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6-Year Old Millionaire Brings His Own Toy Line to Retail Stores

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Ryan's World toy line just hit retail stores like Walmart

Have you heard of Ryan’s World?

Meet Ryan. He’s a 6-year-old boy who started reviewing toys on YouTube back in 2015 and has had a successful journey doing so! In fact, according to Forbes, he earned more than $11 million reviewing toys in 2016, which ranked him among the world’s top YouTube earners. 😱 His YouTube channel, Ryan ToysReview, has over 15 million subscribers today and is still growing… but it doesn’t stop there!

Earlier this month, he even launched his own line of toys and apparel, called Ryan’s World, and they’re now available for sale at retail stores like Walmart, Target, and even online! The toys and apparel are currently available at 2,500 Walmart stores nationwide and will expand to other retailers in October.

Here are a few Ryan’s World toys to watch for…

Ryan's World toy line including mystery figures just hit retail stores like Walmart

Ryan’s World Mystery Blind Bag Figures

Ryan's World toy line Ryan's Rocket Ship and Patrol Car just hit retail stores like Walmart

Ryan’s Rocket Ship or Patrol Car

Ryan's World toys like this Giant Egg just hit retail stores like Target

And, if you’re shopping at, you can score a Ryan’s World Target Exclusive Giant Egg Surprise for only $39.99 shipped! This exclusive Giant Egg features an exclusive lights and sounds vehicle, ultra-rare figures, special slime and putty, a limited edition squishy, plush, and more.

Do you think the Giant Egg will be a HOT toy this holiday season?

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Comments 53

  1. MegannT

    It’s a lot cheaper than the NEW lol surprise egg that’s $90ish on Amazon. Ha. That gets released on Sept 25.

    Here’s hoping 6 year old Ryan has a good future. Lucky boy is set.

    • Sara

      I really don’t understand how parents can whore their kids out like this. RYAN hasn’t launched a toy line or a YouTube channel or anything else. His PARENTS and AGENT have. It’s sickening. 6 year olds (and especially 3 year olds, which is how old Ryan was at the time he started) don’t have any clue about making money or becoming famous.

      • Subby

        How is signing your kid up to be a toy tester “whoring” them out? Maybe it was his idea to make videos to begin with- he just happened to become successful and make a lot of $ doing it. For all you know, he wanted to launch his own toy line and his parents may use the earnings for any number of worthy or charitable causes- incl. their childrens’ future.

        Don’t assume that you know everything about a family or that judging people makes you superior to them. That’s what’s sickening.

        • Zebra <3

          He was clearly whored out. It’s sickening they make him work like that. Namaste

  2. shellie

    I’m surprised so many parents let ther kids watch Ryan’s toy review. They are just commercials. I used to let my kid watch them but, now you tube videos are banned in my house. They have no value except to push consumerism.

    • Just passing through

      Think you’re on to something. There are so many toys I and my kid wouldn’t have known about if it weren’t for these unboxing videos. Luckily we’re kinda past the toy phase and onto the expensive electronics lol

    • Denise

      I agree with the amount of commercials. We banned it from our house too a long time ago because of that and I couldn’t handle all the whining for new toys! We primarily stick to Netflix or prime now because of no commercials and they have no idea of the “must have” overpriced toy of the holiday season. It’s been great!

      • Ihearthip

        Be careful. Prime has YouTube like videos on it now also. My daughter found them.

    • Dana

      Agreed. Pure consumerism.

    • Michelle

      Why band youtube? Just teach your kids that toys are for special occasions and that just because you want it doesn’t mean you have to get it… I think as parents we forgot how to take control and deal with the situation ourselves… I use YouTube to pre-view toys and see what is a good value and what isn’t… we all watch YouTube quit a bit and my kids don’t beg for things… I always say some people will have more that you and some people will have less… be happy with what you have!

      • AZ

        100% agreed. We as parents have to set boundaries…that is our job and when we don’t do that then it’s our fault when our kids act spoiled, entitled, and ungrateful. We have to teach them that you won’t always get what you want in life, but to be happy with all that you’ve got anyway. I don’t get why people would rather protect their kids from feeling temporary unpleasant feelings at the expense of teaching this very valuable life lesson.

