Amazon Prime: New $10.99 Monthly Payment Option (or Annual Membership Only $99)

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Amazon Prime

If you’re looking to score Amazon Prime benefits for only certain times of the year (i.e. during the holidays or special occasions), you may be happy to discover Amazon’s new monthly payment options! Amazon Prime is now offering the option to pay just $10.99/month for full Prime benefits (2-day shipping, unlimited movies, TV shows, music streaming and more!) OR $8.99/month for Prime Video.


Even sweeter, whenever you go here and click on the the “Try Prime drop-down menu, click on the “Try Prime” link and then click on the “See more plans” button, you’ll be able to sign up for a FREE 30-day trial and be able to choose the $99 Annual Membership which includes a 25% prepayment discount (will apply after your trial ends). That means you’ll pay as low as just $8.25 per month for full Prime benefits!

Amazon Prime

Benefits of Amazon Prime:

1. Unlimited FREE 2-day shipping (no minimum order size) – my favorite benefit! 😀 And if you are not in a rush for your item(s), you can opt for no-rush shipping and score a free $1 credit to use for eBooks, digital music, or videos or $5.99 Prime Pantry credit (will vary based on the current promotion).

2. Amazon Family – If you’re a Prime member with young children, sign up for Amazon Family to snag special offers including 20% off diapers subscriptions and freebies like free Gerber formula (no longer available).

3. Unlimited instant streaming of over 40,000 movies and TV shows AND unlimited, ad-free streaming of over a million songs

4. Access to exclusive savings like these free magazine subscriptions, these Seventh Generation deals, this Planters Peanuts deal and more!

5. Unlimited Photo Storage w/ Amazon Cloud Drive

6. 30-minute early access to select Amazon Lightning Deals

7. Free Kindle Book(s) every month – go here to see this month’s free books.

Looking for a gift idea for the person who has everything? Give the gift of an Amazon Prime membership. Are you a college student? Sign up NOW to get a FREE 6-Month Amazon Prime membership!

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Comments 61

  1. Cristen

    Wow! Very cool.

  2. Karen

    I wish they had deals like this in place now for those of us with recurring memberships. They’re always more concerned about bringing in new members than they are about retaining existing ones.

    • dblD-amber

      Totally agree. Where are the incentives for the loyal customer. Same with cell phone and cable/ dish companies. How about worrying about keeping your current customers happy rather than bring in more.

      • Gina G.

        I totally agree!

    • Catherin

      I get so many deals on Amazon, I’m not about to complain about incentives for new people! I have been able to enjoy the benefits of Prime for years, whereas others haven’t been able to afford ever. If demand for Prime stays high, then I’ll be happy because I do so much shopping there and Amazon will always have incentive to keep providing good deals on products.

    • Jennifer

      I totally agree with you

    • Gina G.

      That is sooo true, especially for services like Directv. 🙂

  3. Paty

    Do you know if current members get the prepayment discount? My renewal is coming up

    • Kim

      The discount is $99 it’s 25% off the monthly price of $10.99 which brings it down to $8.25. The fine print states that the price after trial is the “discounted” $99. $99 is regular price currently and is what you should be renewed at. I was able to see the promotion as a current customer. The only real difference is you can join month to month if wanted.

  4. Amanda

    I don’t see where it’s $74.25 ? Am I missing something lol

    • AMF

      I was thinking the same thing but then saw this “See more plans” button, you’ll be able to sign up for a FREE 30-day trial and be able to choose the $99 Annual Membership where you’ll score a 25% prepayment discount (will apply after your trial ends). That means you’ll pay as low as just $8.25 per month for full Prime benefits!” With the 25% prepayment discount it comes out to $74.25.

      • Molly

        I’m confused about where the discount is too. It says $75 but I don’t see that on the Amazon. $100 a year equates to $8.25/month. $75/year would be $6.19/month so that parts wrong at least.

    • Kim

      I have not read it so unless the fine print says differently but I think $99 IS the discount. $99 is the prepayment price $131 is the current pay as you go price at $10.99 a month. $131 with a 25% discount is $99.

      • ashley

        Oops just posted the same thing Kim 🙂 I think thats the discount price too and amazon just didnt word it good.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Amanda! You would sign up for the 30 day trial and choose the $99 Annual Membership where you’ll score a 25% prepayment discount, this will apply after your trial ends. Hope that helps!–ACTUALLY it is $10.99/month OR $99 for a year, which already includes the 25% off discount. Sorry for the confusion! Just updated!

