Kmart: Spend $10 On Smart Sense Items & Get $10 Back In Shop Your Way Points

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Shop Your Way Members! Through January 28th, is offering up 100% back in points when you spend $10 or more on select Smart Sense products! Points will be awarded the next day and will be valid for 14 days. This offer is available both online and in store….

Smart Sense For Cold Drinks Party Cups 50 CT
Only $2.70

Smart Sense Variety Snack Pack Potato Chips 20 OZ
Only $5.99

Smart SenseSmart Sense Original Pretzel Sticks 16 oz. 
Only $1.49

Smart Sense Purified Water 24 Pack, 16.9 fl oz each
Only $2.29

Smart Sense Medium House Blend Ground Coffee 34.5 OZ
Only $5.99

Smart Sense Product Deal Idea:

Buy Smart Sense Purified Water 24 Pack, 16.9 fl oz each $2.29
Buy Smart Sense For Cold Drinks Party Cups 50 CT  $2.70
Buy Smart Sense Variety Snack Pack Potato Chips 20 OZ  $5.99
Total = $10.98
Final cost $10.98 + get back $10 in Shop your Way Points!

Choose free in-store pickup, if available at a store near you OR score free shipping with a $30+ order on select items. Be sure to check your Shop Your Way Coupons as you may have a coupon for even more savings! Get exclusive Shop Your Way deals! Add Hip2Save as your personal shopper!

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(Thanks, Brandice!)

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Comments 71

  1. Cj

    So, it needs to be in $10 increments?

    • kayla

      No it just has to be $10. So if you spend $11 you will get $11 back

    • Michelle

      No any amount over $10… I spent 26.98 and got that exact amount back…

    • Katie

      No it just has to be at least $10. I have done this deal about 10 times last week.

      • Cj

        But the example above only has them receiving $10 in pts after spending $10.98.

  2. Sharon Smith

    Can you use points to buy the items and then get points back?

  3. Cindy

    You cannot use points to pay or you won’t get points back.

  4. Sue

    Be careful, I made a purchase $11.35 and they didn’t have one of my items putting me under $10, therefore they didn’t award me my points.

    • Sue

      This was an online order, so best option is to make the purchase at the store.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh bummer! Sorry to hear that Sue!

  5. Liz

    Can you do more than one transaction?

  6. Schuwoman

    I went into the store and stocked up on: paper plates, bowls & cups (variety), toilet paper, gallon & sandwich size baggies, kleenex/ tissues, flavored waters etc… spent $150 and I got $150 back in points. There were so many more options than just paper product in the store: medicine, coffee, chips, water…

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great buys! Thanks for sharing your score!

  7. QueenBaca

    I’m so sad that my Kmart is closing!!๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜ญ

    • MP

      Both of my K Mart & Sears are closing.

  8. Melissa S


    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

  9. Cynthia F Stacey

    So you cannot use syw pts to purchase is what you are saying – I have about 165 in pts already

    • LindaS

      Cynthia, you can use syw points to buy but you will not get points back if you use points

  10. Marie

    Any idea why I have over $50 of Smart Sense products worth in my cart and I am not getting free shipping at checkout?

    • Kathy

      Maria I tried for days to find free shipping on smart sense items. I have to pick my items up at the store.

    • Niki

      I’m having the same issue. The products show the are eligible for free shipping but then charge me shipping. I’ve tried many different products. I finally gave up…no Kmart in my area. Oh well, maybe next time.

    • Melanie

      A lot of the items don’t qualify for free shipping, especially paper products and cleaning supplies and food.

    • Nita

      I have the same question. I just became a ShopYourWay Max member for the free shipping. I had about $100 worth of items in my cart and they were ALL “Max Eligible”. Only 4 of the items (in varying quantities) in my cart said they would ship for free. I was being charged $30 for shipping for the other items. Some items could be picked up in store, so I changed those to pick up, but some items were not available at my store, so I just had to remove those from my cart. I am confused about the Free Shipping for Max members.

      • Kathy

        I’m not sure paying for max is worth it. I’ve tried numerous times to spend my points on things to have them shipped and a lot of items aren’t eligible for shipping. My store is 2 hrs away. I have had the paper plates shipped before. Now they aren’t eligible.

