Want to Score Cheap Diapers? Here are 15 of the Best Tips (+ Some Freebies, Too!)

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Looking to score cheap diapers? We’re sharing how to score the best diaper deals for your baby!

3 boxes of Huggies Diapers and 2 pack of Wipes

Oh, how we love those diaper deals!

We all know babies go through a lot of diapers (7,000 on average before they’re potty trained 😱), so we are sharing all the tips to help you score the BEST diaper deals.

Here are 15 of the Best Tips + Some Freebies Too:

1. Use a diaper calculator to know exactly how many diapers you need.

woman holding phone with diaper deals calculator on screen

You can estimate your baby’s diaper usage with handy tools like a Diaper Calculator. You’ll be able to view roughly how many of each size you’ll need within the first year so you can stock up on cheap diapers when you see them. This tool also can help you avoid ending up with too many of one size before they outgrow them.

The numbers will vary based on your own usage and your little one, but you can at least get a rough idea of how many diapers you’ll need. It could be useful to use when you’re trying to calculate how many diapers to ask for on a baby registry, too!

pampers diapers

The prices on diaper will vary based on the size and usually, the smaller the size, the cheaper the diapers.

However, on average, aim to stay below 15¢ each to know you’re getting the best diaper prices. Have your calculator handy to figure out the per diaper cost before making a purchase or view the per count price when ordering online.

2. For the cheapest diapers, drugstores and discount stores often have the best diaper coupons!

diaper deals coupon at walgreens for diapers

Skip the grocery store and make a trip to the drugstore! They often have sales that can be combined with digital or printable coupons, along with the potential to earn store rewards, like In-Store Register Rewards at Walgreens or ExtraCare Bucks at CVS, through their loyalty programs. Sign up for these rewards and keep an eye out for future sales!

“Walgreens and CVS often run deals on the jumbo packs as well that will score those packs for more than 50% off when you combine coupons with cash back offers and rewards. At the very least, you can save by buying other items your family needs like toothpaste and then using the rewards from those purchases to make your out-of-pocket cost on these diapers much less than you’d pay elsewhere.” 

3. To get the best diaper prices, whenever they’re available, stack coupons, gift card offers, and more.

boxes of pampers diapers in target shopping cart

Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for digital coupons, gift card offers, Ibotta cash back offers, Target Circle offers, and diaper rebates to help you save even more! Plus, Target sometimes offers Free Gift Card promotions that can be stacked with other offers to score name-brand diapers for a fraction of the price.

Kroger is another place to scoop up great diaper deals. They often have a $10 off $40 baby product purchases offer, and the deals are even hotter when you stack coupons and cash back rebates. Plus their store brand, Comfort Diapers, is pretty good quality with a low price.

Here’s how one reader is saving at Kroger…

“Kroger is a great place to get diapers too. They have multiple sales along with Catalina rewards for diapers and baby products. You can also double dip by the diaper company having a deal and Kroger having a deal and you can use coupons and Ibotta also to get more savings.” 

4. Seasoned moms recommend buying ALDI diapers to get the biggest bang for your buck.

ALDI Little Journey diapers

If you have an ALDI nearby, you can score fantastic prices on diapers. This includes their highly rated store brand diapers and no coupons are needed! Because of their shorter hours, fewer product options, streamlined checkout, and exclusive brands, ALDI is able to offer baby items for significantly less than nearly every competitor. If you’re looking for cheap diapers, ALDI should be a go-to!

“ALDI diapers perform extremely well even as overnight diapers. They are very affordable even at the shelf price. If you want a great diaper at a no-fuss price, these are always my recommendation. They are still the main staple in my home.” 

5. When it comes to the best diaper prices, bigger is not always better.

Huggies Little Snugglers diaper deals at Costco

You might be thinking that warehouse stores would always be the sweet spot for diaper savings, right? Well…only sometimes. Buying in bulk CAN save you a lot of money whenever you’re buying warehouse store brands, shopping the monthly Instant Savings deals, or are able to find unadvertised diaper deals. A lot of moms think the Kirkland brand at Costco is very similar to Huggies so if you see a truly good deal, it’s not a bad idea to snag a box to try.

However, those warehouse store brands might not be the best deal when you factor in high-value diaper coupons (especially with no size limit!), store sales, gift card promotions (hello Target!), or even everyday low prices. Check the prices carefully! Instead of using one coupon on a larger box of diapers unless they’re on clearance, reduce the size and use three coupons to purchase three smaller packages!

These sites often offer the best printable diaper coupons:

6. Want cheap diapers? Save around 20% with Amazon Household & get diapers delivered right to your door!

No one wants to have to pack up their new baby and diaper bag, and potentially waking baby out of a nap, just to run to the store for diapers. Having your supply of diapers delivered right to your doorstep is a godsend for busy, new parents!

Amazon Household offers up to 20% off diapers, baby food, and more whenever you use Subscribe & Save and have five or more subscriptions arriving on the same delivery day. Plus, it’s free with your Prime Membership! Plus, you can often stack the savings with Amazon’s diaper digital coupons!

