Extra 10% Off Entire In-Store Target Purchase for REDcard Holders (Stacks w/ 5% Discount)

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Target REDcard Holders, it’s time to celebrate! 💃

NOW through September 22nd, Target is offering REDcard holders an extra 10% off your in-store purchases with a special coupon! This special 10% off coupon is available on the Target app once you add your REDcard to your Wallet in the app. Your 10% off coupon barcode will then be available in your wallet under coupons and thank you offers.

Even sweeter, the standard 5% off REDcard discount will be applied after the extra 10% off discount. Sweet!

Note that this offer excludes alcohol, Apple products, Bose, clinic and pharmacy, dairy milk, DSLR cameras and lenses, Dyson upright vacuums, Elf on the Shelf, Fitbit, Gift Cards, Google Home/Mini/Max, GoPro, JBL, LEGO, LG OLED TV, L.O.L, Surprise House, Mobile Contracts, Nintendo Hardware & Switch Games, Power Shave, Power Dental, Prepaid Cards, PS4 Hardware, Samsung TVs, Sonos, Target Optical, Tile, Traeger, Tylenol Pain Relief, Vitamix, Weber, Xbox One Hardware.

Not sure how to add your REDcard to the “Wallet” in the app?

  • Grab your phone
  • Go to the Target app in iTunes or Android
  • Log in to your account
  • Click on Wallet at the bottom of the page
  • Click on Add REDcard to pay with wallet
  • Add your REDcard

  • Once you have added your REDcard, click on the coupons tab (as shown above) found in the “Wallet”
  • Then click on the “Thank You” tab either at the bottom or at the top of the page, your 10% off coupon barcode is located here!

Happy Shopping!

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Comments 71

  1. AA

    Thanks for the step by step instructions. I couldn’t find my coupon. Clicking on the ‘Thank You’ section was the key!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh good! SO glad that was helpful! You’re very welcome!

    • cheryl

      ya they really hid this.. jeez
      Thanks for the step by step

  2. ella

    I LOVE using the Redcard from my phone. First, one scan pays for the order plus automatically takes off Cartwheel and clipped e-coupons with only one step. Secondly, we only ended up getting one REdcard, and now with the card loaded to the app, both my husband and I have access to the card on our phones without having to have the physical card with us!

  3. Jess

    I just wanted to add, I still haven’t added my Redcard to my wallet but I was able to access this coupon today for my order…check that thank you tab before you feel obligated to add your card.

    • Rachel P

      Same here!

    • Anne

      Thank you! I found it, too. I wasn’t about to add the Red Card to the app. I’ve had soooo much identity theft and credit card fraud that risk isn’t worth the potential benefits.

    • Jackie

      Great! Thanks, I agree I don’t want to risk any theft so I would rather not have my card on my phone. Got the extra 10% by checking the thank you tab👍😉 without having to load the card! So it’s there people, no need to add the card if you don’t want to 😊

      • cooper

        same here. I never like saving my CC online.

      • Fran

        Where is the “thank you tab” located on the mobile app?

        • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

          Hi Fran! That is pictured above in the post. Hope that helps!

    • Dragonfly121204

      Thank you Jess! I am so glad you said that. I also am not wanting to add my card. Way too much fraud these days. I do not want to add an additional way for them to try and get my information. I too have had my identity stolen years ago from the Nigerian Fraud Scam. Luckily when I found the charge on my credit card it was obvious not only to me, but my credit card company.

    • Lauri

      Thank you : )

    • Jasmyn

      Yay! Thanks for that heads up I got it too! I also did not want to add my red card 😬😊

  4. Kelsey

    I think Hip2Save posted a deal in the summer time (late July/early August) about signing up for a Red Card and then getting like $20/$100 or something like that? Does that sound familiar? I can’t find it worth anything!

    • Chantel

      My store currently has a promo for $30 off $100 coupon when you sign up. So my husband did. The coupon is supposed to come in the mail.

  5. elizabeth

    Thanks for letting me know where to find the coupon.

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, Elizabeth! I’m glad it was helpful!

  6. Tera

    argh. Several months ago my Target app was acting screwy, so I deleted it, intending to reinstall. Ever since, I’ve gotten an error message every time I’ve tried to download it, including this morning. I reached out to Target, but never heard anything from them. Has anyone come across a way to access this other than through the app?

