Free Suave Product After Rebate for Unpaid Government Workers

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Are you a Government worker who is not getting paid? 

Through February 13th, Suave will reimburse all federal employees, that are unpaid due to the government shutdown, up to $6 for one Suave item! To get this offer, head here, then you’ll be asked to submit a phone number to receive the rebate form.

Fine Print: Suave will reimburse the retail price up to a maximum of $6 for a Suave product purchased from 1/23 – 2/13/19. Your rebate will be sent via PayPal and you will have to submit proof of purchase by taking a picture of your receipt. Rebate must be submitted by 2/27; limit one.

(Thanks, lizmac21, Cara and Erika!)

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  1. Judy Trac @ Lipscomb

    how would suave know if i work for the government or not

    • Karma

      This is ur dream offer. Now u don’t have to call them to get ur money back Judy.

  2. Judy Trac @ Lipscomb

    suave wouldn’t know if i am govt worker or not lol

  3. wklsunflower

    Honor system!!

  4. lisa

    Please don’t take advantage of this. When people do that, the companies might not do it again. Honor system please.

  5. fran

    How nice!! They deserve it!!

  6. me

    You know that the government workers will be paid back pay for staying home AND they are eligible for unemployment benefits as well. I think they will be more than okay when all is said and done. For those of us in private industry who get laid off with no severance, it is not always so good. Would love to see Congress come to the table to negotiate instead of putting their differences on the backs of US workers. A ridiculous situation that could be solved with good faith work on the part of our representatives. Sad really.

    • Jen

      My husband is not staying home, not eligible for unemployment benefits, and once this paycheck finally hits it’ll be taxed higher than normal. While the credit card companies are waiving late fees what about all the interest accrued while we’re living off credit cards waiting to be paid? Everything we’re trying to sell to come up with extra cash on hand to pay for fun things like electricity for our home? Yes, we’ll be “ok” bc we pay bills ahead of time and budget but this takes the idea of public servants to a whole new level. He’s literally putting his life on the line working 12hr days for the safety of the general public and the government can’t get their heads on straight long enough for us to pay our basic living expenses.

      • Erika

        Jen- Well said 👏👏👏

      • lisa

        Thank you and your family!

    • Sarah H

      In no sense are we “more than ok”. My husband is a federal worker; I have been a SAHM for 23 years who homeschools. I have applied for jobs, but they won’t even consider me because they think I won’t stay on after he goes back on. My husband cant get a job because he would need approval for it because he has a secure position, but there is no one there who can give approval. Unemployment? His place of employment is in another state, and he would have to file there and, we believe prove he is looking for a job (again, not permitted to do that). My 16 year old can’t sleep at night because she is stressed out. But I guess we are “more than ok”, huh? I guess this is all just a vacation for us?!??! Don’t judge until you have been in our shoes. I can’t imagine the poor folks who are forced to show for work and aren’t being paid (would be illegal if it was private sector) or those millions working for contractors who won’t get back pay.

      • Sarah H

        Also they won’t get back pay AND unemployment… they will have to pay the unemployment back once their compensation comes through

      • kim

        Thank you for addressing the contractors, because I am one, and I think we’ve been overlooked by the media even though there are more of us effected than federal workers. Even though a bill was passed guaranteeing them back pay, nothing guarantees that I’ll see a cent from my missing paychecks.

        • Sarah H

          I can’t believe that the press hasn’t picked that up. Two and a half times the contractors are affected than the official federal employees. Between these two groups, 2 percent of all full time workers are displaced (one of the only times I will be in the “two percent” I assure you)!

        • Jen

          I agree, the focus of the media on the feds being unpaid seems to be the catchiest line and the most used. That doesn’t mean that we’re worse off and I absolutely feel for you. There’s so many different aspects of this that are trickling down that isn’t going mainstream and it’s extremely frustrating. I hope the govt addresses the contractors as well.

        • K

          Contractors are contractors. Even in the private sector, contractors are not guaranteed to have work the following week.

          This is why everyone should learn to budget and live within your means.

      • Hailey

        Gosh life is tough. Hope you feel better after your little rant. There are many people not affiliated with the government that struggle daily but it appears you have it way worse.

        • Marie

          Hope things get better for you Hailey.

      • whoa is them...

        U will be MORE than ok…

    • Hailey

      I made a similar comment regarding the overlooked fact that they will receive back pay and this is only a temporary inconvenience… And it was deleted. Seems like the truth is not a popular narrative these days 🙄

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        Hi there! We did decide to delete a few inappropriate comments earlier, which causes the entire thread of comments to be deleted. Sorry for any confusion!

