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Ten Kohl’s Shopping Secrets You Need to Know

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10 'Hip' Kohl's Shopping Secrets Hip2Save

If you regularly shop at Kohl’s, you may be interested in checking out these 10 “HIP” Kohl’s Shopping Secrets that will save you even more money!

1.) Shop on the 2nd & 4th Saturday of the Month

Kohl's Sales 2nd & 4th Saturday

Kohl’s offers its biggest markdowns on the second and fourth Saturdays of the month during their “Night Owls” and “Early Birds” sales events when prices are an extra 10-25% off. These rock bottom sales start in-stores on Friday evenings from 3PM local time until midnight and continue on Saturday from open until 1PM. Or shop online from 2PM-Midnight on Friday evening until 3PM CST on Saturday.

2.) Spend $48 (not $50!) to Earn $10 Kohl’s Cash

Kohl's Cash Hip2Save

Did you know that you can spend just $48 after all applicable discounts and before tax instead of the usual $50 and still receive a $10 Kohl’s Cash Reward (during applicable Kohl’s Cash earning periods – applicable in-store or online)? Even though it may not show up during the final stages of online checkout, once you complete your order, you will in fact see that you have earned $10 in Kohl’s cash!

3.) Shop Online and Stack Multiple Discount Codes

Shop Online and Stack Savings

Shopping online is convenient since you can stack up to FOUR discount codes for online orders when purchasing from a computer. If placing an order from a mobile device, you’ll only be able to combine 2 coupon codes per order. Keep in mind that you can only use ONE sitewide percent-off code (20% off entire purchase) and one free shipping code per order, but can use up to four Kohl’s rewards codes (i.e. Kohl’s Cash) or dollar off/percent off/department specific codes per order.

4.) Apply for a Kohl’s Charge Card

Kohl's Charge Card

Usually around once a month, Kohl’s offers 30% off AND free shipping for Kohl’s Cardholders (generally non-cardholders can save 15% during this time). If you shop at Kohl’s often, consider signing up for a store card as you’ll receive lots of exclusive cardholder coupons that stack with other coupons for huge savings. Plus, Kohl’s cardholders who spend over $600 a year get placed into the “Most Valuable Customer” program and receive at least 18 discounts throughout the year.

5.) Make Immediate Payments on Kohl’s Charge Card

Make immediate payments on Kohl's charge card

Have a Kohl’s Card and are nervous about late fees? Did you know that you can immediately make a payment on your Kohl’s card after using it in-store? Just make a payment at the register using cash, check, money order, or a Kohl’s Cares card or head to the kiosks located around the store. Cash or check payments will post to your account the same day, if paid at a register.

6.) Price Adjustments + Hassle-Free Return Policy

Kohl's Price Adjustments

Did you buy a non-clearance item at Kohl’s only to find out it went on sale a few days later? Price adjustments are available for two weeks after the purchase date if the item(s) purchased were further reduced from the original priced you paid. Just be sure to hang on to your receipt and head to the customer service desk to receive the difference. The price adjustment is also available on a Kohl’ purchase whenever you call customer service at (855) 564-5705.

Plus, as mentioned in their online policy, there are no time restrictions for returns! You can get cash back for up to 12 months after purchase and after that you will receive in-store merchandise credit. No receipt is needed for Kohl’s Charge purchases. If you use any credit card to make your purchases, your shopping history will be stored in their computer for a full year.

7.) Decode the LCD Price Signs

Kohl's discount codes

Wondering if an item will drop further in price this season? Look for a square in the upper-right corner of an LCD price tag. If you see a square, this indicates that the item has reached the lowest price of the season and won’t drop further unless it goes on clearance.

Also, look for other codes which indicate when an item will be marked down. In the upper right-hand corner of the pricing code, there are letters such as “GV” that indicates a limited-time price drop, “S” which means it’s a 1-2 week sale, or “NM” which means the item will be marked down again that night or the following morning.

