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School Supply

Great deals on school supplies! ✏️

Head on over to where you can score these highly rated Ticonderoga #2 Wooden Pencils, 2.2mm, 12ct for only $0.99 (reg. $2.94) – discount applied in cart! You can also snag these Elmer’s Washable Glue Sticks Disappearing Purple – 6ct for just $0.99 (reg. $2.29). Plus, these items qualify for a FREE $5 Target Gift Card with a $30 School or Office Supply purchase when you use order pickup!

You may be able to opt for free in-store pickup (if available near you). Otherwise, shipping is free on orders of $25 or more. OR – if you’re a Target REDcard holder, you’ll get FREE shipping on ANY size order and an additional 5% off your purchases!

(Thanks, Georgia!)

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Comments 88

  1. britt

    Can you price match in store?

  2. Sarah

    Just got some pencils. My local office depot is sold out so I’m glad that I could get some at

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh good! Glad you could score them Sarah!

  3. Ellen

    Awesome, did in store pickup! Thank you!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! You’re welcome Ellen!

  4. Sam

    Awesome price! One of my children has 48 glue sticks on her school supply list!

    • Amy

      That’s crazy! I thought the 10 glue sticks my son needs was bad enough.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


    • Rose

      lol me too I have 15 thought that was crazy but wow thats alot. I also have 25 Highlighters.

    • pris

      Is that might be a typo? Imagine if every student took 48 glue sticks!!!

    • Jessica

      That’s a lot. My school only has for two.

    • Susie

      Could it be 4-8?

      • Sam

        Not a typo..48 glue sticks for 1st grade!

        • Erin

          Ditto! My daughter’s list has “a minimum of 30”! And, yes, they request more all year long!

        • KIM

          My 1st graders has 8! I guess there school either uses a lot more or not as many send stuff so those that do get stuck getting a lot! If not that would be over 1200 a class room 🙂

    • Sally

      My son Kinder also has 48 glue sticks on his list, same school? Garland, TX

    • CW

      If you look closely, there is about 1/3rd of the glue that used to be in a glue stick. Just like they’ve shrunk the amount of food in boxes, they’ve drastically cut the amount of glue in glue sticks. My experience is that one stick lasts 2 project uses. If you are making foldable books/science foldables daily, a child might go through 2 glue sticks a week.

  5. Jessich

    Our school ask for jumbo glue stick. Anyone seen those on sale and what’s consider a good price for them?

    • Rebecca

      Yes, my 5th grader has the larger glue sticks on his list, too. I have been wondering the same thing, Jessich.

    • Katrina

      I had to purchase 8 per child for my twins entering K. I picked up a few of the Elmer’s 3 pack of jumbo sticks at TRU for $2, but also grabbed the 12 pack of up & up brand from Target that was around $6.50.

      • Rebecca

        Does TRU still have them for $2? That seems like a great price from what I have seen.

    • nin

      No they seem much harder to find at good prices. I did see that Dollar Tree had Playskool brand big glue sticks 1 for $1 and I think it was .88 ounces?

  6. jhnicole

    I thought my 1st grader 24 glue sticks on his list was alot.Wow.Thanks Collin.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      YW! 😉

  7. Rose

    Is it just me or Do some of you mom think the school supply list go over board with amount sometimes? I purchased everything on my sons list last year and he was switched to a different teacher by 2nd week because of size of class. He then got sent another supply list. I had to re purchase everything and more.

    • Mg05

      The first teacher should have sent some of his supplies to the new teacher. I know that many teachers open the boxes and dump them into a communal box for the class to use. I would hold of sending school supplies the first couple of days. Or ask the new teacher what the policy is regarding school supplies and class Schedule changes.

    • trisha517

      I think it goes way over board! Especially the fact that they want multiples of everything and name brand! (Crayola). Then throughout the school year they are requesting more. Plus when my daughter has open house they have students bring in their supplies and everything gets dropped into totes. Teachers are busy talking with students/parents to realize who brings what! Wish they would go back to the old days and whatever you buy is yours to keep at your desk.

      • Rose

        Yes I agree And I tried calling to ask why My son had to re buy everything I was told she had no idea which was which. So I had to redo everything. My son has 8 boxes of tissue and 24 Compositions and 15 Clip Boards lol my hubby thinks it was over board. I had my daughter placed in the Gifted because she scored high in her test scores. And her teacher was honest and told us at the open house to please dont spend any money on thise crazy list they gave out. She also told us how my kids school gets extra supplies every year and she was getting them from office so to us to save our money. I wish it was like the old days were everyone took their own things for themself. My daughter also mentioned how she was the only 1 to bring supplies no one else did 🙁

        • Just Me

          The classroom closets at my kids school are always stuffed with ziploc bag boxes and tissue boxes so I don’t purchase them.
          My sons class wants mechanical pencils which I don’t understand why ( I guess to limit sharpening trips). As he ran out toward the end I just gave him regular pencils.
          This year I’m using last years stock pile and classroom returns (they send home composition books with 10 pages used so I just cut those out).

