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How I Create that Hotel Bed Feel at Home

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Threadmill sheet set in the packaging

Hello! It’s Bryn, Collin’s sister & sidekick!

After sleeping with pink floral sheets that I purchased at Target several years ago, I was ready for a change (and so was my hubby!).

Threadmill home linens on a bed

I was on the lookout for high-quality sheets that were also affordable and that would hold up for at least a few years even with very regular washing. My goal was to create that ‘hotel bed’ feel at home.

After casually mentioning this to my sister, Marley, she immediately went on and on about how much she loved these Threadmill Home Linen Cotton Sheets that she purchased on Amazon.

contents of a sheet set folding card

So I jumped over to Amazon, read through the crazy good reviews, and placed my order for these King Size Sheets in Silver for less than $80 shipped. And a few days later, these amazing sheets landed on my doorstep! And you guys – they 100% live up to the awesome reviews!

As you can see from the tag above, these sheets are 800 thread count and the deep pockets are the perfect size to fit around my Tempur-Pedic mattress. Plus I love the size of the flat sheet – it gives me lots of extra room on the sides, so my hubby and I are not fighting over the sheets throughout the night.

washing instructions for the Threadmill sheets

And these sheets seem to get softer with every wash! A big plus, since I wash my bedding at least once or twice per week. If you are ready to refresh your bedding too, you may want to give these a try!

Do you have a favorite brand of bed sheets? If so, please share!

Bryn has 10 years' experience writing about coupons, freebies & deals. She is mortgage-free and has a Bachelors in Nursing & Education. Connect with Bryn on LinkedIn

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Comments 71

  1. Jes

    Thanks! Our new home should be done around Easter and we are upsizing our bed. I’ve been procrastinating trying to find sheets, there are just so many options out there. We will definitely be giving these a try.

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Hope you like them as much as I do! 🙂

    • Somo

      Same here! Building a home and upsizing our bed. Sheets have been on my mind lately, so this is perfect timing. Thank you so much for the tip.

  2. Marley (Sister Sidekick)

    These sheets are such a great value! I’m so happy that you shared them with Hip2Save readers!!! 🙌

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Yes, me too! Thanks for the recommendation, sis!

  3. Nancygaye

    How do they launder? The sheets I have now wrinkle at the top as well as pillowcases and have to be ironed each time they are washed.

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      I wash them weekly and they do not come out wrinkled at all. In fact, they seem to get softer and even more to my liking with each wash.

      • Nancygaye

        Awesome! Ty.

  4. carissadiane

    My husband travels a lot so when it was time for a new mattress he just picked his favorite hotel brand. So we sleep on a Sheraton mattress. Ha! Quite literally recreated the hotel bed feel at home. 😂😂😂 I thought that was funny.

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      LOL! That is awesome!

    • The bed is so comfortable!

      I have a Hilton!
      The bed is so comfortable!

  5. Michelle. (Hip Sidekick)

    I have to also chime in and say that I bought some of these too and are SO in love with them!! Such a great price for the quality. I need a pair for all of the beds in my home now! 😍

  6. Mia

    Thanks for the tip! DOES ANYone have any recommendations for a comfortable thick, hotel like comforter?

    • Julie

      …that also fits a king-size mattress? My issue is that they are always short on the sides and show my sheets! This drives me crazy and is NOT the look I am going for.

      • Heather

        I could not agree more!!!!! I hope someone gives us some ideas!!!

      • Ashley

        Funny, bc I bought a king size for my queen bc it would be too small otherwise.

        • Heather Bothell-Vrbsky

          Yep, I always buy king-size quilts and comforters for my queen so that they’re actually big enough.

      • AT

        I bought one on Amazon recently that I love:
        LUCID Down Alternative Comforter – Hypoallergenic – All Season – 400 GSM – Ultra Soft and Cozy – 8 Duvet Loops – Box Stitched – 3 Year U.S. Warranty – Machine Washable – Oversized King – White

    • Angela V.

      Not sure if they still have them, but Target had an oversized king down convertable comforter a couple years back that I bought and love! It’s got two layers that snap together that we use in the winter, and in the summer you can unsnap it so it’s half as heavy for warmer weather. It’s plain white box weave so I use a duvet for ease of wash. Highly reccomend if they still have them.