  5. Jenny

    Bummer not seeing the monthly plan is this just for new people that has never used the services before ?

  6. c

    OMG! This is awesome! Just think, if you sign up to do surveys from various sites, you could use that money to pay the monthly fee fairly easily.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great idea! Thanks for sharing!

    • Serapio Silva

      It’s not awesome because it’s not true. The fee for prime is $99, not $74.25.

  7. Shyann

    Can I use Amazon gift cards to purchase Amazon prime?

    • Dany

      No you cannot. I sent an email about this just 2 days and received a response that they were working on it. I explained that their own gift card was more secure than a cc a customer might have stolen. Not accepting their own gift card as payment is ridic.

    • Amanda

      Yea, I did

    • MJ

      I just signed up for Amazon Prime this Friday, and I thought I may be able to use a gift card but they only ask for your credit card info for payment. I called and they did say that was the only way. Last year I gifted myself the membership. It expired and of course it did not automatically renew because it was a gift. So I signed up again. Well I had my two daughters listed with me to receive the free shipping. Now they have changed it. You can only have one other family member who can share all your benefits.

  8. ashley

    Is there someplace it says it will be 74.25. The way im reading it the new orginal price if you paid per month would be 10.99×12= $131.88 and they are saying if you prepay for the year you would get a 25% discount. Thus 131.88-25%= $99

    • Amy

      Yeah, I think you are right. I was coming to post the same thing.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hi Ashley! You are correct! Sorry for the confusion! Just updated!

  9. Ashli Goetzman

    I think that paying the $99 in full works out to 25% less than paying the $10.99/month (which would be $132/year). That’s the “discount” – you don’t get an additional 25% off of the $99 price.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      The 25% prepayment discount will apply after your trial ends, when choosing the $99 Membership. Hope that helps!

      • Guacho Nieto

        You are not correct Collin. I called Amazon and they confirmed that the 25% prepayment discount refers to paying the $99 upfront instead of paying $10.99 a month. There is no option to pay $74.25. You should correct this article.

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          Sorry for the confusion! I am reading it that way now as well. Thanks for the heads up! Just updated!

  10. Nikki

    I am one of those people who doesn’t have Amazon Prime because we just don’t order enough in a year through Amazon to justify the cost. I love this idea for around Black Friday though. I would order it for just a month!

    • Anna

      I did the same thing this past year – signed up for a “trial” around Black Friday to get my Christmas shopping done 🙂

  11. VickiL

    My experience has been that Amazon has 2 days from the date of order to get it out of the warehouse. Then free 2 day shipping for me (Louisville, Ky) is that UPS gets it to my local post office in 2 days. USPS sits on it a day or 2 and then delivers it to my door. I called Amazon and they said as long as it gets to the local post office they have fulfilled their obligation. I was told to wait an additional 10 days for my delivery before calling them back for credit on my prime or a refund for the merchandise. I bought a Firestick first, not realizing it was basically useless without a Prime membership so I had to get Prime to use it. I’m not sure I’ll renew when it’s due.

    • Amy

      I have a similar problem with the 2 day shipping. I live in NW Ohio and for some reason my items always get sent to Hebron, KY, where I’ve had 2 Amazon packages simply vanish. It also makes no sense for them to be sent all the way to another state, causing them to be delayed. It’s rare for me to get them on time. But I still love my Prime

    • Kim

      I have had some slow down since after the holiday season but not that much. 2 Day for me (Dallas, Tx Metroplex area) means next day or 2 day if I order by Thursday. Occasionally if I order on Friday I will get Sunday delivery but usually I end up with a Tuesday delivery date. I think they started being realistic instead of spending more money when items ship from further away. My after Thursday later delivery are usually shipped from Seattle or Some other random place. But I am also told in advanced my guaranteed date. 10 days is crazy and if that is past your guaranteed delivery date I would call and speak with a manager. For every guaranteed late package you should get a $5 credit or extra month of prime.

    • K Ack Pr

      I’d complain to your post office if they are taking an extra two days. Also, I’ve never had it take two days to get out of the warehouse unless the post specifically says there may be a delay in processing the order. I’ve been a prime member for 3 years and place at least five orders a month. And any time my order was even one day late, I have received my free month of prime within 24 hours. They have told me in the past to wait 10 days before requesting a refund, but they have never made me wait for my free month credit for the inconvenience.