          • Rose

            Your more lucky I dont get sent nothing back. I actually get asked to donate more through the school year. I dont mind doing it but wish other parents would do their part at the begin of school that way kids would have enough for whole school year.

    • Sarah

      I know it seems like a lot… But trust me, they get used. I teach second grade and they go through at least one stick a week. Then, if they lose it or go through more than that they run out. If Parents don’t send in supplies in quantity, the teacher then has to take the burden for the class. Try buying glue sticks and pencils for 24 kids!!! It’s insane. My school gives teachers $150 a year. A YEAR!That’s it. No more. That includes ink for printers if they are in you room, construction paper, books, educational resources, and anything else you child needs not in their list. I guarantee your child’s teacher spends at least $500 more than they are given. We truly appreciate parents that graciously send in supplies!!

      • Rose

        Yes I know I always send in more I do like it when I can help I didnt know about the penny deals until this year so I stock up alot so I am able to give more this year. I always give my kids teachers Gift cards for Christmas and Teacher Day. Teachers do alot for kids and it feels Amazing when a teacher comes up to me and thanks me for their gift because they have never got a gift before from a student.

      • CW

        I totally agree. My school only gives us $75 a year and a case of copy paper is $40. So if the kids don’t bring in supplies stuff doesn’t get done. No hands on projects etc. I stopped paying for kids supplies 5 years ago when I realized we couldn’t adopt a child because of what I was spending on other people’s children. And so many expected it and were not grateful at all.

    • Guest

      BELIEVE ME. That extra .25 on a box for name brand Crayola crayons is worth it! Maybe not where you’re from but teachers here where I work try to make the most of what we have, without asking parents to buy more. We know the supply list is long, but it’s for your kid, and we aren’t just asking for ourselves. And trust me, you’d rather spend .50 on a box of crayolas twice a year than .25 on rose art 50 times a year!

      • Rose

        I agree I like to buy Crayola instead and I always donate as well. But The problem I had was my child didnt get to use nothing I bought he was switched to another class because of size and since his teacher couldnt figure out which was whos I had to redo his supply list. That was 4th grade now 5th grade looks long and bigger which is normal to me.

    • Myranda

      What I find crazy is when they specify brands. They specifically asked for Crayola crayons and Ticonderoga pencils, these brands can be expensive!

  8. Erica

    FYI got my gluesticks today and they came with a free bonus stick 🙂

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Sweet! 😀

  9. Jessica

    Thank you. Needed a bunch for school shipped to my house for free and great price.

    • Jess

      Hey Jessica, if you get it shipped you won’t get the $5 gc though. It will be automatically added to your cart if you choose store pickup.

  10. Angel

    Wow! What grade do you all start buying school supplies? I have a soon-to-be second grader and still only have to make sure she has a backpack. All other supplies are provided by the school.

    • jenny

      Pre-k lol… Is that a private school?

      • Angel

        No… not private school.

        • AW

          I didnt have to buy supplies in WA, but when I moved to TX the lists are ridiculous.

      • julie

        Low income districts in our area provide school supplies. I wish my kids district did.

    • April

      My husband and I were just talking about this! Supplies for my sixth grader were well over $100 this year and around $50 for my second grader, plus new backpacks, lunch boxes, shoes for PE, new clothes. And we pay registration fees which were $250!

    • dealgirl

      My son is starting kindergarten and we have a school supply list. Not only does he have a list, but it’s quite extensive, including 24 glue sticks and 48 pencils and so on…

  11. Katie

    Thank you so much Colin! I bought the pencils at Target without price checking and they were $4.99…Safe to say they will be returned. With my red card it was $2 for two packs, one for school and one for the house.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Katie! Glad you could score the savings!

  12. Marty B

    Thank you thank you! I was not looking forward to going to the store for the glue sticks even though they have the best price. Red Card for the win!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You are so welcome!

  13. APS

    Target also has up&up 24 count pencils on sale for $.99 plus there’s a 5% cartwheel.

  14. Lindak

    48 glue sticks is insane. Where do they store all of that stuff? Our elementary used to sell the bundles of supplies and I didn’t have to run to the stores. The good old days.

    • April

      Our PTO still does the prepackaged supplies.

      • Andrea

        At my kids school too. It’s just crazy expensive. Almost $100 for 2nd grade supplies.

  15. Lucy

    My nieces go to private school and the lists are just as long and just as demanding. Children that are in 3rd and upper grades have to buy a carry along backpack (the one with wheels) because of the heavier books that go to & from school.

    • Just Me

      My kids don’t have books to lug just print outs. I miss the old days of books.

  16. Meg

    God bless you. I started working this week after having a baby and I just can’t get to a store this week. I needed a baby item and got some of these pencils and got free shipping. Those pencils are the best.

