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These Old Navy Reusable Face Mask 5-Packs Are Only $12.50 & Have Thousands of 5-Star Reviews

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woman putting on a floral print face mask

Head on over to Old Navy where you can score Reusable Triple Layer Face Mask Multi-Packs for as low as $12.50!

Available in adult and child sizes, these non-medical face masks were designed per CDC recommendations and feature secure and comfortable elastic straps and three layers of breathable, 100% cotton. There are lots of fun colors and styles to choose from to match every outfit!

Note that these masks are excluded from promotions and tend to sell out fast so if you’re interested – don’t wait!

“These masks are so cute and stylish, I am loving the fun prints! They’re also REALLY comfortable and breathable, which is great when you need to wear a mask for hours at a time. They fit perfectly and the elastic straps are also pretty comfortable around the ear area. I’ll be buying more of  these for sure because now I want more patterns!” -Taylor, Hip sidekick

Grab a new mask with these deals…

stack of Old Navy face masks on table

hand holding two packs of Old Navy face masks

Old Navy Adult Triple-Layer Face Masks 10-Pack
Only $25 – just $2.50 each!

Check out these readers’ reviews…

We’ve been happy with them and I plan on ordering more. They way they’re sewn, it’s easy to differentiate the front from the back which is nice when we have a couple of different stops and take the masks off and have to put them back on. These are my kids favorites.

I have ordered and received all three packs from an order in May. They are indeed three layers of 100% cotton fabric AND triple folds. In my opinion, these are one of the better ones out there regardless of price. The only thing I would have made it one of the best is a missing nose piece to help conform to your face. At this price, it’s a no-brainer for my family as we are all essential workers.

  • Shipping Info

    Old Navy, Gap & Banana Republic

    Choose free in-store pick up, if available near you. Otherwise, shipping is a flat rate of $7 or free on orders of $50 or more BEFORE promo codes.

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Comments 68

  1. JK Lee

    They are great! I bought a pack for me and one for my son. They are very comfortable.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh great! SO glad to hear you have found them to be comfortable. Thanks for the feedback!

  2. Jill

    we have these also, and they’re nice. They’re a little “scratchy”, so you have to wash them first. they don’t have the metal nose piece , so if you wear glasses, they make your glasses fog. ( I haven’t mastered that yet).
    GapFactory has REALLY wonderful masks. The fabric is super soft and they have the metal nosepiece built in… they’re more expensive than Old Navy, a 3 pack is $15, but I think they’re worth it. We’re ordering more of these…. I just wanted to throw that out there, just in case having the nose piece is something that someone really wants… it makes it alot easier if you wear glasses.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh awesome! Thanks so much for taking the time to comment and let us know which masks you have been loving!

    • Tig

      It helps to Place the mask under your glasses.

    • Vinu

      You can slide a piece of floral wire into the top stitches to have a nose wire. Voilaaa

  3. Bjones81

    I have several for me and my kids. Love them!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! Glad to hear it!

  4. Em

    Are these available in-store also?

    • Kathina

      I saw a bunch of them in the store close to me.

  5. Kelli

    The kids size fits my 8 year old and 6 year old. We went into the store and was able to order at the register to be shipped for free.

  6. Heather

    OT – does anybody know if Pottery Barn usually offers free personalization in July? (For backpacks/lunch boxes?)

  7. Jackie

    For those that are complaining about glasses fogging- there is a hack and it actually works! Get some tissue (like Kleenex) fold it and place on the bridge of your nose inside the mask. It will catch the hot damp air that come out when you exhale-preventing the glasses to fog AND also will make you mask fit better 😃👍

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SWEET! Thanks for the tip, Jackie!

    • Debby

      Shaving cream…clean your glasses with it and they will not fog…..

    • Linda

      I saw this Kleenex trick on Pinterest, and it does work well!

  8. Linda

    I ordered these masks the first time they were offered & just got them last week. I don’t know if that’s normal for ON shipping, but it took 6-8 weeks. When they arrived they were solid white with the exception of 2 pink & white striped- no cool colors like in the pictures.

    • Joni

      I was so disappointed in the mystery pack which was all they had at the time I ordered. They showed all these cute possibilities and I got three white ones and two pink and white striped in each. I think they are scratchy. Even the ones I ordered later in which I could pick the colors/materials, they aren’t my favorite. For a grocery run, they’ll work. I like other ones better for a longer time. The target ones I preferred to the old navy ones. I wouldn’t recommend.

