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Try Stitch Fix This Month with NO Risk!

If you’re into fashion, enjoy receiving surprises in the mail, and have wiggle room in your budget, this may be your new favorite splurge! 😍

Through January 31st, head over to Stitch Fix where all you new customers can get your first month’s styling fee waived (a $20 value) when you order your first box within the next 30 days! This is a super rare offer so don’t miss out if you have been wanting to try this service.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix offers a personalized shopping experience WITHOUT needing to leave home! Simply fill out your Stitch Fix Style Profile and a personal stylist will handpick a selection of five pieces of clothing, shoes and/or accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. Keep what you love and send the rest back for free in a prepaid envelope. EASY!

Once you fill out your profile and select a delivery date from the calendar, your Stylist will select your items and the $20 styling fee will be waived for new customers!

The amount you’ll spend on the actual box of clothing will vary based on the following…

  • What budget amounts you select while taking the Style Profile.
  • What you actually decide to keep.
  • If you keep ALL 5 items sent, you’ll get an EXTRA 25% off your entire order! Pretty sweet, and makes for some nice savings!

What do they offer?

You may receive pants, skirts, dresses, shirts, outerwear, jewelry, shoes and more from over 250 different brands. Plus if you’d like something specific, you can leave a note for your stylist and they will do their best to fulfill your request. They currently carry women’s sizes 0-24W and XS-3X (including petite and plus), maternity sizes 0-14 and XS-XL, and men’s sizes XS-XXL.

What we LOVE about Stitch Fix… ❤

The fact that a box of surprise clothing and accessories tailored to your style will arrive at your doorstep. It’s SO fun! The Hip2Save team LOVES surprises!

We also think it’s really neat to get such a personalized shopping experience without leaving home. With that said, it’s REALLY important to take time to fill out your style profile. Be sure to add details about specific colors and styles you like. In addition, they even ask what clothing items you do NOT want to be sent. When I filled out mine, I actually selected NO dresses (I am more of a jeans gal). I also added a couple of additional notes when filling out mine. One of them being that I LOVE Anthropologie clothing, but don’t love their prices. By taking time to give them helpful info, hopefully you’ll be very pleased with the surprises in your box!

We also love that you don’t have to sign up for automatic deliveries and can do a one-time shipment. It’s a really nice option if you’re new to Stitch Fix and just want to try it out with NO commitments.

What We Are NOT Digging about Stitch Fix

It’s NOT cheap. You can get better deals by shopping clearance, using coupons, taking advantage of all the great deals posted on Hip2Save etc.

Have you tried Stitch Fix? Tell us about it in the comments below!
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Comments 66

  1. Daniela

    My friend who lives in NYC swears by this because she has no time to shop and hates trying things on in the store. Plus the box is always cheaper than NYC store prices. I personally don’t like it because I prefer to pick my own things out and I can always find cheaper options at Old Navy, GAP, Macy’s clearance; depends on your lifestyle !

    • Mary

      I’m from Niles, Michigan and shop in Mishawaka, Indiana – it’s about a 15 minute drive. I HAVE shopped in NYC as well, in Fort Wayne, Farmington Hills, Chicago, etc. What I HAVE noticed is that department stores, such as Macy’s, Bloomingdales and others – have the same thing in common – MSRP already on the tags – AND, if they were NOT selling at that price – they were marked down, NOT up from there – I had always heard that things were more expensive in NYC, Chicago, etc. – I’m thinking that it depends on where you’re living in those areas and where you choose to shop. I was surprised when I was shopping in their stores in NYC to see that fact. Now, I admit, boutiques will be much higher – which, I’m sure that’s where many people like to shop – I just look around and see if there’s something I like in stores, and go from there.

  2. Julie

    Too expensive. Cancelled after first shipment.

  3. Cheryl

    I tried it several months ago but the pieces were all so expensive. You only get the discount prices on the clothing if you purchase everything they send you.