    • Mel

      It could be that your phone is no longer able to support the app. I was having trouble with a different app that I run to get points (you earn gc’s from them). So it was auto signing me out and when I’d try to sign in, give me an error message. Come to find out the app no longer works on my ipad. The app requirement has to be iOS 10 or higher and my ipad is only a 5 and can no longer be updated to the latest version. So double ck the app requirements and make sure your phone can support it.

    • Tera

      turns out the coupon was available when I went to cartwheel on my laptop. I printed the bar code and should be good to go.

  7. Rachel

    Is this coupon good only once this week? Or is it like other coupons where you can use them multiple times within the time frame?

    • Patricia

      This is a ONE-TIME, in-store only coupon, with exclusions. Also, cannot be combined with other category/percent off in a certain dept coupons. This should work fine with Cartwheel discounts, but not with other Target in-app coupons in your wallet. HTH!

  8. Sally

    I just download the app and add Redcard and some gift cards in my wallet. Anyone know how will the payments take places if the cashier scan the wallet barcode? I would like to use my Target gift cards first to pay for the Pepsi deal. Also, I received a email Target coupon $10 off Food and beverage purchase of $25 or more. Should I buy 10 12pk Pepsi for $30 – scan $10/$25 food&beverage coupon first = $20, and scan the FREE $5 Target Gift Card when you spend $20 or more on select Pepsi coupon. I don’t shop at Target so I have no idea if I can use these two coupons together on the Pepsi deal. Both are Category Coupon. TIA!!!

  9. shirley

    It is not working for me on my phone. I added my Red Card and still no “Thank you” tab.

    • K

      Same, I don’t have a thank you tab

      • Holly

        I had the same issue, then just restarted my phone. The coupon showed up after that!


        Ditto for me. Cannot find it.

    • Patricia

      Be sure your Target app is up to date! I didn’t see the thank you tab until I installed the most recent update.

    • Monica M

      Same here and I needed to go and get some items. I am going to call them.

  10. Tera

    According to the specifications, my phone should be able to support the Target app.


    can you use cartwheel and coupons with the 10%?

    • terri

      so I used this 10% off this morning and showed the barcode first before coupons and other cartwheel offers, it worked but then nothing else would , the register kept ,saying discount already applied.
      so we voided the transaction -then we did it in this order- coupons first, cartwheel offers next, then $5 giftcard cartwheel offers, then the 10% cartwheel offer. it all worked then

  12. Patty

    Amber (and Collin and team), will you be showing any deal ideas to get the most from this coupon? Thank you in advance!

    • Mindy

      Yeeeesssss! I miss your Target shopping videos…I used to plan my shopping trips around them! 🙂

    • Holly (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the request! We will definitely try to come up with some great deal ideas, but in the meantime, all the deals we have been posting in the Target section CAN be stacked with the additional 10% off savings as long as you pay with your REDcard!

      Here’s the Target link – https://hip2save.com/save-money-with/target-deals-target-coupons/

    • Mel

      I’m just keeping a running list of deals I’m interested in that have been posted so far and plan to make one big trip either Thurs or Friday.

  13. shelly

    I can’t get app to work at all, even though I have an account & redcard. Sign in and it just freezes up on me. 🙁

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh bummer! Maybe try restarting your mobile device OR check to see if the app has an update available to install. Hoping that helps!

  14. Brittany

    Thanks for sharing your experience! I was wondering if this would still work with the various offers.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Brittany! This will apply with other select offers. Be sure to check with customer service for details on what specific offers will apply together. Hoping that helps!

  15. Kristen

    You can unattach your red card if you don’t what it there long term. I attached it for the coupon but will turn it off after I use it. I have activated it before though when I forgot my wallet. There are some pluses to having it stored.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh cool! Thanks for the helpful tip! Good to know!

  16. Cindy

    I had problems checking out. My transaction had to be split and they had to manually enter my 10% discount on the second transaction. My third transaction was for Disney gift cards ( my mistake was not buying them first). Of course my barcode was invalid because I had already used it. They told me that the Disney gift cards weren’t eligible ( the lead who was helping me asked the manager, who said they aren’t eligible), I couldn’t verify this becaus, as I said, I had already used it. Was anyone able to use it on the Disney gift cards?

    • Kim

      See the first blue shaded box above. One of the items excluded is gift cards.

    • Cw

      Discount did not apply to any giftcard.

  17. Fish

    May I ask did anyone try on Disney GC? I tried the Disney Ticket this morning, but won’t able apply 10%. There are no Disney GC in store, so I couldn’t try it. I understand the gift card is in the exclusion, but someone said worth to try if Disney GC count as entertainment card but not Gift card.

