Target Shoppers! *HOT* Market Pantry Large Dozen Eggs ONLY 39¢

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Market Pantry Eggs WOWIE! Cheap Eggs for Easter! 🐰 🥚

If you’re a Target shopper, you may be excited about this new AND high value 50% off Market Pantry 12-count Large Eggs Cartwheel offer, valid through 4/9. Note that this offer does exclude Market Pantry egg substitutes, other package sizes, and is void in AK, AZ, HI.

Market Pantry Eggs

Market Pantry Large Dozen Eggs 79¢ (regular price – may vary by region)
Use the 50% off Market Pantry 12-count Large Eggs Cartwheel (thru 4/9) – will deduct 40¢
Final cost ONLY 39¢!

Also, just a reminder that you can use this cartwheel up to 4 times, which means you can score FOUR dozen eggs for ONLY $1.56 total! SO awesome!!

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  1. Jessica

    They’re always sold out when I try to get them on sale. Hopefully there will be some left tomorrow.

    • Marie

      Kroger has them 99 cents for 18 this week

  2. Princess

    Thank you. Perfect timing for Easter. I love the leftover boiled eggs to use for tuna, egg salad, deviled eggs, potato salad.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome!

  3. Lindsey

    These eggs, like all cheap eggs, are Incredibly cruel. They come from hens who spend their entire lives in battery cages, unable to even spread their wings. They never see sunshine or peck in the grass, and they are slaughtered when they are “spent,” typically at about 1.5 years old. Their brothers are ground up alive shortly after birth. Please buy pasture-raised eggs and not battery-cage eggs. The eggs look clean and appealing, but their appearance hides the terrible truth.

    • Kidsallgone


    • K

      Not everyone can afford to spend $3 for a dozen cage-free eggs.

      • Laura

        I know I can’t

      • Lindsey

        Or you could just skip eating eggs. I don’t buy eggs anymore. It’s a personal choice, I know, but so many people don’t know how hens are treated on most farms.

        • esmer

          I use to own chickens, know how they are treated in the farms and I still eat cheap eggs. Lol. It is what it is. This is a great deal!

          • Kelly

            “it is what it is”.. that’s a terrible attitude. Karma.

            • Laurn

              You should not wish karma on someone. Do you know what you’re saying, basically wishing that person who is eating those cheap eggs to get sick or a loved one. That is how karma can get back too them for too them not purchasing those eggs. Is that what you want?

              It is what it is is not a bad saying. It can be applied to many things. A lot of people use it to get through hard times in their life. Like how my husband’s niece was sick with cancer for years and died very recently from it at just a couple years. Him saying it is what is is and sometimes there is nothing you can do is a good way to cope with things that are out of someone’s control. Usually it helps with keeping them sane. It helps a lot of you can not think negatively about things all the time. Something as simple as cruelty towards animals is minor compared to problems that all people eventually will have.

              But idk. I guess wishing someone I’ll over eggs is okay.

              • esmer

                Yep. That’s exactly what I meant. It is what it is and unfortunately it won’t change. Animals are treated that way so people can eat. Are we going to stop eating the animals too? Sure, some people choose to. Most don’t. I surely won’t stop.

            • Julia L.

              I agree with you, Kelly! And to Laurn: the mention of karma isn’t Kelly wishing ill will towards someone. It’s obviously a reminder that karma is cyclical in nature. Your attitude that animal cruelty is “simple” in comparison to “real problems” is appalling. Animal cruelty is a very real problem. Please don’t ever get a pet.

            • esmer

              I’m not sure how that’s a terrible attitude. What I meant by ” it is what it is” is that unfortunately they are treated that way and I can’t change that. I don’t choose how they are treated. I grew up seeing animals slaughtered in front of me so my family could eat so I guess I’m not as sensitive to know how they are treated. It doesn’t mean I’m pro animal cruelty. It just means that it is what it is and I can’t change that. ( Nope me buying $6 dozen eggs won’t change that.)

            • Annie

              Amen Julia L.! Attitude is a big part of the problems in the world today. Some are nonchalant about everything or just don’t care about problems in society…even the ones right under their nose.

      • Trineke

        Cage free are $6+ a dozen here. “regular eggs” are about $2.99 and that’s a good price, generally run about $3.79
        a dozen.