      • Jackie

        Thanks Joni, I was kicking myself because I placed another target order last night. I have around 25 of the Target ones and like 10 Vera Bradley ones ( not hoarding them I promise just we are a family of 5 with a husband who works full time at a vet school plus our city has made them mandatory). I got more target ones because they are very similar to the VB ones and I love both of them. Then saw the cute old navy prints and was thinking of canceling my target order but I will pass old navy after your review. Thank you! 😊

        • Joni

          Your welcome. If you find one you like then sticks with it. My mom makes masks too now and we all seem to like different styles so it really boils down to personal preference.

          • Jackie

            I agree! I made a few also but I feel like the Target and Vera Bradley ones wash so good (yes a little wrinkled after the drier but they shape up pretty easy). 😁

      • tracey

        Thanks Joni! I was wondering how they compared to the Target ones.

    • riss

      Mine took over 6 weeks to arrive. I ordered in mid-May, just got it early July. I thought I’m getting assorted colors/prints, but I got 2 whites with tiny flower prints, and dark yellow/blue checkered pattern.

    • Cmason7

      That’s what I received too. Was kinda disappointed

      • willowcat

        Absolute same – felt a little bait and switch to me.

    • Dee

      Hello all. I got the same colors as Linda, Joni, and Jackie. I bought 2 packs that had three white ones and two pink and white striped in each pack. I was hoping to get some of the pretty, colorful ones. I like them even without the filter pocket. They fit very well over my face, and I can breathe very well in them. I would probably buy more even though it took almost 2 months to get them.

    • Dee

      I ordered these back when they were first offered too, and seemed to take forever to arrive. I got two pink donut print and a bunch of polka dot masks. I wasn’t thrilled with the pattern or the amount of time to get them BUT I was so thankful to have found them as they were hard to find at a reasonable price at the time. Even before I actually received them, I was thankful that they were coming and even gave me a lot of comfort knowing they were on their way. So I, for one, am not going to complain that they weren’t “cute” enough, they still protected me and my family and I am grateful. I’ve reordered other prints and am quite satisfied. As for quality, they are reasonably thick (for safety) though I did find them to be a tad big, and I didn’t find them itchy/scratchy at all.

    • addie13

      I got the same as Linda- all white & 2 pink & white stripes- 8 weeks to get there, I was really unhappy.

  9. Nikki W

    I ordered these in May both kids and adults. I finally received the adult masks and a few days later I received a email that my order was canceled for the kids masks. I am not upset because I’ve ordered several different kids masks from other deals you’ve posted. Thank you for all that you do!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Oh good! You’re SO very welcome! 🥰

  10. MrsBK

    Has anyone tried the kids masks from Carters? I have a 4 yr old boy and need to get masks for him. If anyone has any advice on this I’d appreciate it, I’ve read so many reviews saying the masks are too big for kids from Target, old navy etc. TIA

    • Jackie

      I would try the target ones. Wash them in hot water they will shrink like the Vera Bradley ones. Also you can tie a little knot on the ear elastic. I have 2 girls and that’s what we do with theirs and they fit perfectly now.

    • Ellenkitten

      The ones from carters fit my face and I’m a 220lb adult!

    • lezers05

      The best ones we have found for my 4 year old are from Kohl’s. They can adjust behind the ears to make them tighter or not. And they actually fit her face really well.

      • Dee

        Hi lezers05…The ones I got from Kohl’s had the nose wires but no pocket filters. I also love the pretty colors. I have bought so many different types of masks from different retailers, but the ones from Kohl’s are in my top 3 favorite. Have a nice day everyone!

    • Mandy

      We have the Carter’s. I think they are great. They fit my seven year old well, but definitely too small for my 10 year old.

  11. L

    I love the kids GAP ones! The elastic is softer and the metal piece really makes a difference. I am waiting for my Athleta ones- a splurge, I know, but as a teacher and coach I really needed athletic-minded masks and the Athleta ones are plain which I appreciate for work. The Old Navy ones are okay, but nothing special.

  12. Materof6

    Just bought some last week for our family of 9…they are much more breathable than the disposable kind! Good buy for a family!

  13. Lisa

    Try putting shaving cream all over your lenses and run under warm water. Wipe off with toilet paper. My husband learned that method about a week ago and has no fog issues.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing, Lisa!

  14. Billie

    I have purchased a bunch of different masks from several stores and the Old Navy and Gap masks are my favorites by far….and cute designs too!

