Get Your Flu Shot at CVS Pharmacy in Select Target Stores and Get a FREE $5 Target Gift Card!

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CVS Target

Planning on getting a flu shot?

Now through March 31st, 2017, you can score a FREE $5 Target Gift Card after you receive a flu shot at CVS Pharmacy or MinuteClinic locations in Target stores! The gift card can be redeemed for Target merchandise or services at Target stores or Go here for details and to find a clinic near you.

*Gift card valid for Target merchandise only. Offer available only at CVS Pharmacy locations at Target from 8/15/16 through 3/31/17. Limit one per customer. Gift card cannot be issued in AR, NJ, NY. Flu shots available when immunizing pharmacist or MinuteClinic health care provider is on duty.

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  1. Aquamarina

    How much does the flu shot cost?

    • Deb

      If you’re <65 and getting the regular immunization, it's about $40, but my insurance pays for all of the cost.

      • Gina

        First responders get it for Free

    • Jen D

      If you’re insured it should be covered 100%. Depends on your insurance but most providers cover it fully since it’s preventative care and that is cheaper for them than if you get sick. Out of pocket it probably wouldn’t be more than about $20-30?

    • Amy

      I don’t have insurance and get one every year. Always costs $25 no matter where I go.

      • katy

        Costco has it for $14.99 for those without insurance. You don’t even have to be a member to use their pharmacy

      • Laura

        Walgreens will give you a voucher – no cost for no insurance

  2. Irene

    Depends on insurance …. It may even be free

  3. Sara

    Does anyone else find this crazy?? Giving people money to get a shot? They must make a lot of money off them if they are willing to give everyone $5 for getting it! So weird to mix health care with marketing and business!!!

    • Daniel

      It’s probably to get people to use CVS pharmacy in Target. Since they recently merged with them, this promo allows customers to check it out and bring them more business in the long run. Just speculation.

    • burgys

      I assume they are doing it because people will come to Target to get the flu shot in order to get the $5, they will shop around and likely spend $5+ more than they would have anyway.

      • Nikki

        Glad to see this deal because we go to Target anyway for our yearly flu shot.

    • Ivana reichelt

      Yes, it’s strange!

    • David

      This isn’t much different than pharmacies giving rewards/points for getting prescriptions filled though, is it? This is just a bit more direct and consumer-friendly 🙂

    • Gina

      Sara pharmaceutical industry is Number one in US if you read news paper once in while

  4. Ruth

    I won’t let that flu shot come inside my precious body ever Even if it’s for free! LOL

    • Tammy


    • erica

      I wound NOT get a flu shot if they paid me $1000! The potential adverse would greatly outweigh ANY benefits! This is the ONLY vaccine that STILL contains mercury ! No joke. And one common side affect is guianne birraire. (Cant quite spell it correctly) its where you loose muscle function.

      • j

        They make it in mercury-free version too. I get that one for my kids.

      • Laura

        Single dose and nasal do NOT contain mercury- ask the pharmacy

      • Anthony

        Medical professional here… It’s Guillian barre. And that’s an autoimmune disorder… One does not have anything to do with the other…please stop propagating wrong information.

      • Crystal

        Hey Erica. I work in the pharmacy at Target, and have for about 10 years. The only flu shots with mercury are the multi dose vials, as it’s a preservative. We use individual pre dosed pens. If you wanted a flu shot, but only hesitate cause of mercury ask for preservative free. 🙂 Just so you know. Also, the amount of mercury in the vials is less than a can of tuna fish.

      • erica

        Its not wrong information. Mercury free means its just filled with aluminum instead. It probably got formaldyhyde too. Just google flu shot reactions etc you will get thousands and upon thousands of testimonies. In no way do i believe they are lying. I know somone who was severely injured after the h1n1.

        Btw…Anyone notice how all these companies offer these incentives to get the flu shot all year long!!

        • dede

          I did the research years ago and you’re right. It’s a big racket really.

        • faith

          I agree!

      • faith

        I’m with you on this one!

    • CW

      Individual doses and nasal are Mercury free that is correct! I had a friend who DIED from the flu because they wouldn’t get a shot and they had asthma.

      • Sandy

        I’m sorry to hear of your friend’s passing. I have two boys with asthma and I agree with you. Flu shots for them (& those of us living with them) are not optional. There are Mercury-free options.

        • Emulvey2001


      • Shelby

        That’s really sad but they might have still caught a strain of the flu that wasn’t in that years vaccine. The people who manufacture the vaccine just take an educated guess as to what the strains will be. It’s not like there’s one flu virus and you’re protected if you get the shot.

    • Mel

      I used to think the same thing about getting it every year. Then a bad strain was going around a few years ago and I got it. It was so bad I had to go to the ER. I was delirious, dehydrated and ached so bad I couldn’t even stand up. I had to pay $250+ for a 24 hr stay in the hospital. Had I gotten the flu shot my symptoms would not have been so severe and I probably could have avoided the ER. So now I get it every year. Benefits greatly outweigh any potential of getting deathly sick.