        • Anonymous

          Thank you for posting this and for also deleting inappropriate comments. This is obviously a very sensitive subject for everyone. As much as the posts are helpful I wonder if it might help to turn off comments on them to decrease debate. We all love the site or we wouldn’t be here but everyone has an opinion. Ty:)

          • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

            You’re very welcome! Thanks for taking a moment to comment! We sure appreciate your feedback!

      • celticmommie

        A temporary inconvenience? Are you having to work with no pay? Because my brother is. And while his position is mandatory, others are not, meaning he is working 12 hour days. Yes, they budget and yes, they’ll end up getting the money in the end, but since my sister in law is a nurse and works nights, they’ve had to arrange care for their kids because my brother isn’t at home to watch them because he’s working! Is the government going to pay back the extra day care/babysitting money? BTW, my brother is a republican and voted for Trump. So he’s gritting his teeth and pushing through. BUT his main gripe is that people are just dismissing how hard this is. Middle class people shouldn’t be sacrificing while Congress and the President play their stupid games. And I think people on both sides will agree on that. But please don’t say it’s an INCONVENIENCE when you’re not living it.

        • pahleeze

          He will get it all back. Its a minor inconvenience.

    • annie

      But for the contractor, they may not be able to get their money back. It is very tough for them. There are a lot of contractors live on their money salaries.

    • whoa is them...

      Yes news all day was talking about back pay. All this nonsense of free stuff for the “suffering” workings is baloney. They get it all back anyway !! Smh…

  7. kim

    Thank you for posting! Very nice of these companies to offer help

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      I agree! You’re welcome, Kim!

  8. Ami

    Um this is a nice effort but poorly executed by Sauve.

    Think about it, they are expecting people who have been unpaid for almost a month to budget their limited income for this? I mean this might have worked at week 1 of the shutdown, but we are well past that. I happen to work in a field that looks at this kind of stuff and people need to remember in times where lower and/or middle class families have an unforeseeable limited income, there will be way more competing priorities for people to spend their money on. (Great example is during the recession there was a huge decline of people spending money on socks). And I definitely think this falls into the sock category.

    Also, let’s not forget the obstacles that come with doing rebates. I don’t know about others, but I have had to wait months for rebates and that’s if they come without me hassling the company multiple times. By the chance the consumer gets their money back, it would be more than likely they are working again, which defeats the purpose of trying to lesson the hardship federal workers are experiencing.

    Lastly, I assume the company will write off the admin and work as charitable donation, meaning less taxes for sauve, which in turn, suave will make money for this. I feel like this would be better executed if Sauve provided donations to local charities that handles these kind of things. They got these processes down packed tbh.

  9. K

    The government shut-down sucks, but do Americans not save up for rainy days at all? Shouldn’t people have at least 3 months of funds for emergencies? It seems there are lots of people/companies trying to help, but maybe this will teach everyone a lesson and not live paycheck to paycheck. Or not….

    • Niecee

      Some Americans don’t have the means to save for a rainy day. Some are living paycheck to paycheck for whatever reason. Many jobs don’t pay enough to make ends meet let alone save for the rainy day or things such as shutdowns or layoffs. Stuff happens but many people don’t understand that. We never know a persons situations.

    • SeeTheWholePicture

      Do YOU have 3 months of savings right now? We, personally, downsized our house 6 months ago, as well as going down to a single car, and implementing a budget. Even Dave Ramsey says to start with $1000 emergency fund and then tackle the other debt, which we are doing. That $1000 is more than our current mortgage. We live far far under our means but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other factors.

    • Anon

      Maybe instead of just thinking of the workers you try reading about how it’s effecting other aspects? Vandalism to the trees in Joshua Tree Park? The children at risk because the FBI is short in resources to catch and prosecute child predators? The confidential informants leaving investigations because they can’t be compensated? Federal trials are continuing even if the expert witnesses can’t be compensated to testify. This effects everyone. Yes, even, you. Your tax return, which I’m sure you don’t need because you have 3 months of savings, might be delayed when the unpaid IRS workers finally get through processing it.

    • Pinky Pie

      I think it’s 80% of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck. And emergency funds can be depleted when a series of events happen- close on house, husband breaks foot, has operation, my employer fires me for missing work to be with him while I was 4 months in, daughter gets rushed to the emergency room with an asthma attack and stays overnight. Goodbye savings.

  10. Amber

    My heart goes out to everyone affected. We life in California where rent/mortgages and just the cost of living is extremely high. I can’t imagine me or my spouse not having an income since we barely get by on two incomes. It’s easy to tell others to save but it’s near impossible for some depending on where they live and don’t even get me started on healthcare that results in financial debt.

    Suave is doing a great thing and I hope it helps, even if it’s just a little bit.

  11. pahleeze...

    The world smallest violin is playing

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