  15. yess

    I like them. Light and easy to wear. Yes, you don’t know what colors you get, I don’t mind that. Yes, they do take a long time to shop but figured we will be using them for awhile.

  16. nikkicr912

    The old navy kids masks are the best!!! My daughter (9) has been complaining about wearing masks for months. We finally got our old navy masks the other day and when we tried them out today she said these are great and didn’t complain once.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Yay! SO glad they have worked better for her! Thanks for commenting!

  17. Gamecockgirl

    This reminded me I still hadn’t received my Old Navy mask order from May. When I checked it says my order was cancelled. I checked periodically. Seems strange because I didn’t see an email notice. Oh well. Thanks for the reminder to check.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome! Hoping you receive your order soon!

  18. christinavid

    I have the Old Navy kids one which seem great and my almost 4 year old wears them and is happy with them. I have the Gap ones, which are little more expensive, but I really love! They are super comfortable and light weight. They had a nose wire, although it’s a pretty light wire. I have 6 of them and might buy more (well, I actually have 5 because I already misplaced one!).

  19. Lop3z001

    I bought these in May and got them like 2 weeks later. I love how they fit but I did not like that 2 of the masks had bananas on them. I got 2 gingham, 1 coral handkerchief style, and 2 banana styles with a navy background. Nobody wants to wear those in public.

    • franny5

      Same for me. Who wants bananas on them??

  20. Catherine Gatton

    I received the first package of the masks that I ordered. The package of 5 that I received was only 1 layer of fabric. It said that they were supposed to be 3 layers. I returned the package that I received to the store for a refund and cancelled the other 2 packs that I hadn’t received. I wouldn’t let my grand kids wear them since they were only 1 layer. Very misleading advertising. Has anyone else received masks with only 1 layer? I can’t believe it was only me that got the 1 layer ones. I plan on making some myself then I know that they will be safe, 3 layers with a filter pocket.

    • Jackie

      Actually some of the reviews say that also. Better to get at least a minimum of 2 layers and a filter pocket.

    • MrsA

      I thought they were one layer as well until one day I rubbed my fingers between the front and back. I can actually feel the layers separate so there are at least two layers for sure. They just put the “right” side of the fabric on the front and the “wrong” side of the fabric on the back. There might be a thinner interfacing layer in between the front and back to make three. Once one of my masks needs to be thrown out from too much wear and tear, I may cut one open to check.

  21. Hipgrandma

    My order of Staples masks was cancelled

  22. Shelly T

    I also ordered these masks in May. They were supposed to be delivered the first week of June. Then they were delayed until the end of June. I ordered 2 variety packs, and both packs are 3 white and 2 pink. That was not at all what I was expecting, and I am very disappointed. It’s not possible to reach anyone on the phone to discuss this.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh bummer! Hoping you can speak with customer service real soon! (1.800.653.6289)

    • Leigh

      I was also unable to reach them by phone, email or chat. I received my kids masks but not the adult ones. I ordered back when they first had them. I spent about 2.5 (added up time) trying to reach someone with no success. They ended up canceling my order for the adult masks almost 2 months later. I was pretty disappointed!

  23. neecieboo

    my order was canceled for pickup

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Darn! So sorry to hear that.

  24. Mjp123

    My daughter called me from old navy just now to tell me she was getting these 🙂

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! 🙌

  25. Carol

    We just recently purchased some masks with the nose wire from Kohls and have been very happy with them. We also have these Old Navy ones and they are ok.

  26. Susan M. Lawson

    Where are these made? Thanks!

  27. SavingsMama

    Where are the masks made? We have been supporting local shops, but these prices are tempting!

  28. Lo

    Same here!! Ordered 2 packs in May and just got my order … both packs consist of 3 white masks and 2 pink striped masks.

  29. Carrie

    I don’t know what happened with these “mystery packs.” But that doesn’t even seem to be an option currently. I ordered a 5-pack for curbside pick up from my local store and they were available later that day and were exactly what I ordered.

  30. Durinda Wilkinson

    I bought these online during quarantine. Supposed to get an assortment of patterns. I got 3 plain white and two pale pink and white stripe, how ugly! Really disappointed!

  31. Brie

    I ordered from here when they first came out. Got 2 packs of 5. Out of the 10 masks there was only 2 different kinds of fabric and one (6 masks) was a weird flower constellation design.

  32. Janice

    Anyone have a hard time with them wrinkling? After washing them I had to iron them and still can’t get all the wrinkles out. Like, baaddd wrinkles. Just wondering if it’s just me.

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