Possible FREE $40 Amazon, Target or Visa Gift Card – Just Test Drive New Hyundai

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Take a Test Drive 🚘 … get a FREE Amazon, Target or Visa Gift Card!

Hop on over to HyundaiUSA.com and enter your zip code in the blue bar at the top of site to find the dealership nearest you.

After you enter your zip code, you should see a pop-up box as pictured below (it took a minute or two for the pop up to appear for me) that offers a FREE $40 Amazon, Target or Visa Gift Card when you test drive a new Hyundai at that location – no purchase required! Note that this pop-up may not be available in all areas.

Once you see the pop-up, just fill out the form and then head to the dealership to test drive a new Hyundai and score your FREE gift card.

Check out the fine print: Limit 1 coupon redemption per household per 6 months. By signing up for this Promotion you agree to receive communications related to this Promotion. Dealer reserves the final decision to redeem or refuse any reward card certificate or coupon. Must be 18 or older and present a valid U.S. Driver’s License to qualify. Shipping to U.S. addresses only. Valid email address must be provided to qualify for offer.

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  1. Judy Trac

    In for 2

  2. Scott

    I am conflicted in these test drive offers. If you are not seriously looking at buying or leasing please don’t waste these commission folks time. Be upfront that you are simply there for the offer.

    • Bee0619

      Exactly! My husband works at a dealership and he is 100% commission. People just coming in looking for a freebie and wasting his time takes away from real customers and his paycheck. I don’t think people realize this…

      • T

        What does this mean: Special Retail Balloon offer also available in the states of AL, AR, LA, MS, NM, OK, TN, TX. See your local Hyundai dealer for details.
        Sorry not up on car buying terms. Thanks!

    • Jodi

      I agree, this really upsets me. This is being listed as no purchase necessary, free gift card with test drive with no mention of someone being in the market for a car. The company offers that for an incentive to help their salespeople sell cars to people who are truly interested. Not waste their time for a free giftcard.

      • Chase

        It’s perfectly fare for me to get a gift card for a test drive EVEN when I have zero intention of buying. Car salesmen are trained to sell cars to all types of potential buyers. If they’re good at selling, I’ll be buying a car that day. If they aren’t good at selling, it isn’t my fault that they chose a job that could potentially waste their own time.

    • Stephanie

      I actually love them! We were not seriously looking to buy a car last year when our Toyota dealership offered a $50 target card but we went anyway. 2 weeks later we ended up with the gift card and a new Tundra! Lol it’s a great way to get people in the door who might not realize they actually DO need or want a car! It’s all science behind getting people in the door

      • amy111

        That’s why my husband should never know about this. He has been known to buy random things on infomercials and new our home on a whim, LOL.

      • mckeeversmom

        We actually received a mailer about a $50. VISA gift card with a test drive. My husband took the mailer and went to the dealer…we got the gift card, thank you very much, but also ended up with a 2018 Santa Fe Sport. (It’s really nice, by the way!)

      • anna

        Exactly! We never intended on buying a Cadillac SUV, nor would that kind of car ever been on the radar, but once we drove it we bought it. The reason we walked in was because hip2save posted an offer for a gift card, like this one, and we were out moseying around one Saturday and decided to go in.
        So really you shouldn’t speak for others, obviously they get buyers off these deals or they wouldn’t do them.

      • Tiffany

        Exactly why they do this! No one should feel guilty about taking advantage of this freebie. They want to get you in the door. I don’t let myself do these kinds of deals, because a great “100% commissions” salesman will convince me to buy a car, lol. I wish I was stronger! 😄

    • hellfiregainz

      It’s an offer to get people in. We do this a few times a year. Not only has it been fun test driving new cars, but we are seriously considering purchasing from one in a few weeks and will be going through the guy we test drive through last year.

      Doesn’t matter if they are 100% commission. That is the job they chose. Follow the rules of the program and that is enough for me.

    • Wren

      I agree somewhat about not wasting the sales people’s time, BUT- if you are a sales person, you never know what impact you or the test drive may have. Someone may come just for a free gift card, but their car may break down the next month and they find themselves needing a car, and they remember the time you took with them. Or they have a friend who’s looking to buy, and they recommend you to their friend. You never know.