  17. AW

    Thank goodness for this. My son has to have 48 of these pencils and 18 glue sticks. Still much less then he needed in 1st grade but still a ridiculous amount.

  18. Jen S also has a free $5 gift card for $20 on bic products that can be used with the $5 gift card for store pick up. They have a bunch of 99 cent bic items like white out, pens and mechanical pencils. May be too good of a deal to pass up both gift cards!

  19. Jessica

    Thanks! I needed 3 more packs and was able to get them and got extras for home.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Perfect! YW!

  20. Kay

    Hi all! Just saying I am an elementary school teacher & I just want to share the other side to this supply dilemma. Don’t get me wrong I know school supplies for September can be costly, but please keep in mind, the kids need the supplies and all will be used throughout the school year. If the kids don’t bring in, it falls on me to buy them. I usually have a class size over 30 kids so it can be a few hundreds I spend out of my own pocket each fall. Also, I always send my list home with kids in June so the parents can get the sales over the summer. Hope this just clears it up! Also, trust me when I say this, most of our requirements come from administration. Happy shopping & let’s all enjoy the last few weeks before school begins! (Also- these are the ONLY pencils that sharpen well, the others don’t hold a point & wind up in trash. Great deal on these pencils!)

    • Gretchen

      Thanks for posting Kay, My first of 3 is just starting K, and I wasn’t really shocked by the school list – but was shocked at how specific the brands of everything had to be. I bet it would be nice if admins added a little blurb to the list that these brands (Crayola, Ticonderoga, Elmers) will last longer and save money as opposed to buying the off brands.

  21. Jill

    Thanks! Great deal.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

  22. Jenn

    The glue sticks are $0.99 for 6 pack in store with a bonus stick just in case anyone opts to go in store

  23. Monica

    Does anyone know where yellow highlighters are on sale. My son needs 6. Thanks!!

    • Just Me

      There’s a 3 pack on for 99 cents.

  24. Lily

    Thank goodness my boys don’t have these crazy requests! My boys school require specifics and I thought that was bad but excessive amounts of supplies they won’t use…. I get 2 glue sticks for my elementary students and they usually don’t even use them fully by the end of the year when they come back home in their box. However, this year they requested glue bottles and no glue sticks. Specifically said no glue sticks 😀 I get stuck with specific color folders, specific color notebooks, Specific pencils (Ticonderoga), Crayola Brand, etc. It’s difficult getting specific color folder and notebooks when the entire town is doing the same. 😀 But I understand the organizing part of it. The part that used to annoy me is that they teachers required you get them dry erase markers and erasers for them to use and not the children. They also could only be Expo Brand. This should be included with the crazy school fee. But other than my child who goes to a private school for special boys supplies are their own.

    The teachers send out donation requests a week in for those kids who couldn’t get their own

    • Sarah

      My students use expo markers everyday! I have a Smartboard… No need for me to have them 😊

  25. Raquel

    Yay, our school likes these pencils. Bought a bunch of those and glue sticks to donate to my daughter’s class. #teachersfavorite 😊😂

  26. Ang

    when i was a kid (im about 23yr now) i just bought my own personal supplies to school, my family never gave stuff to a teacher (i was in Pa)t

  27. Kim

    Does anyone know how long the glue sticks will last unopened? I’m thinking of buying a pack for next year, but I don’t want them to dry out even if we don’t open up the package.

    • ADC

      We have some leftover from a year ago that are still good. They were out of the package for the entire year, but not used.

  28. Heather

    I am trying to order the pencils this morning and they are $2.79, anyone else having a problem with it?

    • BT

      Same problem. I took a screen shot of the page with the $.99 price showing. Might try to price match when I go in store today. I saw the price change from $:99 to $2.79 just as I clicked on it to put in my cart. Annoying.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Bummer! Looks like they have gone up in price 🙁

  29. nin

    The pencils are not going down to 99cents in my cart even when I get to the payment section-still saying $2.79. FYI

    • Heather

      I am having same issue 🙁

    • Kristin

      Same issue here… 🙁

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      I am seeing that as well. Thanks for the heads up!

  30. Amanda

    Thank you! Was able to finish school shopping. Went to Office Max today and was very disappointed they had sold out of all the stuff I went for. I also had a $10 target gift card I had forgotten about!!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh good! Happy you could score the deals from Target! You are very welcome!

  31. Kimberly Dennis Rushton

    Was the sale on pencils for August 2nd only? I went back to order more and they are no longer on sale.

  32. Ang

    Sad but true. One Chicago public school had an entire dumpster of unused school supplies they just pitched at end of school year. Broke my heart. 🙁

  33. NH

    I was able to get the glue sticks in store today and used the 50 cents off coupon located in the Mead composition notebooks. 49 cents for 7 glue sticks is a steal!!

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