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Target: Up to 90% Off Halloween Clearance

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Target Shoppers!

It appears SELECT Target locations now have Halloween items on clearance for a whopping 90% off – including pumpkin buckets, face makeup, costumes and more! OR, you may also find Halloween-related food items and candy marked at up to 70% off!  Note that all items may not be located in the Halloween department, so be sure to look in various sections of the store AND price check, price check, price check!

Here are a few deals you may find…

Plastic Pumpkins 10¢ (reg. $1)


Lindt Chocolates 6 oz. $1.34 (reg. $4.49)


Annie’s Organic Baked or Fruit Bunny Snacks $1.49 (reg. $4.99)
Use the $0.75/1 Annie’s Select Snacks coupon here
Final Cost 74¢!


Halloween Value Makeup Super Set $1 (reg. $10)

Darth Vader Helmet Costume Mask $3 (reg. $30)


Various Costumes 90% Off

(Thanks, Renae!)

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Comments 80

  1. misti

    I got bags of the good candy for a dollar each. Still lots of costumes and candy left. I also picked up the tp deal you posted a couple days ago my store had tons left.

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    • Erin

      Yes, my stores had a TON this year: $1.50 skull cookie jars, .30-$1.20 decorated foam pumpkins, .50-$2.50 fall and Halloween signs, .30 glass beakers, $2 wooden fall wreaths, .20 spray hair color, .99 pjs, .59-.99 Halloween tees, .10 socks, .30 place mats, .15 cups, tons of makeup, trick or treat bags and buckets, costumes, and more! It sounds strange, but thanks, H2S team for not over-posting Halloween clearance deals this year. I think it helps more clearance items stay on the shelf until they hit .90, rather than people running in at 50 and 70 and buying everything up!

  2. debora

    Hi. If anyone this is a 3 off 15 beauty skin or hair care. Target. Code..btrx49knxftbxml. Please post if you use. Expires today

  3. Kate

    My target also had a lot of “fall” and thanksgiving themed items for 90% off. Got Gather sign, wooden leaves, etc for 90% off

    In buffalo, ny

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      SWEET! 🙂

    • Sarah

      Aren’t those wooden leaves great?! I got several bags (70% off) and already have them sprinkled throughout my fall decor and on my table runner. They add shimmer and class. I love them!

  4. Jen

    Got some good deals today. Everything was marked 70% but rang up 90%. My favorite was a ‘happy Halloween’ doormat for $1.29!

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Wow! That is awesome, Jen! 🙂

    • Amy

      Does Target change markdown amounts every day of the week? My store was only 70% I’m not paying $9.00 for a costume. After 70%. I was really hoping for 90% $3.00 is more my speed.

  5. Jini

    I bought some candy for 70% off yesterday. Will they do a price match if I bring in the receipt?

    • Barb

      Candy and food items are usually still at 70% while costumes and decor dropped to 90. Ive never seen candy at 90 but someone correct me if I am wrong.

      • Jackie

        Nope, you are correct. Candy is still 70% also any food items. I know, I wish they would just mark them also 90% off. I wonder why they don’t do that.

  6. Carissa

    My Target is also running 90% some items in the dollar spot. A lot of Finding Dory and other items.

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      YAY!! 🙂

  7. Sam

    It says 70% but ringing up at 90% lots of costume still left at my target.
    Michele’s also have $2 grab bag.

    • Erica (Silly Sidekick)

      Woo Hoo! Thanks for letting us know about the Michaels grab bags.. love those! 🙂

  8. Emilia

    50% candy 70% anything else!every thing almost gone !!

    • Cathy

      My store as well. Only candy left at 50% off was taffy, candy corn and other odd stuff. Not much in costumes either. Stuff does not last at my store. I did find cute Pumpkin shaped cookie cutters for $.49. Yay, me! Lol.

  9. Just Me

    Waaaa! I been stalkin all week and ugg don’t wanna go today.

  10. sara

    We were there first thing this morning and stumbled upon some great stuff!

  11. Kelly

    Lots of Halloween shirts for kids in the regular section, all 90% off. I stocked up for next year – .89 and .69!

    • MommySpendsLess

      The shirts were still marked 50% off at my store and were on a rack in the clothing department so there were a ton left but they were ringing up 90% off. I didn’t get any for my daughter because – based on the last two years – she won’t wear a Halloween shirt enough to justify even $0.69 BUT we did find cute pajamas – a gray shirt with a bat on it that says “hanging around” and purple shorts with bats printed on them – regularly $9.99, on clearance for $0.99 then the 10% off Cat&Jack Cartwheel applied (we were buying another C&J shirt, it was an accident that it attached to the pajamas) – ended up $0.89 for new pajamas that my picky 7yo liked! I also grabbed two costumes for her for next year at $2.50-$3.00 and a costume for a friend’s son for $3.00. And I didn’t even go in thinking about clearance lol

  12. Jamie

    Boo Berry and Franken Berry Cereals were marked down to $.75 at my Target (VA). Most of the boxes had $1.50 off any big G cereal stickers on the boxes.