      • Ihearthip

        That’s what I do also. If they don’t get grass is greener syndrome from YouTube they’ll find it somewhere else. We take it as a teachable moment aspect.

      • Tara

        We only allow Ryan as some others have had some bad stuff. Our kids know that if they see something it goes on their Christmas or bday list. They occasionally get other stuff but not just bc they ask.

    • Jennifer

      Same thing here. We put an end to it.

    • Cristina

      I don’t really understand why there is so much hate towards ryan and his toys I mean the egg is impossible to find so he must be doing something right.

  3. shannon

    My kids love these annoying you tube videos, I don’t get it at all. When we are at the store they say oh look Ryan has that toy. lol He’s like their friend. The kid gets a new toy every week (day?) how is his birthday or Christmas special at all?

    • Tia

      I’m guessing those days are all about experiences/travel. Too bad we all didn’t video our kids opening toys. I don’t know who this kid is (mine are older) but if that’s really all he does….that is amazing!

    • april

      I heard companies send him toys to test and he donates all the toys.

  4. Marie

    Parents don’t want to educate theit children. Instead of talking and playing with kids parents just turn on youtube. Then parents complain that kids are not family oriented and don’t care about parents or friends. Such children care only about themselves and new toys (usually not intellectual and overpriced).

    Poor little rich boy. He had no chillhood. Everyone who appreciate exloitation of children should stop it. I can bet this child will have a lot of mental issues soon, plus addictions.
    Let kids have normal chilhood!

    • Kayla

      Betting a kid will have mental illness and addiction? How inappropriate.

      • Subby

        Right? Also it must be real nice for Marie, looking down on the rest of us from her high horse. People with this kind of attitude are the most unhappy but pretend like they are perfect and know it all.

  5. Sundowner2

    I don’t let my son watch Ryan, or Kid City or that one with the three boys, or other unboxing videos. Makes him unhappy with what he has, and he doesn’t understand WHY he doesn’t get new toys every day. I won’t lie ..I also cringe when I hear Ryan’s mother’s voice, so I’m glad he doesn’t watch an=÷. I would rather DanTDM all day long!

    • Wah00153

      My son loves DanTDM! And Dennis Daily is another good one if you haven’t tried that.

    • Sara Thompson

      I cannot handle her voice!

    • Erin

      OMG! I couldn’t stand the sound of Ryan’s toy review. Once I figured out how to block channels, that was for first one! Plus it is not at all educational and when my child is not outside playing or playing with his own toys, I’d rather not have him watching and idolizing a kid who opens toys. Great for Ryan and his family though – I am shocked how much money that kid rolls in!

  6. luna

    Gearing for all those nasty comments 😀

  7. Michelle

    I saw these in Walmart when I was looking for a toy in the toy dept… my 4 year old loves YouTube and I have no issue with it… a lot of what she watches is kids acting out stories with barbies or other toys.. she has NEVER asked for a toy because she saw it on YouTube… if I do get something cheap from something she saw she is super excited… her 16 year old sister loves to play with the L.o.l. Dolls and we used YouTube to decide if we wanted the new dollhouse… I love that I can “pre-view” toys and decide if they are worth the money… you just need to teach your kids not to ask for things and the value of stuff not band them from YouTube… my kids 16,14, and 4 know that toys are for Christmas and birthdays only unless I have a coupon to make it free…. lol

  8. Haseena

    Watching this kid made my kids so unhappy and unappreciative of what they have. Two years ago we didn’t have a TV for about a year and my kids were causeless about what the hottest new toy was on the market. They were beyond thrilled to receive whatever gifts I bought them. For everyone’s sanity I no longer let my kids watch YouTube.


    I let my kids watch them. I buy them wooden old fashioned toys & barbies from my childhood. If they like they like if they don’t they don’t. I like good old fashioned toys and no to consumerism. Yes to imagination.

