OVER 55 NEW Instant Savings Costco Deals (Starbucks, Huggies, Protein Bars & MORE!)

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If you’re a Costco member and looking for a way to make your money go further, this post is for you! Here are OVER 55 new Instant Savings deals you can score on Huggies, Starbucks, protein products, household items and much MORE (all are valid through 1/28, unless otherwise noted)!

Here are 50+ NEW Instant Savings deals…

Huggies Little Snugglers Plus $37.49 and/or Little Movers Plus $42.99
ONLY $28.99-$34.49 after $8.50 Instant Savings

Huggies Natural Care Plus Baby Wipes 1,152ct $24.99
ONLY $19.99 after $5 Instant Savings

Neutrogena Rainbath 40oz $19.99
ONLY $15.99 after $4 Instant Savings (limit 3)

Felina Ladies’ Lightweight Black Leggings 2pk $14.99
ONLY $11.99 after $3 Instant Savings

Starbucks Pike Place Medium Roast 100% Arabica K-Cups 60ct $34.99
ONLY $29.99 after $5 Instant Savings

Tully’s Hawaiian Blend Medium Roast K-Cups 100ct $44.99
ONLY $38.99 after $6 Instant Savings

Donut Shop Medium Roast K-Cups 100ct $44.99
ONLY $38.99 after $6 Instant Savings

Keurig Green Mountain K-Cups 100ct $44.99
ONLY $38.99 after $6 Instant Savings

Classico Organic Pasta Sauce 3pk 32oz each $8.49
ONLY $5.49 after $3 off Instant Savings

Skinny Pop Popcorn 28ct $14.99
ONLY $10.99 after $4 Instant Savings

Don Miguel Chicken and Cheese Mini Tacos 72ct $9.99
ONLY $6.99 after $3 Instant Savings

Nescafe Taster’s Choice House Blend Instant Coffee 12oz $13.59
ONLY $9.89 after $3.70 Instant Savings

GoGo SqueeZ Organic Applesauce Variety Pack 20pk 3.2oz $10.84
ONLY $7.99 after $2.85 Instant Savings

Kodiak Power Cakes Flapjack and Waffle Mix 72oz $32.99
ONLY $25.99 after $7 Instant Savings

Vita Coco 100% Pure Coconut Water 9ct, 1L Bottles $17.59
ONLY $13.99 after $3.60 Instant Savings

Skippy Peanut Butter 2pk 48oz each $9.89
ONLY $7.39 after $2.50 Instant Savings

Seeds of Change Organic Quinoa & Brown Rice 6pk 8.5oz each $10.99
ONLY $8.19 after $2.80 Instant Savings

Pure Protein Bars Variety Pack 21ct $21.99
ONLY $16.99 after $5 Instant Savings

Pierre Foods Angus Cheeseburgers 8pk 6.2oz $14.99
ONLY $10.99 after $4 Instant Savings

Premier Protein Shakes 18pk 11oz each $24.99
ONLY $19.99 after $5 Instant Savings

Kleenex Family 10pk, w/Lotion 10pk, or Ultra Upright 12pk $16.99-$17.89
ONLY $12.99-$13.89 after $4 Instant Savings

Charmin Ultra Soft Bath Tissue 3pk 221 Sheets $21.99
ONLY $17.59 after $4.40 Instant Savings

Bounty Advanced Select-A-Size Paper Towels 12pk 117 Sheets $19.99
ONLY $15.99 after $4 Instant Savings

Weight Watchers Digital Glass Scale $19.99
ONLY $13.99 after $6 Instant Savings

Pantene Advanced Care Shampoo and/or Conditioner $9.99
ONLY $7.49 after $2.50 Instant Savings

Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream 20oz + 8oz $15.99 and/or Cleanser 2pk 20oz + 4oz $19.99
ONLY $10.99-$14.99 after $5 Instant Savings

ANY Swiffer $12.99-$14.79
ONLY $9.99-$11.79 after $3 Instant Savings

Secret Outlast Women’s 5ct Antiperspirant $13.99 and/or Gillette Endurance Men’s 6ct $14.99
ONLY $10.49-$11.49 after $3.50 off Instant Savings

