Kohl’s: Extra $10 Off $25+ In Store or Online Purchase Coupon + Free Shipping w/ $50 Purchase

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Kohl's: Extra $10 Off Your $25+ In Store or Online Purchase

Calling all you Kohl’s shoppers! Through November 11th, head over to Kohl’s.com where you can save $10 off a $25 purchase when you use the promo code VETERANS10 at checkout (or print the pass here to save at your local store). Even sweeter, save an additional 15% off your purchase with promo code PUMPKIN at checkout. Keep in mind that shipping is FREE on orders of $50 or more or pay $5.95 shipping for orders less than $50 OR, opt for free in-store pick up if available near you.

Kohl's Today Deals

Stack the $10 off $25 code above with these other promo codes for more savings:

NERF10 –> $10 off Nerf toy purchase of $50 or more
GAMES10 –>
Extra 10% off Hasbro Games
Extra 15% off Mohawk Home, American Rug Craftsmen and SmartStrand rugs
JEWELRY20 –> Extra 20% off jewelry and watches already 20-60% off
—> $10 off Cuddl Duds and ClimateSmart purchase of $40 or more
HASBRO10 -> $10 off Hasbro toy purchase of $40 or more. Expired ๐Ÿ™
DEERSTAGS20 –> Extra 20% off all Deer Stags shoes
NUNNBUSHNOW –> Extra 15% off all Nunn Bush footwear

Kohl's Boot SaleNeeds boots? Be sure to check out the $29.99 Boot Sale valid through November 7th! Use the $10 off $25 promo code VETERANS10 to pay just $19.99 or less for a pair of boots!

And starting today, earn $10 in Kohl’s cash for every $50 spent through November 10th!

(Thanks, Pooja and Martina!)

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Comments 83

  1. Just Me

    Can I use my $10 reward with this?

    • Anuja


  2. Linda

    Is there a way to tell when a sale ends that’s not in the ad?
    I called the store and they said they don’t know when sales end.
    There’s a toy on sale that I noticed on Monday at the store but I am hoping maybe a % coupon would get emailed this weekend to use with the $10. On the other hand I don’t want the sale to end and pay regular price this weekend.

    • Ashley

      I work at kohls. Most regular employees don’t know how to check. A manager should know how to check on their RF device.

      • Linda

        Yea that’s not going to happen. The manager at the store is not friendly . She’s pretty rude.

        • renay

          call a different kohls store

          • tres

            Not each kohls store in same region may have the same things on sale or clearance at same time. Yesterday I bought a little girls layette(baby shower) went to another store 30 miles away found it on clearance for $5.( I ordered stuff to be picked up in store but it was waIting at a different store) I took it to customer service there and they adjusted the price. So call first to see if it is on sale!

    • Alisha

      If you add code “PUMPKIN” to your Kohls wallet, it’s a coupon for 15%. So, you’ll get $10 off and then 15% off of the rest of the balance.

  3. veryvarsha

    30% off for Kohls cardholder starts on Nov.11 (I read on some other website).
    Can I combine 10off 25 and 30% on just that one overlapping day?
    That would make for some great deals!!

    • JoAnna

      You can–the 30% will come off after the $10 discount

      • Jessica

        Could you use the $10 off $25, a $10 reward and 30 percent off? Also, any free shipping codes on the 11th? That would make for and awesome deal!

        • Angela

          Yes you can!!

        • cbeths

          For the past 3 years that I’ve had my Kohls card, there has always been a free shipping code during the 30% off cardholders sale. YAY!

    • Jessica

      I’m pretty sure the $10 off of $25 ends tomorrow (at least thats what my email says)

      • Ann

        The card from Kohls says VETSDAY 10 off 25 ends Nov. 11

        • P

          That’s what my email said too

      • Amanda

        Yes, the sale ends tomorrow but the “savings pass” is good through the 11th.

        • Jessica

          Ooh! I have the “savings pass” too and just saw that! Thanks for the heads up ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Ashley

      Yessssssss! I was hoping the $10/$30 baby sale would be kicking in soon, but $10/$25 is better yet! Please tell me they will have MVC free shipping, too?!

    • Katie

      That would be amazing! I am getting a few orders through today but will hold onto my receipt just in case it’s a better deal on the 11th ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. JoAnna

    I was hoping for a free shipping code like we had for last year’s Veterans’ Day sale. That made for superb deals!

  5. Sue

    Can 10 off 25 be used on clearance?

    • Maria


  6. Misti

    Does the veterans10 end on nov 11 or nov 7?

    • Ashley

      The sale ends the 7th and the code ends the 11th.

      • Misti

        Thank you

  7. Maria

    Just bought stuff yesterday with only a 15% off coupon? ๐Ÿ™ Can I return and rebut with the coupon (I would need to add in a few more dollars to reach the $25)

    • Amanda

      They will adjust it for you with your coupons at customer service.

