Costco Members! 30 NEW Deals Worth Snagging This Month (FILA Shoes, Cottonelle & More)

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If you’re a Costco member, there are lots of great deals to be had this month! Through June 25th, you can score nice Instant Savings deals that are worth making a special trip for! You can score great deals on oral-care items, shoes & sandals, snacks, cleaning supplies, napkins, toilet paper and much MORE!

Here are 30 GREAT Costco deals I spotted…

1.) Crest Pro-Health Mouthwash 2pk 1.5L each $6.49 (reg. $9.49)
  • Costco: 6¢ per ounce after Instant Savings!
  • Amazon: 12¢ per ounce with Prime Pantry after the $1 off coupon
  • Target: 12¢ per ounce

2.) Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser 44oz Total $15.99 (reg. $19.99)
  • Costco: 36¢ per ounce after Instant Savings!
  • Amazon: 57¢ per ounce after Subscribe & Save
  • Target: As low as 58¢ per ounce

3.) Q-Tips Cotton Swabs 1875ct $6.49 (reg. $8.99)
  • Costco: $0.003 per swab after Instant Savings!
  • Amazon: As low as $0.004 per swab after previous sale!
  • Target: As low as $0.003 per swab after gift card & previous sale!

4.) Neutrogena Rainbath Shower Gel 40oz $12.99 (reg. $16.99)
  • Costco: 32¢ per ounce after Instant Savings!
  • Amazon: 57¢ per ounce
  • Target: 50¢ per ounce

5.) Nexxus Therappe Shampoo or Humectress Conditioner 44oz $11.99 (reg. $16.99)

-Be sure to look for bottles with a FREE 3oz Nexxus samples attached!

  • Costco: 27¢ per ounce after Instant Savings plus FREE sample!
  • Amazon: As low as 36¢ per ounce after previous sale!
  • Target: As low as 49¢ per ounce after $5 gift card (when you buy 2 this week)

6.) Schiff Digestive Advantage Probiotic Gummies 120ct $15.49 (reg. $19.49)
  • Costco: 13¢ per gummy after Instant Savings
  • Amazon: 19¢ per gummy
  • Target: As low as 21¢ per gummy

7.) Schiff Melatonin Ultra 3mg 365ct Tablets $5.49 (reg. $7.49)
  • Costco: 1.5¢ per tablet after Instant Savings
  • Amazon: As low as 3¢ per tablet
  • Walmart: As low as 3¢ per tablet

8.) Schiff Move Free Ultra Triple Action Tablets 75ct $17.99 (reg. $23.99)
  • Costco: 24¢ per tablet after Instant Savings
  • Amazon: As low as 47¢ per tablet after Subscribe & Save
  • Target: As low as 48¢ per tablet

9.) Kellogg’s Despicable Me 80ct Fruit Snacks $6.99 (reg. $9.99)
  • Costco: 9¢ per pouch after Instant Savings
  • Target: Regularly 22¢ per pouch (or 15¢ during a sale!)
  • Amazon: Not worth mentioning

10.) Nature Valley Sweet & Salty Granola Bars 48ct $8.99 (reg. $12.79)
  • Costco: 19¢ per bar after Instant Savings
  • Target: As low as 42¢ per bar
  • Amazon: As low as 42¢ per bar

11.) FILA Men’s & Women’s Trail Shoes $19.99
  • Costco: $19.99
  • Kohl’s: $39.99 with great reviews (regularly $49.99)!

12.) Khombu Men’s & Women’s River Sandals $11.99 (reg. $14.99)

I could not find an exact price comparison, but if you’re in need of river shoes, these were pretty comfy and seemed like a great price! Plus, they have great reviews on!

13.) Ocean Spray Craisins 64oz $4.89 (reg. $8.89)
  • Costco: 7.6¢ per ounce after Instant Savings
  • Target: As low as 7.9¢ per ounce during a previous sale
  • Amazon: As low as 66¢ per ounce after Subscribe & Save

14.) Sheila G’s Chocolate Chip Brownie Brittle 16oz Buy 1 at $6.79, Get 1 Free

NOTE: There is a $1.50/2 Ibotta offer that appears to work for these larger bags even though it states 5oz bags (I am guessing it means 5oz or larger since Costco is a participating store for this rebate and doesn’t sell the smaller bags).