8.) Sign Up for FREE Yes2You Rewards Program

Kohl's Yes2You Rewards

Love rewards? Be sure to sign up for Yes2You Rewards (it’s FREE!) as you’ll essentially receive 5% back on every order of $100. Plus, Yes2You Rewards members often receive birthday coupons and additional rewards, such as a $5 reward coupons, bonus points, and more. Keep in mind that Yes2You Rewards are issued once a month.

9.) Kiosk Orders always Ship FREE

Kohl's Kiosk Orders Ship Free

Not finding what you are looking for in-store? Orders placed from any Kohl’s kiosk automatically receive FREE standard shipping to your home. The in-store kiosks allow you to search inventory and locate the size and color you need on Kohl’ and are still eligible for discount codes.

10.) Kohl’s Honors Competitor Prices

Kohl's Price Matches

Find a lower advertised price? Kohl’s honors in-store only competitor prices from any national retailer that has a brick-and-mortar store (Target, Walmart, Best Buy, etc.) on select brands only – just bring a current copy of the competitor’s ad with you (make sure the ad includes a description of the item). Also, you will be able to redeem Kohl’s Cash when price matching.

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Comments 114

  1. Heather C

    WOWZA! This is definitely a document I am saving in my electronic coupon file… Thank you SO much 😊

  2. Yasmin

    Thank you for all of these great tips! I’m a regular Kohl’s shopper and had no idea that they did price adjustments and had special codes for their LCD price signs. I will definitely keep that in mind the next time I shop a sale 😁

  3. Eun

    Me too… definitely bookmarking this! Great tips I didn’t know! Thanks, Collin!

  4. Dawn

    What if I paid cash and it’s been more than a year. How do they figure a store credit amount? I’m just curious because I was only offered $0.21 for a $40 sheet set and she said they were sold at that price sometime in the past. I’ve never seen $40 sheets that cheap so I just kept them instead of the 21 cents credit. That’s nuts.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Dawn! According to their policy, if you make a return without a receipt and you paid cash, the Kohl’s Merchandise Credit will be based on the lowest 13-week sale price. Sorry to hear about your sheet experience – how frustrating!

      • Erin

        Even when I had the receipt, they refused to give me what I paid for it. They said I could exchange for an item that was exactly the same brand and type of item and exactly the same price — to the cent! — or I could take the ridiculous refund price they offered. This has happened half a dozen times, so I have just given up shopping there. :-p

        • Maurine

          You get back what you paid unless you earned Kohls cash and spent it on something else.

          • Erin

            Not in my case. They said it had gone on sale since I bought it, so I was out of luck. I didn’t get Kohls cash or use coupons or anything. Maybe I am just unlucky to be at a bad store.

        • Me

          Same thing has happened to me several times. Stopped shopping there too!

        • Maria

          I’ve had the same problem with exchanges (when Kohls cash had been earned on original purchase). I tried to exchange a dress, and they said I had to exchange it for another dress (not a skirt, pants, etc.) and that it had to have the exact same original price. What!?! What are the chances of finding something that meets that criteria that also fits me and that I like? I have come to totally ignore Kohl’s Cash. It creates too many headaches!!!

    • Mary

      If you use a credit card they will always have a record. If you don’t have your cats receipt they give you the lowest price

      • Shopper

        Kohls only keeps a 1 year record when using a cc. I ran into this lately.

        • Mary Wilson

          Not necessarily, it depends on which CC you are using.

    • Gail

      I would go back and try again! Maybe it will be past that 13 week mark and the price they give you will be higher then 21 cents!

    • Jenni

      The same scenario happened to me. They wanted to give me $2.41 for curtains that were $49.99 reg. I just exchanged it for a different pattern without problem.

    • Becks

      I had a similar situation & I DID use my kolhs card! I bought my son underwear & tried to return them & was told I’d get like 10 cents!!!…I donated them to a needy family instead…but this “fool proof” return system, I don’t trust 100%…

      • Georgia fulbright

        These folks are going to hell taking people’s hard earned money.

  5. Stephanie

    I love Kohl’s but rarely shop anymore. has terrible customer service. My mom had them send her the complete wrong item, a child’s coat instead of a decorative pillow and they basically told her it was too bad. They wouldn’t refund her money or send out the correct item until she shipped the item back at her cost. She tried to take it in to the store and was told they were separate companies and the store could not help since they did not carry the item.

