FREE Online Eye Exam + Contact Prescription ($40 Value)

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For a limited time, head over to 1-800-Contacts where they are offering up a FREE online eye exam ($40 value). After taking your online vision test you will then receive a new prescription.

To get started, head here and answer a few questions to find out if you’re eligible, then use your smart phone and computer to take the online eye test. Your results will be reviewed by a licensed doctor in your state and if you qualify, you’ll receive a signed prescription within 24 hours. Even better, you can use your prescription anywhere.

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  1. Laura

    Wow and I was surprised by Walmart stocking your groceries in your home.

    • Lindsey

      Lol, I know! I feel so old with all these new “advancements” and I’m only 34.

  2. Lydia

    Has anyone ever tried their online eye exam? Does it really work?

    • Daniela

      They have a great return policy, so I am going to go for it! Can’t lose and I needed contacts. Thanks Collin!

      • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

        You’re welcome!

  3. Q

    Thank you. I’ll have my 16 year old try this tonight. She wants to start wearing contact lens.

    • K

      It’s for people who already wear contact lenses. I don’t think you’ll be able to have your daughter do it.

      • Q

        Thank you

  4. KHH

    Not available in my state! Booooo

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


    • Mimi

      California available?

  5. Melissa

    Not available in Oklahoma

  6. Maori

    This sounds like a terrible idea, but I have a hard time even getting my doctor to give me a prescription that doesn’t cause headaches.

  7. Jo El

    Wow! That is super scary. How on earth does it measure the curvature of your cornea so you can know what base curve to even order the contacts in? How does it measure the pressure behind your eye and check for Glaucoma? This sketchy city!!!! I wouldn’t trust a PHONE to give me a prescription and check the health of my eyes!

    • Kiki

      I AGREE!!! It’s tricky enough to go to an optometrist rather than an ophthalmologist but this is ridiculous !!!

    • rebecca

      this does not check the eye health and it says so clearly that it is not a complete eye health exam.
      it is only for current wearers of contacts, who have had the curvature measured already, by a doctor. this does not measure curvature nor does it claim to.
      if a person has been wearing contacts from age 15-40, for example, and has not had curvature change previously from one Rx to the next, as measured by a doctor, they can decide if they want to trust that it will remain the same for another year.

      • jlgclassof2000

        As they should! It is such a scam for me to have to pay $200 annually just to be handed the same Rx for the 20th time. That’s absurd!

    • Mark

      No prescription tells you if you have glaucoma. The prescription reflects the shape of your eyeballs and how a glass or polycarbonate lens should be shaped to correct your vision. Don’t confuse the two. One is a medical condition that requires a doctor, the other is a piece of glass in front of your eye!

  8. Jenn

    My husband just had an eye exam so I may have him do it and if his prescription matches awesome and if not then no go. I can’t see what states qualify. Does Florida?

    • Alesia

      Jenn- If your husband decides to do the online eye exam, could you please update and let us know if the prescription matches! I’m really curious to find out how accurate this is!

    • mom2boys

      I agree..please let us know if it is worth it!! Thanks!

  9. Jeni

    Not valid in IN. Darn!

  10. Heidi

    This is such a bad thing! A computer can not replace a doctor or diagnose properly. This could really mess a lot of people up. Ask any doctor and they would tell you to run from this deal as fast as you can! Yikes!

  11. Krista M

    As always, your timing is perfect! Thank you!!! My prescription is expired and I need to order new contacts. This just saved me a trip to the eye doctor. It was super easy! In the future I would definitely pay $40 for this service. I believe the last time I went to get a prescription they charged me an extra $50 for the fitting and that part was not covered by insurance. Here is a funny side story. I hope this makes someone else giggle. The exam asks you to cover one eye so you’re just seeing out of the other one. I’m disabled and it’s hard for me to lift my hand up to my eye. My mind instantly thinks “what could I use that is like that black tool they give you during your appointment to cover your eye?” Using my motorized wheelchair I zip into the kitchen looking for a lightweight large spoon. I find one. I check to see if I can hold it over my eye and sure enough I can. I’m about to click on the “continue” button and I start laughing. Silly me, I could simply close my eye. How did I not think of the most obvious solution? Here I am trying to maneuver a plastic red spoon over my eye while operating my smart phone when I literally just need to close my eye. 5 minutes later I’m still laughing over it.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Lol! Thanks for sharing your experience! So glad you could snag the offer! πŸ˜‰

    • Julie

      πŸ˜‚I can tell similar stories!