  18. Diane

    I was told at my store the category coupons are excluded (which it does say but I didn’t know what a category coupon was)so anything I bought related to the $20 off baby, $5 pop and $5 household was excluded. I spent $187.00 but only $7.80 was deducted for the10%. I still received the 5% off for red card tho.

    • Brittany

      Thanks, I was wondering about the baby promo

  19. Johka04

    Quick question! Do I have to pay with my Target Credit card to get the extra 10% off or can I pay with cash or debit too and still get it?

    • JT

      I paid with my Target gift card and still got the 10% discount.

      • rebecca

        thank you for posting your experience — i had the same question.
        i have some Target GC that i have trouble using when i want to get add’l money off b/c you usually have to use the Redcard to pay.

  20. SquirrelGirl

    Mine says expires September 21st. Not sure about everyone else though?

    • hip2trade

      The 10% one I received in my email says September 21. The other 10% in my app says September 22. They have different bar codes. I’m wondering if I can use them in separate transactions.

    • Shirley

      Same with me but my Target ad says 9/22

  21. Cindy

    It does say gift cards, but Aomeof is thought it might work because Disney and sown other gift cards are considered entertainment and you can get a 5% discount with your red card.

    • Lisa

      Are we able to use the additional discount for Disney gift cards? Since we are able to get the 5% discount using the red card, it seems logical that they would be eligible. Does anyone k is for sure?

      • amanda m

        I tried yesterday on disney giftcards because I needed to buy them anyway and knew id get at least the 5% off and the 10% coupon did not work on them

  22. 50ShadesofLipstick

    I used this coupon plus the 20% off all haircare items plus the 5% off for using my Redcard and got a CHI flat iron for about $68! Original price was $100!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Woohoo! Awesome score! SO glad you could grab such great savings!

  23. Chantel

    I used thia with the baby and household promo and I did not receive the 10% off those. We were able to price match a car seat and get the 10% and red card discount though which made it a good deal. It did ‘t take off the full 5% on the total purchase for some reason that I can’t figure out. I didn’t buy any gift cards.

  24. KK

    I bought some kids bathing suits that were on clearance and the 20% off cartwheel worked plus the 10%. The 10% off was a little hard to find at first, had to look at very bottom when I went to my wallet and swipe up to find it. An employee there helped me.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh good! Thanks for sharing your experience! Happy you found the offer!

  25. Michelle

    Just a note to anyone who may be in the same boat. Yesterday I made an in-store purchase and FORGOT to use my extra 10% off code (5 month old twins + 3 year old + hubby in tow 🙂 ) . Today I chatted with a rep online, all they needed was my REC# from the receipt.. he was not able to refund my money but offered an e-gift card for a well-rounded amount of $15 when I was only due about $13. Easy peasy!! Glad I decided to ask the question.

  26. Missy

    for some reason the cashier or manager couldn’t get the 10% coupon to scan. thankfully the manager just manually took it off. Also I received a reusable target bag with goodies in it for being a long time red card user. I was happy

  27. Jaime

    Coupon scanned today at checkout but did not come off my $107+ order. Cashier was clueless and I had to ask for a manager.

    Manager was great, he did coupon manually and just gave me $12 cash back.

    Heads up that the coupon does not seem to be working so please verify you got your discount.

  28. Shannon Dante

    Not sure where to post this but I just found an awesome deal at Target! I loaded my redcard to the app so that I could see the 10% off coupon. When I clicked on the thank you tab I found the 10% and 2 other coupons. One of which was $100 off a select Dyson vacuum (3 to choose from). The first one listed is item number 329-00-1517 Dyson slim ball upright vacuum. It is normally $299. But online it is marked down to $249. So I was able to go to my store price match to target.com for $249 minus the $100 coupon and my 5% redcard discount my total with tax was $153!!! I am not sure if this coupon was loaded to all wallets on the app or what but I wanted to throw it out there for anyone who is looking for a new vacuum. I never thought I would get a brand new Dyson for so cheap! I am soooo excited to try it out later today as it has awesome reviews.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      How cool! That sure is an awesome score! Thanks for the heads up on that offer!

  29. Megan

    My coupon says expires 09/21. Does that mean today is the last day to use the RedCard discount or is tomorrow the last day? My fingers are crossed that I’ll still be able to use it tomorrow.

    • Jennifer (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      You can still use it tomorrow, Megan! Happy shopping!

  30. Torrie

    I thought I used my coupon but it’s still in my app and the amount on my receipt is not what it should have been. For those that used it, is it gone from your app once you used the 10% off?

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