  8. KIM

    I received a card in the mail for the $10 off $25 with promo code “VETSDAY” and it runs until the 11th.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for sharing Kim!

  9. Jackie

    Does Khols do free shipping? I became a cardholder to get theexcellent deals and thought the card secured free shipping. I was mistaken ๐Ÿ™

    • Sandi

      Free shipping is only offered when they have their 30% off (or less)sales. I think there’s a free shipping code starting on the 11th.

    • cbeths

      You should get free shipping once a month (at least) when the cardholders’ sale comes up. The sale is the one with the peel off revealing 15, 20 or 30% off… there is codes associated with each and multiple uses. Therefore the codes are usually shared online… and there is usually a free shipping code during these sales. Watch your email for the shipping code also. From the post above, it looks like this sale may start on November 11… therefore there will be ONE day that you can use the $10 off $25, 30% off and free shipping all together.

    • Jeanna J.

      Shipping is always free from the in-store kiosk! I routinely use this for online only items.

  10. Kim

    The Hasbro10 code expired.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Bummer, I am seeing that now as well.

  11. dani

    Anyone ever purchase jewelry from Kohl’s? I want to buy a necklace for my daughter’s sweet “16” and I’m hesitant to buy from Kohl’s but with 30% starting 11/1, vetsday 10 of 25 AND, jewelry20…stacking all those codes makes for a good discount.

    • dani

      11/11 I meant….

    • K

      Hi, dani. I’ve purchased jewelry from Kohl’s, including diamond earrings. Their quality is no different than a lot of places. It’s not high end or custom, but the same as a lot of chain jewelry stores. I’ve had no problems with any of it.

  12. dani

    ps. I agree about missing the “free shipping” for cardholders because last year I think I did 7 separate orders and saved a bunch of money because shipping was free.

    • cbeths

      Should be starting the 11th… so one day for that this year.

  13. Deb

    Has anyone else been told by their kohls store that when doing a return on an item that you used kohls cash for that you can return it and get a credit for the amount of actual cash you used but loose the kohls cash amount or you can go and find an item in the store for the EXACT amount of the item you previously purchased. example. if you bought an item for $30.99 and used $20 in k cash.. you must either find another item for 30.99 or you get 10.99 back and loose the 20. I don’t see how they can do this especially because if you then return an item from your previous purchase that earned you the k cash they will subtract the k cash amount earned from that item.

    Very interested in hearing what others have encountered when returning items to Kohls.

    • Vivian

      No way! You get the khols cash back in store credit, the system wouldn’t void it, if someone told you that, they’re wrong

      • Deb

        Thanks for the comment. I live in Omaha NE and all 3 stores have told me the same thing they will not issue store credit for the kohls cash must buy exact price item (of course they can’t tell you what items are the exact price — find on own in store). I looked their policy up online and it states that they are to issue the mdse credit but about 2 years ago they stopped doing this. Trying to prepare to go beat my head against the wall again.

        • Jill W.

          Deb- I live in Omaha and have had the same experience. I moved here from out of state and was always given the option of getting a kohls gift card but not here :-(.

          • Deb

            Jill Thanks for letting me know that it is this state and not all of them.

    • Ashlie

      I’ve had the same issue, and they give me the same response. Hate it. You can *try* returning the item without a receipt (like a gift) and sometimes you can get the full value back, unless it’s gone on sale. They’ll just give you the current store value for the item. But that’s not a guarantee you’ll get the money back. I’ve even asked them to just give me a merchandise credit back for the amount (including kohl’s cash), and they wouldn’t do it. I’d still have to spend the money in their stores! They said they had to refund me in the method I paid (kohl’s card) which means I lose the Kohl’s cash.

    • K

      You only lose the Kohl’s cash if you do a refund instead of store credit. It’s written in Kohl’s return policy. Maybe you need to show that to them.

    • Danielle

      I have had NIGHTMARES returning at Kohls and will never buy anything again that I am not “certain” of. I ordered $110 of merchandise. Realized that I had ordered 2 of a $20 item that I only wanted 1 of, the order had already started to ship, so I could not cancel it (in the past I have called and they havent been able to cancel anyhow). I redid the order, and added a few different things to get my total to $100 to get my kohls. Went to return the $110 order, took OVER AN HOUR. They couldnt find some of the items on my order even with the email AND package slip… Then the computer was giving me store credit for the items that I had purchased and they could find from the receipt. It was a nightmare. They are HARDLY hassle free returns now. They are awful.

      • dealzgurl

        I completely agree. After an incident a couple of years ago where I returned some boots I had bought as a Christmas gift for a friend, I don’t really shop at Kohl’s as much. If I do, I buy stuff for me that I know I will want to keep. Returns are a real pain there–especially when Kohl’s cash is involved.