  • Costco: 17¢ per ounce after Instant Savings and Ibotta
  • Amazon: As low as 66¢ per ounce after Subscribe & Save
  • Target: Regularly 70¢ per ounce

15.) Hellmann’s Mayonnaise 64oz $4.99 (reg. $6.99)
  • Costco: 7.8¢ per ounce after Instant Savings
  • Amazon: As low as 13¢ per ounce after Subscribe & Save
  • Target: Regularly 19¢ per ounce

16.) Heinz Picnic Pack 4pk $4.99 (reg. $7.99)

-Includes (2) 32oz Ketchup bottles, (1) 26oz Sweet Relish bottle and (1) 28oz Yellow Mustard bottle

  • Costco: 4.2¢ per ounce after Instant Savings
  • Walmart: 10.3¢ per ounce
  • Amazon: As low as 15¢ per ounce

17.) Salem Baking Meyer Lemon Moravian Cookie Thins 20oz $4.99 (reg. $6.99)
  • Costco: 25¢ per ounce after Instant Savings
  • Amazon: As low as 74¢ per ounce

18.) Nature’s Path Organic Love Crunch Granola 26.4oz $3.99 (reg. $6.99)
  • Costco: 15¢ per ounce after Instant Savings
  • Target: 32¢ per ounce
  • Amazon: As low as 52¢ per ounce

19.) Boomchickapop Kettle Corn 23oz Buy 1 at $5.89, Get 1 Free
  • Costco: 12.8¢ per ounce after Instant Savings
  • Amazon: As low as 40¢ per ounce
  • Target: As low as 47¢ per ounce

20.) Organic Late July Snacks Sea Salt Tortilla Chips 28oz $3.99
  • Costco: 14¢ per ounce after Instant Savings
  • Walmart: 42¢ per ounce

21.) POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice 60oz $5.99
  • Costco: 10¢ per ounce after Instant Savings
  • Walmart: Regularly 22¢ per ounce (in-store only)
  • Target: Regularly 23¢ per ounce (in-store only)

22.) Dannon Danimals Drinkable Yogurts 36ct $6.69 (reg. $9.99)
  • Costco: 18.5¢ per yogurt after Instant Savings
  • Walmart: Regularly 36¢ per yogurt
  • Target: Regularly 47¢ per yogurt

23.) Finish Max in 1 PLUS Dishwasher Tabs 110ct $11.89 (reg. $15.89)

-Now comes with tabs that you don’t need to unwrap the plastic before putting in the dishwasher!

  • Costco: 10.8¢ per tablet after Instant Savings
  • Walmart: Regularly 20¢ per tablet (for Max in 1 Regular)
  • Amazon: As low as 20¢ per tablet (for Max in 1 Regular)

24.) Vanity Fair Everyday Lunch Napkins 660ct $6.49 (reg. $8.49)
  • Costco: $0.009 per napkin after Instant Savings
  • Target: As low as 1.9¢ per napkin
  • Amazon: As low as 2¢ per napkin

25.) Cottonelle Ultra ComfortCare 2-ply Bath Tissue 45ct $16.99
  • Costco: 1.3¢ per square foot after Instant Savings and 50¢ Ibotta
  • Amazon: As low as 2¢ per square foot after $1.50 coupon and Subscribe & Save
  • Target: As low as 3¢ per square foot

26.) Cottonelle Flushable Cleansing Cloths 504ct $11.99 (reg. $15.49)
  • Costco: 2¢ per wipe after Instant Savings and 50¢ Ibotta
  • Amazon: As low as 2¢ per wipe after Subscribe & Save
  • Target: As low as 4¢ per wipe

27.) Ziploc Variety Pack 347ct $10.79 (reg. $13.54)

-Includes 52 Gallon Storage Bags, 50 Quart Storage Bags, 125 Sandwich Bags & 120 Snack Bags