  4. Kimberly

    Totally agree I keep trying to send them feedback on the prices…I don’t think they are listening

  5. Luv🌺

    I’ve been wanting to try this but too scared that I won’t like the clothes and the prices. I don’t really need any more clothes but I’m tempted as American Express has an offer for get $25 back when spend $50 on stitch fix. I would like input as to if it’s worth it even with this $20 offer Collin posted, should I give it a go???🌺

    • Emily

      I think it’s worth a try with the free code. You are able to send it all back very easily. You can set your range of prices for each type of item too. It is definitely quality over quantity when it comes to StitchFix. I like it so far, just can’t buy as many items. If you can use my code to sign up, I would really appreciate it. You will still get the waived $20. https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/14326858?sod=a&som=c

    • ana

      I watched a review online when someone opened their box and a pair of shorts had a price tag from the store still on. It said 24.99 on the tag but stitch fix charged her 48.00 for them. That turned me off from them.

      • Emily

        Oh really, that’s terrible!

        • ana

          I know! But reading some of the comments further down some have been happy with their boxes 🙂 I guess I’m just too much about saving money so I’ll just go the the store and look for good deals 🙂

      • Erin

        Stitch Fix will price match if you contact their customer service. I got a pair of Vigoss jeans in a box and found them on sale on the Vigoss site. Contacted Stitch Fix and they refunded me the difference. Also, I have done a few fixes, some great and some not and they sent me an invite yesterday for their new program that is $49 for unlimited fixes for a year and you get that $49 back as a credit to apply towards your purchases during the year.

    • Lisa

      I have been doing Stitch Fix for about a year. I didn’t know what to expect but thought it would be fun to get a surprise box of clothing. I loved my first fix and bought everything. I chose “cheapest” on my questionnaire when I filled it out and my fixes have mostly been around $150 for 5 items. I know I could buy some of the items at TJMaxx for a little less but I have loved the benefit of trying on at home. My favorite part about Stitch Fix is that my stylist has sent me things I would have never tried otherwise and I have loved them. I have been disappointed in a couple of fixes but I almost always receive something I really like. It’s definitely worth a try for free

    • Jessica

      I was reluctant to try it because I am shorter and bigger in the legs. I got jeans that were a perfect fit in the first box! There was only one shirt I was unsure of but it layers with the cardigan in the box so I kept it. It’s a splurge. I think I’ll do every other month or two. I get so many compliments on my stitch items. This busy momma doesn’t have time to search racks at multiple stores. I can cross other things off my to do list instead of wasting my time and gas shopping!

  6. Molly

    Yeah I agree- way too expensive! Most of the stuff you cold find for 1/3 of the price at TJ Maxx. I got a couple boxes and none were under $250. Not for me, but might be for you!

  7. Sarah

    I’ve gotten this for a few years and love it! I get a box quarterly. It is the only way this busy Mom can have a semi-current wardrobe for work! Is not the cheapest way to buy clothes, but it is great treat for myself!

  8. Karen

    I tried Stitch Fix and at first, I loved it! The surprise of the clothes was exciting to me.
    But I had to quit the program because their clothes were expensive, no matter what you put in your profile! I also started receiving styles of clothing that were not me!

  9. Tolu

    I got to try Stitch Fix, without even signing up for anything. How? I go to this store called Bargain Hunt, who has clothes from different departmental stores at up to 70% off. It’s like a dumping ground for various stores, including Target. Anyway, I walked in and they had their clothes for 70% off advertised price. All their Stitch Fix clothes were priced at $15, so I ended up buying like 6 shirts and paid $28 and some change.

    Honestly, I do not like the quality of the clothing items I found there and bought. Out of the 6, I’m returning 3. I do not see myself paying so much for that kind of quality. I would rather shop at H&M, Zara, Target and even Marshall’s and know that I got a good bargain.

    But each to his own. I’m not knocking their business but just giving my honest review.

  10. Susan Thayer

    With Hip2Save saving me on groceries and essentials, I am able to pay for my Stitch Fix shipments! I have had them for about 6 months now. I agree they are a little expensive, but I LOATHE the mall, work for a very professional company that requires suits, and no time to shop. Honestly a mom of two boys (that will never be caught in a clothing store), I find myself on the sports field instead. A box at my door! I got this!

    • krystal

      That’s why I love this site! I’m a die hard clearance bargain clothing shopper but other things I just don’t have time or energy for the run around. To each their own! We save where we can and pay for the convenience of the things we need to!

  11. rrussell13

    Please use my referral link if you want to give it a try. Stitchfix.com/referral/8291239

  12. Lynn

    I signed up last time you posted the $20 off. LOVED my box! Expensive- YES but it was things I wouldn’t have even picked off of the rack in a store. I’m trying it again. I loved getting a splurge box on myself. Probably will keep it quarterly if they get it right.

