Walmart Grocery is Offering FREE Delivery to Your Doorstep – Shop in Pajamas!

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Walmart Grocery Delivery - Basket filled with groceries

Groceries delivered to your home!

Now through January 20th, 2019, Walmart Grocery is offering up FREE delivery with a $50+ order – just use promo code HOMEFREE at checkout (up to a $9.95 discount)! Simply place your order online, choose a day and time slot, and your order will be delivered directly to your doorstep at no cost!

Plus, this offer is valid for new and returning customers and there’s NO limit on the number of times you can use the code HOMEFREE to get groceries delivered completely FREE! Even better, there are no other service fees!

Walmart Grocery Pickup smiling attendant

Do I need to tip the delivery driver?

According to this Walmart Grocery FAQ page, delivery employers cannot accept tips, but a “thank you” and a smile are always welcome. In your post-order survey, be sure to let them know about your experience and how they can make your next order better!

Do I have to be home to receive my order?

Yes. There must be someone over the age of 18 at home in order to receive a delivery order. If the order contains alcohol, the recipient must be 21 or older.

walmart grocery pickup parking spots

Prefer to pick up your order at Walmart?

If you prefer to pick up your order at your local Walmart store, new Walmart Grocery customers can save $10 off their first online order of $50 or more with promo code WOWFRESH at checkout (limit one promo code per order).

Order with Walmart Grocery Delivery and get freebies

How does Walmart Grocery Pickup work?

Walmart Grocery is a pickup and delivery service available at select locations with no service fees or markups! Simply place your order online, choose an available time slot for pickup at your local Walmart store, head to your local store, and then your order will be delivered directly to your car! It’s SO EASY!

And what’s awesome is that you’ll pay the same prices that you would if you shopped in-store… and you can even shop select Rollback and Clearance items! Although you cannot sort by Rollbacks on the Walmart Grocery app or on the Walmart Grocery Pickup site, you can identify Rollback and Clearance items at and then search for those same items on the Walmart Grocery site.

free goody bag from walmart grocery

You may even receive a FREE Goody Bag with samples!

If you’re a new Walmart Grocery customer, don’t be surprised if you receive a free goody bag while picking up your order! In the past, I have received a reusable shopping bag filled with free samples! Note that samples may vary by region.

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Comments 81

  1. Courtney

    Anyone ever use the delivery? I was actually going to place my first order today but can’t decide if I should use the delivery code or the pick up code.

    • Kay Kelly

      I’ve used it and it works great! They let you know when the order is on it’s way so you can be expecting them and they came right when they said they would.

    • Steve Pippin

      Like anything else, it depends on the employee. My experience was bad. It was raining… the guy laid the bags down on the front porch rather than handing them to me. Items spilled out of the bags & I ended up having to chase them down the sidewalk in the rain. He must’ve forgot a couple of items because when I went outside about an hour later there was a loaf of bread and something else (forgot what it was) laying on my porch, drenched.

    • Bill

      I have used I can not count how many times
      Love it , you will also for real , if you ever have a problem the take care of it right away serious,you can’t go wrong 👍😄

  2. Julia

    I seen one of my neighbors getting a whole lot of grocery items delivered to their front door. From where I was on the porch, it looked like everything went smoothly. Only thing holding me back is that I would be afraid that they wouldn’t search for the “best” fresh fruits and veggies. I have never done the curbside pickup either because of this fear.

    • C

      I’ve never done delivery but I’ve done grocery pickup with WM several times and every time I’ve been pleasantly surprised at how fresh the produce has been and I’m a produce snob!

      • tina

        Same with me. I order produce and have done the pick up and everything always just as I wanted.

    • Diana

      I’ve done home delivery with a different grocery store and did receive something expired. I just called and they refunded my money over the phone. They even offered to resend/ deliver the item. Hopefully Walmart is as good as this.

    • Kris

      one of the WMs near our home is really, really good about getting us the freshest, best produce and meats. The also make good subsitutions when they have to. The other location has been OK, at best. I really think it just depends on the manager and team directly, so you may need to try it once to see.