28.) Dixie Ultra 10 1/16″ Paper Plates 186ct $12.99 (reg. $16.49)
  • Costco: 7¢ per plate after Instant Savings!
  • Amazon: 10¢ per plate after Subscribe & Save
  • Target: As low as 11¢ per plate

29.) Swiffer Dusters Refills 24ct $11.79 (reg. $14.79)
  • Costco: 49¢ per refill plus free handle after Instant Savings!
  • Amazon: 73¢ per refill plus free handle
  • Target: 80¢ per refill only

30.) Zone Perfect Variety Pack Nutrition Bars 24ct $11.49 (reg. $16.99)
  • Costco: 48¢ per bar after Instant Savings
  • Amazon: As low as 85¢ per bar after Subscribe & Save
  • Target: As low as 96¢ per bar

Written by Mary for Hip2Save. Mary is a proud mom to 3 kids in Austin, TX, who thrives off running long distance, bargain shopping, warm weather, a yummy latte…and a little Candy Crush from time to time. She loves quality time with family & friends and sharing great deals with others.

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Comments 110

  1. Lori Stevens

    Thanks for this awesome list! On #28, I think you meant to type “per plate” next to Costco.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Yes, I sure did! Thanks for catching that! πŸ™‚

      • BarbieDeals

        Hi Pretty Mary,
        I need your help.
        Could you please contact me?
        Skype ID Barbiegirl.12

        I have questions for you. Please.
        Hope to hear from you soon.
        Thank You πŸ™‚

  2. Gretchen

    Can you use coupons at costco?

    • Suzanne H

      No. You can use coupons at BJs but not Costco.

    • sann

      They only take their own store coupons.

      • bremoeller

        Costco no longer has coupons. They have instant savings which are highlighted above.

    • sann

      I did have an actual coupon from costco a month or so ago to get $5 off my dogs prescriptions.

      • Chelle

        Yes, you are correct. They send out promotional coupons to members occasionally. I used to get them for fruit and meat. Not lately, though.

    • ab

      You can use ibotta! Thought you would enjoy Ibotta (if you don’t already). It’s an easy to use, cash back rewards app. I use it every time I shop, and thought you would like it too! Use my referral code, snllga, and you can get a $10 welcome bonus. Sign up at

  3. sann

    Haha:D You know I have to go look at the price when you say “Not worth mentioning” and yeah I totally agree. It’s not.

    • Jeanie !Markusson

      Yet you mentioned it…

  4. Ashley

    Your son is adorable!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Thanks Ashley! πŸ™‚

  5. Katie

    There is also a $4 instant savings for 18 pack of Oikos Triple Zero Greek yogurt cups, which made them 50Β’ each

    • Sophie

      I think this is the best deal from the coupon book!!!

      • Julie D.

        Thanks for posting this! Costco is my go-to for Yogurt and I hadn’t caught this!

    • kylee

      Does anyone recommend tire installation service at Costco?

      • Miriam

        Absolutely! They offer free tire rotations and if you ever need your tire patched, they’ll do it for free too. They sell two brands and often one is one sale if you get the set. Michelin and Goodwill I think. They are also great about honoring the warranty of those tires if they don’t last as long as they should have.

  6. Christy

    Does Costco ever do any membership deals. I need to renew.

    • dipz

      Try this link. But I think it is for new Costco members. I received $10 cash card through this link when I took my new membership.

      • Dipz

        Don’t know weather this offer is still available. It was showing 05/31 as end date .

      • Kim

        I do not see the link.

        • dipz

          It doesn’t let me post the link here!!

    • Kim

      Someone please answer. I let my sams membership expire I’m wanting to try costco. Are there any new member deals?

      • jamie

        Historically I have seen them pop up on Groupon for $55 and comes with a bunch of free coupons and a Costco cash card, worth $10 I believe. I will think this is usually closer to the holiday season though. That’s the only deal I know of… Maybe consider sharing a membership with a friend/family member?

      • Barbara

        I just renewed my Costco membership yesterday after it expired in February. I was hoping for a discount but could not find one. I asked the customer service rep.if there were any discounts now and she said no. They do a ‘living social’ deal for new members once a year and they aren’t told when it will be. (I’m guessing since I just renewed my membership, it will be soon! lol) FYI the membership cost has already gone up to $60 for my Ft. Oglethorpe GA store.