    • Suzanne H

      Not true – I’ve returned something that was not sold in the store. They tried giving me that same story. It was a HUGE hassle but they did finally get a manager through the shipping company on the phone who could provide a SKU they could use. It was a rug which was a fairly expensive item so I took the time to stand my ground!

    • Vivian

      strange, I’ve always had great customer service from the phone department! I really think you got a bad rep because they are usually so helpful and customer service oriented.

      • My ♥️s N Texas

        I bought a baby bathtub for a baby shower that I never received. According to the tracking the post office damaged it and took it upon themselves to return it for me- problem was they sent it back to the manufacturer instead of kohls so they never had any record of it. kohls said there was nothing they could do about it and They would not give me a refund, store credit, or any other option. I was very upset at a waste of $20+ plus no gift 🙁

        • Melinda K.

          contact your credit card company and they can reverse the fee.

    • Dee

      I’ve returned orders at a Kohl’s store a couple of times and they’ve never given me any trouble at all. Once I wanted a different size but it was something they didn’t carry in the store so they just gave me a refund. When I called the online customer service number and explained that I tried exchanging, they didn’t carry it, so I got a refund but I really wanted to buy it in a different size they helped me put the order through AND she shipped it to me for free. I think sometimes you might get a newer employee who doesn’t know how to do something so they say it can’t be done.

    • Rose

      I agree. They need to improve I ordered toy trucks and received exercise equipments with the toy truck invoice. They wanted to track the shipping but I asked them why and how can you.? I received the right shipping box with the right tracking numbers but the wrong items inside. After 6 phone calls and 5 emails, I sent a disappointing email. My account was credited the next day. Waste of time for a simple order! But I do like shopping at the store and online when they get things right.

    • lisa

      Wow, TODAY, I received the wrong item. Called customer service. They said that I have to take it back to the store, get the credit, and then place another order. What bothers me is that they make no compensation for my time and gas to make another trip to get something I should already have!
      That being said, thanks, Collin for making this list. 🙂

      • Rose

        They told me the same thing: Take the exercise equipment back to the store. But the store cannot take it back because that is not the item in the invoice. The store cannot do anything. Then I called back and the person told me to donate the items because she will just credit my account. After waiting 24 days with no credit, I called back. Glad I did not donate the items bc they wanted it back to credit my account but cannot send me a shipping label. Ask to speak to a manager. The customer service reps are nice but they do not follow through or know what they are talking about. Save time and speak to a manager directly.

    • suzzq

      That is just not true! I have worked for Kohls for 24years and they don’t do business like that at the store I worked at. And all stores are supposed to be run the same. In any case of not being satisfied,you need to speak to a manager.

  6. Jennifer

    Wow! Amazing about the LCD screen in stores!!! Great tips! Thx!!!

  7. Dina

    Thank you, Collin.
    A have a question. I’m a Kohl’s cardholder, but now I want to use a $100 Kohl’s gift card. When I try to use it the system treats me as an non-cardholder and charges for shipping. How can I avoid this?

    • Kristen

      I wish I knew a way too 🙁 The best I’ve found is to use a gift card that’s less than what you want to buy and put the balance on your credit card. As long as part is paid with your Kohl’s Charge it ships for free. Not sure if the store would be able to break up the gift card into a few smaller gift cards so you could use them online and still get free shipping.

      • Dina


    • Nj

      If you buy stuff over 100 then uou can use uour gc and pay rest of the amount on your kohls charge. Or you can use your gc for 100 to buy 4 gcs of 25. And can use one or two gc and pay rest on your kohls charge. This way you can use gc and take advantage of the kohls charge cc. I have done so in past.

      • Dina

        Thanks for the tip.

    • Jess

      I would say either spend more than the $100 and pay the difference with your kohls charge (can’t say for sure but I imagine it would work) or try ordering from the kiosk in store – as Collin stated above all orders made on the kiosk ship free! I know when I shop online it will not apply the cardholder discounts until I proceed to the payment screen and choose my kohls charge as the method of payment.