    • Brenda

      I alway’s use their pick up. I love being able to add thing’s to my list for a week and at the end of the week I pick a day and pick up time and place my order. If you forgot to add something they give you plenty of time to adjust your order. They have always picked out the best produce. If you don’t like what they picked they will go back inside and do it again. They show you your fresh produce and all fruit before putting it into your car. I love shopping in my pj’s and picking up in my pj’s. Everyone has been so friendly and I have never had a problem.

  3. JuSharp

    apparently not yet available in all markets – mine said “delivery not available”

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      That’s correct. This is available at select locations.

      • Allison D Liebowitz

        And yes, while the word “select” does appear – in italics yet – it’s VERY BURIED. This is information of PRIMARY IMPORTANCE Amber, and I’d suggest when something is RATHER geographically limited, this should be made clear a LOT further up! Alley

        • coop

          Wow. As a long time reader of this blog, I have never been irritated enough to respond to any commenter. Until now. Allison D Liebowitz, you are rude. As far as I’m concerned, you should keep your unkind comments to yourself or do your own research on deals. This is a free blog that is doing you a service. Perhaps not spreading negativity should be one of your new year’s resolutions. Hip2Save, you all do a fantastic job and I appreciate all your help!

          • Allison D Liebowitz

            coop – I actually apologize as it appears that my comment was misplaced somehow and wasn’t intended to be where it was and thus my emphasis TOTALLY looks like I was kinda “yelling” at Amber! In fact, more than misplaced, it appears that someone cut off the first part of my comment and moved the rest – starting with “And yes …” makes no sense if you think about it. It may have been done by the site for brevity or something, but doing it as it was done was sure to create the fight it apparently did! So, seriously: sorry about that. I also have to note that I’ll be interested to see if this posts in fact as I have to say I also find it of interest that the one comment on here I WASN’T emailed was your comment to which I’m responding, and which had my name in it, and thus would have alerted me to something being wrong much earlier, but I got all the OTHER comments.

            As to content, I was suggesting that it would be helpful to mention that unlike Walmart’s which are pretty much everywhere, this delivery service is very limited up front, so that one knows to check right away if it IS available in one’s area. This wasn’t done with a sense of entitlement, just a wish that the fact it was still in VERY limited areas were made clearer earlier.

        • Ashley

          Wow. What a sense of entitlement. I agree with Coop. Not every deal on this site will be available to every reader who visits it. Grocery pickup and delivery is a fairly recent concept so I think it goes without saying that these services aren’t available in all areas. So sorry you felt inconvenienced to read 2/3s of a short article to realize that. 🤷‍♀️

          • Lo

            My 92yr old gma says it’s an old concept that stores have brought back with a fee 😄. Ohio.
            I also remember pea pod? in the early 2000s so it’s just a recycled concept with a new surge of ppl that prefer this service.
            I understand her frustration. I didn’t even check my area but I know Kroger has pushed hard and all 3 stores have click service.

  4. Ivan

    My wife has used the pick up option for a while and loves it. Produce has always been excellent. Might have to try delivery.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Awesome! I have used the Pick Up service a lot and love it too!

  5. vmm

    ***I think this should be say $10 off of $50… I had just over 30 in my cart and it said I needed $19.xx more to use that code***

    “If you prefer to pick up your order at your local Walmart store, new Walmart Grocery customers can save $10 off their first online order of $30 or more with promo code WOWFRESH at checkout (limit one promo code per order).”

    • Krisp

      ?? It does say that in the post

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for the heads up! So sorry for the confusion! The post has been updated!

  6. Cathy Zeiler

    I can’t find a place at the Walmart website to put my zipcode to see if they will deliver to me.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi there! When I click through the link above, I see a banner that says “pick up from”. When I click on that, a sidebar pops out where I can switch to “delivery”. Hope that helps!

      • Cathy

        Thank you very much! That worked, but unfortunately it said Delivery not available. Hopefully it will be available in my area eventually.

        • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

          You’re welcome, Cathy! I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it is available for you soon!

  7. duh

    Ive seen pickers inside walmart…looked like they havent done shopping in their life.. i wouldnt trust them with food items…they pick the first they get a hold of… so goodluck with expiry dates and freshness… but NOPE..ill pick my food items.