    I combined the deals to get one of each FREE!

    • Brittany

      Wow! Didn’t notice coupons on the boxes at my store.

      • CAS

        Probably because all the “rude couponers” who take all the Peelies off products. So annoying and especially when they brag about it and sell them on Instagram. Stepping off my soap box 😜

  13. Taya

    Hoping it’s 90% tomorrow in Mn…

    • AmandaN82

      I’m in MN and it’s 90% and 70% at my store today.

    • Kati

      Minnesota Targets: Roseville and the Quarry(NE MPLS) were at 90/50. Lino Lakes was 90/70. Fridley and Shoreview were still 70/50 today.

    • Taya

      Hutchinson still 70/50 I know last year they went 90 hoping they do again.

  14. Indhu

    Anybody knows if it’s 90% in CA?

    • Karen

      It should be, I follow Tina from free stuff finder and she made a post about Target being 90% off. She lives in CA

    • Mommyof4

      Yes in so cal.

  15. Sara

    Anyone know what Wisconsin % off is?

    • sara

      Also looking for Wisconsin locations, wausau/weston??

    • April

      90 percent off decor n costumes and 70 percent off candy.

    • luvtnco

      70% off everything. I found CoffeeMate 32-ounce Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer for .98, Lindor truffles 6-ounce milk and assorted bags for $1.34. Oak Creek Target.

  16. Grandpa

    100% TO YOU Sara

  17. Taya

    Called my mn store and the lady said AROUND THURSDAY it would be 90% off??? Thought all these targets were packing up the stuff sunday or Monday to salvage??

    • Cas

      Don’t ever call, you must go see for yourself! Some Target workers have no idea what they are talking about! Hope you found some goodies!

  18. Shazia

    Worcester MA is 90/70 but quickly clearing out!

  19. Crystal

    The Charlotte NC area is 90/70. Lots of great deals. I found pjs in the kids 4-14 sizes for .99. Boys and girls. Carters baby and toddler pjs too. Lots of candy, costumes and craft stuff. Also random items, Dory, bandaids, scarves and hats, men’s boxers all 90 off too!!

    • Abby

      I was totally hoping for men’s boxers at my store!!! My hubby cracks up over the holiday boxers lol

    • Tara

      I went to the huntersville one and kannapolis and they each had a lot left today

  20. Melissa Rice

    Scored big this morning. Lots of dollar spot pencils, erasers, cookie cutters, candy, Halloween costumes, t-shirts, stickers, notepads, a Spider-Man sweatshirt ( for hubby), some decors, mask kits. I am all set for the next few years!!!

  21. momof4reds

    Mine is all still 70% off in Virginia. There were 3 aisles worth!

    • Benita

      Which party of Va? I’m wondering if Richmond has gone down to 90

      • Sarah

        The Target in Mechanicsville was 90/70

  22. Jsturner1

    Northern Ca was 70/50 this morning

  23. Jackie

    Mine was 90% but the food items were 70%. I have to add the pictures you show are nothing like my target. There is almost nothing left and it’s a total mess. I am impress how neat the pictures are from your target 🎯 post. 😳

  24. Abby

    I was able to get a 100 ct bag of my daughters favorite organic suckers for $2.39
    Two girls shirts for $0.59 each
    Infant sleeper and hat for $0.99
    Infant bib for $0.39
    Children’s socks for $0.10

    Pretty excited for my haul!! I was also able to score my kids Christmas outfits and Christmas Eve pjs with the $10 off $40 and $10 percent Cat and Jack cartwheel which also worked on the clearanced girls shirts!

  25. Liezl

    Would they do price adjustment for the costumes? I bought when it was at 50% off and I still have the receipt…

    • Taya

      Pretty sure they don’t.

    • Erin

      Nope. If they did that, most people would buy at 50 and price adjust when it hits 90.

    • Cas

      Depends on the cashier. Today, the cashier allowed me to return 6 items I purchased at 70% off, and rebuy at 90% off.

  26. Jamie

    I got some bags of m&m’s for 95 cents each and a 3/4 sleeve top with a skeleton hand giving the peace sign for $1.29!
    Don’t forget to use your redcard to save an extra 5% off!