      • Crystal

        Can you provide some more info please? Like brand and material?

  7. Maya

    While on the subject, the Duck & Goose Co Plush Durable Premium Hotel Quality Mattress Topper, Hypoallergenic Down Alternative Fiber Mattress Pad is awesome!!! Find it on Amazon!!!

    • Heather Bothell-Vrbsky

      I bought this topper, and was SO disappointed. It didn’t really seem to add much for comfort, especially for the price. I’m trying a bamboo extra-stuffed topper next.

  8. Sherry

    These sound great! Currently my favorite are Cariloha sheets. They are made from bamboo and are cool feeling for the hot person and warm feeling for the cold person. Which is perfect for my husband and I. They are pricey but oh so worth it! They are the best sheets we’ve ever slept on. And have a lifetime guarantee!

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Oh wow! Those sheets sound AMAZING!

    • Meg

      I am looking those up! My husband and I have the same problem. Thanks for the recommendation Sherry!

    • Heather

      Bamboo sheets are one of the best things I discovered in the last year!! I don’t think I’ll ever buy anything else for my bed again.

    • Heather Bothell-Vrbsky

      These are my favorite bamboo sheets: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01BXJ3IWS/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
      However, they’re a little finicky to care for, and if you have a very thick mattress, you’ll probably need sheet straps.

      I also have these: https://www.target.com/p/rayon-from-bamboo-deep-pocket-solid-sheet-set–queen–ivory-300-thread-count—tribeca-living–174-/-/A-52573484
      They are very easy to care for and have a deeper pocket, but are cooler for sleeping.

    • becki

      bamboo is the only way to go for all seasons. highly sustainable, too. Cariloha has excellent customer service and live up to their lifetime guarantee on the sheet sets.
      even if you are paying $200 for them, you are getting a luxury experience, and with the guarantee, they can be the last sheets you ever buy.

  9. Garfield

    I currently use Casper sheets and I am not happy with that brand at all. First of all they have to ironed after each wash and second, more importantly they shrunk after few washes. Now I have hard time fitting them on my mattress. It takes a lot of effort. Do not buy Casper sheets. I just bought Costco sheets after I read good reviews. If they don’t work out I know which brand to try next.

    • Bryn (Sister Sidekick)

      Yikes! Thanks for the warning about the Casper sheets!

    • barb

      I agree on the Casper sheets! So pricey and NOT soft like they advertise!! I will never buy this brand again.

  10. Kelly Wright

    Just added the sheets and mattress pad to my cart….what about pillows?! Any suggestions for that hotel feel? Tired of buying cheap pillows that are flat after a few days.

    • Dana

      The temprapedic brand Tempra Pro pillows are amazing. The sales associate measures you for neck and shoulder height for proper fit. I have bulging disks in my neck and have hardware in my back. I have searched for the perfect pillow and for me this is it. This is a pricey pillow but so worth it.

    • S

      I just bought a Downlite brand pillow from Kohl’s online the other day – it arrived today and I love it! Many of the reviewers mentioned this brand is used by many hotel chains and they’re right, I recognize the tag from many hotel stays. As usual, Kohl’s had the original price waaay marked up to around $120, but I was able to get mine for $30 after coupons, which is still cheaper than the $40 Downlite is charging on their own website.

    • just me

      if you have an American furniture nearby or maybe even try to order online I Love their bamboo memory foam pillows. Perfect support and they don’t go flat. Takes some getting used to for a night or two but your head just sinks in and your neck is supported.

    • Kim

      SleepGram Pillow from Amazon…I love it. Searched a long time to find a great pillow!

  11. Gena

    A little off topic, but does anyone have recommendations for nice split top sheets as we have a Sleep Number bed with the split top and it is almost impossible to find sheets other then through Sleep Number but there prices are expensive. I would love to give these sheets a try but wouldn’t be able to used the adjustable base.

    • jaksmom8

      Kohl’s website has some with good reviews and there’s also the $10 off of $50 coupon & the 30% off with Kohl’s charge. I haven’t tried them, but I might order some too as I’m not really happy with the “cheap” ones I have now.