    • Coup

      Your contact lens has an expiration date as the doctor needs to check the health of your eye to assure they are overall healthy for contact lens. This is just a terrible that they would offer such a service to trick the public to think this is an eye exam. This clearly is not. Not worth the risk!

    • Terrie

      That was funny

  12. Sam

    I just tried to take exam and answered I don’t wear contacts and they Said Bad thing you can’t take the exam.

    When I go back and choose I wear contacts they were asking me about my old lens and prescription…

  13. AP

    Have people been getting their gap coupons from using visa checkout? I placed my order Saturday, it shipped Monday. I’m hoping I get mine in time to place an order while the shipping is free.

    • JeNjEn

      I placed my order on the 22nd, and received order today. But, still haven’t received the go πŸ˜•

      • Liz

        Mine was in my spam folder, check there !

    • Nicole

      I placed my order on the 20 and received the email on the 25 ( it was in my spam folder)

    • AP

      It in my spam. I’ll keep checking though. Thanks!

      • AP


  14. Steph

    Neat. I just tried for fun. I just had my regular eye exam a few weeks ago and ordered my contacts through 1800contacts. So I don’t need an eye exam, I just wanted to check it out. But I went through all the steps and it told me I was seeing fine with my current prescription. Still, I would def recommend going to an actual eye doctor for your regular eye exam.

  15. Cc

    Hmmm not sure if this would be a legit exam! Had I not gotten a new contact prescription last month I would have tried

  16. Leavesbegintofall

    This is totally awesome! I’ve been wearing contacts since 8th grade and have had the same prescription for at least 15 years. It’s soooo annoying to have to do whole dr exam just for the same old prescription when I run out of contacts!!

    • Jill P.

      I am 48, and have had the same contact prescription for the past 22 years. It’s so annoying to pay for (no vision insurance) an annual exam and every year it’s the same. I get they also check eye health but you’d think with my clean history & same eyes for over 20 years I could at least go 2-3 years. I tried this, and it said I am seeing just fine with my current RX (shocker!) and it would be ready tomorrow. I’m curious what it says!

  17. Rebecca

    Slightly off-topic but just a tip that in certain states, your Rx is good for 2 years, even if they only write it for 1. They write it for 1 to make money, make you come back more than necessary, as many people are unaware. You can Google your state to find out. I’ve been in FL for 6 years but only found this out last year.

    • rebecca

      another thing you can do if you wear contacts, and you have had the same prescription for several years and you feel secure about that prescription — get an eye exam and buy a year’s worth of contacts. then put it on your calendar to order another year’s worth about 11 months later, before that prescription expires.
      of course it is important to get your eyes checked regularly, but this works out GREAT if you have a situation where your eyeglass exam is good for 2 years before expiring and the contacts portion of the Rx is only good for one year. or it also helps if your glasses exam is covered by insurance and the contacts portion of exam is not, and you want to extend the mileage on that contacts exam a little.

      • coup

        Wouldnt you want to make sure you’re seeing the best possible out of them before ordering a year supply?

        • rebecca

          yes, you absolutely would. when you get the contacts exam from the live eye doctor, they ALWAYS give you a trial pair to try first before you buy. so you test them for as long as you need first before ordering, and go back to the doctor if necessary to try something else before you commit to year’s purchase.
          twice i have had trouble with the trial pair and needed to go back for follow-up to get a different Rx than the original one issued. (some brands only make certain curvatures, so if you are borderline, you may need to try another brand. also, different brands have different formulations and one could irritate the wearer while another brand may be more comfortable.)

    • S

      Thanks for the info about that! I found this page on states and rx expiration dates.
      I have tried doing your second suggestion but my Drs office didn’t approve of trying to stock up so close to the expiration date. I pay out of pocket yearly and my prescription is always the same. This online service sounds great!

  18. Mourrene

    I would try this if I didn’t need such a strong prescription. If you can’t see well, you’ll know to go to a doctor anyway.