        • Chelle

          I believe June was the month it went up. My membership expired at the end of May so I renewed it a few days early. I know it’s not a lot to save, but saving is saving!

          • kylee

            Does anyone recommend tire installation service with Costco?

  7. Beth

    When I was at our Costco in Omaha, NE yesterday, they had kids sandals next to the adult ones that are on sale this month. Just $9.99 for the kids ones. Similar in style with velcro closure. I think, but am not 100% certain, sizes started at 12 and went through size 3. No toddler sizes.

    • Sammie

      I had a family member buy me a Costco cash/gift card to avoid buying a membership, will it still qualify for the instant savings?

      • Janet


      • Chelle

        I have read a few places that they are doing away with this policy. That you will need to either be with a card holding member or a member yourself to use those cash cards.

    • Ckuchera

      Thank you!

    • Julie D.

      I bought these last year for my son and they are GREAT! He says they’re his most comfortable all-weather sandals, never left a blister and still look great this year. He actually liked them better than Keens!

  8. Tolu

    Son is such a lovely young man.

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Thanks! 😊

      • kylee

        Does anyone recommend getting tires installed at Costco?

        • Shelby

          I’ve gotten my tires there a couple of times and have always had good experience. Good prices and great service. They often have a $70 off coupon if you’re getting 4 tires.

  9. Kate

    My Costco has kid’s river sandals up to size 4 for $9.99. I got the brownie brittle & submitted to Ibotta rebate yesterday. I also got the Takeya 40oz insulated water bottles for $29.99 (2bottles in a box).

  10. Ms Norris

    On #5.) Nexxus Therappe Shampoo 44oz is $11.99, The Nexxus Humectress Conditioner 44oz is still $5 off, but it is always much more than the shampoo.

    • Jay

      Yes, the Nexxus conditioner was $19.99 after rebate. Still had the free sample though.

    • Frankie

      Oh bummer! The conditioner is what I need after Amazon had the good deals a while back.

  11. katy

    If you shop at Costco often and have a family ,I highly recommend the executive membership to get 2% back on your purchases. As a single recent college grad, I’m amazed I earned $60 back on Costco spending(That meant I spent $3000 the past year at Costco,eek I had no idea I did until now). If a single college grad can save $60 in 2% executive rebate, I’m sure families can save more. $60 barely breaks even for me for the executive upgrade compared to regular membership but I find it well worth it because I did my first car purchase through the Costco and saved $3000 via their Executive member auto program .

    • riss

      With 2 kids away in college, we just downgraded to the regular membership ($55 now, before it goes up to $60 in July). We don’t shop as much and in bulk now that we’re empty-nesters πŸ™ Our last rebate didn’t even cover half of the executive membership fee.

      • dealgirl

        Costco will give you back the difference if you don’t spend enough to get at least half of the fee back (essentially making it the same cost as the regular membership). So say you only get back $40, they would give you an extra $15 back at the membership desk.

        • riss

          Oh, I totally forgot that! I read about it a month or so ago, but forgot about it because I was getting frustrated with the lady at the desk. She was explaining the membership fees which didn’t make sense to me. Maybe I should just call the customer service.

      • katy

        the prescriptions I pick up for my dog counts towards the 2% too. Spend about $100 per month on my dog in prescriptions alone; he’s anolder dog on lots of med πŸ™

      • Patty

        You know you can get the difference back, right? If you bought the executive and don’t get at least that amount back, they’ll refund you! You have to ask about it though, as they won’t just volunteer to give you some $$ back.

    • Steph-B

      I have the executive as well and we get our money out of it. Don’t forget the gas, my store is always about 20 cents cheaper then our gas stations!

    • kylee

      Does anyone recommend having tires installed at Costco?

      • Steph-B

        We are actually checking into them for price comparisons. I think discount tire may be cheaper in my area.. I use to use fleet farm for all my vehicles when they had buy three get one plus rebates…until they were rough and bent up the rims on my car :/
        Discount tire did a nice job on our truck. Sorry I couldn’t answer for Costco in that department!

