90% Off Christmas Clearance at Target

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Hurry over to your local Target store where you may find Christmas clearance items now marked down by as much as 90% off! Keep in mind that clearance items vary greatly from region to region and store to store.

If you are looking for a particular item, head here and enter the DPCI# located beneath select items below to check availability near you. Please note that Brickseek is not 100% accurate and it does not show clearance prices.

Here are a few clearance deals you may spot…

Philips Motion Projector Rotating Snowflakes
Only $2.49 (regularly $24.99)

Elf on the Shelf Scout Elf Express Delivers Letters to Santa
DPCI # 059-03-6742
Only $2.49 (regularly $24.99)

Elf on the Shelf Claus Couture Holiday Hula Wear
DPCI # 059-03-6735
Only $0.99 (regularly $9.95)

Wondershop Red Green Gold Christmas Ornament Set
DPCI # 051-06-3802
Only $0.50 (regularly $5)

Wrapping Paper
Only $0.50 (regularly $5)

Amazing Ideas Mini Binder
Only $0.50 (regularly $5)

EcoTools Soft Smokey Eye Brush Set
Only $4.49 ($20 value)

Hearth & Hand with Magnolia Fabric Ribbon
Only $0.89 (regularly $8.99)

HoMedics Bubble Mate Foot Spa
DPCI # 037-08-2338
Only $8.99 (regularly $29.99)

Wondershop Knit Stockings
Only $1.30 (regularly $13)

Wondershop Twinkling LED Lit Tree Topper
Only $3.50 (regularly $35)

90% Off Holiday Apparel

2-Piece Santa PJ’s
Only $2 (regularly $20)

Cat & Jack 2-Piece Infant Outfit
Only $1.79 (regularly $17.99)

Oh What Fun Holiday Shirt
Only $1.29 (regularly $12.99)

What holiday clearance deals have you found?

(Thanks, Patty and Caitlin!)

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Comments 97

  1. Deb

    I always love to see the pictures that you post of your Target. My Target always (not just post-holiday) looks like a tornado hit it, but yours seems to neat and organized!

    • Ana

      Ha ha, my thoughts exactly. When my Target hits 90% off all that is left is a few ornament hooks and smashed candy.

  2. hipsaver2

    The store I went to hit 90% off on the 31st! I was glad I just so happen to be there, because the other Target store I went to was wiped out and a mess! LOL

  3. Kate

    I scored a full tree-skirt yesterday for about $1.50. I also got several sets of gift tag stickers and a cute JOY sign. All for under $2.50.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Great buys Kate! Thanks for sharing your score with us!

  4. Gentle

    Clearance items at our Target only ever go to 50% off. After that, Target “donates” them to Goodwill who turns around and charges full price for the items again (even with the clearance stickers still attached). If you ask Goodwill about it they get angry and claim that their Target item prices are regulated by Target and they aren’t allowed to sell them for less than a certain amount. It’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen or heard of. And, side note, I’ve been having lots of trouble with the Hip2Save app lately. Lots of times it’s just blank and now I can’t post any comments or anything on it. I have to use my laptop to comment on anything.

    • hipsaver2

      Yeah. I still can’t see anything on the app, so I have to go online.

      • nancy

        Did you update the app? That worked for me

      • stephanie

        I had to uninstall the app, then reinstall. It works fine now.

    • hipsaver2

      I have noticed that about Goodwill too. I don’t know why they would do that at 50% off though.

    • jlm

      I was having problems too. On an android, when I went to the Play store, there was am update for it. Since then, the app has been working for me.

    • Jenn

      I have some insider info. Goodwill purchases a discounted pallet of wrapped goods that Target drops off. Target gets a tax break etc… GW pays by the weight and has no idea what they will be getting. That’s why some items are priced too high, GW is trying to make their money back from the items. Any item that is clearance or returned and/or damaged might end up in a salvaged/GW pallet. HTH 🙂

      • Just passing through

        Thanks! I love insider info!! But it is really funny when the gw price is higher than the clearance tag

    • riss

      Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app? That should work.

      • Gentle

        Yes, I’ve tried everything I know to try and nothing has worked. Oh well, not that big a deal.

        • TJ

          Same thing for about 2 or 3 days for me then poof the other day it worked again. I tried everything but it just started working out of the blue. Hope yours starts working again soon!

          • Gentle

            Thanks, I hope so too. You give me hope, anyway, since yours just started working again.