        • Sherry

          I am weary of kohls and their kohls cash/promos and their return policy. I have had kohls cash forfeited during returns because of a cashier processing a return without telling me the refund value. I only buy things using my rewards etc when I know it’s something I’m not going to return.

          • Dorothy

            I had the same experience. I had to forfeit kohls cash since I returned an item as well. It seems as though you actually suffer a loss instead and the store gains from you. I don’t like using kohls cash unless I absolutely know I won’t return the item. Their return policy is so difficult to understand when using kohls cash, I try to avoid it.

    • Melissa

      Deb, I am thinking you may have encountered either a lazy or an misinformed employee. But try another store if available, or call customer service and see what they say. I have returned items before without any problem.

      • jiya

        I totally agree they never return kohl’s cash back. I bought a sweatshirt online for my daughter I need a bigger size. So went in the store for exchange since the bigger size wasn’t available anywhere they said we can return you the paid amount not the kohl’s cash amount. I earned it spending $50 first & now I lose my $10 really?! I ended up keeping it. Now I only buy stuff that I am sure about with kohl’s cash.

        • K

          If you want to keep the Kohl’s cash, you have to get store credit, instead of your money back. The Kohl’s cash is technically store credit. They won’t give you the $10.

          • jiya

            They were not giving the store credit either.

    • Thalia

      I’ve had the same problem. I also avoid making returns if at all possible. Getting refunds/store credit can be a real nightmare. And I was not reimbursed for the Kohl’s cash.

  14. s

    Do you have to print the actually coupon out. Or can we just show our phone at the store?

    • cbeths

      add it to your kohl’s ‘wallet’ in the app.

  15. Brittany

    Check your mail for a $5 off any purchase peelie. Mine starts on the 11th. Should make for a good stack with 30%, 10 off 25, and free ship. I think I would hold out until the 11th.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Sweet! Thanks for the heads up Brittany!

  16. Jessica

    So…if I have Yes2You rewards, kohls cash, and $10 off of $25, if I waited until the 11th I wouldn’t be able to get 30% and free shipping correct? Wouldn’t those be two different codes or is it normally just one?

    • cbeths

      its two separate codes, one for shipping one for 30% off. You are limited to 4 codes per order, i believe that will include kohls cash and rewards. So, looks like your total here would be 5 codes. If you are not purchasing one large item, then you can break up your orders. The 30% off doesn’t get used until your rewards and kohls cash are used up. So if those total $20 and you only buy $25 item… if you leave off the 30% coupon, you are only loosing 30% of $5 = $1.50.

  17. Bunny

    I have $10 off any purchase birthday code. Can this be combined with the $10 off of $25?

    • Liezl

      Sure you can…I just did!:) I opt for store pick-up too…I got women’s hat & Christmas table cloth for just $6 .

  18. Rose

    Uhgggg….I forgot to use my $10 off $10 coupon expired yesterday!! ๐Ÿ˜

    • rosana

      Me too, i cant believe it.

    • Shirley

      I have $10.00 in Kohl’s cash that expired while I was on vacation. I heard they will no longer let you use it. Is this true?

      • Monica

        My store in Indiana still takes Kohls cash for 5 days after it expires.

  19. Lindsay

    Does this exclude Nike? Need to get Huns Nike socks

    • cbeths

      yeah, kohls coupons usually exclude Nike.

  20. Ricebunnyxoxo

    I used the code “PUMPKIN” for 15% off and “SEASONS10” for $10 off $25. I paid only $52.40 & received free shipping as well! I also earned $10.00 back in Kohl’s Cash! Thanks Collin! ๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„๐Ÿ˜„

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great score! You are so welcome!

  21. Linda

    I gave in and decided to buy the Mr potato head super spud toy exclusive to kohls.
    On sale for $29.99 reg. $49.99 after using $10 and 15% for signing up for txt messages, plus kohls cash got it down to $12!!!! Can’t complain. Was afraid the sale would end by next week.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Sweet deal Linda!

  22. Lacey Helton

    Any idea why I would get getting charged shipping with a subtotal of $59.59? I used the two coupons, saving $17.44, could that be why???

    • Cbeths

      I think shipping is free on $75, not $50. At least that is what i see on the kohl’s site.

  23. Joanna

    I bought shoes for my husband today. They were on sale for $29.99. I signed up for text message while in store and got 15% off then I used the $10 off $25 and paid $16.99. Thanks!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Sweet deal Joanna! YW!

  24. Meg

    Does anyone know if the $10 off $25 applies towards Nike shoes?

  25. Lisa

    I used my 10 off 25 Veteran’s day coupon yesterday in store. I need to shop in store since online they don’t have what I want in inventory. Can I print another 10 off 25 coupon to go in and use today or will they not put it through? Thanks for any help w/this.

  26. Lisa

    I used my 10 off 25 in store yesterday. I have more in store items I want to buy today (they don’t have what I want online). Can I print another coupon and use it today or will they block it at the register?

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