  19. Jennifer

    I never get a contact exam unless I know my eyes have changed. I buy my contacts from a website in Canada. No prescription required yet you can get prescription lenses. They are decent priced and delivery is always fast. Been using them for years. I refuse to go shell out a bunch of money for a contact exam when I know my eyes haven’t changed! The website is They are wonderful. My scrip has been expired for years and yet I still get my prescription lenses πŸ™‚

    • mom2boys

      Wow..what site do you use? I too have worn the same thing for years and just don’t have time to go for my exam each year so this would ve great! Thanks for sharing your tip!

      • K

        Your prescription should be good for 2 years. You shouldn’t have to go every year.

      • Jennifer

        I get my exact contacts I used to get from my doctor and everything πŸ™‚

    • Daniela

      Thank you for the website!! Will check them out.

  20. LISA Burke

    Sadly, I am 51 and you can’t be over 50 in the fine print. Boo hoo!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)


  21. Stephanie Loflin

    So I just did it and it said my prescription would be ready tomorrow. You do have to verify that you had contact prescription before by sending in pic of actual prescription or your contact lens box. I have been wearing the same thing for over 10 years so this works great for me if the prescription stays the same lol I agree that this doesn’t replace the doctor but knowing how my eyes feel and how I have wore the same thing for soooo long, this helps to get over the rough patch we are having financially without trying to “make my contacts last” and going to pay full price for an exam and lens. Thanks so much hip2save!!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re most welcome! Super glad you could grab the savings! πŸ™‚

  22. Rel8ted

    Contact lenses are an RX medical device for a reason. One corneal ulcer should convince any wearer. There is no way to check for eye health or disease.

    This “deal” could cause permanent damage to your eye if the lenses are not fitted properly. Amazes me what people will try. Google corneal ulcer images and see if you want to play the game.

    • Melissa

      I’ve had a corneal ulcer and I agree, I would never use this for ordering my contacts!

  23. amy

    This service was perfect for me a few months back…I paid a sale price for this service when I ran out of contacts but had an expired contact rx. I simply scanned my expired prescription and went through the exam steps. Was able to get a refill with the same lenses I’ve been using. πŸ™‚

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Glad to hear you have been pleased with this service Amy!

  24. Kim

    I just had an eye exam and I did it, waiting for my results

  25. Freckle53

    Looks like it’ll work in NY. I’m due for an exam and wear bifocal contacts. I would like to try wearing one lens for distance and another for near like my husband does. Bifocal contacts are $$$

    • Lo

      Interesting. I sometimes would only have one contact in ( I’d start with 2 but sometimes 1 would be irritating and I’d just toss it). Anywho I was always intrigued / creeped out/ amazed that the contact eye took over for far distance and the non contact took over for near i.e. Reading.
      Hope this works for you

  26. Mindi

    Obviously an eye doctor needs to check your eye health but this is a fun idea. The website tells you it isn’t a complete eye health exam. It’s a contact lens prescription exam and they send your information to an eye doctor in your state for review. I gave it a shot and it said my prescription will be ready 9/28. Curious to see how it compares. Thanks Hip2Save!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re welcome Mindi!

  27. K

    I just took it and thought it was pretty thorough exam for current contact wearers. You’re basically just verifying your prescription and monitoring for minor changes. They do say that it isn’t a complete eye exam.

  28. Candice

    I would say this would be great for people like myself who have worn the same lenses and had the same script for years. It would be more of a renewal for those who know what they already need and get frustrated paying $150 or more just to have someone say yep, same as last time, every year. Thanks, Hip2Save, once again you have read my mind and posted something I really need as a super awesome deal!!! So far in the past two weeks it is like magic, I need something, check the app, and there it is just what I needed at a great deal price!!! You are the best, Thank You So Very Much!!!!!

  29. Lori

    Super easy. I was due to renew my rx.

  30. jo

    when I try to go to the website it says do not advance not a secure site ..kinda scary guess I can’t try to get an exam.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh bummer, how odd. Maybe try again in a different browser. Hope that helps!

  31. Joy

    I’ve been wearing contacts since I was 13. I’m 40 now. My insurance pays for my glasses exam but the dr office wants another $100 just to measure my eyes for contacts. (Which has never changed by the way.) I will be checking this out as soon as I get home!