            • danyal

              I was having the same issue on my Samsung. I had to make sure I wasn’t just deleting the shortcut but the actual app as well. Once I reinstalled it all was well.
              Good luck

    • tanya

      Yes goodville pricing everything at regular target prices or even higher sometime. I found a basketball hoop that was priced for $150. When I checked online they cost about $112. Crazyyyy

    • Nicole

      I think it depends on the Goodwill. Mine always prices things lower than the Target prices, they had 10/$1 with their Target stuff recently. I stocked up on fun goodies for the prize bin in my classroom.

  5. Gerri

    I’ve been having trouble also on my phone I go to Categories and Hip2Save on my phone and I can pull up the savings there.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for letting us know Gerri! If the app is not loading up for you, be sure to try reinstalling Or even restarting your mobile device. Hope that helps!

      • Pattti

        My hip2save app hasn’t been working either 😞 I uninstalled and reinstalled and restarted my phone.

        • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

          Darn! Maybe wait a moment and try again. Let us know if you are still having issues!

  6. misti

    i went yesterday not alot of anything left I did get some lights for 29 cents got home they didn’t even work.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh darn! Sorry to hear that Misti! 🙁

  7. Laura

    my Target is still at 70% and wiped out

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      It does seem the Christmas clearance is going quick! My Target was wiped out as well 🙁

  8. Jessica

    I found tons of steals! I had to do some digging through out the store. I found many clothing items like shirts, pajamas, socks, hats, slippers were in regular areas and unmarked. Keep your eyes open and scan everything!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the helpful tip Jessica! Good to know you were able to grab some deals with a bit of a search! 😉

    • Me

      My Target in No. CA went 90% on the 31st. Crazy good deals. Make sure to check all the aisles. There were Goldfish (chocolate, peppermint & pretzel) that were unmarked in the regular aisles and rang $.59. The Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookie mix in the regular aisles (the one with 20% more bonus) rang $.59 each (I had a $.50 off 2 MF, so $.34 each)! Some of the Bonne Bell Lip Smackers (the 10 ct in the tin) were $1! The other small sets were only at 30-70%. You might find some really good deals that no one is looking to look for since they are not always with the clearance items.

  9. messin17

    I got “ugly” Christmas sweaters for next year for my kids for $1.49 each. Also stocked up on wrapping paper for next year. Can’t beat 30 cents a roll.

  10. Tanya

    I got so many good deals yesterday at 90% off! I got the cutest mini tree skirts for my dollar tree mini trees!

  11. Jennlk84

    I hit up 2 of our local Targets yesterday! My favorite finds were the gingerbread house & gingerbread tree – .99 cents each. I also love purchasing apparel for my kiddos at 90% off. You can’t beat tops/outfits for $1-$2 or less! My stores seemed to mostly have tons of ornaments & gift bags left. Both of which we also stocked up on!

  12. dino

    my target has nothing left 😢😢

  13. Michelle

    Keep an eye out for the Golden Rose and the Brushed Silver colored Sip Swell bottles. Found them in with the “normal” ones on an endcap. Only $2.49!

    • Emily

      The yellow and grey coffee cups by sip too!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome find Michelle!

    • Cassandane529

      Yes!!! The bronze one is included, too. I stocked up for teacher gifts & birthdays. I also found a Cheeky Go 32oz aluminum water bottle for $3.

  14. Zu

    I got a gold lantern decor for 2.50 and the paw patrol advent calendar in the toys section was 2.50! But it was not marked down I had to ask

  15. Angela

    My favorite finds were Christmas tree and snowflake print glass Pyrex containers 90% off.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That IS a great find for sure! 😉

  16. Lucy

    what location(s) is everyone seeing 90%?

    • Emily

      yesterday eden prairie, mn was 90% off

  17. Bee0619

    I got so many great deals between 70-90% off at Target and 75% off at Walmart. I filled 5 totes lol 😂 Check in the isle where they have the table cloths, I found a bunch of Christmas table cloths for $1.49 and .49 placemats! All of the Christmas advent calanders were still $29.99 and there were tons of them. I should’ve asked the cashier if they were 90% off.

  18. Tiggy

    My DD just called me from a Target store to happily report she found men’s boxer shorts for $1/pr. She likes
    to wear them as sleep shorts so she was quite happy! Also, check out the boxed items usually located near the men’s section. We got a mini foosball table for $1.99

  19. Tiggy

    Also, there are 2 and 3 packs of Cat & Jack undies and socks. Only 1 of the items in the multipack had a Christmas themed item, and it seemed to mostly be a gingerbread man or a snowflake.