      • David

        Agreed Mel! I don’t want to get involved in a misinformation-filled vaccination debate, but I don’t see how anyone can say the risk of a flu-shot outweighs any potential benefit when every year in the US 36,000 people die and 200,000 are hospitalized from the flu – the potential benefit is…NOT DYING.

    • Christopher Wilson

      Single dose shots do not have mercury in them. Unless you can’t get the vaccine for medical reasons you should get it. Vaccines work with herd immunity, the more people vaccinated the less chance someone who has a medical reason they can’t be vaccinated will get sick.

    • dede

      I second that. I never had the flu and never got the shot. My mom gets the shots every year and yet she gets the flu just about every year.

  5. deb

    Boo hoo, my state (NJ) says no gift card for you!

    • Emulvey2001

      Will have to check the laws for Massachusetts. There are laws that say something about not being able to get a promotional offer if your prescription is covered by insurance. (Came up a lot when pharmacies were doing all those “switch your RXs to us & we’ll give you xyz as a gift/bonus/discount!!!”). Wondering if that applies in this case…

      • Christopher Wilson

        Are you sure it isn’t if you have a government provided medical insurance program like medicare and medicaid?

        In my state you can’t get any promo for filling / transferring your RX at all but I’ve seen the no government provided health plan rule on copay assistance programs for name brand meds.

        • Edie

          Massachusetts has really strict laws about being able to use any sort of discount or copay cards on medications regardless of what type of insurance you have. It’s kind of interesting, really. Unfortunate for residents of Massachusetts though.

  6. Cari

    Harris teeter will also give you a $5 gift card to their store if you get your shot there. I work at a school and will definitely be getting one! Wouldn’t wanna spread that to my two young children.

  7. Salam L Arabo

    The Cheapest Flu Shot Locations
    If you don’t have health insurance, or an employer or county health department that offers free flu shots, there are a number of retailers offering fairly cheap flu shots for the 2016-2017 flu season. If you do have health insurance that covers flu shots, it might even be more convenient than going to your doctor. Most have online scheduling.

    Most are not offering their flu shot prices online, but luckily I have a phone and made a few calls. Here is the pricing that I found (insurance acceptance varies and usual co-pay applies):

    Costco Flu Shots: Costs $14.99 for standard. $26.68 for quadrivalent. No nasal mist option. Costco is the cheapest on this list if you don’t have insurance.
    CVS Flu shots: Costs $31.99 for standard. $36.99 for quadrivalent. No nasal mist option. You get a 20% off one-time coupon valid on non-sale merchandise and non-pharmacy purchases up to $50 (maximum value $10).
    Walgreen’s Flu Shots: Costs $31.99 for standard. $39.99 for quadrivalent. $39.99 for nasal mist.
    Rite Aid Flu Shots: Costs $31.99 for standard. $39.99 for quadrivalent. No nasal mist option.
    Meijer Flu Shots: Costs $27.99 for standard. $32.99 for quadrivalent. No nasal mist option.
    Wal Mart Flu Shots: Costs $25 for standard. $30 for quadrivalent. No nasal mist option.
    Sam’s Club Flu Shots: Costs $20 for standard. $45 for quadrivalent. No nasal mist option.
    Kroger Flu Shots: Costs $30 for standard. $40 for quadrivalent or nasal mist options.
    Target Flu Shots: Costs $24.99 for standard. $31.99 for quadrivalent. $31.99 for nasal mist.

  8. Denise

    Just want to let everyone know I got a flu shot at cvs yesterday Saturday September 17, 2016 inside target. . They do the paper work first to see if your insurance will cover the cost of the shot. They tell you if it will be covered by insurance or not . If your insurance doesn’t cover it the cost where I went would be 39.00. When all done with paper work they give you your 5.00 gift card and your paper work . Your paper work will be in pharmacy bag they give you when you pick up a prescription. Then you go to the side where they have a chair and a wall that blocks people from seeing you get your shot. It was real easy. The reason I got the shot this year was I got the flu March 2016 and I was really sick. My husband was sick and my son was sick. I had to miss a week of work. It’s not worth it to be so sick when I can just get a shot. I know I still could get sick but not as bad . I am 53 years old and the flu was real hard on me compared to when I was younger.
    Thank you.

    • Holly

      I would like to get a my kids and myself flu shots. It says one per customer for gift card. Should I bring one in at a time?

  9. Tonia

    Does Target in MN give children flu shots?

  10. Sandra

    Offer is NOT valid at most (if not all) CVS Minute Clinics

  11. Terri

    Is target CVS doing the 5 dollar gift card again?
    Or is it over.

    • Mae


      Yes, the CVS pharmacy at Target is still giving the $5 for getting a flu shot. I got mine over the weekend and they gave me a $5.00 off coupon to use at Target for any purchase.

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