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ToysRUs Liquidation Starts NOW In Store (For Real This Time)

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If you’ve been waiting for the ToysRUs Going Out of Business & Liquidation Sales to start (we had a false alarm yesterday), you’ll be happy to know that most ToysRUs stores did finally begin dropping prices starting today, March 23rd! We were there bright and early this morning to scope out the deals for you.

Currently, it appears you can save 5-30% off select items – so you might want to wait a little bit if you’re looking for a REALLY sweet deal! Please note that price reductions may vary per area.

Hip Tip: Want to know if the ToysRUs Going Out Of Business prices are the best deals?

While in store, you can always open your Amazon, Walmart or Target apps and use them to scan the barcode of the items you want to check. That way, you can compare pricing to see if the ToysRUs deals are hot or not hot.

Looking to save on Diapers, Baby Wipes and Personal Care items?

Sadly, those items are currently excluded from any discounts. 😩 We will keep you posted when/if these items are discounted.

Sit back, grab your coffee & take a look at what we spotted…

LEGO Sets – 5% off

Apparel & Shoes – 20% off

Easter/Seasonal Candy – 10% off

Easter Non Candy – 20% off

Ride On Toys (including Power Wheels) – 10% off

Board Games – 10% off

Batteries – 10% off

Melissa & Doug Toys – 10% off

Books – 20% off

As Seen on TV Toys – 20% off

Thomas & Friends Toys – 10% off

Towels, Bedding, Mattresses & Furniture – 10% off

Outdoor Equipment & Play Structures – 10% off

Roller Skates – 30% off

Bicycles – 10% off

Baby Gear including Strollers, High Chairs, Car Seats & More – 10% off

Infant Care – 10% off

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Comments 95

  1. Sam

    This is so sad. But 5% off made me laugh.

  2. v

    This is kind of a joke. I was there last week and board games were 20% off and now they are 10% off.

    • alicat

      This is exactly why they are going out of biz. Their prices were never competitive and the store by US was filthy to boot.

  3. Sara

    The founder died today.

    • Kyliejay!


  4. laura fuller

    You should know that toys r us has proabaly hired a “close out” company to run the going out of business sale. So they set their own prices and you won’t find many deals. This happened with our local sports authority…and I recognize those same sale tags in your pics.

    • hrosana

      Yes it also happen with kmart but even like that people go crazy thinking they are getting a good deal but is a joke lol

    • hrosana

      Oh then once it is 40% nothing is left only a mess

      • Stacy

        Exactly! That’s how it was when the MCSports by me went out. I was a loyal shopper there, it was never busy and they always had the best selection. They started with ridiculous low %s off and the place was a zoo!! It was a mess and so picked over by the time most items made it to 30% off. I joked with the cashier about where all these people were for so many years…they would’ve gotten better deals with normal sales if they had just payed attention.

  5. Me

    My thoughts exactly. Not going to for 5% off Legos. Oh well. I’m sure by the time the discount drops significantly enough, there will be nothing good left. The people with GCs left will have bought the stuff up. At least we got rid of all our GCs!

  6. Casie E

    Anyone know if they are still accepting birthday coupons? My son got one just a few days before all of this was announced, for a free lego birthday set and Geoffrey squishy toy.

    Are video games discounted yet?

    • Aleshia Jones

      They should be. The stores I believe get them I. The start if the month. I redeemed mine a wk ago

    • Shannon

      My stores sign said no coupons, no rewards, final sale. Doubt it.

    • Jeremiah2911

      We just turned in our Birthday coupon yesterday in Beaverton, OR. (I also posted the pic of my store hiring!) We were able to get the Birthday lego set but they were out of the Geoffrey doll. Understandable, but a little of a bummer compared to last year, when they got a $3 coupon, $10 pack of water balloons, finger lights, a book, the doll, and other small items. I can’t say the birthday set is worth it if a trip here is not super convenient for you.

    • AP

      My store does the stuffed geoffrey and a book. My youngest hadn’t gotten hers yet and was in tears about them closing. So I went on Sunday and bought them for her. What sucks is they’re free for birthdays, but I spent $10 for the toy and $8 for the book. (They had a box full under the customer service counter). Had a happy daughter though.