    • Brittany

      Well, if they pick bad food and it’s not good call the number and get your refund. It’s that simple. We have had one bad pickup and they refunded what was not right immediately. 🤷‍♀️ I like the service provided for pickup and I’m going to try delivery this time yay!!!

      • duh

        Well some people have time to do things 2x…some would rather do it once the right way.

        • Ivan

          Used them for a year and never had a problem.

    • Michelle Curtis

      I’ve used the pickup service for several months and have never had a problem with freshness and expiration dates….and I’m super picky

    • R

      I’ve used pickup weekly for well over a year (it’s my primary grocery shopping method) and I’ve had only 2 orders that went wrong, both of which were handled quickly. Produce has been just as good as I would have picked myself. That’s at least 50+ hours of saved time vs the 5 minute phone call I’ve had to make twice. Only one of those times warranted a 7 min drive back to the store to pick up my missing items, and CS gave me $10 for the trouble. I’d encourage anyone to take their chances – my experience has been awesome.

    • S

      Hey DUH, I’m curious what makes a person look like they haven’t “done shopping in their life”?

      • duh

        They look at their handheld ..then reach to the counter then put it in the cart…i would usually look at it and check expiry date and/freshness epecially with food.. i got no problem with non food stuff though..

    • Darla

      I love the pick up. Produce is always perfect and usually more than what I ordered without being charged more. The only substitutions ever made were for a larger size of something I ordered and they were out but only charge for the size ordered. They always tell you at pick up if anything was subbed and you can refuse it right then. It is immediately credited. You can also check the box when you order that tells them you don’t want any substitutes. Before grocery pick up came around I avoided Walmart like the plague. Now I sit on my iPad, in the comfort of my home and place an order once a week. I can order at night and swing by to pick it up the next day on my way home from work. It is life changing I promise you 🙂

  8. J.H.509

    Wow. I’m excited to try this. I’ve used pick up tons of times and have been very pleased. Hopefully delivery is good as well.

  9. Marilyn Cannell

    Delivery isn’t available in my area, BUT I use the pick up option and I love it! It helps control which groceries I get and plan ahead better so I don’t spend too much!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Oh yes! I totally agree! I love being able to plan ahead! Thanks for the feedback!

  10. Gisette

    Used the pick up option and all my veggies were fresh. No issues whatsoever. It’s worth trying.

  11. Sjt2491

    I have never done grocery pick up, can you still use Ibotta with this option?

    • celticmommie

      Nope – you get an e-receipt, which Ibotta doesn’t accept. It sucks 🙁

    • Jenna

      Walmart doesn’t even accept their *own* e-receipts for their Savings Catcher program anymore, which is the only drawback I have found to doing grocery pickup or delivery.

  12. Pat Goff

    The wowfresh doesn’t work on a $30 purchase only on a $50 purchase

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing! That detail has been updated!

  13. Liz

    I have used pick up several times. Love this !!! If you don’t like a substitution- it’s removed from your order, and free. If you don’t like how something how produce looks when you get home, call it in and they’ll remove that charge. Shoppers have been great though. Easy. Prices are great. But it feels a little stingy not being able to tip.

  14. Juliee

    This full time working mother of 3 multi-sport athletes LOVES the grocery pickup. Seriously life changing!

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      I agree! SO helpful with a super busy schedule! Thanks for taking a moment to comment!

  15. Suzan

    I’ve used both services with WalMart and everything was FRESH. I use the pick up option weekly, prevents me from over spending and I don’t have to fight the crowds. Remember to unclick the substitute option if you are picky about certain foods. I love the delivery option because I live on the 2nd floor of my complex and hating bringing up the water. Remember it’s not just groceries, I order toilet paper, hair dye and anything else I need. My is orders ready when I pull and everything is placed in my car.

  16. Sara

    Walmart doesn’t do deliveries themselves in Baton Rouge. They pass it off to DoorDash. So tipping would still be expected.

    • BS416

      I was sent an email after my Walmart order was received, asking me to tip the driver even though when ordering, it said that drivers were not allowed to accept tips. I did not have a problem leaving a tip (which I did), but it is misleading.