  20. Katherine

    I spent almost 2 hours yesterday at Target, just browsing around looking for hidden deals. Christmas went 90% and Candy went 70%. Found so much: Hearth and Hand green couch pillows $2.49 (regular $24.99) (my daughter picked up the matching foot stool at $18 when it went 70%, regular price $59.99), Real Techniques Limited Edition makeup brushes at $1.99 (regular $19.99 found in the makeup section, on the endcaps, had ten+ boxes just sitting there). Febreeze and Glade plugin refills multipacks at $.99 (regular $9.99). Mens gifts sets: BBQ tool kits $1.79 (regular $17.99), stress balls $.49 (regular $4.99), slippers $1.79 (regular $17.99), Casino games $2.49 (regular $24.99), USB cup holder chargers $.79 (regular $7.99), 2pk socks $.59 (regular $5.99), boxers $.59 (regular $5.99). Head & Shoulder gifts sets, Suave Shampoo/Conditioner Gift Sets, Body Wash/razor gift sets all 70% off. Big bags of Hersheys kisses $3.30 (regular $10.99), M&Ms $.95. Much more! Fun:)

    • Alea

      WOW!!! That’s awesome – loots of great deals!!!

      My Target was wiped out at 50% (and a mess).

  21. Dny045

    We shopped the clearance at 70% off on the 30th and they still had a lot. I went back on the 1st and everything was gone. I found a few items though on end caps and scattered around the store with no clearance tags – I had to scan them. I was able to score the Magnolia toy cookie set for $2 that way. My advice is to go through the store and scan the winter items because some things may not have been pulled for clearance but are part of the sale.

  22. Suzy

    The two Targets in my area went to 90% on the 31st and 1st. I was there when they opened and got so many great deals!! Most of what I bought wasn’t even in the holiday section. Lots of pillows (1.99 & 2.99), Hearth & Hand items, boys star wars hats (50 cents each), clothes, Project 62 baskets (1.99), throw blankets, water bottles, nivea chap stick sets (49 cents each, included three chapsticks in each set- my store had these on an endcap in the makeup area, they weren’t marked and they had at least 50 of them! I took some and then told everyone I saw about them 🙂 Cute Hershey kisses chapstick (also by the make up), Cat and Jack little girls jewelry sets (50 cents each, found in the girls department), and the list goes on and on. I spent about $150 and saved $1,350!! I am set for Valentines, Easter, etc. The best advise I can give is to just walk around the store and scan everything!

  23. lily

    Pecan nuts in a bag which was originally 14.99 was about 4.09. I wish I could find more of them. I got huge ornament set originally 15 for 1.50. I wish I could have bought christmas tree or lights, but hardly anything was there except for lots of wrapping papers!

  24. Jen

    Does anyone know if I purchased a high dollar tree yesterday at 70 off of they will price match the diff today?

    • Susan Wallace

      They will not.

      • Emily

        You can buy the item if its still available, and return the one purchased at the higher price.

  25. chickie00

    what store is this with the beautiful 90% off pictures? lol i went to the 4 stores closest to me this morning. nothing but JUNK left!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi there! One of our sidekicks found these items in her store, in North Carolina 🙂

    • Just passing through

      Lol! I think that every time I see these pics!! 😂😂

      • E

        Not at my store in NC! Lol! Mine had mostly decorations left, and junk! Found a cute clutch but the snap was broken off. Opened candy bags? and this was at 70% off. My mom up in New England hit her store really well and got a whole cart full of stuff for operation Christmas child shoeboxes. I didn’t even bother to go for the 90% stuff, they had nothing worth the trip here!

    • ANJ

      I went to five stores looking for the Swell bottles (I found 9!) and four were pretty empty, but one was similar to the picture above.

      It is at an odd location (more business than residential) and hasn’t been updated like every other store in the area; the only reason I went there is an employee told me earlier in the year it is a slower store and tends to have better clearance.

      He was right!

  26. Erin

    Just got back from my store (crystal, MN) and it finally went to 90% today. Got lots of Jammie’s for .89-2 (they had SO many), wrapping paper for .30 that I can use for birthdays like spiderman and polka dots, dog outfits for .99, xmas lights for .49, cute xmas leggings for 1.29 and socks for .50, cute silver clutch for 1.50, kids Star Wars Slippers .79, toiletry bags in men’s for $1, auto candy dispenser 1.49, glade 2 pack refill .49 (had a coupon so free!), airwick spray refill .49, some easter basket items like chapstick and little football player legos guys, and one of those Philips star shower lights with remote for 3.99. I was surprised how much was actually left. My store hasn’t had wrapping paper for years at 90. The amount of xmas clothing was outrageous. My kid is 5 and we will have enough xmas Jammie’s til he’s 12!