    • dale barlow jr

      I went there today and they told me that they are not accepting any coupons just gift cards to like April 20 and the games were 10 percent off and a tip that I use is look on they are selling there gift cards for 25 percent off . I got 40.00 of gift cards for 30.00 and on top of that picked up an kids card seat for 30.00 normal 50.00 . But I would call them

    • mathnever

      I went this past weekend to use my boys $3 birthday coupon but the cashier said they are not taking any coupons only gift card…I ended up spending more $ because I told my boy he can pick a birthday gift since I planned to use the coupon, the sale was only 10% which is less sale than other normal day. And it’s crazy how ppl are buying like crazy thinking it’s such a great deal…

  7. Sara

    My Northern Kentucky store had the majority of things 10% off. Legos only 5%, all Easter stuff was 20% that included the as seen on TV Lego tape!! Video games and consoles were 10% off. NO American Girl stuff was included in the sale at all. There was only a handful of thing 30% off that I didn’t find interesting. Associate said stores are closing for good middle of May. Everything you buy is final sale and they were putting black permanent markers through all sku’s after you bought it. Wonder when they start another discount??

  8. Laraine

    Does anyone know if they sell snow boots or clothes for teens? Colin, my daughter is 13 and needs snow clothes like pants and boots, waterproof gloves. Any recommendations?

    • Cara

      Laraine be sure to sign up for coupons and emails from Spyder if you haven’t already. They just sent out a 50% off sitewide coupon recently.

    • Rose

      Toysrus sells toys and electronics and baby clothes and baby gear in my area never seen teen clothes or boots.

    • Katie B

      I would try a local tag sale group – this is the time of year folks are clearing out their closets of winter stuff!


    A local store posted on their IG this morning that it was starting. No coupons, no rewards, final sale.

    I went today, line down the side of the building. Everyone beelined for the electronics, I wasn’t interested. Most everyone had empty carts as regular price + 10% off was not a deal. They take all their deals/sales off and put items back to regular price then trickle the markdowns. It won’t be worth it for a while, until at least 25% off.

    Online appears to still have their deals up, which is better than in store.

    Very sad. 31,000 people losing their jobs.

  10. Jennifer

    Our store said they will be closing in about 3 months….I think it’s going to take a while to get a really good deal.
    I also see no mention of apple products or tablets or game systems…did your store end up pulling all that off the shelf too, I checked 2 stores in the last week and it’s all been pulled from the shelves…😕

    • Mei

      I went in Monday to use up gift cards and my store here in Ohio looks like it pulled all “good” electronics. I bought my son’s tablet there several years ago and thought that may be a gift card purchase, but all that were available were children’s nabi tablets that would not be suitable for his needs (gaming). They did have a good supply of nintendo switch games.

    • nancy

      I called three stores in the Pittsburgh/Greensburg area last week and was told they sent all video game/systems back to the warehouse. No deals there when you have older kids!!!!

  11. Kris10

    Off topic** how do I find past deals now or go to my hip list? Nothing comes up when I go to search or when I hit hip list? Am I doing something wrong?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh darn! Are you using the app? We are currently working on a fix right now and hope to have the hip list working in the next few days! SO sorry for the issues!

    • Kris10

      Yes, I am using the app, thank you

  12. Amy

    I was just looking at their website. Did you see that the free shipping threshold has jumped to $99!

  13. woopdee

    15-20% off would just bring things down to competitor prices.

  14. Roeseeohh

    Our ToysRUs was completely wiped out last week. Nothing but opened boxes and broken toys left

  15. ReneeAnn

    My husband is in Dallas area for a work trip and said he checked out the ToysRUs there yesterday and it was already ransacked but he still found Legos for 50% off. My 3 boys will be so excited when he gets back home tonight with new Lego sets!

  16. Tammy

    Collin, I really appreciate you posting about the deadline for the gift cards. I had won a $25.00 gift card from a contest you posted on here a while back that I needed to use, so I headed over there on Wednesday. (Thank You!) I was able to get an Imaginarium set and an Eric Carle electronic book for my gradndaughter for Easter. Paid .42 cents OOP, including tax. They had plenty of stock, but everything was woefully overpriced. DD was able to use up her GCs as well. They weren’t able to process her rewards though. Thanks again for letting us know.

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! You are SO very welcome Tammy! Super glad you could head over and redeem your gift card! Thanks for the sweet feedback!

      • Ally

        I want to 2nd that thank you. We had over $100 in rewards left over from our baby registry. If you didn’t post about the final date for accepting rewards, we would’ve been able to use them. Our store has been going out since January so nothing good was left that we needed. So we used the rewards to buy car seats for our local domestic violence shelter. You probably really helped a family out there with our rewards that we used the day before they expired for good.

        • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

          WOW! How generous! Super glad to have been able to help you use up your rewards before they were no longer available! You are most welcome! 😉

  17. jenb

    Oh no, can I still use a gift card?

    • Rebecca

      Yes, you can still use gift cards. I went yesterday and bought Lego sets with my gift card. I price matched to Amazon, which was 20% off TRU’s price.