  12. Edy

    Waiting ON sams deals !

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Hi Edy! Thanks for your patience! Stay tuned for next week as I post Sam’s Club and Costco deals every other week. Until then, you can view our Sam’s Club deals here

  13. Kathy

    Thank you! Love the Boom Chicka Pop!

    • Amber

      That popcorn is so addicting… I could eat those two giant bags by myself.

  14. Vivian

    Omg. Those pics with your son are just too cute lol

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Thanks Vivian πŸ™‚

  15. Lindsay

    This post is so helpful. Love the cost comparisons. Also, love that the toilet paper deal is broken down per square foot as opposed to per roll as roll amounts can vary so widely.

    • momo

      Agree! I hope they start posting paper towel deals this way too vs price per roll to truly show u how much your paying. There’s so many ridiculous versions to confuse the consumers! This is the many versions of “Bounty”: Large, Huge, Giant, Enormous, Mega, Double Roll, Super, SelectASize, (and maybe more!?). How much are you really paying & saving?

    • kylee

      Anyone have any experience with tire installation at Costco?

  16. Jeff

    I enjoy ur monthly Costco listings!

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Thanks Jeff!

  17. Tracy

    Thank you for posting all these deals, that’s A LOT of work!! Making my weekend shopping list from this post πŸ™‚

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      You are so welcome Tracy! πŸ™‚

  18. Jeannet

    Great list, thanks a lot!!!

  19. riss

    I see someone is training the future CEO πŸ˜‰

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)


  20. Amber

    Costco should pay you since I’m now getting a few extra items thanks to your list!

  21. Valerie A

    This list is awesome! Thanks πŸ™‚

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Sure thing!

  22. Tarri

    Love this breakdown. I love Costco. We have been Executive Member for many a years and have always got our membership amount back plus more in our end of year cashback. So well worth it. I love how it is guaranteed.

  23. Betsy

    Great Post! Fun Son Sidekick.

    • Kim

      Is your name really Betsy? I’m expecting and that is our choice for a girl name but we are struggling to pick a middle name. Any suggestions. Thanks.

      • Yolie

        When we were struggling for middle names we looked to grandparents’ first and middle names…gave us choices. All four kids have a different grandparents first or middle names as their middle names. The names worked out and Grands all felt special too πŸ™‚

        • Jackie

          That is sweet. None of our family names worked out and as middle names. I ended up using an online name generator. Feels chinky but actually loved the name we came up with using it

      • Betsy

        haha… not really. I had a red-haired freckled face, childhood friend named Betsy – that I adored. Fairly certain her official name was Elizabeth. Ann(e), makes a sweet middle name. Does your middle name go with “Betsy?” I have my mother’s middle name, and it warms my heart to have that bond. oxoxo’s

    • Mary (Stellar Sidekick)

      Haha thanks! He actually wanted to come with me (which is rare!) so I took him with me! He was a great helper! πŸ˜€

  24. Valerie

    I love the comparisons too! I’m sure it took some time but thank you for doing it!

  25. Michelle

    Feta.cheese is a good deal this month too πŸ§€πŸ§€πŸ§€

  26. Michelle

    Feta cheese is a good deal this month too πŸ§€πŸ§€πŸ§€

    • Julie D.


  27. Angela

    Anyone notice the Happy Planners? A YouTuber says her Costco had a big bundle for $9.97. Hoping its at every Costco.

  28. KT

    Don’t forget that Costco has a great price adjustment policy. We bought new smoke alarms a couple weeks ago and then found out that were on sale in this month’s coupon book. I just went to customer service with the receipt and they gave me the difference of $10.

    • kylee

      Do you know how many days they give you? Thank you

      • Jen

        I just did a price adjustment on the Craisins and the CS told me 30-60 days.

        • kylee

          Thanks, JEN

  29. Jackie

    Love Costco and their sales. I bought the love crunch granola. Delish!

  30. Holly

    What cute dimples on your helper! Nice deals, thanks for post.