    • Jen

      We have the Sleep Number split top as well, and I just buy two twin sets of sheets. It’s way cheaper than purchasing the Sleep Number brand. And if you ever fight over the flat sheet like my husband and I do, this will alleviate the problem.

      • Jen

        I’m sorry, it’s two Twin XL sheet sets. Not regular twin.

  12. Olgraygirl

    Wonderful review–I am so ready to replace our king sheets, as we are moving into a new house. Although more than I would normally spend on sheets–I have learned it’s worth it to get nice ones. You never know what you are getting, so a good recommendation is everything. Thanks, thanks!!

  13. Helen in Meridian

    I was confused, thought you bought linen and cotton blend. Linen seems to be the hot new trend in sheets. I have’t tried them yet. I do love Costco Kirkland 540 thread count sheets and also Costco Charisma 400 thread count sheets. They both come out without wrinkles as long as yo grab them just as they finish drying.

  14. Kat

    I am in love with Liz Clairborne’s Liquid cotton sheets. They don’t pill and are so soft! You can find pretty good deals on them at JCP time to time.

  15. Sara

    I am a sheet snob! I prefer Egyptian cotton sheets. 600 t.c. The higher t.c they just become too hot. Plus I like to have a heated mattress pad that fits on top of mattress under sheets.

  16. Holly

    Silly question. What is the difference between duvet cover and the down comforter?

    • rebecca

      a comforter can be used alone, or stuffed into a duvet cover. it’s puffy, usually.
      a duvet cover is like a giant pillowcase that needs a comforter stuffed inside. it’s just like 2 sheets sewn together usually, with an opening on one end.

  17. Rachel

    While on the subject, I recommend Sorel pillows. After staying at WDW last year, we came home to find our pillows weren’t up to our standards anymore(we loved their pillows!). After a little research, I ordered a soft and a firm pillow for both of us and haven’t looked back. We also ordered the mattress pad but weren’t not as impressed with it as the pillows. We also use bamboo pillow cases with the soft pillows and it’s fabulous!

    • JenB

      Do you mean Sobel? I found a “shop our hotel linens” website for them. Thanks for the recommendation!

  18. Pammie

    We recently bought a split head sleep number which I love but the sheets we prefer were not available as a split. I cannot day enough good things about Sams members mark 450 tc and the hotel brand 650 tc. They are fairly inexpensive especially with instant savings when on sale ❤️
    We purchased our split sheets through wholesale bedding they are really thick (reminds me of curtains) and cool, wash well and do the job. You can usually find a promo code for 20-30% off online. The reviews were better than sleep numbers overpriced sheets also!

    • Jen

      Do the Sams members mark come in twin XL? It would work with your split bed and you would each have your own flat sheet. We use twin XL for our split Sleep Number – lot more selection and within a great price point – especially when back to school sales are on.

    • Jen

      Does your favorite Sams members sheets come in twin XL? We use two sets of twin XL with our Sleep Number split king. You would each have your own flat sheet (we fight for it so it’s nice to have our own) and there are more choices with the twin XL and more economical – especially when the back to school sales are on.

    • Jen

      Do your favorite sheets come in twin XL? We have a split king Sleep Number and find using two sets of twin XL sheets sets more economical (especially during back to school sales) and have more selection than purchasing the split sheets.

  19. JenNeedsCoffee

    I’m just amazed at all of you who iron your sheets. They go on my bed under my blanket, and no one sees them. I can’t tell if they’re wrinkly or not under the blankets, so why spend time ironing them? Granted, I don’t iron, period, but still… 😛 ;D

    • April r

      Yeah I’m with you. I don’t even own an iron. 🤷‍♀️

  20. Jen

    I completely agree with you, however, I have a friend who swears that slipping into a bed with ironed sheets is just luxurious! I am not an ironer, and I would never iron my sheets, unless Princess Markle was staying in my guest bedroom 😉

  21. JenH

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a mattress to buy?? And where’s the best place? I need a luxury hotel mattress!😃

    • Michelle

      We just bought a Lucid 8in gel infused memory foam mattress on Amazon and it got great reviews. So far it’s as good as recommended and beat all other prices I could find.