    • Katherine

      Yes! I forgot about the jammies… I found quite a few really cute onesies in the womens section on clearance at $2.79 (regular $27.99).

  27. Aly

    I live in L.A. The Targets and even other stores around here are already picked clean only a few days after Christmas, leaving just candy and unwanted stocking stuffers by New Years. Are there any Targets in L.A. that still have decent selection – especially ball ornaments I can still find??

    • CK

      I went to the San Pedro store this morning and they had some stuff left over. Torrance Target on Sepulveda usually has a good/clean selection every year.

    • Jaime

      The target at the Glendale galleria had some ornaments left.

  28. Mel R.

    I got quite a bit at 70%, that I knew wasn’t going to be there at 90! I got several plaid bows, some bags and sticker gift tags for $8ish on Sat.
    the bags aren’t Christmassy, so can be used for other gift giving occassions. Today all I got was a 2017 ornament for .49! Reg 5.99 from the Hearth & Home collection. Found some stray Dove Dark Chocolate Peppermint Bark candy that was $1.19 and Nestle Winter Morsels (Dark Chocolate & Mint) for $1.90. Those will go into my next batch of cookies! Lots of wrapping paper left, but I’m set for like the next 100 years LOL!

    • Mel R.

      typo. the ornament was reg $4.99.

  29. Sandy

    My target cleared out nothing left 🙁

  30. Catherine

    Which Target were these taken at? You always have so much selection!

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      They were taken at a North Carolina Target store! 🙂

  31. Heather

    Went to my local target in Indiana and they had nothing and what they had was broken!! Ppl just put things all over the floor it was horrible looking

    • Jan

      Here too! Would be cool to find these kind of deals!

  32. Ali

    I just finished target shopping and got a ton of stuff. Really dug through but worth it.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome you could grab some great deals Ali!

  33. Marie

    I decided to pass on the Christmas stock up this year, even at 90% off. I have so much stuff from prior years that I haven’t used yet that I just couldn’t do it, even though I desperately want to . That puts my savings this year on Christmas cards, wrap, lights, etc. at 100%. (Drooling at the finds posted.)

    • jan

      Honestly good for you!! I just built my house a few years ago so I’m still collecting more items to decorate at holiday times but once I have enough I plan on only picking up stuff if absolutely needed.

  34. Emily

    I got Hot chocolate oreos for $0.29!!!!! and I stocked up on lots of Christmas presents for next year.

  35. carolin1985

    My two stores were a mess. Single sock or broken ornaments. It was same last year. I wish it looked like your pictures. I was going to get xmas coffee or Xmas dog treats, but those were marked down 10% not 90%. I hate it when target does this. Pull you in, but be inconsistent with their markdowns so you end up buying other stuff. I will skip next year.

  36. Carolyn Stell

    Check out the furniture section for hidden clearance. I found a grey bench – usually $99.99 and scored it for $9.99!

    • Marie

      OMG! What a score! I keep telling myself “Must-not-go-to-Target,” “Must-be-strong,” “Must-not-go-to-Target.” but the deals are killing me. Ok, I’m not looking anymore. I’m weakening.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      WOW! Great find!

  37. Robin

    Found a hearth and hand blanket ladder for 90% off (4.99) and hearth and hand hot cocoa pot for $3.49!

  38. Sue793

    I found hearth and hand green vases unmarked and 90% off. There was a large one and a smaller one. Regular prices were $29.99 and $24.99. I got them for $2.99 ans $2.49! There were plenty in all the Targets i went too! Also huge bag of walnuts for $2.49 and my store had alot of them! I also picked up a large silver bowl that was on an endcap that said 30% off, but it was 90% off. Paid $2.99.

  39. jane

    I got way too much some at 75 some at 90. It’s bad when you see 90% off and feel like you were ripped off at 75% off lol.

    I got a little of everything.

    The first store I went to at noon had a lot but it was going very quick. The second one I went to at night was like a tornado went through. I have 5 targets within 30 minutes of my house.