  18. Jo

    FYI – the RewardsRUs certificates are considered coupons and are no longer redeemable. Found out after waiting 30 min in line to use my $50 reward 🙁

    • Kyliejay!

      If you have no use for it can you send it to me? I would love it if you can’t use it!

    • H

      Oh no. I have a reward I’ve been holding onto to use with some gift cards. Anyone else have luck using reward dollars?

    • Mae

      Kyliejay, why would you want the reward certificate if it is no good?

      • Mae

        If there is a way for her to use it the right thing to do would be to let her know, not ask her for it

        • CherryBlossom

          Mae – exactly my thoughts!

          • Jo

            I appreciate your supportive responses ladies. I was confused by the request as well. Here is the official statement on their website about the rewards:

            Dear Rewards”R”Us member,

            Please be advised that the Rewards”R”Us loyalty program has ended on March 22, 2018.

            As a result:

            Reward Dollars are no longer accepted on purchases either in-store or online.
            Geoffrey’s Birthday Club coupons are no longer accepted either in-store or online.
            Endless Earnings e-gift cards that have already been issued and are unexpired will be accepted until April 21, 2018.
            It has been our pleasure to serve you and we thank you for being a loyal Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us customer.

  19. Debbi

    I was at our local store this morning. Pretty disappointing! everything was 5-10% off. No big deal for a closing out sale. I left empty handed and so did alot of folks behind me.

  20. Sarah

    Does anyone know how marked down the stores that were already listed to close are???

  21. Carla

    Not all stores are closing.

    • Tia

      All stores are closing. They are going totally out of business.

      • Erin

        Some of the stores may still be sold.

      • coolrocks

        Mine isn’t closing.. they even have signs posted saying they aren’t closing

  22. ashley

    What is the discount on American girl? Or does any one know how to get a good deal on wellie wishers. My daughter really wants one.

    • SRN

      Kohls getting Kohl’s Cash/Yes To You rewards back has been the best deal I can ever find on AG. Or sign up for the catalog and wait for a 20% coupon. They rarely, if ever go on any kind of sale.

    • Heidi

      Keep an eye in the Amazon warehouse, I have grabbed 4 big ones for 100 each and the boxes were just dented.

    • Heidi

      Keep an eye in the Amazon warehouse, I have grabbed 4 big ones for 100 each and the boxes were just dented.

  23. Rn404

    These discounts are a joke

    • Mel R.

      to be fair, the liquidation co is the one to set the prices/discounts. TRU is no longer in charge.

  24. Liz

    The Florence, Kentucky store was a joke. The manager there said that they were not price matching, so with the small percentage off they are still more expensive than anyone else. I may go back closer to the end date but for now the sale is not really much of a sale.

  25. mary

    They are crazy I went and they marvel toys buy one get one 40% off. Well Target had the same except it was 50% off and they’re originally prices were less!!! Needless to say no good deals.

  26. Patty

    I don’t get out of bed for 5 % 😬

  27. Bob

    For anyone wondering about the low discounts, generally a private company runs the GOB sales and sets the discounts. The company still has to pay employees, rent, legal expenses, etc., so nothing is going to be marked way down at first. The employees have no control over this.

    Also, yes everyone loves a deal, but as someone who worked for a retailer that went under, please show some respect and kindness to these employees who are all losing their jobs. I remember customers yelling and screaming at us because they felt prices should be lower or we were out of something, stuff we again had zero control over.

    If you’re not liking what you see, try back at a later time, and don’t hold it against the people who work there, many of whom are surely worried about where their future paychecks are going to come from.

  28. Judy Trac

    5% off ?? hahhaa

  29. V

    Last week, my son and I went in to look at Pokemon cards. The shelf where they normally are was completely empty, so we asked if they had been moved. We were told that a third party person is in charge of the Pokemon cards and they were unwilling to let them be discounted. Just thought I would post, in case anyone was hoping for a deal on Pokemon cards. At least in Davenport, IA, they were all removed before liquidation started.

  30. Ming

    Check their web. I bought 7 boxes of huggies wipes there which strangely cheaper than walmart n its free ship to my house ❤️ The price at sam’s club is cheaper but compare to regular retail stores, BRU has cheaper ones this time. Yay! Good use of my gc

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yay! I’m so happy you were able to score a great deal on wipes and use your gift card!

  31. Neeya

    Does anyone know the deadline for toys r us gift cards?

  32. GG

    I was able to use my Toys R Us gift cards today. No great discounts yet. Only 20% off clothing. But I used it anyways because I’m not sure until when they will be valid. The person I ask wasn’t sure either.

  33. Jen

    Does anyone know if the april 25 instore event will still take place?