Ziploc Sandwich Bags 580ct $10.99
ONLY $8.59 after $2.40 Instant Savings

Ziploc Slider Variety Pack 140ct $11.49 and/or Freezer Quart 216ct $12.99
ONLY $8.89-$10.39 after $2.60 Instant Savings

Febreze Air Freshener Vent Clips 4ct and/or Air Effects 4ct $8.99
ONLY $6.99 after $2 Instant Savings

Ziploc Storage Bag Variety Pack 347ct $13.44
ONLY $10.69 after $2.75 Instant Savings

Dawn Platinum Advanced Power Liquid Dish Soap 90oz $9.49
ONLY $7.49 after $2 Instant Savings

Cascade Complete Action Pacs 90ct $18.99
ONLY $14.99 after $1.70 Instant Savings

Woolite Protect & Renew HE 150oz, 75 loads $15.99
ONLY $12.49 after $4 Instant Savings

Ultra Downy April Fresh Fabric Enhancer 170oz, 197 loads $11.89
ONLY $9.49 after $2.40 Instant Savings

Tide Advanced Power HE Liquid Laundry Detergent 170oz, 81 Loads $19.99
ONLY $15.99 after $4 Instant Savings

Tide HE Liquid Laundry Detergent 225oz, 146 loads $23.79
ONLY $18.99 after $4.80 Instant Savings

Clorox 2 Max Performance 112.75oz, 82 Loads $13.99
ONLY $9.99 after $4 Instant Savings

Nylabone Natural NUBZ Edible Dog Chews 22ct $22.99
ONLY $18.49 after $4.50 Instant Savings

Chinet Comfort Cups 16oz 50ct $8.69
ONLY $6.99 after $1.70 Instant Savings

Kirkland Signature Moist Flushable Wipes 632ct $16.49
ONLY $13.49 after $3 Instant Savings

Duracell Alkaline Batteries 9V 8ct $16.89
ONLY $13.89 after $3 Instant Savings

Duracell Alkaline Batteries C or D 14pk $15.79
ONLY $12.79 after $3 Instant Savings

Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails 250ct $14.79
ONLY $11.79 after $3 Instant Savings

Move Free Advanced 200ct, Move Free Ultra 75ct, MegaRed Omega-3 Krill Oil 750mg 80ct $23.99-$25.99
ONLY $18.99-$20.99 after $5 Instant Savings

NatureMade Triple Flex Triple Strength 170ct $22.99, SAM-E Complete 400mg 60ct $38.99, CoQ10 200mg 140ct $34.99
ONLY $14.99-$30.99 after $8 Instant Savings

SeroVital 40-day Supply, 160ct $94.99
ONLY $64.99 after $30 Instant Savings

Oster Convection Countertop Oven $49.99
ONLY $41.99 after $8 Instant Savings

Turbo Tax 2017:
-$10 off Deluxe with State and/or Deluxe No State
-$15 off Premier, Home & Business and/or Business

Cosco 3 in 1 Convertible Hand Truck $99.99
ONLY $79.99 after $20 Instant Savings

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Comments 42

  1. Charlotte's Mom

    Is $.017 per baby wipe a good stock up price?

    • MrsBK

      I stock up when it’s 2 cents or less per wipe. Good price for Huggies which are my preferred brand.

    • Elvira

      Do you mean diapers or wipes? .17 a wipe is even more than retail price.

      • Charlotte's Mom

        Elvira, I think you misread the comment. Not 17 cents per wipe, 1.7 cents per wipe. My stock up for diapers is 12 cents per diaper. Just didn’t know if 1.7 was good for wipes.

    • MidwestMama

      Yes! For name brand, I buy when under 2 cents. Store brands/generic, anything under 1.5 cents.

  2. Tolu

    I grabbed the paper towels yesterday when I saw them for that price

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Glad you could snag the savings Tolu!

  3. Diana

    The Felina’s leggings are super comfy! Love them!

    • Luna

      May I ask how they fit? Tia

      • Mirela

        I am 160lbs and 5’5 and wear L (got them while pregnant) and they fit good, I could also comfortably wear M which I will buy next week

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Good to hear that they are so comfortable! Thanks for sharing your opinion on them!