    • Lauren

      Same in the St Louis area. I asked the person delivering my order if they were a Walmart employee (as the online ordering suggests), and she said she was with DoorDash. I hadn’t planned to tip, but did once I realized this.

  17. Blue

    I’m glad that it works for other ppl, but I hate doing Pickup at my local Walmart b/c it’s a hot mess. I’ll place an order and every single time, several items will wind up being out of stock…and half the time it’ll be something super basic like tomatoes or butter. Their substitutions aren’t always that great either- sometimes whatever they sub isn’t a good value or not the right size/quantity. I ordered a 1/2 gallon of apple cider for Thanksgiving and since they were out of the smaller size, they wanted to sub a full gallon instead. I had to decline (b/c I knew it would go to waste) and then had to drive all the way to Target across town to buy that one ingredient. Also my avocados are often overripe and my bagged lettuce is wilted…not being able to pick your own produce has its risks.

    And often they will show some items as being out of stock before I drive up but there will be a ton of them sitting right there on the shelf in store, during my Pickup time. And it’s clear that those things didn’t completely run out and get restocked in the few short hours b/w placing my order and Pickup.

    • Frecklelily

      Their policy is to replace substitutions with something of equal or greater value, so why would you stress yourself out and decline a larger cider? They don’t charge you for the difference in price either.

      • Blue

        I am aware of their policy. As I said above- I knew that we wouldn’t use the larger size. So why would I accept an item knowing that more than half of it would go in the trash? It’s not just about saving $, it’s also about not wasting perfectly good food.

        • mel

          But you ended up wasting gas driving across town to get that one ingredient? Doesnt make sense. Just accept the larger size and offer leftovers to neighbors or coworkers.

          • Blue

            Thanks for your concern, but it cost me *maybe* $0.25 in gas. You missed the point though- I just went and bought the size that we always finish up easily, even though it was slightly less convenient for me. I’m not sure what is so confusing about someone only wanting a smaller size of something. What doesn’t make sense is to take the larger size and then go around giving out cider to people who never even drink it LOL

          • Blue

            Thanks for your concern, but it cost me maybe $0.25 in gas. You missed the point though- I just went and bought the size that we always finish up easily, even though it was slightly less convenient for me. I’m not sure what is so confusing about someone only wanting a smaller size of something. What doesn’t make sense is to take the larger size and then go around giving out cider to people who never even drink it LOL

  18. Laura

    I’ve used the delivery option before and love it! I’m an avid user of the pick up as well. I’ve had expired items twice and they have been refunded quickly. And when romaine was recalled, they credited my account with no issue. I love having the extra time with my family…even if it’s running from one practice to another.

  19. desiree

    as a “delivery driver” we are not employeed by walmart we are postmates drivers the companies work together. and tips are welcomed and appreciated but not required.

  20. Ashley

    I have to admit…I actually like going into Walmart and walking around. I find a lot of clearance clothes and toys this way. They haven’t been as cheap as in the past for our local one…usually Target beats them on holiday sales…but, I like to pick out my own things and price compare. I also take kids along and have since they’ve been babies. I get it, some days..a sick day…this could be convenient and nice for the people around you. Most days, I enjoy shopping for groceries etc. and bringing kids because they already know how to behave in the store. Plus, I can use all the coupons I want and giftcards. Since the whole Savings Catcher thing got more time consuming, I haven’t been pleased with Walmart all together and I’d probably only try the pick up for the $10 off.

  21. mary

    Well there are many who shop in their Pajamas…at brick and mortar that is!😂🤪😎

  22. puyallluprob

    Please tip the DoorDash drivers.

  23. Melissa

    It’s actually delivered by DoorDash drivers who CAN take tips. Please tip them!!

  24. Jen

    I just have to add that I work for Doordash and we do accept tips…. it’s part of our pay. Funny that Walmart would post that when they contract out most of their deliveries.

  25. Rebecca Cross

    I’m not sure where the delivery info comes from, but I live in the same city as Walmart HQ and Doordash also delivers our groceries, and expects/deserves a tip. The walmart grocery app even prompts for one after the fact.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hmm, that is odd. When clicking through the link above, about tips, I do see the same information listed as in the post above. I’m wondering if it might vary by region.