  10. Paige

    My son is 6 and does not watch you tube. It is just not something we have ever done. That boy made $11 million dollars (which is ridiculous) to advertise to children. Any child who watches those videos is going to want what he has, whether they say it out loud or not. It is hard to understand why they can’t have it all, since he does. When my son spends the night at my moms and watches Disney he comes home and tells me about the toys he sees, and wants, on the commercials. This is why we have Netflix and Prime and no youtube. And yes I talk to him about being happy with what he has and we can’t have everything, but he is 6 and can’t fully comprehend that.

  11. Jaime

    I appreciate seeing some unboxing videos on youtube and as a parent check them out when I see toys I might be interested in or we bought something second hand and we want to find a video showing all the parts and how things operate. This boy appears to have fun on his channel, enjoys showing how toys work, and his family is right there with him. They’ve let his personality shine. My child watches him play and enjoy toys like I watch HGTV and adults buy houses. I don’t need all those houses. They don’t want all the toys. Sometimes its just fun to see choices and possibilities and see what would be a good toy fit for my child. Ive looked up toys hip2save featured on youtube to see if i want that many parts in my house.

  12. BellaLuna0112

    I can not stand this YouTube channel, their voices are so annoying, and everytime my son watches a video he wants a new toy but my son loves watching them. He’s been looking for Ryan stuff at our Walmart but we haven’t found anything, he’ll be happy when he finds something.

  13. Heather

    Thank you!! My son is obsessed with Ryan. He even asked if I can call his Mom and ask him to come play! Ryan has taught us a few things about toys we didn’t know you could do! We just started buying the toys for his birthday and Christmas and our Walmart’s have been sold out of the egg.. I was able to order 2 from Target and it will be the best surprise for his birthday! Thanks again H2S!

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re so welcome!

  14. 50ShadesofLipstick

    Banning kids from watching Ryan on Youtube won’t work in the long run- your kids are going to see & hear about all the latest toys/gadgets from other kids and on social media anyway. And it doesn’t address the actual issue- that parents have to say “No” sometimes and that we don’t always get everything that we want in life. I see no point in trying to forbid them from seeing toy reviews, when you can instead teach them how to manage their feelings about other people having more than they do sometimes. You can’t hide your kids from the fact that some other person will always have more expensive clothing, designer sneakers, or a nicer phone or car. But you can teach them gratitude and the value of earning privileges through hard work, instead of feeling envy or feeling inferior b/c you don’t have a lot of $ or material possessions.

    My 6 yr old watches him all the time (and a bunch of others like CKN Toys etc.) and sometimes asks for whatever Ryan has, but I teach him (and my toddler) that we can’t afford to buy new toys all the time, we don’t need new things constantly to be happy, and that privileges must be earned in our house. My kids know that they can ask for a couple of toys on birthdays, holidays, and special occasions…and they’re very happy with this b/c then new toys are truly special and not a routine thing. It also teaches them to respect and have appreciation for our hard work and sacrifices in providing them w/ toys and gifts. A 6 year old is perfectly capable of understanding these concepts, even though he may not always like it or agree. However, as a parent it’s my responsibility to teach my children not to have unreasonable expectations in life, that disappointment is part of life too, and not to have this attitude of entitlement or that your happiness should be tied to your consumption.

    All children whine and feel entitled to things sometimes…that is perfectly normal behavior. But it’s on you as a parent to instill a sense of happiness in your kids, without depriving them of access to media/technology and without caving into every single demand that they make.

    • Subby


    • Heather

      Thank you for saying this! It baffles me that grown adults belittle children/their parents for their choices! It is 1950 anymore it’s 2018, networking is HUGE! It’s life now, it’s all about educating your kids between right and now just as it was way back when!! My son is no different than a kid who doesn’t watch YouTube! My daughter is older, she watches it and has a 4.0 GPA.. compromise and PARENTING!! Rant over 😏

    • Heather

      I should proofread.. ha! Oops!

    • Rachel

      I understand the point of saying no to toys for kids, but I limit the watching of this because it has no value. I would rather find 80s and 90s Sesame Street videos free on YouTube that touch on literacy topics.
      I get it’s entertaining but there’s no plot or character traits and there’s not even vocabulary and dialogue to be beneficial.
      So many kids in primary grades have limited vocabulary and reading skills, every little bit helps and wasting time on these type of shows is not something I’m willing to do.