  40. Denise

    There were beautiful brushed knit socks with tiny metalic threads running through them still in the women’s sock aisle for .40 each…I took about 20 pair. There were also cute black socks with thin pink and blue stripes across them, and a pink pom pom on each sock -they’re called “slipper socks” – again, these were .40 each. There were EOS round “Holiday” lip balms on cards right at the cash registers, these are only ringing up at 70% off, as of today, but they’re very sought after by my girls and their friends – we’ll put them away for next year. Found the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara – the ones that are on clearance have a yellow stripe on the packaging. Found lots of face masks (charcoal), and doggie treats that are “healthy” and gingerbread flavored. So happy! All the higher end home decor that was around at 70% is now gone, but I honestly didn’t like it enough to justify buying when it was still 70%. Very little gift bags, gift wrap, but there are a LOT of bows! I went to 3 stores – all in CT today.

  41. chrissybozz

    As soon as you post the 90% off, my youngest son and I have made it an after-Xmas tradition to hit up Target! I get lots of goodies for next year’s gifts and he gets to pick out some disgusting candy for cheapie cheap! I got 9 little paper houses that I am going to paint to look like Putz houses from the 1950’s!! I am so excited to start this project! And my husband doesn’t complain that I’m spending so much at the store cause everything is so cheap!!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      What fun tradition! Such a great buy! Have fun with your new project!

  42. redsoxgirl

    I just returned from our Target and got some great buys at 90% And 70%. The Target employee was working off a pallet and unloading boxes of personal care items like shampoo and conditioner sets. I got 10 pack of elf fingernail polish for $1( I bought all of these in plan to give them to our local women’s shelter) and Pantene and Dove shampoo and conditioner and dry shampoo sets for $2.99. I also bought all the dog toys they had for the animal shelter. For .30 you can’t beat it!

  43. Leanne

    I scored a $180 Holiday projector for $18. It’s so cool and I can use it for other holidays as well.

  44. riss

    I went today and the only thing I could find was the cookie mix. The back of the store is completely clean, except for some candy canes, and the cookie mix. That’s it. There are other 2 target stores in my area 5-7 miles from me, but I’m guessing it’s gonna be the same.

  45. Sherry

    I wasnt able to get the furniture or the hearth and hand throws, but I managed to get a lot of 90% off cat and jack hair accessories and jewelry for my 2 girls which were mixed in with full price items. I also picked up the hearth and hand cocoa play set, a light up fox for my porch, some elf on the shelf, pajamas and the Hasbro Junk Food monopoly clothes for the family for game night. All 90% off.

  46. Flo

    Made a special trip for this and literally all the aisles were half opened candy boxes. No more decorations left,if you found something, its likely ripped or smushed. This was also a mixture of 50% and 70% off.

  47. Kerry A

    I found a lot of great deals NOT in the clearance section and some not even marked as clearance at all. Boys star wars hats for just $.50, womens scarves for less than a dollar, and dog toys for just $1. I am thinking of trying to visit another Target tomorrow. Does anyone know when stores tend to completely take all the Christmas clearance off their shelves and donate it? And how accurate do you find the find in store information to be at Target.com? Thanks in advance for yourbthoughts!

  48. Rena

    I can never find any good clearance in McDonough GA Target. Yesterday Christmas clearance still at 70%,nothing good.

  49. Molly Paxton

    Thanks so much for posting that it went to 90% because I was at my Target the morning it changed and ended up saving $894! I got one of the 7 1/2 foot prelit wondershop trees for $20! I spent 20 minutes checking out because I had so much. Thanks again!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome! 🙂

  50. Tifdany

    Oh myyyy, guys if you have been to your Target for the 90% off Xmas clearance… you might want to go again. I was st my store on Md. for over 4 hours searching through everything. Employees were in every section with price guns putting “90% off items” in carts, then taking carts to clearance section. I went around a few times to each dept and rummaged through their carts and took awesome deals. $1 men’s walkers, $1.69 smartphone wallets, $2.50 thermals, $2 fur scarves, $1 elf make up, masks, nail polish, threshold .99 snowflake napkins rings, lots of star wars items, $1.49 men’s ( or woman’s 😊) toiletry travel bags, Star Wars boxers $1.19 in cute silver plastic container, Don’t forget to look at all scanners. I found (2) olay gift sets, look inside “bow display” containers I found beautiful ones that slipped inside. I searched every inch of my clearance section and the ladies there were so envious of my finds. I did share a few wallets and such.. can’t beat $1 and .10!!! Sorry if misspelling my hands are numb from shopping all day! I love the Hunt!!!

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