        • zena

          I’m guessing you live in CA like me… so expensive! 🙁

      • Sue

        I have 3 chickens. I have had them for 11 years. Let’s just say they don’t lay quite as frequently but… I could never slaughter them. They live in their coup they get clean straw and water, plenty of food. They are “pets”. Heck I was worried about them getting cold this winter so I put their coup in my garage. I think people should buy , free range eggs. Ever have farm fresh eggs? Try local places for eggs. my mom has 40 chickens and sells her eggs for $2.00 a doz. Spending a little extra on eggs getting quality product is worth it. They are much healthier. Look up the research.

    • !&!;$$;$

      You know that this is still going to happen even if you get the people on hip2save to change to cage free. I am not saying I like what they do. I definitely dont. But it’s like trying to get everyone you know to stop eating meat. It’s not going to end animal cruelty. It happens either way. Plus I wouldn’t be surprised if bad things happens to the one who are “cage free”.

    • Rosie

      I’ll spring a couple extra bucks to buy organic, cage-free eggs. It’s worth it to me, because what you are consuming is a DIRECT byproduct of that creature, and if it’s pumped full of hormones and who knows what else, you are consuming that directly. Non-organic eggs are terrible for your body, and those birds are tortured. Consider “splurging” for your own well-being, if not for theirs.

      • Katrina

        I hate to admit, but I always buy cheap eggs for Easter, because we just dye and don’t eat them (hard boiled eggs have always made me gag) .😶 I buy cage free at $6 a pop, for consumption, the rest of the year.

    • Proudmommaof6

      If that’s the case then why do eat eggs at all. They are babies and eating them is cruel. Drinking milk is also cruel, eating meat is cruel as well. My point is you should let people decide for themselves instead of preaching. I eat cheap eggs and enjoy every minute of it when I’m eating them.

    • Laurn

      I have many pets that are loved and very well taken care of. The whole world of animals that are not my own are out of my control. Is it Heartbreaking? Yes. My point is you can’t stop it no matter what. If you want to buy expensive eggs whatever. But whenever there is a post and someone adds in a comment like she did about cruelty to the chickens others like to state their opinion as well. Just because I know about the harm done to animals and I buy that carton of eggs that were from farm chickens are not going to save the billion others that are in captivity.

    • Denise

      God put these animals on earth for us to eat they are not pets. It is unfortunate that they have to be slaughtered this way but we do have to eat. It is not what we put into our bodies that make us unholy or unclean it is what comes out of our mouths because …that is from the heart

  4. Susan Walters

    UGH – Can’t load to card!

    • Candace

      I had to be logged in. I went to view my list, then checked for the offer, and it worked. But I am on a desktop. HTH.

  5. Nee

    Wow! 79 cents eggs at regular price is amazing. Here in CA, it’s 1.99.

    • Shirley

      Same no add button to click.

      • Jen

        No add button to click, too.

        • hong

          No add button to click, too

          • Jen

            ok. I went directly through the app and searched “eggs” and it came up. However, there was no add button when searching on the website.

          • Marie

            Put the word “eggs” in the search bar above and it will appear. Then you can add it.

    • Me

      I was going to second that that is an amazing price. I am also in CA. Eggs are NEVER that cheap unless they are at the expiration date and they are trying to clear them out @ $.99!

      • Qgirlfriend

        Yeah, there is no way these will be anything close to .79 at my CA store, hopefully cheap enough to pick up a couple. 🙂

    • Trineke

      $2.99 a dozen here in Kansas Target’s right now.

  6. Sue

    I tried to load it says not available.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hmm, I was just able to add it. Maybe wait a bit and check back again to see if it becomes available for you.

  7. Laura

    Walmart and Aldi has similar prices if you have those stores in your area.

    • mary

      I pay 0.39 for a dozen of eggs at Aldi all the time. No coupon needed, no headache 😀

      • Mel

        Egg prices vary. Not everyone has Aldis’. And WM is almost $2 where I’m at for a dozen. As much as we go through eggs, I’ll jump through hoops going to Target & using CW to get them this cheap!!

      • Steph

        Shopping at Aldi IS the headache! I hate that store! 🙂

    • Happymama

      Thanks for commenting. I grabbed 4 dozen at Fresh Thyme yesterday – they were b1g1free. For me, shopping at Target always ends up costing me $30 every time lol!

    • CW

      Just got back from Aldi, they were 1.09/doz

    • V

      Bought eggs at Walmart in Iowa for $0.38 last week.

