Disney 3-Night Bahamas Cruise as Low as $648 Per Person (+ Free Autograph Book, Onboard Credit & More)

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Save on a Disney Cruise!

For a limited time, hop on over to CruiseDirect.com where you can score Disney 3-Night Bahamas Cruises for as low as $648 per person – that’s just $216/night!

Even better, you’ll also score 10% off excursions, up to $500 to spend onboard and a free Disney Autograph book! These cruises leave from Port of Miami or Port Canaveral and travel to Disney’s private island Castaway Cay and Nassau Bahamas.

What makes Disney Cruises so special?

Every aspect of the cruise has Disney magic added in such as your kiddo being referred to as Prince or Princess, special meet and greet events with characters and so much more! They offer free entertainment such as nightly shows, a movie theater, swimming pools, splash areas and more! You’ll even be treated to fireworks (weather permitting) during their Pirate Night!

Select cruises are available in November/December which makes them Very Merrytime Cruises! This means that the ship will be decorated for Christmas, characters will be dressed up in holiday attire and Santa may even make an appearance!

Readers and Hip2Save Team Members Love this Cruise:

We’ve been taking Disney cruises since my daughter was barely one and I highly recommend them! You don’t face the crazy lines like in the parks to meet characters which gives you more one on one time with each one. Plus, there’s magic everywhere! From the themed dining rooms, to the Broadway style shows and kids clubs there’s something for everyone! Plus, visit Castaway Cay is an amazing experience by itself! The water is gorgeous, the whole island is clean and there are tons of things to do! I could go on and on about how much fun they are, and if you ask others I’m sure they would too!

I’ve been on 13 cruises. My two most expensive ones was to Alaska and a Disney Cruise. I am not going to lie. Disney Cruise is expensive. But it was worth every penny. The ship is out of this world, service like no other ship that I’ve been on, so many characters walking around the ship, the kids club is so ridiculous that your kids will not want to leave. It’s not only for kids, there is an adults only side where to your amazement you would not believe that you are on a ship with thousands on kids on it. You will not hear a peep. Also, on their private island they have an adults only side too. Fireworks at night! What? Yes, incredible. They even had a Pirates in the Carribean night when I went.

We just took our first Disney cruise this past November. It was fantastic! We went out of New York for 7 days. The kids club was the bomb! My son loved it! I don’t think I’ve had that much alone time in years. The spa was so relaxing – had a room with a balcony overlooking the ocean before my massage. The staff went out of there way to make our stay magical. Lines were not terrible for the characters and we loved pirate night! As someone else said, if you do not dress up your feel odd. Lol. The island was a blast! Again, my hubby and son took off in the water. I sat on the beach with a drink. There was so much going on that we had to choose between activities. We made a deposit for another cruise at the end of the trip. Best Trip Ever!

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  1. Leslie

    I was curious if anyone knows and has had experience with any sites you can book vacations, cruises, etc and pay over time prior to the trip? I don’t want to put a whole vacation on a credit card to pay over time. Thank you for any help.

    • Cindy

      With all of the cruises I’ve done, including Disney cruises, you only have to pay a deposit upfront and then have until a month or two before the cruise to make the final payment.

    • Cheryl Bliss

      If you have a Disney Visa, you can finance it for 6 months interest free.

    • sara

      We just booked a carnival cruise for next year with $49 deposit and we can make payments whenever as long as it’s paid off a month prior to sailing. They have payment plans as well with auto debit

    • Leslie

      Thank you all! 🙂

    • SARAH

      Costco travel lets fou make payments toward the vacation. Just has to be paid off fully by a month or so before the trip.

    • cari

      We book then if we need to cancel due to financial reason we can cancel free of charge prio to 90 days sailing. Our first 3 cruises we didn’t do any excursions, so we only had an extra of tips to pay at the end and maybe a souveniour or 2. You can also bring your own alcohol if you drink. We had an amazing time and were able to do it again!! There’s so much to do, I didn’t feel like we need excursions.

      • Cheryl

        Not all of the cruise lines let you bring your alcohol anymore. Some limit you to what you can bring aboard, and they Xray your luggage. However, no one ever said you can’t put it in a thermos! 🙂

  2. kylie

    Can you give me some idea how much Extras cost on a cruise, I’m sure not everything is included.Thinking about a vacation for four. Ty in advance.

    • Km

      On the Disney cruise the only “extra” charges are port taxes which are not that much- I don’t remember exactly but maybe 100$ for a family of 4. And alcoholic drinks… they have different specials that you can get so you can still drink on a budget. In my opinion you don’t really need to do any executions b/c there is SO much included on the ship and island that you really can’t even do it all over the 3 days. ALL of the food and non alcohol drinks are endless, and fabulous- included my favorite part- room service!