      • Michelle

        I would say I feel most kids shows on nick jr has no value either… even shows like “doc mcstuffins” while they may teach social skills they have no “learning” value… my daughter loves YouTube so I let her watch for 1 hour in the morning than we play or watch PBS kids… everything in moderation😃

      • 50ShadesofLipstick

        The educational value of toy review videos is a separate issue, but not everything needs to have a plot or be teaching vocab & reading skills in order for kids to learn something from it. As parents we can always take a show that our kids are actually engaged in, and use it to get their minds stimulated further or to teach a lesson…you just have to get creative with building a discussion around what they’re watching or even using it to come up w/ some educational activities to follow up. Kids actually learn a lot better when they find the material fun and interesting. My kids and I never found Sesame Street particularly stimulating btw…and sorry but even Super Why and Sid the Science Kid get boring fast.

        It’s perfectly fine to allow your kids to watch both educational programs and entertaining ones…there’s really no reason why it has to be one or the other. If your kids are actually struggling in school, then you as a parent have to do a lot more than ban cartoons at home.

    • Ihearthip

      I agree with you

  15. Kingc

    Oh man, hoping I can hold off the battle of these channels with my boy! We watch blippi and I absolutely love him! He is so informative and I actually learn a thing or two from him. If he had a toy line, I’d actually buy something.
    Cant stand the toy unboxing, family vlogs, or candy videos. To each their own, though! I’m sure there’s plenty of kids who can watch them and not have an ungrateful heart!!

    • Miranda L

      We Love Blippi too!

  16. nicole k.

    way to go kiddo! he’ll be set for college and longer! cool toys *thumbs up*

  17. Dollbaby's mom

    I hear both sides of it, my daughter loves ryan. Have I cut back on letting her watch it as much, yes I have. I cut her back not because it was Ryan but because it’s an electronic period. We can call it networking or advertising or whatever, but at the end of the day what happened 2 family time. We sit them down in front of iPads, and TVs and let then learn that way or want them to be quiet. I get down in the floor and play with her toys with her. I want my memories with her and the pictures we take to show us as a family doing family things not of her constantly having a tablet in her hand. Idk about other places but around here kids dont ride bikes anymore some of them are adults and have never learned how to ride a bike at all. They dont do anything outside of the home. I think people raise their kids the way they want, I just remember my childhood being extremely different. ( And yes I realize times have changed but still🤷‍♀️

    • Ackerson73

      I know what you’re saying about kids staying inside but I think a lot has to do with fear. There have always been “bad people” but a generation or 2 ago we only heard about what made the news, which was bad enough, but now with the internet its just a constant barrage of horrible things. I know I cant imagine just letting my kid hop on a bike and saying “Be home for dinner” like when I was a kid. It seems inconceivable. But inside the house they’re safe, at least from strangers etc. Maybe I’m overthinking it, but I really feel like this contributes -whether consciously or unconsciously- to this generation of indoor kids. It’s unfortunate.

  18. Angie

    I just dont understand why parents would let their kids wear a shirt with Ryan face on it


    if its free then i’ll take it. otherwise no thanks lol

  20. K4rOli


  21. dropofrain

    would you mind sharing how you block channels on YouTube

  22. Libby Majdi

    My two year old adores Ryan and he’s super likable. Wish I could make videos playing with my son and make millions. 🙂

  23. Kris

    A lot of people seem to be upset over this. First of all, he donates the toys he opens so I don’t think he’s getting spoiled. Then adults are complaining about kids watching other kids open toys, but I wonder how many people are watching House hunters and other shows like that? What about cooking shows, you’re watching other people make food to see if you might want to make the same food. Kids are watching kids open toys to see if they might want the same because it’s exciting.
    As far as exploiting the child for money honestly I think it depends on A) is the child being forced? B) is the child having fun C) where is the money going (hopefully majority goes to a bank account for when the kids gets older). I don’t know the answer to any of these questions, so I’m not going to judge.
    Also, I’m not trying to make anyone here feel like I’m pooing on their comments, just wanted to offer my opinion.

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