    • Jen

      I grabbed the .95 M&Ms too plus used the $1.50/2 coupon that expires tomorrow!!!!! Also, got my daughter an adorable Halloween Cat&Jack dress for $1.49 less 10% cartwheel.
      $.30 Wolf tails to go with our Great Wolf Lodge ears, “Grateful” placemat for $.90 that I’m turning into a pillow, and tons of desk accessories for $.10 for 3 highlighters, dry erase markers packages, etc. not Halloween themed at all!!!!
      And, Sinful polish for $.59, knitted pink kitty had $.90, pretty smokey blue towels for kitchen with nothing on them for $.90/2 pack!!!!
      Check out the discount meats too…tons of deals in that dept. too!!!!
      Happy Shopping to ALL!!!

  27. Amer0317

    I am in MI and it was only 70% this morning. Bummer.

    • Sarah

      Thanks for posting I’m in Mi too. We always seem to be a day or two behind with clearance sales. Hopefully Sunday or Monday. Fingers crossed!!

  28. Renee Keeney

    Utah Targets stink in regards to clearance…they have gotten stingy.

    • Stephanie

      Oh I so agree! We just moved here from California and I am shocked at what they don’t have and how long it takes to go to 70-90% off. Im pretty sure my store pulls items before 70% because I have gone in the night before at 50% and there are tons and then first thing in the morning and there is hardly anything…another reason I miss California! Lol


    cute dog blankets from dollar spot, reg. $3 I got them 30 cents each!

    • Becky

      I found the .30 dog blankets too!

  30. Roxxy

    I found 32-ounce Coffee Mate Sugar Free Pumpkin Spice coffee creamer and 6-ounce bags of milk chocolate and assorted Lindor Truffles for $1.34. Oak Creek, WI Target.

    • Roxxy

      Coffee creamers were .98

  31. Sheryl Lew

    90% off in San Antonio.

  32. Ming

    Thank you very much! Got lots of awesome items, including costumes and fall decors for $45, which originally cost $300 😱😱😱 i’m super excited!!!! Last year, not many items left! This year, i scored big from both walmart and target 🎉

  33. Natakiesmom

    Anyone know if AZ Targets started 90% today? I might go tomorrow but not if 90% happened today will be all gone.

  34. Joy

    My store in MD was marked 70 but rang up 90% off. Not much left at all. No dollar spot stuff left. They only do 90% off for one day here then it goes off to Goodwill and gets marked back up there.

    • Erin

      I know! Isn’t that crazy? I saw really good quality water pistols at Target for .34 (many of which I bought as party favors) and I happened to be at Goodwill once and saw they were charging $2.XX–and the .34 Target tags were right on them!

  35. Psk

    Everything was sold in sunnyvale, ca store..they had only candies. I got Halloween costume for $2 front babies r us. Thanks Collin for the post.

  36. Euqrfi ocasdij

    90% off in ocala floridq

  37. Taya

    Yay! My target went 90% today. Got a ton of stuff especially costumes!!!

  38. Nora

    Wow! I scored an adult Princess Leia costume and Captain America shirt/helmet for my husband. It was mostly 90% off! So two costumes and child’s mask, spiderwebs,and gel decorations for about $10. On a negative note, I bought some Justin’s dark chocolate peanut butter pumpkins that were 70% off, When I opened the bag the wrappers were all sticky with chocolate – so the bag must have been so hot at one point some of the chocolate melted. I am taking the bag back.

  39. Angie

    The Pillsbury ghost and pumpkin cookies were not labeled, but rang up $.75 today. The pumpkin spice creamer was ringing up deep discount plus there is a 10% cartwheel offer so we got 32 ounce creamer for $.88.

  40. caitlin

    Went yesterday. Brickseek said store was only 70% off, but it was actually 90%. Scored costumes for my son, dollar spot items for arts and crafts/stocking stuffers, and small decor for next year. Also found 2-packs of glass milk bottles for 30 cents!

    • Erin

      Brickseek is so inaccurate. I’d love to know where it’s pulling info from. I checked at least ten different items that I KNEW my stores had, and it said that none of it was available in my area. On a whim, I ran to a store, and it was 90–and all three stores around me had a ton of merchandise. I spent around $60 total and didn’t put a dent anywhere. I got almost every single thing I had been eyeing . . . and then some!

  41. Jaime

    Anyone know if stores in NJ are 90% off?

  42. Indhu

    Store at my place northern ca went 90% today. Got ninjago costume for my 4 and 8 year old for $4 each.5 pumpkins (.3/.8each)
    2 Halloween decoration bucket (.5 each)
    Girls top (.6)

  43. Alysha M.

    I went yesterday, and bought lots of candy and decorations for 10 to 30 cents (including Life of Pets and Finding Dory items)!

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