph!

      Never to early to get ahead on diapers and wipes! I had a massive stock pile before I had my first daughter and whatever I didn’t use we are using for my son … Target is bad about exchanging sizes, so be conscious of how much of each size you purchase!!

    • mel

      Never too early for a really good deal. Twins go through twice the number, and you won’t feel like couponing after they’re born, so stock up before they come!!! Congrats!

    • J

      Especially with twins I’d say start stocking up now if you have room to store them. If you think you’ll have a baby shower & get a lot of diapers as some gifts then you might want to wait a little while. It’s really all up to you & your personal situation. I just had a baby, and I was given so many diapers at my shower & from my MIL that I only needed to buy some NB size when she was born! Congrats & good luck!

    • Tanya

      I would definitely start stocking up already my 6 month old goes through about 200+ a month and that’s just for one baby so any deals you come across is great. I normally buy through amazon do subscribe and save and amazon mom so I get a very large box of 200+ for around $38 shipped to my house so maybe look into that also. Hth and congratulations 🙂

    • annad

      You are probably ok with pampers. Some babies cannot wear huggies or others because the chemicals give them rashes also the wipes have alcohol which would burn my sons bottom. Each child is different but I wouldnt recommend stocking up on huggies

    • Katy

      I’m due at the end of October and I started stocking up on awesome baby deals a few months ago. I think I’ve got somewhere between 15 and 20 packs of diapers already put away. (My first son literally went through 15 diapers A DAY so I want to be prepared lol.) We just have a few things left to purchase and we’ll be all set!

  14. Lacey

    I do not factor in gift cards earned on a purchase. (Since I use them on a future deal.) That being said I just ordered 2 boxes of Pampers Swaddlers size 1 and paid 20cents per diaper.
    $42.99 x 2 = $85.98
    – 10%
    -5% (RedCard)
    -$10 Gift Card (from the in store diaper deal 2wks ago)
    Total out of pocket:
    $66.42 (that’s including tax) for:
    336 size 1 Pamper Swaddlers
    384 Pampers Sensitive Wipes (free w purchase)
    $25 Gift Card (free w purchase)
    Pretty excited to add to our diaper stash! Been waiting for years for baby #2 to join our family, so I might be going a bit crazy stocking up for baby’s November arrival. 😉 Thank you, Collin!

    • Yvonne Bush

      I agree that I dont factor in the gift cards either because you are going to use them on something else. But when they had the save $20 on $100 a couple weeks ago and the gift cards I turned around and used the gift cards for more diapers so then I did overall cost of 5 packs of diapers and what I spent. I got 5 packs of diapers for $85 and with tax that came to 14 cents a diaper with tax included . This deal is not as good because they are $8 more a box then when they did the other promo a couple weeks ago. Most of the coupons bloggers base the price per diaper on the cost before tax but since you have to pay the tax you have to factor that in.

    • Heather C.

      Congrats on your little bundle that’s arriving in November!! I waited years for my 2nd baby as well… I know the feeling! Then I got blessed with baby #3 and #4 within 3 years after! Good luck to you. 🙂

  15. Dayna

    Thanks, Collin! Loving being able to put these away for shower gifts.

  16. Jenn

    In store question- can you use a target mobile coupon and a target paper coupon at the same time for one item?

    • Jenn

      nm found my answer!

  17. Christine

    Yay!!! Glad I could help, Collin!! Just got my shipment notifications and gift cards delivered to my phone (via text) this morning. Plan on using those gift cards to pay for the Snugamonkey swing and free rocker deal (once it comes back in stock!). That swing deal is good until August 2nd, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed…

    By the way, for my kids (2.5 to and 1yo…new baby due in October) I bought a size 1, 2, 4, and 5. The UPS delivery person is probably going to think we’re nuts!

    • J

      I just got that same swing & Rock n play deal for my baby girl & let me just say it’s been a lifesaver! She loves her swing & will sit & stare at the mirror & talk to the “other” baby to tell her about her day. It’s so cute!! Having the swing allows me to get stuff done around the house which is great. And she’ll happily sit next to us in her rock n play at the table so we can eat dinner. Hopefully it comes back in stock for u soon!

      • Hilary

        Can you explain or point me towards the deal you are talking about? Thanks!

        • Christine

          There’s a “snugamonkey” swing at target for $160. The deal is, if you buy it, you get the matching “snugamonkey” rocker or bouncer for free. There are other “snuga-” animals like a puppy or a bunny, but it’s just the monkey with this deal.

  18. Abby

    Darn they are already out of size 3 baby dry!!! That was fast and this is supposed to be good until the 26th! Does anyone know if they usually go back in stock before the sale is up?

  19. Kelly

    Cloth diapers are still the best. Pay one time only!

    • Erica

      Agree 🙂

  20. Angie

    Can you buy more than one deal?

    • Christine

      I did! Just placed two orders…two boxes on each order.

  21. Amber

    Thank u all for your advice. I purchased 2 boxes as I got some storage space at home. Am getting so excited for my babies to be born

  22. Lauren

    How does this compare to amazon s&s

    • Lolita

      With Amazon mom you would pay about 65 for the same amount (in size 4 swaddler diapers). Here you are paying more (77.38) but get the $25 gift card back.

  23. Rebecca

    They don’t have them available in size 6, which is typical. The hardest size to find good deals for!