      • thanks!

        I live in iowa too!

  8. sa

    I did this deal this morning. My target had the eggs for .64 cents each. I bought 8 dozen and only paid 2.50 after bag discount and 5% for target debit and cartwheel.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Great score! Thanks for sharing!

      • Angela

        Does this mean you can use the cartwheel more than 4x?

  9. Dwilson19

    Wish eggs were that price here. My store in FL is 2.67 for 12ct.

  10. Aquamarine

    How do you use this cartwheel offer multiple times? Can you put them all through the same transaction and they all automatically get the cartwheel offer? Or do you have to do separate transactions for each cartwheel discount to apply?

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      The Cartwheel offer will automatically apply to up to four qualifying items per transaction.

  11. Kristy

    I saw a sneak peek of target’s ad for next week. Eggs will be 2/$1 but I’m not sure what region that will be in. Probably not mine with my luck 😔

  12. Denise

    Is this a one time use

    • Mel

      CW will apply to 4 items per transaction. You can scan your CW barcode up to 6 times a day, to get a max of 24 items. But your store can always limit quantity.

  13. Leanne

    My sweet neighbor who has free range chickens GIVES me two dozen every week. Bless him. 🤗

    • thanks!

      That’s awesome! I’m pretty jealous!

      • Cat

        That is way awesome! I’m a little jealous too! 😉

  14. CourtneyFranklin

    I got two dozen today but my eggs are on sale for $.69 so even better deal thank you!

  15. Lynn

    Funny my egg deal expires 4/8/17

    • Deb

      Mine also expires 4/8.

  16. Imran

    at my Target (1793, 918) they are only $0.59 so $0.29 after cartwheel

  17. Pat

    I don’t shop at Walmart anymore. they never let you use coupons. If I buy four products and try to use 4 coupons (they don’t have a limit) they only let me use two or the last time it was one like coupon per transaction. I would have had to stand in line again to buy another tide if I wanted to use a coupon. I am through with them.

    • medicinehatpainthorse

      That’s ridiculous. If you have a copy of their coupon policy with you (like keep it in your purse), you could show it to the cashier or supervisor if they try this baloney. =P

      • thanks!

        I’ve tried showing them the policy and highlighting the part(s) that apply to me, but they don’t care. I don’t shop at Walmart unless I absolutely have too.

  18. candace

    Egg prices are going to depend on the state. Wisconsin fluctuates but my last cartons on special were 29 cents. Usually we can range 29 to 89 cents. I was getting free eggs from my sisters chickens and I will tell you they are SO much more flavorful. They also made so many eggs she couldn’t keep up. She just doesn’t have any right now though.

    • Tiggy

      Yes, in WI I have been getting eggs the past month for .39-.49 at Piggly Wiggly. I have had to stop buying them because I have a bit of a “stock pile” and we really don’t go through them all that quickly.

      • Candace

        Yes! I kept getting the look from my husband when I came home with a carton…but they were 29 cents! I would do something with the whole carton like make deviled eggs or make freezer egg cups for breakfast sandwiches.

  19. Karen

    If you have Kroger store near you, this week (here in Colorado) they have 18 egg cartons for $0.99 each

  20. Stephanie

    Ours were $.49. After Cartwheel, I paid $.24 each. I bought 4 dozen for under a dollar 🙂

  21. Mariana

    I always buy organic eggs and the reason is because i care about the animals, the planet and the health of my kids. I spend double sometimes but i know it’s worth it. People spent more money buying donuts, potato chips or stuff they don’t need. If everyone thinks that only because of one person they’re not gonna stop animal cruelty, destroying the planet with GMO food, getting everyone sick and don’t do nothing, they will never stop. But instead if everyone thinks that you can do your part, and help our planet, eventually they’ll stop.

    • J

      Well good for you. Just because someone can’t afford free range eggs doesn’t mean they’re spending their money on junk food. You should be grateful you’re able to afford such “luxuries” since some people struggle to keep their family fed.

    • Nicole

      I love that all you people buy into media hype of how animals are treated, unless youve actually worked at one of these locations i suggest you shut your mouth. You can make your own decisions but dont try and guilt trip others. These animals are bred solely as a feed crop and that is their purpose to me. i have worked with chickens in the past in a free range setting and they’re not intelligent, most would not even care for their young, so i dont have much empathy for them.

  22. Abby Chugden

    Strange…it doesn’t come up for me.