  12. Jody

    The 25% discount is off the $10.99 per month price — the $99 year is AFTER the discount. Not an additional 25% off of that.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks for your feedback Jody! That is correct! I just updated the post!

  13. Freedom

    Monthly option is great.
    I got in on monthly deal couple years ago when then did it for $8.99 /month.

  14. Colleen

    I have been paying $7.99 a month for full amazon prime for years. I hope they don’t increase it.

    • Noel

      How did you get it for 7.99 per month? when you go to renew, do they renew at the price prime was when you first joined? or do you have to pay whatever cost of prime is when it is time to renew?

      • Colleen

        They were running a special promotion after my trial ended in 2012 and every month since they charge me the $7.99.

  15. Rebecca

    I’m pretty sure the 25% off is just what you’re saving by paying the $99 upfront vs $10.99 a month…which over a year is $132, 25% off that is the normal $99.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yes! You are correct Rebecca! Thanks for catching that! I just updated the post!

  16. Guacho Nieto

    Everyone, I called Amazon and they confirmed that the 25% prepayment discount refers to paying the $99 upfront instead of paying $10.99 a month. There is no option to pay $74.25. This article should be corrected.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I am finding that now as well! Sorry for the confusion! Just updated!

  17. Ursula

    I had the student trial for 6 months,once it was over they offer $49 per year for next four years. 👍🏼

  18. nicole

    What is the attraction to amazon? Almost everywhere price matches amazon, I cannot justify membership fee. The ss items are a deal, thank goodness no membership is needed.

    • Rebecca

      She outlines benefits in post, what works for some people doesn’t work for others. Some people don’t have stores close by to price match, or don’t have the time to do so. The prime shipping also comes in handy for sending gifts if you live far from family, as we do. We use pretty much all of the features but aside from the shipping, our favorites are the cloud & prime music. Super easy to sync phones & share pictures & video. Prime music has a HUGE selection & constantly adding more. You can listen to premade playlists, make your own, etc. We use it daily, listen to music at home, in vehicles. So for us, totally worth it!

    • K Ack Pr

      I also have an Amazon Visa, so I get 5% cashback every month to use off anything at Amazon. I also love that if you choose no rush shipping, they give you a one dollar credit for free books, movies, and sometimes even free shipping on prime pantry. I’m sure that I have gotten enough benefits justify the $99! Especially considering that I’ve gotten three free months this year from late packages.

  19. Amber

    Your forgetting about the music player too. It is awesome. You can download tunes to your device to play when without Internet connection. (I use it while out running in a patchy cell area)

  20. Heather Cooper

    Thank you! I’ve been looking for a reason to get Prime 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Heather!

  21. Gina G.

    I just purchased the Amazon Prime the other day & now you can pay monthly…just my luck. 🙂

  22. YV

    Does this work with customers who already did their 30 day trial?


    what really sucks about it is if u got an amazon gift card with money on it-U CANT USE IT TO PAY FOR UR PRIME MEMBERSHIP.

  24. Irene Kerita

    I would suggest they do a loyal customer program. I make a lot of purchases on Amazon. I haven’t joined Amazon Prime just because I already have cable and every channel known to man. I don’t need more tv or movies. I ain’t in no rush either to get my shipments in couple days earlier. I just simple stating that I am a loyal customer who puts through at least a dozen or more orders in a about a couple of months. Reward the customers for shopping but granting points or discounts through prime so we all join. Just simply having tv shows and movies ain’t gonna cut it. Besides I have a flash drive for all my pictures so I have it safe.

    Just a thought

  25. Rudy

    If I get prime monthly, do I have to accumulate certain amount to qualify for free shipping? How much would it be?

  26. Eddie

    Question. For Amazon members that choose the $10.99 a month option, are they on contract? Meaning, if I decided to take advantage of Prime at $10.99 per month say around Oct. Through Dec. Than just cancel and restart thereafter for next Oct. Through Dec. Would this be allowed? Let’s all face it, prime is awesome and more so in those most needed months where we do our most shopping!
    Anyone out there clarify?

  27. Marcie Laborde

    I want to unsurcribe

  28. vera stocks

    I am not a Prime Time member. There is a debit of $10.00 by use of Amazon on Dec.18.2017, Could you please tell me why? This is the secomd time it has taken place and I don’t know how to get in touch with you to correct this error!! Please inform me of why the charge and I thank you in advance Respectively, Vera Stocks

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