      • mamasweetpea

        don’t forget to also add gratuities. there is a suggested chart, but i believe it is something like $13.50/day/passenger https://disneycruise.disney.go.com/faq/onboard-services/gratuities/
        Also, if you may also want to budget for excursions (of course that’s optional). As mentioned by KM, many things are already included with the disney cruise. No need to worry about paying for separate beverage cups, etc. Search online and you should be able to find some travel tips and message boards about disney cruises

        • mamasweetpea08

          actually $13.50 is just dining room. refer to the chart. i think that number stuck out in my mind because of a recent article I had read about slight change in suggested gratuity, but we used the chart as guideline and tipped more for some.

    • Samantha

      For my Disney Cruise the only extra was tips I think it was like $30 a day (per person?) (it was about a year ago someone correct me if I am wrong please) and split among your housekeeper and food servers at the restaurant you are assigned to ( you can have these lowered or put higher on the morning of your last day before the ship docks), and alcoholic beverages, fine dining or spa services etc everything else is included in the price including port costs.

    • DSch

      Kylie, IMHO, extras are simple an extension (or not) of your (and your companions) personal restraint. I’ve been on 3 different cruise lines and both my spouse and I have very good restraint. The cruise lines will attempt to nickel and dime you at every corner, photos, water, drink packages, lots of specialty foods/coffee shops (not included in the cruise), gift shops, gambling, specialty dining, internet access even excursions. You have to choose and be knowledgeable of expenses. The cruise lines have made it easily accessible via your room TV monitor online account, kiosks where you can view your real-time expenses, or even guest services. We were at the end of a cruise and overheard a gentleman telling his wife what their end of cruise expenses were. I kid you not, it was 5 figures! My spouse and I ’bout died. We love cruising but do know our limitations and have no issue with walking away. But please don’t short change the amazing staff who do work their back sides off.

    • Jen

      We had a blast on our Disney cruise but spent a FORTUNE. Admittedly we didn’t try to be thrifty… but we bought popcorn/drinks during the nighttime shows, took our daughter to a $400 tea party, did a princess makeover for $100. We spend about 1k on 2 excursions. Omg the gift shop! It got so crazy. I think if I had it to do again the only extras I would have spent money on would be the excursions which were awesome. But yeah between the stuff we chose and the tips our credit card bill was horrifying when we got home!

  3. Tina

    We usually cruise with Ncl. This is tempting but Disney cruises are still so much more expensive!

    • Elissa

      I agree- can someone else aim why the Disney cruises are soo much more?? I’m assuming more is included? We just booked a 5 day on carnival for only $249/pp

      • Melanie

        Disney costs more because you get more, and you get better quality. The staff is better, the food is better, the rooms are nicer, the room layouts are better, the kid’s clubs are better, the entertainment is top notch, you get the “Wave” walkie-talkies, soda is included, etc. We live in FL and everyone cruises. We went on Carnival and the room layout was awful, not enough storage space, our carpet was wet and stinky, the ship was run down, the teen club was a small room with a few padded benches and game stations. The hot tubs were full of grey foam, which is dead skin cells. Lots of drunk people. Not near as nice as Disney Dream. After Carnival we went on Disney Wonder – one of their older ships. It was so nice that my Mom even said it was the best cruise she’d ever been on. We are booked for Cuba in May on Royal Caribbean. I hope it is decent. My kids are older teens and they still prefer Disney.
        If you can travel last minute, I’d definitely take advantage to give them a try on a cruise with a discount. Start with a 3 – 4 night cruise on one of the older ships, as it will be a bit less than the newer ships.

        • Sandi

          Melanie we went to Cuba in December on Royal Caribbean and we had a great time. The rooms are a little tight but we were not in the room much. The service was excellent when we went. My son is 9 and he had a blast. It was his first cruise

          • Elizabeth M

            Disney cruises are truly amazing. 3 days isn’t long enough;-)

          • Melanie

            I’m crossing my fingers! The reviews were mixed. We wanted Disney but have other stuff going on and couldn’t spring for it in the time frame needed. I won’t do Carnival again, so hoping RCL is somewhat decent.

        • Denise

          My husband and I did Royal last year and unfortunately same with the pools there. Crowded drunk people and foam, hair etc floating around. Gross! Other than that we had fun though. We have done 4 Disney cruises and it’s worth the price for sure! My mom also loved it and we can’t wait to go back next year!

      • Chris

        It’s the Ritz Carlton vs the Red Roof Inn

        • Melanie

          That’s a good way to put it!