  13. Holly

    This service doesn’t appeal to me at all, and not just on account of the high $$$ price tag (although as a savvy shopper, I think I could purchase an entire capsule wardrobe for the cost of one of these boxes). I assume the company makes money by partnering with specific brands and promoting their clothing, and I’m too brand loyal to my own longtime favorites to experiment much (I worry about fit, sizing, & quality issues with brands I’m not familiar with). So, I just stick with classic/basic pieces and style them with cute accessories (i.e. scarves & J. Crew statement necklaces).

  14. TraceyR

    I have received two Stitch Fix boxes so far; I only get them quarterly as they are pricy. I really do not like shopping for clothes at all, so that was my reason for trying it. It is pretty expensive, but I have loved almost everything they’ve sent. I made a Pinterest page so that my stylist can see ideas of what I like & don’t like. I also like to send a note as to what I would like or if I am going on vacation & to where. They have items made especially for them; thinks you can’t find in stores. My favorite thing is that they have found jeans and leggings for my super long legs!
    I also have a stitch fix referral code if anyone would like to use it: stitchfix.com/referral/14093338
    Again, the boxes run about $200+ if you buy everything which is pretty high, but I feel that I work hard and can splurge now and then.

    • TraceyR

      Things – not thinks! Guess I should ask for some glasses in my next box!! 🙂

  15. Amy

    I just got my first fix and I loved the clothes! The quality was amazing and exactly my style. I never would have picked these out myself. However, and this really hurt, I returned it all because of the cost. I will set some budget money aside and try it again when/if the budget allows! I do have some great ideas now of what to look for/buy when I’m shopping!

    • CC

      Hi Amy just wanted to share in case you did not know, that if you send all items back you loose your $20 stylist fee credit towards your order. I just got a shipment and was going to return everything but double checked on this. So I kept one shirt that waas $28 instead. Hope this helps. Everyone be sure to check the return policy. I agree they are pricy. I kept 2 things my 1st shipment and 1 the 2nd shipment. I am thinking I will try 1 more shipment because I don’t shop well on my own and times limited. I did like the quality and they almost got my style.

      • Amy

        Luckily, I did not have to pay the $20 because of this promotion. Truly risk free!

        • CC

          That’s great!

  16. Laurie

    Wishing I could afford to try this!! Sounds like such a treat, a surprise like Christmas!

  17. Patty

    Another option is Trunk Club, they also have a $25 styling fee, but usually send 10-14 items – and the best part is that you can preview the trunk before it is sent & reject any items you know are definite no’s, then they will replace those items & ship you the box. It’s associated with Nordstrom, so it’s all Nordstrom clothes/prices. Here’s my referral link: https://www.trunkclub.com/referral/LEE58W

    I’ve also used Front Door Fashion, which has no styling fee, but they do put a $100 hold on your credit card – but you are charged nothing if you return everything within the time frame.

  18. Melissa

    I loved stitch fix after having my kids and helping get out of the frumpy look. I do not love that they advertise unique style when all of my friends have the same shirt but with a color variation. I’ve had more “twinsie” moments wearing stitch fix than finding a shirt at Target or Anthropologie.

  19. Chris

    Does this deal give us any discount on the actual clothing? Or is it just a free “stylist fee”?

    • Emily

      It is just for the stylist fee. This allows you to try it without losing that stylist fee. If you were to not like any of the clothes, then you would forfeit the $20.

  20. Allison 💙

    StitchFix IS expensive, so I use it as my splurge each quarter (3 months). That gives me time to save up enough money to buy the whole box IF I want to. And it makes it something to look forward to without breaking the bank. My last box was amazing! I could’ve bought the entire thing but I restricted myself. I frequently wear each piece from that box, and I look forward to what comes in a few months. (And if I don’t like anything in the next box, I can always schedule another one sooner.)

  21. Shelly

    I love Stitch Fix! Most of my fixes are right around $200 with the discount for keeping it all. I don’t think that’s horrible for 5 high quality items that I love. I can’t do it all the time, but I do try to save so I can do it 3 or 4 times a year. All of my favorite items are from Stitch Fix.