    • Liz

      110% agree with this!

  3. Laura

    Signed up for my local dealership. Thanks for the heads up!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  4. Hana

    Agreed, these people just going in for the freebie also ruin it for everyone else. I just went to Hyundai last month because we legitimately were looking for a Santa Fe bc our car had reached its end of life. While searching on the Hyundai website, this offer popped up and I signed up for it. When I got there, they said so many people have abused it that they weren’t giving them out anymore and when they realized that I was a real customer, it was already too late, bc by then they had already brushed me off multiple times and said the model of the Santa Fe I wanted was too far for them to get it so I couldn’t even test drive it but I wasn’t going to but a car without test driving it first. It was such a terrible car buying experience for me in the end that I went to Toyota and got a different vehicle instead. When they realized that I was a real customer in the end as I was leaving, they tried to redeem the gift card offer but said it was already expired weeks ago even though I had just gotten it that day. So the website is giving out expired vouchers for the gift card as well. Unfortunately, what was supposed to be an extra incentive for my intention of becoming a Hyundai owner for the first time ended up completely turning me off Hyundai probably forever.

  5. Kyah

    Entered my zip code and got the offer, but it ended up giving me the address to a dealer where I used to live (but my phone is still based there).
    Do you think it would work at any location?

  6. todd

    No thanks…id gladly pay someone $40 for me NOT to have to deal with a car salesman. 95% of them are leeches.

    • Erin

      That was kind of uncalled for.

      • todd

        Why?? Did I offend you?

        Theres plenty of comments below mine stating they hate dealerships and try to avoid dealing with them.

        You gonna tell them thats uncalled for too?

  7. Amber

    We actually were looking for a Hyundai in November of last year and test drove a few to see if we’d like them. We had the offer to get a gift card and turned it in in good faith that we were in there to actually test drive for possible purchase but the negative side of these offers is we did all that we were supposed to do on our end, but the dealership did not follow through. They have to authorize it and its a matter of checking back on a website that is very basic and seems shady. Pretty much they never processed our gift card and we never received anything. We went with Volkswagen instead!

    • shopper21

      Thank you for your words

  8. LC

    Cool thanks!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome!

  9. Audrey

    Love my 2017 Santa Fe Limited & they have the best warranty but I hate car dealerships! We plan on running ours to the ground before stepping foot in another dealership.

  10. Dawn

    Not avail in CA?

    • Kyah

      Worked in the Fresno area.

  11. Luv 🌺

    Off topic for Hyundai. We are in the market for a vehicle that seats 8 people (we3 car seats and 3 adults 1 with mobility issues), considering Toyota Sienna or highlander. I really don’t want to spend too much but must have leather seats. We got a quote for $49k sienna limited premium but not the color/trim that I want and I don’t care/need for blu ray player; Toyota website list highlander premium $45k with the color/trim I like and panoramic moonroof (for the kids). I’d like inputs and suggestions regarding these vehicles, I feel so indecisive and it’s driving me crazy, it’s a lot of money. P.S this will be our first brand new car purchase and I’m not sure if that explains the indecision. Thanks 🌺

    • Tom Collins

      Luv, you might want to check out the Santa Fe. It’s a lot cheaper but there are leather seat options and they’re good cars.

    • Yessenia

      I have a 2013 Toyota Sienna. I bought it used in 2014 and LOVE it! I’ve had many cars (bmw 323i, Mercedes s500, Infinity q50), SUVs (x5, Expedition), and minivans (Windstar), and this is by far my most beloved vehicle. It’s comfortable and fun to drive and it has space for my family of 6 and then some. We’ve put in a lot of miles driving it across country during school brakes And haven’t had major mechanical issues. We take it to the dealer for its routine maintenance and so far so good. We thought about the highlander too mostly because my husband hates minivans but I fell in love with the sienna after driving it.