      • Dina

        Thank you, Jess.

    • jerry

      That’s weird, on my account my kohls charge is saved as my preferred payment method, it automatically charges my kohls card when I check out online, but when I enter in a gift card whether it’s for full or part of the amount it always treats me as a kohls charge holder.

      • Dina

        Didn’t work for me 🙁

    • Tara

      Did you try “logging in” to your Kohls account before entering the coupon codes/gift card? (even going close to check out)
      Sometimes, it won’t accept my cardholder coupons, but if I pretend to check out to the point where I can select my payment, but then go back to my card and reenter the codes, it’ll work! Hopefully this helps!

  8. Suzanne H

    My 2 favorite things about Kohls are the frequent discounts and the return policy. I have started tucking my receipts in with items I buy off season. When the season comes, if I can’t use the item(s) for some reason, I have the receipt and can get exactly what I paid for it. It’s worked out great. Glad to find out about the LED sign cues and some of the other helpful hints! Thanks.

  9. Rebecca

    Love Kohl’s and there customer service is great at the store I frequent!

  10. brindha

    Thanks for the tips Collin… u rock!

  11. psk

    this is amazing..Thanks Collin!

  12. Dee

    Does the $48 to get the Kohl’s cash work because of tax being included in the $50 you need to spend? Clothes aren’t taxed in my state and I know I recently spent $98 instead of $100 and only got $10 in Kohl’s cash (for the first $50 I spent). I was kicking myself for not just grabbing a couple bottles of water or something to make it $100 for the extra $10 Kohl’s cash.

    • Lindsay

      If your total is slightly short of qualifying for Kohl’s Cash you can take your receipt, go back into the store the same day to make another purchase, and customer service will combine the two receipts then give you the additional Kohl’s Cash.

    • Alice

      Same here but the cashier told me I could combine receipts at customer service. You just have make sure that you do it with the same promotional time frame.

  13. Mary

    Thanks for the tips! I love Kohl’s! I did my first order in the store over the weekend and learned about the free shipping. Hopefully the right item is shipped and it fits my daughter.

  14. Maori

    The reason a post like this is necessary, is the reason I’ve stopped shipping at kohls! So exhausting! So many coupon codes and rules to keep in mind just to save some money. 🙂

    • Jennine

      Anyway to save money, or make money for that matter tends to come to a point of exhaustion. Do what you can, and enjoy the rest 🙂

      • Lisa

        LOVE this. ” Do what you can, and enjoy the rest.” Great advice. I don’t always run to all the great sales because it won’t work with my day. I don’t use paper coupons or chase down the Walgreens sales any more because it does not work with the stage of life that I am in. I *do* try to save in a lot of other ways, and this site helps me a lot. Collin is a gift from God!

        • Jean


        • Visitor3

          Same. I stockpiled pre-baby when I had time, patience, and alertness. Now I am enjoying using up the stash and giving myself a pass from running around to get all the deals for a year or so. My time has value. This chapter of life has value that is enriched because there is no pressure to spend time/effort/money collecting basic supplies. Hunkering down at home is something to savor. I can shop online at night a bit if needed!

  15. ish

    I ordered something through the kiosk just recently and did not automatically receive free shipping, I had to pay like around $8 for shipping and i spent $99 on the item i bought and i only got 1 $10 kohls cash not 2 so i think spending $48 and getting a kohls cash is in certain places cuz for sure it wasnt where i lived and the free shipping either.

    • jerry

      Free shipping is automatic over $75 always, I wonder if it was a surcharge cuz of the weight of the item.

  16. Heather

    They sent me the wrong item TWICE. I’ll take my online shopping elsewhere.

  17. CO Mama

    Just FYI for anyone who does not do credit cards and been tempted by getting a Kohls card to save money, like me… I’ve found when I shop later at night (before closing time) and offer to pay cash if they will give me whatever discount is being offered to Kohls card holders they give it 9 times out of 10 times, just a matter of finding a cashier with the right authority/knowledge to do it. They have certain sales goals and are eager to meet them before close of business day. HTH

    • Just Me

      That’s interesting but is cash the tipping factor? Could I do the same with a debit card?