    • coup

      They charge for evaluation for contact lens to make sure your eyes are still healthy enough for contact lens. Things like ulcers happens with contact lens wear all the time and if not caught and treated early can lead to scars and permanent vision loss. Seems like they are just trying to save the person money from an eye exam so they can buy contacts. Yet no one is checking the eye. It’s like picking a diabetic medication without actually seeing what is going on with your sugar levels.

  32. Rn3002344555

    No go in Ga

  33. Nicole

    Worked great for me in CT! I just need a new rx to hold me over for a month until my next eye exam. I agree that this should not be used as a replacement for an eye exam.

  34. AP


    20% off entire purchase 11S6WPH70192862

    $25 off of $100 11S5638KT693911

    both expire October 9

  35. Kelly

    Wow this is awesome! Just saved me $150!!! Thank you thank you!

  36. Anonymous

    I’m 39 and in good health, or so I thought. I’ve been wearing the same contact prescription brand for several years now. After my last appointment, my eye doctor referred me to my family doctor to make sure I didn’t have diabetes after some spots he saw on my eyes. Turns out, my sugars were through the roof and now am taking insulin for diabetes. The crazy part is, I had no symptoms and my eyes were perfect in my contacts. This app seems like it would save money in the short term, but doesnt compare to the value of seeing the doctor in person. Mine might have saved my life.

    • Rel8ted

      That is exactly the kind of thing I see on a pretty regular basis. Undetected glaucoma is another one. Just happened to a friend of mine- under 40, contact lens wearer for 2 decades. She decided to refill her last RX for a year right before the expire date. Now, a year later she found out she has glaucoma and gets to go through a pretty intensive work up. Thankful she didn’t try something like this. You are not saving money if you end up sightless. Some folks don’t get that.

  37. coup

    They charge for evaluation for contact lens to make sure your eyes are still healthy enough for contact lens. Things like ulcers happens with contact lens wear all the time and if not caught and treated early can lead to scars and permanent vision loss. Seems like they are just trying to save the person money from an eye exam so they can buy contacts. Yet no one is checking the eye. It’s like picking a diabetic medication without actually seeing what is going on with your sugar levels.

    • jlgclassof2000

      Know what else causes things like ulcers? Trying to stretch out your last pair of monthly contacts for over a year because you are blind as a bat, but you’re unemployed & can’t afford to pay over $300 to get an exam & contacts.

      • Andrea

        Really then you should just wear glasses so you’re not risking permanent eye damage!

  38. hudsonjennyann

    Not available in South Carolina

  39. lori

    I sent to my son in college as a back up until we can get to the DR.
    He’s out of contacts and doesnt have time right now to go to Dr.

  40. clare

    Awesome! I have to have an exam every year, but my Dr won’t do contact prescriptions ( Mayo Clinic) – I always end up having to pay $100 for a contact exam that doesn’t change. So grateful for this!

  41. Candice

    Did anyone ever hear back from them, after taking the eye exam? I did mine yesterday and haven’t heard anything yet.

    • PH

      I would like to know the same thing……it said response within 1 business day, however, I did mine on Thurs. afternoon, and it is now Mon. afternoon and still waiting…… πŸ™

  42. Andrea Odle

    This is a terrible idea as others have stated above. As an optometrist, I see patients all the time who come in because they “have to” in order to get more contacts and I diagnose glaucoma (which will leave you blind if undetected and not treated…no symptoms by the way so you’d never know you had it), melanoma (which if malignant will kill you), and even simple things like lack of oxygen to the cornea which if left untreated will make it so you can never wear contact lenses again and worse off loss of vision from blindness. I could go on and on but the trick is that it might say it doesn’t replace an eye examination but honestly you all are using it in place of a doctor’s visit…you know you are. We’ll soon see rates of eye diseases and progression of blindness increasing if this continues. So sad….all so a company came make money.

  43. Carol

    Has anyone been able to actually download the prescription? I need a copy of it but every time I click on “view image” I get a blank page.

  44. Mrs. Nadine Johnson

    Hello Customer Service,

    I couldn’t find colored contacts as available as I searched. I wanted to make sure that I’m not just overlooking them. So, if you could please assist me in my search I would be gratefully appreciate it.

  45. Vicki Evans

    What if you do not have any more contacts but have prescription ?

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