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Jen, You may want to call your store before heading over to find out if they are still having it.

    • Trish

      If you mean the Easter events I was told my local store would still be having it and the others that are set up. Sales asst seemed to think that ther weren’t closing until may.

  34. Sue

    By time my store gets to any good discount, there will be nothing left. People have been buying stuff for the past 2 weeks & there were people leaving today w/ full carts – not sure why. I got 1 book & a Disney doll that’s exclusive to Toys R Us since I’d pay way more on Ebay or from a 3rd party seller on Amazon. I just don’t get why everyone is buying so much so early.

  35. Raquel

    Does this include Babies r us?

    • dale barlow jr


  36. Monique

    How do you know if it’s your local toys r us or are they all closing??

    • Jodi

      They are all now closing.

  37. Dew

    Does anyone know if they still have the $0.50 Skylanders figures? There were a lot during xmas. I bought some and would like to buy more, but don’t want to drive across town if they no longer have any. Not yet interested in their closing down sale.

    • V

      Last week my boys and I found a few Skylanders Superchargers for $0.50 at our ToysRUs in Davenport, IA. They didn’t have much. “Santa” also bought a few at Christmas time.

      • Dew

        Thanks for your reply. Appreciate it.

  38. Aly

    Just went to the Porter Ranch Toys R Us (one of the nicest stores around). It was super busy with shoppers, but like the photos above, most everything was 10% off. I noticed in most carts they only put in a few things, usually 2-3 things at a time, or one very large item. They pulled all the Pokemon cards out before the sale. They had PLENTY of Fingerlings in 3 different spots in the store. I picked up a set of roller skates at 30% off, elbow pads at 20% off, and a few blind bags for Easter at 10% off, along with a hula hoop that my daughter wanted. In the end I still felt I spent too much for just a few items. I think the shelves will start getting empty when they push up to 20% next week.

  39. dale barlow jr

    Www selling gift cards for 25 percent off if you go here . Stack those savings . I got 40.00 of gift cards for 30.00 . Ending up getting a child seat for the car for 30.00 normal 50.00

  40. Trish

    My local toys r us has been closing for at least 6 weeks. They had computer games and lego sets at 40% off funko pops and karaoke type machines/boom boxes and speakers were 50% off.

  41. Kcmiami

    I’m so heartbroken 😞. Toys r us is where I go with my kids for holidays, birthdays, etc to look for new toys, hard to find toys, larger toys, etc. I had planned on buying a new outdoor playground this fall through them, I bought power wheels, bikes, rare Spiderman toys, etc…. it was fun just going to walk to isles.

    Also I always hear how expensive they are but they pricematch so I never had an issue with cost.

  42. E

    I had a reward expiring the 19th so I went last weekend to redeem it. The store was packed. It’s usually empty. I found a set of blocks I had wanted to get my kids for 50% off and then another set for 75% off. Snatched them up, but not like they are a popular toy. Can’t say I’ll be back there unless car seats get heavily discounted. Thanks for the info!

  43. Kyliejay!


  44. Carrie

    Y’all know Amazon owns TRU right?

  45. luvHunny

    are they accepting the returns for the items which I have problem with?

  46. DawnMonroe

    Went yesterday and most people seem to be just feeding off the hype. Deals aren’t really good and definitely can find the same items cheaper at other places. Walked out empty handed and quite okay about that lol

  47. Jangel22

    Ohio store at 10-20% off today

  48. Rishy

    Tues BRU had carters clothes for 50% off, now it’s 20!

  49. K211

    So I have been hearing reports that ToysRUs is cancelling online orders placed with gift cards from posts on their Facebook page . I placed an order on March 22 and used gift cards to pay for it. Except for the order confirmation I haven’t received anything else from them . Anyone else had a similar experience? Also, if I had read this prior to placing my order I would have used the gift cards in store. So if you have gift cards my suggestion would be to not use them online. I am not sure if it’s a ToysRUs shoddy tactic or genuine issue with inventory but either way I am worried my order will be cancelled and I would loose the GC amount. If you have similar experience please share and for the others please be careful with online ordering. BTW, their customer service hold times are couple hours or more .

    • Heather

      I placed an online order on March 16. I only paid shipping – I used rewards for the rest of it. It took a full week before I got a shipping notice. I was scared they would cancel my order too and I’d be left with rewards that were useless. I’m hoping it shows up and all is correct.

      • kanikaarora21

        Thanks for sharing Heather! That reassures me a little:) . Hopefully, that’s the case and I will soon get a shipping confirmation. Keeping fingers crossed 🤞🏻.

  50. Susan

    Does anyone have any information on what day of the week they will increase their discounts?

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