  26. Stacy Vitucci

    Use the pickup service a number of times now and I absolutely love it. I dislike shopping, people (shoppers) are rude, loud, disgusting and inconsiderate…so much easier to order and pick up. Can’t remember any issues I have had with any fruit or meat. Also, someone mentioned the substitute option, this is a great feature. If you know you only want one particular brand of something they won’t try and give you a replacement, if they know you don’t want it.

    Also, less then a week before Christmas, I fell and rolled my ankle. This service was like a life saver, there was no way I would have been able to walk through a grocery store.

  27. DeziRose

    I have done the curbside pick up and most everything is at or above my level of freshness.. and I’m the person literally going through each and every item to make sure I get the item that is furthest from expiration, freshest etc. I found at one of the stores I frequently picked up from, they don’t carry much great value brand organic, but I can still order it for grocery pick up. Since they don’t have it, they substitute a name brand product or a larger sized product for the same price I was originally going to pay for the off brand. I had a pick up one time that had expired tea. Not only did they refund my money, they gave me 2 new teas for free. I have been very happy with the grocery pick up service.. I can’t stand Walmart but this is the one thing that they still have me as a customer for. Lol. I’m excited to try out the delivery service, hopefully it will be as smooth as the curbside has been for me.

  28. Amy

    I am not a fan of Walmart if it means going into the store, but I use Walmart delivery all the time and love it! In full disclosure, I used to do all of my grocery shopping at Whole Foods until a friend convinced me to try Walmart. I buy most of my groceries online and have them delivered. And then I pick up a handful of things somewhere else (including my produce because I’m picky). Sure it isn’t perfect and sometimes they mess things up, but they’re always good about making it right! I think it’s great! And I am excited about free deliveries for the next few weeks! Thank you!

  29. sharon

    As far as the tip, I think the article was referring to the in store pick up. For the tip I rate them and include the name of the Walmart employe on the store survey. They do get credit for that. I think if its delivered to the house it’s a different situation

  30. Sherrie

    I do they grocery pickup all the time. I’m having an order delivered tonight FREE thanks to you! Anxious to see how it goes.

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Yay! Hope you love it as much as I have!

  31. Amy S.

    I have been using WalMart pickup for quite awhile and it is great! Just used delivery for the first time and was very pleased. Delivery driver was very nice and courteous. I could see using delivery when needed. Usually I use pickup and there were no open time slots for pick up left but there were plenty for delivery. I did tip because of reading the comments that the delivery service is provided by DoorDash. Even though WalMart website says no tips, there was a card in my groceries and among other things, it said tips aren’t necesary but appreciated. I was unsure of how much to tip on a grocery order?

  32. Sansan Cary

    Thanks for posting this promo! I received my order and sample bag this morning here in TX. My husband loved the car toy :).

  33. Amy S.

    I just thought I would update about my delivery order yesterday. Everything went very well. I received an email from Walmart afterwards with the option of tipping my delivery driver and it said that 100% of the tips went directly to the driver. I had already tipped in cash when they delivered, but I thought it was interesting that I received the email with that option afterwards, and I was glad to see that the tips went directly to driver instead of a company taking a portion of them.

    • sherrie

      This was also my experience.

  34. Nancy

    I was just on the Walmart grocery site and saw that the $10 off $50 offer for first time online customers (promo code: WOWFRESH) expired as of 12/31/18. Has anyone successfully used the promo code since then?

    • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Hi Nancy! I still find the code listed on their Facebook Page. The details show it to be valid through 1/31/19. Hope that helps!

      • Love2save$!

        Thank you, Amber!

        • Amber (Hip2Save Sidekick)

          You’re very welcome!

  35. Jacki

    Thank you for this! I just had my groceries delivered this morning! Everything arrived fresh and my order was accurate. I did receive an email prompting for a tip, which I happily provided. I honestly avoid Walmart at all costs, but this was painless. I did shop in my pajamas, and everything was delivered the next morning right on time. Thank you for this!!

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