    • Junebug

      What’s your favorite ship

      • Sarah


  4. Sara

    This is a great deal! I just wish it was longer! We did a 7 night with DCL last October, and it was wonderful. 3 nights won’t seem like enough in comparison!

  5. Michelle

    Would we need a passport for this cruise… I feel like I read we don’t but want to make sure

    • Tracy

      Just a birth certificate.

    • DSch

      Michelle, do your homework. If you and/or your companions have a medical emergency and need to be sent back to the states, you NEED a passport. Do you need a passport, no, but we don’t gamble, so not worth it.

    • Cathy

      We did a 7 night cruise out of New York on Disney Magic this past November. We only took birth certificates. Thankfully, no issues. My 8 year old son had an asthma attack on board. Ships doctor was able to help but you pay the full cost up front. We were able to file a claim with our insurance company and get most of it back. Hindsight, I’d get passports next time. But overall, our first cruise and best vacation! LOVED it! So much to do!

  6. Amanda

    I wish they had Disney Cruises leaving from Galveston!

    • mamasweetpea08

      there are Disney cruises leaving from Galveston, but maybe not for this deal. Those that have Costco may want to check out costco travel. I believe prices are comparable and they typically have added incentives like costco cash cards.

    • Stormy

      There are! We did a 5 day the week prior to thanksgiving 2018.

    • jen

      I saw 6nt leaving from Galveston in January for $900 pp, that’s $150/nt!

  7. Guggie

    What about the current travel advisory for the Bahamas? Would Disney be separate due to their own areas?

  8. rykeng

    when we went I bought Disney gift cards at our local grocery chain and got discounts on gas from the store then made payments to Disney. Might I add also got points on my credit card I used for the Disney cards . The cruise itself was wonderful!! We went as a couple celebrating our 40TH anniversary . One of our best vacation ever!

  9. MrsFelix1004

    Also check out the fish extender groups on the cruise because it is an amazing way to give and get souvenirs and not spend a fortune! Our kids were super excited everyday to check what was left at our door. You basically buy x amount of souvenirs and exchange them with a large group. It was awesome!

  10. Laurie Villotta

    We went on the inaugural sailing of the Disney dream. It was an amazing vacation, but at $5,000 it is one we will never do again.

  11. Shannon

    Would it be fun for adults to go? Our kids are grown.

    • Cathy

      Yes! They have an adult only pool/bar area and there is so much to do. Same at their island Castaway Cay. Adult only beach area. We did one excursion together. The Stingray adventure – enjoyed it! They several night or sports bars that kids are not allowed. There are so many activities on board. I went to a Tangled play by myself. They show movies all day. Even by the pool. The spa was amazing! Had fun in the shops and my hubby had a blast too. My son loved the kids club and always wanted to go there to play. Food was amazing! I want to go again!

  12. Atm

    There no cruise like a Disney cruise for sure! .. however as far as I’m concerned Disney cruise line doesn’t allow competitors to lower their cruise fare so I’ll be cautious booking with sites that advertise such deals.
    I’m curious has anyone ever booked through cruisedirect.com before?

    • Karen

      I checked this site versus the Disney site and the price is identical. The only incentive as far as I can see are the autograph book, excursion discount, and onboard spending.

      • Julie

        Anyone know if you book through Cruise Direct if you can use Disney gift cards to pay for it?

        • Patricia Saiia

          We use Dreams Unlimited. They give you on board credit depending on how much the cruise is. Also you can pay overtime using credit cards and Disney gift cards. Really like their customer service.

  13. Jenn

    Which Disney cruise is the best? I see each ship has different names.

    • Sarah

      I did the Fantasy and loved it! We are going again next year and doing the Fantasy again.

  14. Shannon

    What do teens think of a Disney cruise? Ihave a kindergartener and teen. It’s so hard to entertain both of them!

    • Melanie

      My teens love the Disney cruises! They have a lot of stuff for teens to do!

  15. Jenn

    Booked my family of 4 first cruise for this in Sept! So excited! Paid it in full so we have 24 hours to add insurance if we want. Anyone get the insurance or pass???? Thanks hip2save! We are sooooooo excited!!! Ebates for 2% back!

  16. calvanese4

    Disney Cruise is truly the best for all ages! The service is top notch and it is truly magical for all ages. Their broadway shows each night are family friendly and amazing. Dining is wonderful and you experience a rotating dining room schedule unlike anything you will see on another line. Kids clubs are best at sea and adult only areas are plentiful; private island is best I have been to. That being said, it is pricey. We have cruised many other lines too since affordability is a factor but Disney is our favorite. Travel agent here so I’d be glad to assist anyone if needed (never a charge for a travel agent!) Happy cruising!

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