      • M

        I’m guessing not if it’s to meet a daily sales goal. Debit wouldn’t post instantly the way cash does so they probably can’t count it. Not sure if this is the reason or not though

    • Jennine

      That’s a great tip! As I’ve been tempted as well!! online shopping really has my heart though.

    • annoyed with cheaters

      Not true & when you get a cashier to give you a discount you are supposed to use your Kohl’s card for they get flagged on a report for giving fraudulent discounts…so basically you are putting someone’s job in jeopardy. Just use your Kohl’s card or pay regular price

    • Tara

      You can pay off a kohl’s charge right after you use it in store with cash or a check. That way you keep a zero balance, but get all the perks! Employees can get in trouble for giving discounts to the wrong people.

  18. holly

    This is why I love Kohls rather than JCP!! But in-store, they are both messy/disorganized majority of the time

    • Lindsay

      I’ve shopped both stores in a number of states and always been happy with the cleanliness and appearance of the stores (with the exception of the day after Thanksgiving when everybody loses their minds!)

  19. Simpleton

    FYI- I just talked to Kohls customer service on the phone today. apparently on September 24 they will no longer accept discounts on Levi’s. They are really cracking down and excluding so many items it is making it hard to get deals anymore.

    • Simpleton

      Tomorrow is the last day for 30% off so stock up on your Levi’s while you can.

    • Vanessa

      thanks so much for this info. I ordered 2 Levi jackets with my 40% off discount on Sunday. So glad I got those in time.

  20. Kristen

    Another tip– always go onto kohls wifi!! They usually have coupons on there. Just go into your settings and click on their wifi and it should pop up. Occasionally it doesn’t but after some trying, it will!

  21. works at kohls

    As a current employee, in regards to the kohl’s cash it has to be pre-tax in the SUBTOTAL 48.00 even if it is 47.99, the cash won’t be issued. Also, we can combine receipts subtotals during any given- earning kohl’s cash period. Just be sure to have both receipts in hand 😉 I’ve worked here for 3 years specifically as a cashier, so I should know all the little tricks!

    • Dina

      Is it possible to combine them online?

      • Simpleton

        Yes, I have done this. Print out your receipts and take them to Kohls and they will issue your Kohls cash.

  22. Jennine

    🙂 great! I’m surprised however, the kohl’s app and email sign up wasn’t mentioned. Thanks 🙂

  23. Jennifer

    This is awesome. Is this going to be a regular feature? Any possibility of doing one for Macy’s?

  24. Barb

    At the risk of being the water bucket committee, Kohl’s does NOT always offer 30% off to cardholders — it is routinely 30%, 20% or 15%. I understand that currently they seem to be honoring the 30% when you shop at regardless of which percentage off you received in your mailer. However, in my opinion it is dishonest to use the 30% off when that is not what you received; and, I am concerned that if enough people take advantage of this “glitch” (if that’s what it is) that Kohl’s may cut back on their percentage off offers, which hurts all of us.

    • Rose

      When that time comes, then we will shop less. Kohl’s does over-inflate their prices and I work too hard making an honest living to just give my money away.
      Do love shopping at Kohl’s and thank you for the tips.

  25. JA

    Great tips! Also, say you only spend $35 in one trip, and then $15 another day, they will combine reciepts for you and issue a Kohls cash. Assuming of course that you go before the promotional period ends.

  26. mo

    the cashier used a $10 off $30 for me the other day when my total before tax wasn’t $30 but with tax it was over $30. Not sure if this works the same as the kohls cash in terms of being able to spend $2 less.

    • Sarah G.

      The same thing happened with me the other day as well! I was thrilled!

  27. Linda

    Great tips! I love Kohls! Thank you 🙂

  28. Tiffany

    I LOVE Kohl’s for all these reasons posted. It helps the store is right in town. The past several times I found what I wanted on website then went to kiosk and ordered from there because it’s always free shipping. If you order from kiosk I’m pretty sure you can use two codes, if you order direct from website you can use up to four codes. I always figure shipping costs compared to savings compared to time spent at store kiosk. The kiosk does make it super convenient though if you know what you want and have it planned out.