        • Juanita

          Yea, I thought it could be great for the free shipping, but determining what is free shipping is frustrating. I signed up for the free trial for Shop your way Max, but I probably won’t continue that membership when the trial is over after my problems with shipping.

    • Nita

      Another weird thing about the shipping was that I ordered 2 different sizes of the same style/design paper plate and 1 shipped for free and the other did not. Don’t know why????

  11. Sarah

    I’ve done this twice now. First time spent ~$30, second time spent almost $70. It takes a half to a full day for Points to credit. Points can be used in anything, so a great way to get a larger ticket item and stock up the pantry. I have tp, paper towels, disposable plates, utensils, snacks, baking supplies, and more. I needed a new waffle maker & want to get some other house decor…which I can now get for free with my points.๐Ÿ‘Œ

  12. Kelly

    Is this good at all Kmart’s even the ones that are closing?

    • Melanie

      No, once they are set to close they don’t give points any more and you can no longer take anything back for a refund or return.

      • Kelly

        Thanks for the info Melanie! Saved me a trip ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Trisha abrahamson

      Mine is closing and i still got $40 back in points on a smart sense order I placed in store.

  13. ali.c

    Spent $105 got $102 back. Just did free grocery shopping lol

    • Bethany

      Not really “free” since points don’t roll. Even the clerks at the store say it’s essentially 50% off once you figure in what you pay OOP.

      • Princess

        It’s actually free if you were planning on spending a specific amount at Kmart or Sears anyway. Let’s say someone was planning on buying a $50.00 dresser prior to knowing about this promotion. That person would have paid $50.00 oop for said dresser, but with this offer they can get $50.00 worth of groceries and use the $50.00 they were going to spend anyhow and then earn $50.00 back in points. Now that person has their dresser and $50.00 worth of free groceries. So yes it is free!!! It’s a great deal for those that were going to be spending more than $10.00 at Kmart, Sears, or Land’s End because you will now gain free items.

        • D. Lynn

          True, thanks Princess for the explanation.

  14. Jen

    can you buy gift cards with points?

    • Bethany


  15. Jennifer

    As mentioned in previous comments, I have not been able to secure free shipping on any Smart Sense items either with MAX membership or otherwise until tonight. I was able to make two different orders for Smart Sense Kitchen Trash Bags (19.99) and the free shipping did come up on each order, although it wouldn’t let me order them both at the same time (would not let me choose a quantity greater than 1). Hope that this works for others.

    • Amanda

      Did u get free shipping using just one packagets and a filler? Or just by itself? Thanks!!

      • Amanda

        Meant package but my tablet sometimes throws in extra letters.

        • Jennifer

          ๐Ÿ™‚ it was just by itself. My total was $19.99 plus tax

          • Amanda

            Thanks! I’ll give it a try.

            • Amanda

              I don’t know if this will work for others…but yesterday I was able to order 7 baby wipes and 2 boxes of linen dryer sheets and got free MAX shipping, thought I’d mention it because I was having a heck of a time getting free shipping on $30 to work for me. The wipes are the smaller individual baby wipes.

    • Niki

      Thanks!! I was able to order these!!

  16. Jen

    Does anyone know if they do this every year?

  17. Jen

    Ok, so if I buy something online for store pick up, should I see my points 24 hours after I place the order or 24 hours after I pick up in store? I placed an order for paper towels and I haven’t picked them up yet. This was a couple days ago and I haven’t received my points yet. I want to place another order so I can pick everything up at once, but not if I will end up not receiving my points. Anyone know when I am suppose to receive them?

    • Nita

      I did read where it says points are awarded after pick up. I placed my order Friday night and my points showed up today (Sunday). I haven’t picked my stuff up yet though. My points showed up before I picked up last time I ordered also. I have had to call Customer service LOTS in the past. They have always been accommodating and added the points manually.

      • Jen

        Thank you! Yes, I am thankful that their customer service seems to be very accommodating and willing to adjust points manually without giving you a big hassle. Thanks again for answering me!