    • Angela

      I’m wearing mine from a couple of years ago right now. They are comfortable, don’t roll down, and aren’t see-thru. I like them much better than more expensive Hue leggings.

  4. Brandi

    Those are my favorite leggings. Super soft and don’t stretch out.

  5. Bethany

    Hmmmm the math on the Chinet cups doesn’t quite add up and I can’t find them in the ad. Any thoughts?! Thanks!

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oops, you’re right! Thanks for letting us know. Fixed! 🙂

      • Bethany

        Bummer! I was hoping the price was the wrong number and not the dollars off 😊😉 Thank you!

  6. Tracy

    Is the math for the Kodiak pancake and waffle mix, correct?

    • Mel R.

      Final price is correct, but the savings should be $7 off.

      • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

        Thanks for the heads up, Mel! I updated the post.

    • Christina

      My Costco has these for $8.29 ($11.79-$3.50 savings). Same 72oz size box. I had to go back and look and I can confirm its the same exact size. Are prices the same at all clubs on these?

      • Kelly

        Agree with Christina. I can double check when I go today but our kodiak has never been more than $12 for the regular price.

      • Day-to-day

        I was wondering same thing but it looks like the online one says 2 packs of 72oz. I almost bought got the 72oz single box Saturday for $8.39 in warehouse but didn’t because I’m not sure if they taste good cuz I never tried it (anyone like or dislike this product?). In any case I think it’s cheaper in store if you have one close to home.

  7. Kelly K.

    Sure some of you know…but I just have to mention that the Pierre Foods Angus Cheeseburgers are AMAZING! I would highly recommend. 🙂

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Good to know! Thanks for the recommendation, Kelly!

    • as

      I agree. The cheeseburgers are tasty.

  8. MM

    The Quinoa brown rice are delicious, kids love them also. Better option than plain white rice. I use it when I make chicken, fish and sometimes even with burritos

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing your feedback! It sounds great!

    • Mirela

      Hmmm thanks for sharing! Gonna try!

    • Shelly

      I agree with MM, the Quinoa rice are Delish
      I too pair ‘em with fish 😋

  9. mdk6767

    If you have kids who eat Bagel Bites, the 72 count box is only $5.49 at Costco after the rebate. This is an amazing price!

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for letting us know!

  10. Sandy

    Loveeee the leggings!

    • Lacey

      Al the reviews I’ve read say they are very long. I am 5’3” & 140 – a normal medium. I’m thinking I may need a small. Is the length an issue?

      • Monica

        I am same as you and get the small! they are very soft and comfortable!

  11. Mirela

    We looove kirkland signature chicken alfredo, yesterday I bought couple packages and put them in the freezer. They are super easy to prepare, just take out of the freezer a night before and let it thaw on room temperature. Whenever they have this offer we stock up. Super delicious and creamy, generously loaded with cheese and chicken 🙈

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That sounds awesome for an easy dinner! Thanks for the tip!

    • Tera

      Thanks for the suggestion–the kids love chicken Alfredo.

    • Day-to-day

      We like the chicken Alfredo also, in addition when we buy a rotisserie chicken from Costco we get the Kirkland Mac n cheese. Whatever chicken we can’t eat we make Buffalo Mac n cheese with the two. Just bake the Mac at 350 for 45 min covered with foil, take out of oven, put leftover chicken, some lines of sweet baby Ray’s creamy Buffalo and some lines of Sriracha, crumbled blue cheese and bake in for another 15 minutes covered. Can freeze leftovers in proper portions.

  12. Sarah

    I stock up when the Classico spaghetti sauce has the $3 off!!! We love it! Also, the Kirkland kids gummy vitamins are $2 off and a really good deal!

  13. SJ

    We bought the Kirkland kid’s vitamin gummies. $8 for almost a years worth!

  14. Sharon

    I am on the fence on a membership. Prices don’t seem all that great.

    • Bev

      I am thinking the same thing, at least not on the items above. I can get all of these items cheaper on sale at my Kroger store with sales. I can get the lotion Kleenex for $.99 a box on sale and Bounty and Charmin for $3.99 for 6 packs on sale. I did buy a membership though for the first time because I think their meats can be cheaper.

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