  29. Kristin

    Another tip I learned is that the customer service desk will apply online only codes…like 30% off if you use your kohls charge…even if you don hAve a physical coupon. Just check out in that area and Google the code for 30% off and they’ll give it to you!

    • Sarah

      Begrudgingly, at least in my experience.

  30. Brian Cardis

    My Kohl’s rarely have the sneaker I wear. I usually see if they have it on the shelf to scan for my size of just search for the shoe. Even if it is not on the shelf , it is online. Use all my discounts I have. THen if I need go do clothes shopping the old fashion way..

  31. Melissa

    I thought I knew all the tips already. I was wrong! Thanks Collin for setting me straight!

  32. Tara

    I just need to say this and be done. Collin is just trying to help everyone save as much as they can. I cannot get over how many people comment so negatively on this. Sure you had a bad experience and will never go there again, but do you need to tell everyone else that? Everyone’s opinions differ. Some people love Kohl’s and some people hate it. I just want to say thank you Collin for taking time and explaining every option for savings. You help a lot of people, and I think that is great! Happy Wednesday!

    • Sarah

      Your need to say that is not much different. People still appreciate Hip2Save.

      • Tara

        🙂 Have a great day.

  33. Sarah

    Taking a break from Kohls after they couldn’t (and wouldn’t) make my back to school $10 off $30 coupon work and they were really stupid about it, offering silly reasons why it wouldn’t work. Came home and made the same order on line without trouble, but missed out on some things they only had in store, and wasted time, gas, and sanity. Customer Service didn’t do anything. Frustrated (former?) Kohls shopper.

    • mar

      Usually in cases like that I call there headquarters. Not to be mean or anything. But I work in management and customer service is a huge deal for us. If you feel they were rude or just not sympathetic or even didn’t know how to manage the situation. Always ask for names, id’s, and a corporate number. Once you do that they will think of ways to save face or save the customer. As for a manager if a manager can’t help you ask for the name of his GM and forward it to corporate. Some perks is shopping experience, they will send you gift cards and rewards. ITs not to take advantage of the situation but think if they loose you as a customer and you posted here then they lost 10% of there revenue to another store.

  34. kelly

    If you use the instore kiosk you will only be able to use 2 coupon codes. plus they give free shipping automatically. So it might be worth it to use the 4 codes at home.

  35. Jennifer

    Does anyone know if I can use an expired Yes2You rewards?

    • Tara

      They typically cannot take any expired coupons anymore.

    • mar

      Depending on the rep/ who helps you! I’m usually extra nice and let them know why I couldn’t take advantage of the reward earlier. Usually they override it or get a manager. I just ask them kindly if it can be override. I have not had a no. As a matter of fact anytime I ask them to honor a price that I saw or noticed or even marker was placed in the wrong place they honor it for me.

  36. mar

    I love Kohls when I get there coupons or cash rewards love the fact that we can double and triple up. In my recent purchase I used a 15.00 off 15.00 and a 20% off on top inside kohls and the girl at the counter said she had a 10.00 off kohls cash so my 30 purchase ended up being like 3.85. However, I don’t mess with there returning system. I know that if I’m going to take advantage of all this coupons that its going to be pain staking doing a return so I always try everything on and if I need to I haul my kids in if Im purchasing for them. Because I have been there with there returns and done that. On the other hand of good news recent purchase noticed that on their clearance items that already marked below price get an additional clearance discount at register. I have bought underwear for my son that says 6.00 on clearance and then at the register it’s 3.00. My jewelry clearance bracelet was a prime example marked clearance from 20.00 to 9.00 and at the register it was 4.00 before coupons. Checked it out !