    • Michelle

      Where do you live? I have a box I won’t need, my little guys potty trained early.

      • Rebecca

        NW FL. My 14 month old has been in size 6 for about 4 months already lol. He’s a big boy.

        • Ashley

          haha I feel your pain! My little guy has been in size 6 for what seems like forever. I started getting size 7 when I spot them for bed time since the bigger sizes seem to help him not wake up wet in the morning! Michelle you aren’t in pa are you ? LOL!

  24. Chen

    Which is better swaddlers or baby dry?

    • Lolita

      Swaddlers are more expensive, but I like them better. It has been a couple of years since I purchased baby dry, but back then baby dry size 4 would have absorbency of cruisers 3, so I would always have to buy 1 size up and costs in general would be the same or similar.

      • Lolita

        BTW, I used cruisers as an example because back then swaddlers didn’t go up to larger sizes, but I love the feel of swaddlers vs baby dry.

    • Laura Steffens

      With my first I always preferred swaddlers and cruisers vs baby dry (and always preferred pampers more than huggies more than store brand). Baby dry didn’t seem to hold as much and there were more leaks.

      Now that she’s in pull-ups I prefer the Huggies Pull-Ups vs Pampers EZ-Ups.

      I’m having number 2 in October so we’ll see if I feel the same way with this one – it might be dependent on the size of the baby’s bum!

  25. Ellen

    Does anyone know if this is a better deal than bj’s?

    • Stacey McBride

      I wanna know also

  26. ali

    anyone else having problems with targets site?

    • kate

      yep. i had to refresh a few times to get the order to go through.

  27. Suzyq

    I just don’t find this to be that great of a deal or am I missing something?? You can usually get jumbo packs for about $3-$4 on sale with coupons and wipes at $1. So this combo pack is the amount of like 5 jumbo packs and 3 packs of wipes which makes the wipes $1 each and the jumbo packs $9!!!! Again am I missing something here??!?

    • Cindi

      Yes, if you do the deal where you buy 2 packs and get 10% off, the $25 gift card, and the 5% target card discount it ends up being about $1 for a pack of wipes and $4 or a jumbo pack of diapers no coupons needed and free shipping!

      • suzyq

        Thank you Cindi, I was so confused!!!! 🙂

  28. ali

    it’s not letting me log on to my account and i’ve tried several times. So annoying!

  29. Kaylee

    I am wondering why these are so much online. These same exact boxes with the wipes were on clearance for 70% in the past 2 months. I found my last box a week and a half ago (it was no longer in the system but the cashier rang it up anyway) but I stocked up on all sizes by running around to the different Targets in the area. All the Targets around here don’t carry these in store anymore. But if you are in need of diapers, Swaddlers are great and this a still a good price (with the 10% off and gift card) for them compared to Amazon.

    • Marlene

      My targets never have any clearance especially in the baby section I never seem to find anything you are so lucky 70 percent plus coupons would of been n awesome deal lol

    • Kara

      I was thinking the same thing. I have a box of these upstairs I paid $8 w/ tax at Target on clearance.

  30. Rick

    SOLD OUT. Only thing left is size 5 swaddlers.

  31. visitor3

    My favorite diapers are the Walmart/Sams Club brand ones. Sams only carries size 3 and up (at least at my local location). Great stretchy tabs, not scented, hold a lot, no leaks, no itchy spots, no commercial cartoon (Disney/Sesame Street, etc.) pictures/advertisements on them. Plus they are pretty cheap. About $17 for 100 (plus or minus a few depending on size) at Walmart. For the larger Sams Club pack, it was about $30 for 250 size 3.

  32. ngarcia16

    I just got an email saying my $25 gift card was canceled!!! Any one know why? ??

    • Sandra

      I got an email that mine was delayed. I have a feeling that my order will get canceled 🙁

  33. Melanie

    I just tried to order these for my little guy and it says they aren’t available online. =(
    Are you able to do it in the store?

    • Sandra

      They sold out quickly! They are not available on stores:(

  34. LIZ


    • ngarcia16

      No i tried it 🙁

  35. Sandra

    Cruisers size 5 are back in stock

  36. Jennifer Jones

    can you use your $25 target gift card immediately on the same purchase?

  37. Babzko

    I never got my gift card. How long does it take to get it. I believe I checked that want to recieve via e-mail.

    • thecentsiblefamily

      I never got my gift card either. I’m calling them to find out.

      • Abi

        Following, I did not get my gift card either.

    • Amanda

      I never got my gift card either! Just called was on the phone for over 1 hour trying to get my gift card. Finally they will be mailing it to me, as a one time courtesy. (Though it was their error)

  38. Jocelyn

    I talked to two different customer service reps, I never got my gift card either and they refuse to honor the $25 gift card, only a $20. Nothing in my order unfortunately states that it should be $25, in fact there is no mention of a gift card at all. One of my shipments has been on backorder since 7/21/14.

  39. kate

    i called target customer service and the rep said the $25 did not get linked to the order so he processed it as a courtesy egiftcard and sent to my email.
    everyone should double check and call them asap if you haven’t received it.

    • Abi

      I just called them and they would not give me the gift card! She said they didn’t have the ability to go back and see what promotions were going on. I truly don’t believe that. I won’t be doing any more purchases like this from target in the future!

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