  23. zena

    Anyone been to a store in Los Angeles? How much are they? Are they on sale this week? Trying to save gas and save myself a trip because prices are never this low here. TiA

    • Kristin

      I’m in Northern Ca and I am pretty sure eggs are still $2.something a dozen.

    • Kevin

      check the target app and select your store to see prices. im in socal and my stores are 1.49 before cartwheel

  24. Amber

    Cage free means they are still in a building and do not get to go outside. Free range means they are free to go outside. The best kept chickens are free range that are able to have green pasture to eat. In order to have that, the chickens pasture would have to be rotated. So free range are the way to go.

  25. Allison 💙

    Y’all. It’s a good deal. If you don’t buy eggs, then don’t comment. Collin isn’t the chicken police. She’s just trying to save us a buck. If we boycotted everything we didn’t agree with, we’d all live off the grid with gardens and farm animals….. No need for drama 🤣

    • zahra kanji


    • Sarah

      Lol! Amen!!!! Chicken police made me chuckle.

      • Allison 💙

        Glad I could make you laugh lol

    • Jess

      Can’t agree more… lol I can’t believe somebody’s was saying karma up there. Maybe she’s not cruel to animals but at least bad manner. Way off topic for a good deal…

    • rosana

      Agreed! Lol

    • Maggie

      Seriously! I agree!

    • Mourrene

      So true. I appreciated the educational aspects of some of the posts because I never thought about the chickens or how they were treated. My concern would be if I paid $6 for free range eggs is how long would they last? I always thought organic foods tend to go bad faster. I think people should do what’s in their heart and what they can afford. I’m sure most people do the best they can and it may not include being able to buy more expensive eggs. As someone who is judged a lot by a friend with a higher income and a propensity for organic, higher cost foods in the name of health, it’s annoying to be criticized just because my financial status and viewpoint are different. I’m glad Collin posted the deal because eggs are expensive in my area. I will try to hit target so I can get some.

    • Laura

      Agreed! We need a “like” button on this site

  26. Gret

    Eggs at the dollar tree are only $1 for a dozen. Also check out the Asian supermarkets, if there’s one in your area. They are usually $1.99/dozen. Good lucky guys.

    • Allison 💙

      The eggs at the Dollar Tree aren’t bad either! We’ve tried them once. I’d completely forgotten that they had them! (We get ours at Aldi for around 60¢)

  27. hip2trade

    18 Ct eggs at Walmart are .44 cents in my area..and .30 cents for the dozen.

    • hip2trade

      Large eggs btw

  28. eggzellent

    If you Buy alot of eggs at once and worry about them staying fresh or wasting may I suggest cooking them and freezing them. I notice they sell them precooked and frozen which costs alot more than fresh eggs. Anyway a suggestion for buying in bulk and saving for later.

  29. heidi

    I guess they are just not letting it be added anymore – as I searched for it and it does not come up.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Hmm, I am still able to add the offer when clicking through the link above. If in your app, maybe try grabbing it on a desktop. Hope this helps!

      • heidi

        I am on a desk top and searched both eggs and market pantry – it comes up but not place to add it. Frustrating.

        • heidi

          even tried another browser

      • heidi

        All the sudden it worked – thanks – just so weird

  30. Denise

    Aldi has eggs for 25 cents now

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  31. Karen

    I prefer to eat eggs produced by cage free /organically/ pasture raised chickens. I believe they taste better . They do cost a lot more than traditional eggs. I don’t buy eggs often but when I do I figure $4 for a dozen eggs is cheaper than one junky meal at a fast food place.

  32. dealhousewife

    Whew! Eggs are never that cheap here. (MI) Aldi prices vary so much by region too – they’re over $1/doz by me (at Aldi & Target). The best price right now is $0.99/18ct of lg eggs at Kroger.
    Also, the link brings up eggs, but no “add” button for me. I just tried searching “eggs” on my laptop & no MP eggs showed up. I searched on my app & it came up – expiring April 8th – Saturday.

  33. Mary

    I went yesterday and the eggs are .99 not .79 but still a good deal

  34. Cathy

    99 cents in central CA so 50 cents with cartwheel, that’s a good deal! Thanks!

  35. Paula

    $1.99 in Northern California but for us $.99 is good. Used Ibotta to get them for $.74

  36. Imran

    Did anyone saved the cartwheel it said it expired 4/9

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