7. Don’t switch to a larger size until your kiddo is truly ready.

toddler boy playing with hello bello diapers

Diapers become more expensive the larger the size. Though diaper packaging has a recommended age range, your child may fit into the smaller size longer than is recommended. If so, you can save on diapers by keeping them in the smaller size until they truly grow out of it. If you aren’t experiencing a lot of leaks, that smaller diaper may fit just fine.

ThriftyFrugalMom has a trick to keeping a child in a smaller size. She advises to adjust the diaper to where they are prone to leaking. If your child leaks from the top, you can pull the diaper forward when putting it on them.

The same goes for leaking from the back – just pull the diaper higher in the back. If you experience leaking even after this trick, it’s time to switch to a larger size. So smart!

8. Save your receipts and return or exchange unused diaper sizes for larger ones when you need them.

hand holding a pack of diapers

Be sure to hang on to your receipts! If you end up with an extra pack of unopened diapers in sizes your child has outgrown, see if you can swap them for a bigger size at the store with your receipt. If not, try selling new, unopened packages on sites like Facebook Marketplace or a local mom’s group.

As a tip, avoid stocking up on larger sizes (like sizes 5 and 6) until you know the rate at which your little one is growing. You could even end up potty training before using all your diapers, and this would make the extras a waste of money unless you’re able to sell, gift, or return them.

Hip Tip: Speaking of potty training, here’s how I potty trained my THREE toddlers in just one week!

9. Build an army of shoppers to help find the best diaper prices (or even gift you diapers).

diaper deals and coupons to print

Find a hot deal, but it has a maximum limit? Enlist the help of family and friends to help you stock up! Sending them the deal scenarios you find on Hip2Save is an easy way to give them step-by-step instructions on how to redeem the deal, too. 😉

Also, if your friends and family have an Amazon account, ask them to keep an eye out for deals, there, too. According to my Hip2Save Sidekick, Chelsey, Amazon often offers huge discounts to those who are making their first diaper purchase and they may be able to score HOT buys for you.

And the next time a birthday or holiday rolls around, ask them for diapers – it will be a present that will go to good use!

Hip2Save reader Jan’s dad alerts her whenever he sees a coupon…

“I am VERY appreciative my dad would ask ALL of his neighbors for their coupons. Since they love him they would always save the diaper coupons for me and it saved us tons of money when we had two in diapers.”

10. Look for FREE diapers!

Box filled with baby goodies from Amazon

Sometimes you can get diapers for FREE! While diaper freebies aren’t a way to diaper your baby indefinitely, there are no diaper deals sweeter than the ones you didn’t have to pay for!

During your pregnancy is the perfect time to start stocking up on freebies, since many companies offer them in welcome packages which can be valued at over $100!

And be sure to bookmark our Freebies page, where we sometimes share diaper samples you can score for free! Diaper samples are also a great way to test out diapers and potentially find a new favorite that costs less than your go-to brand.

11. Use the FREE Amazon Alexa Shopping list to score cash back & lower your diaper cost.

Use Amazon Alexa to get the best diaper deals and best diaper prices like shown in this Huggies offer

Download the FREE Alexa Amazon app to find cash back offers on baby products and other household goods. You don’t even need an Alexa device to use the app and score these diaper deals!

Simply follow our instructions on how to claim offers. You’ll receive cash back for your purchases in the form of an Amazon credit. These Amazon credits can be used to buy more diapers, Pull-ups, or anything else your family needs!

12. For the best diaper deals, join a rewards program.

Man looking at the Fetch Rewards Huggies diaper deals

Many popular diaper brands offer rewards programs, including Huggies and Pampers. The Pampers Rewards program has their own app where you can earn points towards free diapers and also score coupons and discounts. Right now, you’ll receive $30 towards Ergobaby products just for registering! You’ll also get $5 in Pampers Cash on your first three transactions!

The Huggies Rewards program is now through Fetch Rewards, one of our team’s favorite cash back app (and one of the easiest to use!) Get cash back when you buy Huggies and upload a picture of your receipt to Fetch. Or link your Fetch account to your Amazon account so your Amazon purchases sync to your rewards.

Fetch works on more than just diapers too! You can upload pictures of any receipt, like grocery bills or gas receipts, to earn cash back that you can put towards diapers!

Here’s how my Hip Sidekicks save on Huggies diapers using Fetch Rewards:

“Huggies Rewards is now tied to Fetch Rewards so you’ll need a Fetch account to sign up. They offer random bonuses like buying a pack of diapers and getting $6 back and they offer tier bonuses. You’ll earn bigger bonuses the more you buy and since you’ll likely be buying diapers for 2+ years it’s pretty easy to hit the bonuses. So far I’ve spent $467.70 on Huggies with Fetch and when I hit $550 I’ll get $15! Doesn’t seem like a ton but every little bit adds up.” – Chelsey

“The Huggies Rewards Program is now through the Fetch app which makes it even easier. You can link your Fetch account right to your Amazon account and just sync your purchases without having to upload anything. Plus, if you wait for Amazon to match Target’s diaper promotions, you can make out pretty well. Fetch tracks the total before any coupons, promotions or Subscribe & Save discounts. So you can reach the bonus milestones pretty easily.” – Nicole

13. When you see a great diaper deal, be sure to stock up!

Don’t leave your diaper shopping until the last minute! That’s a sure way to end up paying more than you have to pay, as you may have to pay full price. Instead, stock up on diapers any time you see them for a good price or on clearance.