  37. Linda

    As a former kohls customer service employee I just want to clarify this statement
    “Plus, as mentioned in their online policy, there are no time restrictions for returns! You can get cash back for up to 12 months after purchase and after that you will receive in-store merchandise credit. No receipt is needed for Kohl’s Charge purchases. If you use any credit card to make your purchases, your shopping history will be stored in their computer for a full year.”
    If you pay with cash and have the receipt is the only way to get cash back. You get the refund the way you paid be it cash,check, credit card or kohls merchandise return credit. If you for pay your kohls credit card purchase immediately with cash or check and then return the item the return will be a credit to your card NOT cash.
    And please don’t blame the employee for following the stores policies. They are just trying to keep their job and help you all at the same time.

  38. Karen


  39. Tanya W

    I had a lucky return experience last week. I ordered myself a pair of Fila shoes, but they felt to small. I only paid $15 shipped (major markdown plus used $10 birthday rewards and other discounts) so hated to return them for such a great deal. They let me exchange for a pair of New Balance with same retail value of $64.99. My husband desperately need them and they rarely go on sale for les than $50

  40. Deb

    Love kohl’s. Been a card holder for years thank you for taking the time to post these tips. The negative comments are wrong kohl’s continues to be the greatest store that truly cares about their customers. Who else has such generous policies?

  41. cathy

    I quit Kohls. So tired of their games. The final straw was when I got an item ( it was to transfer slides to dvd ) for my b-day from my Mom and I went to return it, without a receipt and was interrogated like I was in the police dept. The woman blatantly acted as if I stole the item. She wanted me to call my Mom ( out of state ) to ask if she remembered how she paid for it. Really?! I was than told I would only be able to get a refund from corporate. I was given a piece of paper and told to wait. I waited and waited, 2 months. I finally called them only to be interrogated once again. I was basically called a thief and she finally agreed to send me a store credit but told me I was never allowed to make another return to any Kohls without a receipt! Unbelievable. So much for No Hassle returns.

  42. Michelle

    I’m not sure if this is true at all stores, but I was in line the other day and the customer ahead of me was checking out. She was joking (sort of) about how she forgot to use her Kohl’s cash, and the cashier called the store manager up to the register. He said they will/can honor Kohl’s cash for up to 10 days after it expires but no longer. Like I said, not sure if it that is true for all Kohl’s or if it’s left to manager discretion. May be worth looking into:) I was at the Brickyard location in Utah

    P.s… I also have had the dreaded kohl’s cash return:( Bought a TON of stuff and needed to return one item. Even with returning it, I still spent enough to get Kohl’s cash, yet they would only return the item for pennies on the dollar. I was disgusted and stopped shopping there for years.

  43. JW

    You can also get discounts on Wednesdays if you are 55 or older. You have to ask. One perk of aging…..

  44. Nell

    Placed large(for me!) order online last night. Woke up to a Kohl’s Cash earning period beginning today. Heartbroken. Lost $15…huge loss for us, the way we shop and tightly budget. 🙁

  45. Linda Carroll

    I have stopped shopping at Kohl’s also got so tired of their games!
    Marking things up to put on “sale” I have just thrown away the kohl’s cash!
    Too frustrating to shop there!

  46. Mary Wilson

    I would be VERY cautious of the at $48 you’ll get Kohls’ Cash – I’ve seen people try to get it when they were just under $50, when they had applicable discounts, etc. AND they were told – it’s AFTER ALL applicable discounts AND BEFORE tax.

  47. Shelly

    I placed an order total after all discounts was 48.62! I did not receive a kohls cash!!!! 😂

  48. Patricia

    Kohls customer service is the absolute worst! I ordered some $30 shoes online, FEDEX claims to have left them at my door (I live in an apt) but I never received them. FedEX investigated and determined that the package was missing. I asked Kohls to send me another pair of shoes. They refused and told me to reorder and repay for them. I then asked for a refund. They strung me along for 4 months. I didn’t get a refund until I filed a complaint with the BBB. Horrible customer service!

  49. Kcmiami88

    Don’t forget that you get free shipping using the kohls app when connected to the store wifi! I always pull up to the front door in my car and place my orders while connected to get free shipping 😊.

    • Deb

      Thank you for sharing! I knew you get free shipping when using the kiosk, but did not know you get when you use the app.

  50. Georgia Fulbright

    They will steal from you and they have trained there employees to lie and cheat right along with them I mean lord look at all the complaints!!!

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