  22. Emily

    If you sign up, would appreciate if you use my referral code. https://www.stitchfix.com/referral/14326858?sod=a&som=c

    Oh and if you watched the facebook live video, the shirt Collin was wearing is called Staccato Madeleine Raglan Roll Sleeve Knit top. I saw it on my Pinterest feed.

  23. Mandy

    ThreadUp started a subscription box similar to this but because they are an online thrift store the prices are way cheaper and you get to try 12-14 items I think. Maybe a better option for those who enjoy the surprise but can’t afford StitchFix prices!

  24. Pat

    I use SuitableYou because I need more work wear clothes and they usually have monthly promotions – which is nice 🛍️

  25. Jamie

    Thredup has boxes. It was so fun and got really great brands at good prices!

  26. Julie

    I tried stitchfix for the first time in December. I was pleasantly surprised that my stylist really got me some great items but they are pricey. The one item that I thought I would like the least I liked the best on me. I ended up getting a dress that costed $50. I try to bargain shop for any clothes for me but I treated myself to it because it was a nice material and fit so nice. I’ll probably try another fix in the spring. It does make you feel special to get something in the mail just for you that someone picked out for you. I’ll keep Bargin shopping for the majority of my clothes but it’s a nice splurge.

  27. Reminely

    LOVE Stitch Fix! There are even FB groups to trade or buy and sell so if there’s one thing you don’t want but want the discount you can try to sell it before answering back to stitch fix. I’ve had some great fixes and some ok fixes but there’s always been at least one item I’ve LOVED from each box. Most of my go to items are from Stitch Fix.

  28. Susan

    I love Stitch Fix and they have lower price point items that are unique and fun, too! I’ve always had success when I tell my stylist what is like and use a Pinterest board for inspiration! Love it!

  29. Nina

    For the busy moms or people who do this to get a box delivered to their door, wouldn’t shopping online equate to the same thing? I would go to J. Crew.com or
    Bloomingdales.com or whatever store you like and just shop that way and have it delivered to your door the same way.. And to avoid malls, like I do, just go to T.J Maxx or Marshall’s to get brand names in a 1 stop shop for A lot less $$ to boot! But I guess if you totally don’t have time or don’t want to have to even think about it, then use this service, as that’s their customer base.

  30. Mike

    My wife tried it and sent everything back. She went to Marshall’s the next day and found nearly everything they had sent on sale for way less.

  31. Mom2Bear

    I tried Stitch Fix over the summer because they had a deal with T-Mobile Tuesday. Extremely pricey which may be why I haven’t tried them again.They’ve sent me an email saying they have waived my $20 fee until Feb.9. Guess I’ll give it another shot in hopes that I get something I like. The first shipment I kept one item to avoid the fee but found everything they sent me cheaper at Target and Kohl’s. Crossing fingers that this time isn’t a bust.

    If you happen to want to check it out please use my referral:

  32. Sparrowoftortuga

    Tried it and NOTHING in my box fit! Absolutely ridiculous!

  33. Retta

    I was not a fan. The quality of the clothes looked questionable to me, particularly considering the prices. I stacked an Ibotta $20 cashback deal with a $25 credit on $50 Amex deal, and I ended up with a shirt that I like, so that’s good. It ended up only costing me $13 out of pocket, but there is NO WAY I would’ve ever paid $58 for it. That being said I really enjoy shopping, so I can see for someone who doesn’t, that is a definite benefit.

    • Kaonu

      Thanks for the feedback n tips. How do u use Ibotta n Amex towards this? I have both. I thought that once the box ships, if u keep anything, they just charge the card on file.

  34. Lara

    I LOVE stitchfix, but I will echo what others have said in that it is definitely a splurge. If I actually had the time to go and spend all day at a mall/tjmaxx etc then I would probably be able to find comparable pieces for much less. But this way, I am saving myself the day of shopping which I just do not have Time for. They did send me some crazy $150 booties. Do I look nuts to you? They were cute, but Toms brand – I searched google and found the same pair for $70. How bout no.
    1. High-quality clothing
    2. Convenience factor
    3. Try new pieces you might not otherwise try – I’ve found some real gems I never would have picked for myself
    4. Fit well- I am constantly getting compliments on my stitchfix items
    5. Easy size exchanges
    1. Cost.
    2. Cost.
    3. Cost – and they don’t respond to repeated requests for lower priced items.
    4. Definite brand favoritism/partnerships
    5. Somehow I always have 1 ugly piece out of he 5 that keeps me from wanting the whole box…

    All in all, with 4 kids and a more than full time professional job, this is a splurge that keeps my closet updated now and then!