  31. patricia

    Thank you for posting costco deals. Like it much better than the flyer deal we get at home. Its so much more fun with all the pictures. πŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’œπŸ’—πŸ’œ

  32. Michigan Mom

    Don’t forget you can get most of these deals from Costco’s Google Express store too. Just $5 to have it shipped to you, no running to the store! Love it!

  33. herme

    I had a Costco CashCard (giftcard) and tried to use it at checkout but was told I still needed a Costco membership card for me to use the giftcard. Anyone else had that same issue? Wondering if you TRULY need to have a Costco membership (have to see if I see anything on Costco’s website).

  34. Elaine M

    I bought the Fila Day Hikers and they are very comfortable. I also bought the Meyer lemon cookies. Very tasty.

  35. Jen

    The natures path granola is soooo delicious & addicting… its a great price too… definitely recommend

  36. Harold

    I purchased the hiking shoes today. Thanks for the tip. I also purchased the large jenga playing set which was $10 off today. The wooden BBQ paddle scraper was also $3 off.

  37. Ashley

    How do the deals at Costco compare to savings with coupons? Is it really worth it to have the membership savings wise?

    • dropofrain

      there are a few items that I only buy at Costco (like cheese their brand of TP , for example) but we use our Costco credit card to pay for everything else, including groceries at other stores, clothes, and gas. I also pay with it for online purchases, before and after school program for my child, and even some utilities since it is not AmEx anymore and is accepted virtually everywhere. Just last year I got more than $500 rebate. We never carry any balance and this card is paid in full every month but most of the time this is the only card we use to pay for everything, not just in Costco.

    • Tanya W

      There are some things that, to me, anyway, are just so much better than deal chasing – for example I know I can always get a decent deal on toilet paper at Costco when we’re low, much better than time and gas to chase couponing deals (plus the frustration of empty shelves). When they have the Finish dishwasher tabs, like now, I will stock up, because it’s hard to beat that price, and again no gas/time wasted chasing deals. Their rotisserie chicken, huge bags of spinach, string cheese (well other cheese as well), tortilla chips that are cheap and never go stale, lol! I’m sure there are lots more things I only buy there instead of dealing with coupons, but can’t think at the moment. We live up the street so the gas savings is worth the membership even without stepping foot in the store.

    • Holly K

      I’ve had a Costco membership for years, sometimes partnered, sometimes single. Over the counter meds like Aleve, Tylenol, Vitamins, etc. are cheaper at Costco even with big coupons and sales at other stores. The things I find are cheaper with coupons and points deals at drugstores like Rite Aid, CVS or Walgreens are shampoos, conditioners, body washes, lotions, that stuff. I’ve bought tires at least twice and been completely satisfied. Save enough on gas and at Christmas to cover membership even before buying anything else.

  38. Gogonzaga

    Wow this post is amazing!! Thank you!

  39. ohiogirl

    Any chance we might see BJ’s deals like this posted? TIA

  40. Frankie

    This post is super helpful! I would also be interested to see prices compared with Aldi on grocery items. For instance I was wondering about the fruit snacks which I realize wouldn’t be the same brand. Pretty sure my kids just see sugar and go for it. Thanks for this post!

  41. TraceyR

    Costco is great for large ticket items as well; especially with the Executive membership. We bought our heat pump through them and ended up with a Costco check for $600 to spend in store. Figured since we had to buy the heat pump anyway, might as well get money back. We also bought some blinds and just got a $62 Costco gift card with a rebate program through them. Check out the wall full of items they sell as you are leaving the store – there is quite a list!

    • KT

      Also, the car rental deals are great too! We always use costco when we have to rent a car and the insurance is covered through the costco credit card. Plus, you don’t pay anything until you pick up the car so you can always get the best price.

  42. kylee

    Does anyone recommend tire installation at Costco?

    • TraceyR

      My husband got tires from Costco and is pretty happy with them; they offer free tire rotation for the lifetime of the tires too (I think that is what he told me.) Speaking of tires, I’ve always wondered why they put the tire department next to the food court – it just smells like tires where people eat! (At least the one in Raleigh does!) πŸ™‚

      • kylee

        Lol!! Thanks for the info, TRACEY. I think I will give them a try

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