    • Tina

      Me too!
      My husband thought he wanted a sleep number but after reading tons of reviews I’m leaning toward a Casper with adjustable base. Any feedback would be great!

    • Kim

      Sleep Number Bed, with the Air Conditioner/heat/blower topper is the best thing ever! We do not have the split mattress, so just buy normal sheets, love the ones from Sam’s club, will be buying these next to try….Sleep Gram Pillow from Amazon has been wonderful for my neck!

  22. Mindy

    Fitted sheets are the worst for my 13” king mattress. The pockets are too deep and the sheets move around too much. I have tried all sorts and end up using sheet straps to hold them in place.

  23. Julie

    I love Simply Vera Vera Wang sheets from Kohls. They are Egyptian cotton 800 thread count. They cost about $140 for king. I got two sets on sale plus I had my other discounts and was able to purchase each set for around $80 each. They feel great and have very few wrinkles!

  24. TAMARA

    Thanks for the tip… I love good sheets. I hate the trend towards microfiber everything. During the cold winter months, I LOVE Cuddl Duds heavyweight cotton flannel sheets. I find them at Kohls. They are incredibly soft and warm, and hold up really well with no pilling.

    • Tasha

      Amen to this! These are so much softer than flannel and I can get my kids to sleep with them instead of just their blankets. Love these for winter!

  25. Lou

    What blankets do you recommend?

  26. llc

    Sams club Members Mark sheets are the best. I am a sheet hoarder. I have them in every crazy color. I like having a new color each week. Sams sheets go onsale for like 35 or 45 dollars. I also get Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein sheets attached Ross. Never more than $45

  27. Dawn

    I need some help. I am a hot sleeper but I need a comforter to stuff between my legs!! I want my comforter to be somewhat thick but with a feeling that stays cool. I know I am complicated! I have bought many comforters but still end up going back to my Jcpenney comforter I got in probably 1998! The only problem is all of the filling is clumped up everywhere. But I just love how cool the material is. At this point my husband uses one of the new ones I’ve purchased on his side and I use my old one. He hates mine because it is so old and worn out. Dare I ask for cool comfy comforter recommendations ??

  28. Cara

    After years of trial and error, mixed with realistic learning: this is the deal…a higher thread count does not mean higher quality. It’s like buying the biggest carat diamond without caring about the clarity.
    Sheets can be 800 thread count, 1,600 thread count…you name it. But what are they made out of? The material needs to be a long staple material. Meaning, those threads weren’t woven together to create one thread of many, with a cheap fabric. Look at what is being sold. Is it 100% Egyptian cotton? (Get ready to really pay) is it Pima Cotton?
    I ordered Brooklinen sheets. After much debate, research, and being tired of ordering garbage.
    The sheets are pima cotton, 270 thread count. I also got a set of the Sateen at 480 thread count. I paid over $300 for 1 king set with extra pillow cases. ZERO regrets. I have had them for 2 years. No pilling, no ripping, no shrinking, no fading, SO SOFT, so crisp. They are guaranteed, which I used once after my cat literally ripped the sheet. No questions asked, they replaced the $90 fitted sheet.
    I also ordered 1600 thread count sheets from wayfair for my guest room. Washed ONCE, and they were put in the trash. Couldn’t even be donated. That’s how bad they were.
    Do your research!!

  29. Susanne

    I’ve been using the same set of Sheex from Bed Bath & Beyond for about 6-7 years (expensive but I used a 20% off coupon of course). I have other sets of sheets, but usually wash these once a week and put them back on and they are still in great shape after all this time! I live in Houston and it’s really hot and humid MOST of the time; I really believe these sheets help keep me cooler and not having to flip my pillow throughout the night!

  30. Jean

    I love linen sheets from Crate and Barrel. They will set you back a couple hundred, but they are so comfortable. They wash nicely and last.

  31. SJ

    I ordered and fell in love with these sheets. Bought a king and queen sizes. These are soft and so nice. Love the sage and blue. Thanks for sharing.

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