  35. Sarah

    I love using Stitch Fix. It is more than worth it in my opinion, and this is from a former dedicated Goodwill shopper! Having three little kids and living in a small town with literally nothing in the way of clothing shopping, this is so helpful for me. The clothes are definitely pricier (and I’ve chosen the lowest possible prices), but you have to realize you are paying for the service, which is valuable to me, personally. Some of the complaints listed are not really valid, either. They will price match if you find the exact thing, and they do size exchanges. It’s also not the same as generally shopping online… The free and super easy return shipping is a big value to me. Sure, I’ve gotten some real duds, but if you understand what the service is and have realistic expectations, it can be a really fun and helpful thing. I’d say I’ve even gotten some bargains, too, between accumulating some referral credit and their great customer service (a couple times I wanted to keep the whole fix, but the size exchange I needed was not available on one item and they still gave me the discount on the other 4 items).

  36. Jill

    I love stitch fix but it’s definitely a splurge. I don’t have time to shop and I am not good at ge thing out of my comfort zone and trying new things. I keep in mind i am paying for the clothes and the service. My stylist has sent pieces i would have walked right by in a store but have been my favorites. Every time I wear a stitch fix piece I get tons of compliments.
    1. You have to give it a try past 1 box. My first box was meh but then I made a Pinterest page and I’ve had the same. Stylist for 10 boxes and she knows my style now.
    2. My stylist has been pretty responsive to my price point requests but it’s definitely a splurge.
    3. I use stitch fix to help me figure out what styles work then if i am in target or another store and I see a similar top for cheaper I know I like the style and I can pick one up.
    4. The more info you give the better your box. I try to keep my Pinterest page updated and I have gotten several pieces I had pinned.

  37. Avalon

    ive gotten 2 fixes, one in the summer , one at christmas. I loved all 5 items and kept everything for the discount. My summer fix was $150 after discount for keeping everything, and i was happy with that. My second fix in the winter was $260 after discount, i was upset since i was expecting under $200 again because i said cheaper the better on everything. So, summer clothes are probably going to be cheaper, avoid asking for outerwear and shoes and I think your fixes will likely cost less. I was careful filling out my profile and included a pinterest board.

  38. LC

    Trunk Club is a great service and an alternative to Stitch Fix, if you find that doesn’t work for you 🙂 I’ve found the clothes to be high quality and less expensive than Stitch Fix. 🙂


  39. Tamara

    I decided for free to try it out. I entered my information. I then got charged $20?! I thought it was supposed to be free?

  40. Sarah

    Another money saver is that eventually, if you stick with the service, you may be offered an invitation to get a style pass, which means you get as many times as you want for $49 a year, which also goes towards a purchase of clothing. I’m excited about this because I will get to view more of a selection of clothing without feeling like I have to buy something to not lose the styling fee.

    • LC

      That’s a great deal!

    • Shelly

      I got the style pass too! I’m so excited because I can get a box every month and not feel like I have to keep anything!

  41. ashdlop

    I enjoyed stitch fix when I subscribed for a few months. Yes, it is expensive and ultimately I could find equivalent products for 1/3 of the price. The experience itself is a lot of fun. However, having only 3 days to return the unwanted items was a bit of a rush to me. Sometimes I felt like I was rush trying them on the day they had to be shipped back and didn’t get to make a solid decision. Overall $200+ per box is really too much for 5 items…..

  42. Cris

    You can extend your checkout days. You have 3 days from the day they’re delivered to try them out. And if that’s not enough, just go on their site and extend the days. I’ve done that no problem. On their website, they tell you the average cost per item, so no it’s not a cheap service. If you like to bargain hunt and shop yourself then this may not be for you. But I don’t think any clothing subscription service out there is designed for the thrifty shopper.

  43. moria

    Seems expensive, even with the styling fee waved.

  44. kait

    I’ve watched/read a lot of SF unboxing/tryon videos, and I have to say that even if the prices were decent ($20/pc?), it wouldn’t be a good service for me because I’ve never seen a single item I would want. Maybe my style is just too different from their “average” or something. 🙈

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