    • Day-to-day

      I ended up with a Honda Odyssey for the 3 car seats thing. Both side sliding doors for mobility issue ease and the ability to remove the center to middle seat to walk to the third row is awesome. We went through Costco auto buyer program and paid less than any of our family or friends with the same. Anyone know if this voucher is good for Kia (same company)? I’m test driving the Kia Stinger GT this weekend to upgrade from the Optima.TIA

    • Hana

      So originally we thought the Santa Fe would be a cheap 7-seater but the 7-seater one was NOT the Sport model of the Santa Fe which is the affordable one under $30k. They said the 7-seater starts at $30-34k. And they didn’t let us test drive it because they said it was too far away for them to go get it (as I mentioned earlier, so many people abused the gift card offer, that they were basically brushing off real customers too). So we went to Toyota and actually got the Sienna instead. We got the last 2017 model left and it was a 8-seater and was only $28k.

    • Marissa

      We have a 14 sienna we are not a fan. We are looking at a 2015 Tahoe or 2018 traverse.

    • Angela V.

      Loved my Highlander! Bought it brand new and got 193,000 miles out of it before trading it in a few weeks ago. Opted for a Honda Pilot this time though because it felt a little roomier. Highly recommend both cars!

    • K

      The dealership should be able to do a dealer trade to get the color/options you want.

    • Grace

      Look into the new Chrysler Pacifica hybrid minivan. High-end with all bells and whistles is under 40K out the door thanks to state and federal tax credits.

    • Luv🌺

      Thank you all for your input. We will most likely go with the sienna, now I just need to learn how to haggle to get the best deal, which the costco auto program dealer was closer to us since their price is set. Any tips on how/what to tell dealerships to get a great deal?🌺

    • tr ham

      I drove a 50 thousand dollar toyota and it felt like i was feeling every groove and pebble in the road. I bought a 40 thousand dollar kia sedona with all leather, gps, sunroof, heated seats, back up cam, love it

  12. kait

    I’ll just settle for the $10k+ we saved by buying used, and skip the car salesman routine. 😬

  13. Tom Collins

    I have a 10 year old Hyundai Elantra and I love it. It’s still going strong, but it might be useful to check out a newer model. Sadly, all I get when I go to the site is an encouragement to download an app that would allow them to bring a car to me for a test drive. No financial incentive. My favorite salesman was the guy who handled online sales. I went in and there was no haggling. Just a reasonable price. I test drove the car (and a couple other models), we talked about it and I bought the car. It took a couple days for them to get the right color, but I’ve been really happy with my car. I agree that it’s not ok to waste salespeople’s time if you aren’t even remotely thinking of buying. You may be taking their time away from someone who is going to buy, so you’re eating into their income.

  14. April

    I love these! Thank you so much! I’m seriously sitting here broke as can be, wondering how I’m going to pay my bills and this will help me get a bill paid. TY

  15. Michelle

    All you have to do is be honest with them that you don’t want to buy a car but wanted to see if you could still get the promotion card. I’ve done it a few years in a row and they’ve told me they appreciate the honesty and not wasting time they could be selling a car to someone else. They are happy to turn it in for you. You really just print it out and hand it to the salesman saying what I stated above and he takes it in and gives it to the correct department. You don’t even have to go in. I think it’s nice.

  16. Tia

    Thank you- this will be our first time trying this type of promotion, but my husbands has been eyeing a new Tuscon for over a year- we’re at least two years away from being able to do it, but I know my husband and I know myself- if I go, I’ll come home with yet another car payment! He knows how to be upfront and unswayed!

  17. Tawni

    I filled out the info and got a text back, but it says it expires 2/1. Does this mean it’s already expired?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hmm, I just filled this out and mine ends on 2/17. Maybe check to see what details were sent to your email address Or try again in a different browser. Hoping that might help!

  18. tiplernorth

    cool thanks

  19. grace

    Thanks so much, got one today. I went to local dealer today, and i was honest, he is also understandable not wasting both of time for an unwanted test drive.

  20. Renita Irvin

    I did this test drive. Wonderful business will certainly go there for next vehicle. But I haven’t received by Visa Card. I don’t know how to find out where it is or when I should get this. Did the test drive on February 14th.

  21. Jamie

    When my Ford was in for service, I walked 200 yards to the Hyundai dealership next door b/c of the free gift card. Test drove an Elantra Sport 6spd manual and was impressed. But I had no intention of selling my Mustang right now but it did plant a seed for the future. I don’t feel guilty about getting the gift card with no real intention of buying. Most of the salesman were just sitting around anyway and I was there for about 20 minutes or so.

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