  18. Kristi

    Points will be awarded after picking the order up from the store.

    • Jen

      Thank you!

  19. Lel

    Is the soft double roll TP comparable to cottonelle or scotts soft?

    • D. Lynn

      Kmart didn’t have the ‘soft’ they only had the ‘Ultra Strong’ TP (says longer lasting rolls & septic safe) double rolls in stock when I was there to do this deal a couple of days ago. My husband tried it for the first time and we both think it is very comparable to other name brands (I don’t know about specific to Cottonelle or Scotts brand).

  20. Nicki

    Can I use my points to then buy milk and other groceries? I guess I mean is their any exclusions you can’t use them on. Like clearance items or milk and eggs? Thanks!!

    • Princess

      Yes you can. I’m not sure about alcohol, but everything else can be purchased with points (except gift cards and lottery tickets). When paying with points they are treated like any other payment method.

      • Nicki

        Thanks! I’m new to this an didn’t want to look crazy at the register thinking I could get things with points and holding up the line!! Our budget is always so tight so every penny counts!! Do they run these points on their products frequently?

  21. dana

    Was told they are changing out the name/packaging. So, if you are on the fence i would purchase now. When they are gone…the are gone for good. My store had some bare shelves just last week and the deal had not been going on very long. I have placed MULTIPLE orders. Every employee at my store knows me AND my family by our first names!! I need a “Deal Shopper” support group!!!!

    • Nicki

      I’m a deal shopper too!! Just discovered this site and trying to figure out how this point stuff really works!! Thanks for the information. Any pointers are helpful!!

      • dana

        I have placed most of my orders on line and picked up at the store. However, I did pick pick up some of the Smart Sense items in the store and was able to use the points earned on a separate order.

        • Nicki

          Do they run this type of deals often?

          • dana

            They run 100% back in points on various things throughout the year but I don’t recall there being many/any on grocery items. They were running a deal before Christmas on various grocery items giving 100% in points but it was different brands. I picked up some things but my store only had one little shelf of items and the items had a huge markup! Most of the time the higher point return is on electronics and such. I think i ended up one year with 25 Nakamichi headphones!
            All of my family, friends, unexpected birthday parties, and Christmas donation boxes got headphones…most more than one pair!!!!!

        • Tinq

          Do u still get your points when you do that. I’m
          N the 2nd deal I mean.

          • dana

            When I placed two orders at the store? I did, but I may have had some surprise points that were used I was not aware of. If you are not in a hurry while at the store,
            just purchase only your items that are giving you 100%– in this case the Smart Sense brand items and then step over to the side and look at our receipt. It should tell you what points you have available.

  22. Meghan

    I’m having a big Birthday party for my husband on Saturday so this will be great to use for the supplies I still need and get “fun stuff” later with my points! Thank you much!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      How exciting! You’re so welcome Meghan! Happy Birthday to your husband!

  23. Bonnie Avery

    I’m sure they are changing house brand name…in a few spaces, I saw items that have “Image” on them, same product, different logo. I’ve generally used any points I’ve earned for pet food & supplies. I’m going to buy it anyway and Kmart’s prices on pet products are reasonable even without the points. One thing I’m wondering can I use these points at Sears or Land’s end?

    • Princess


  24. AA

    I shopped in store with friend a few days ago. Neither of us got any points back. Bought 2 packs of the SS paper towels and 2 packs of SS toilet paper, both orders were over $10. Sale was also posted in the store.

    • D. Lynn

      They do say that the points will usually show up within 24 hours but may take longer. If you have a problem you can always call the customer care number and they usually work with the customer. I have bought SS twice this week and within 24 hours or so the points all showed up (I even used KMART APP COUPONS and scored even better deals with money off my purchase).

  25. Rasheta

    My question is can I use store coupons with SS promo and still get points back?? E.g $10 off $30 Storewide purchase

  26. Nita

    Has anyone purchased something using their earned points and then had to return that item AFTER the points expiration date? If so, can you return and get your points back to use on another purchase or do you just lose those points? I purchased something that is to be given as a gift, but may need to be returned after the 14 day expiration date. Just curious if it would even be possible if needed.

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