Hip2Save’s Chelsey encourages you to take advantage of clearance deals:

“Some brands like Hello Bello offer seasonal prints at Walmart. After the season is over, they’ll clearance them out for super cheap. Last year I got big boxes of Christmas diapers for $4 each, and I totally filled my cart with them. If my kiddo outgrows the size before I get to them, they are easy to sell on FB marketplace or give to friends with kids.”

14. Get outside and… ditch the diapers altogether!

toddlers standing outside barefoot and naked with hose

You may find your little one enjoys being the way they came into this world…naked. Whether they’re constantly ripping their diaper off or are just more comfortable in their own skin, this could be a simple solution to help cut down on diaper usage.

Depending on your outdoor living space, the weather, and your love for embracing nature, this could be a great summer alternative while they’re still little. 😊 Of course, everyone’s comfort level is different and this won’t cut out diapers entirely, but over time it couldn’t definitely save you some money.

Fun Fact: Did you know numerous studies show being barefoot outside makes you happier and healthier? 😍 All the more reason to ditch the diapers!

15. Cloth diapers are reusable & can be used for multiple babies.

woman pulling open drawer with colorful cloth diapers inside

While not for everyone, cloth diapering is a wonderful way to save money on diapers. They will be more upfront until you build up your stash, but in the long haul, they’ll more than pay for themselves.

Plus, if you plan to have more than one child, they can be reused for multiple children, meaning you’ll never have to buy diapers again!

baby wearing owl print on cloth diaper

Here’s what some of our Hip readers said about their cloth diapering experience…

“My engineer husband ran a cost analysis on cloth diapering. He found that after 10 months of cloth diapering, they pay for themselves. We’re now pregnant with baby #4, so the cloth diapers have been a huge blessing for us. I highly recommend them, especially if you plan on having more than 1 child. And a huge thanks to Hip2Save! I can stock up on disposables when this momma gets tired!” – Jess

“Cloth diaper family here too! We’re on baby 3 and they’re as good as new and all 3 kids have used to same 24 diapers we bought over 5 years ago.” – Jervine

We’re sharing even more great baby deals!

About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 8+ years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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  1. T

    When do you see it applied because I don’t see anything coming off for me

    • Trish (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey there, T! You should be able to see the discounts in your order summary after you choose your pickup time/location. Hoping this is helpful! πŸ€—πŸ’•

  2. stephanietaylor

    Mine only took off $35, made my total $39.xx still a good deal

    • Trish (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks for sharing how this deal worked for you, stephanietaylor! ❀️

  3. Debra

    You all are awesome!!! I need a baby shower gift and this is perfect. Thanks H2S!!!

    • Trish (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re SO welcome, Debra! Glad you were able to grab this deal for a baby shower gift! Thanks for the sweet comment! πŸ₯°

  4. smoresto

    only one $20 and one 5 is comming iff tge total for me.

    • Trish (Hip Sidekick)

      So sorry for the troubles, smoresto! You might want to check to make sure that your total is over $80. You should receive $10 off twice and the extra $5 off when your total is above $80. Hoping this is helpful. πŸ€—πŸ’“

  5. Cristina

    I had my husband do this deal for me here in California at our local Ralph’s and we ended up paying $31.15. Thank you so much. Our bundle of joy is due on Nov 9th and we will for sure be using these.

    • Alli (Hip Sidekick)

      Aww congratulations Cristina!! So glad you were able to stock up!

  6. Bgail

    Over $50 in savings!!! Thank you for sharing this!
    I would like to add for Fetch users, that Kroger is not an eligible vendor for receipts. So, unfortunately, you will not recieve Huggies rewards for this.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re SO welcome! Thank you for the heads up and warning on Fetch.πŸ€—πŸ’ž

    • Emily M.

      I was actually able to submit my receipt to fetch and cash in on huggies and hit the bonuses. To do so bring up your receipt on the computer and snap a picture with your phone. I’ve done it multiple times without issue for my kroger pick ups.

      • Bgail

        Oh my goodness, it worked!!! Thank you so much for sharing this! 🌟

  7. Savvy Mom

    What deal for diapers at Kroger/Ralphs are you talking about?

    • Jessica (Hip Sidekick)

      Hey Savvy Mom! So sorry for any confusion. The post had a previous Kroger coupon that was valid through October 31st, making for some awesome diaper savings. We’ll continue to keep our eyes peeled for similar deals! πŸ‘ΆπŸ’•

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