Better Than Free Gillette & Venus Razors After Walgreens Rewards

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Through December 25th, Walgreens is offering $10 Walgreens Cash when you purchase $20 worth of Gillette razors, razor systems, or cartridges, which are also on sale for $10 (regularly up to $13.29).

Plus, be sure to check your account for a Mystery Booster coupon – most will be for $5 Walgreens Cash when you spend $20. Add your booster coupon and you’ll score even more savings!

Stack these offers with digital coupons to stock up on razors at better than free prices…

Note, that you do NOT want to use Walgreens Cash on this deal or you will not earn Walgreens Cash.

Walgreens Deal Idea (Thru 12/25):

venus razor on store shelf

Buy Gillette Men’s Razor $10 (regularly $10.99+)
Buy Venus Women’s Razor $10 (regularly $10.99+)
Total = $20
Use the $3/1 Venus Razor digital manufacturer’s coupon (exp 12/25, limit 1)
Use the $3/1 Gillette Razor or Blade Refill 4-Count+ digital manufacturer’s coupon (exp 12/25, limit 1)
Use your $5 Walgreens Cash when you spend $20 Mystery Booster Coupon (exp 12/25)
Opt for free store pick-up
Pay $14
Get back $10 Walgreens Cash w/ a $20 Gillette purchase
Get back $5 Walgreens Cash w/ Mystery Coupon
Final cost FREE + $1 moneymaker!

If you’ve already used your Booster coupon, you’ll pay just $4 total – only $2 per razor!

Note that you can use promo code TODAY10 to save 10% on your order, but you’d have to purchase more to get your spend amount back up to $20. I’d save that single-use code for another one of the hot deals available this week.

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  • Shipping & Terms


    Score 1-3 day shipping on $35+ orders, or you may be able to opt for the free ship to store option if available.
    Even better, you may be able to select free in-store or curbside pickup on orders with a $10 minimum.

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Comments 38

  1. Alex

    Where does the $12.60 come from? Shouldn’t it be $14?


      That’s what I was wondering too, Alex!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Whoops! Thanks for pointing that out! This has been updated.

  2. suzieq-0

    I can never find booster coupons anymore. I used to get them.

    • JD827

      If you are using the app open the coupons and see if there is a “sneak peek” mystery coupon there for you now. The one for next week is out. Should be first or second one there. Hope it is there for you.

  3. KR

    It won’t add the $10 WG Cash for me until I add a 3rd Gillette or Venus razor. Tried on a laptop and an iPhone.

    • JD827

      A couple of things could be happening so check through the possibilities. Do you have a discount code in your deal that would dip your total below the $20 required? Do both of your razor choices total at least $10? Do any of your choices also have a Walgreens coupon as opposed to a manufacturer’s coupon that would dip you below the $20 required? Some users are still reporting that the site is not calculating manufacturers coupons correctly and thus the site is not displaying correctly the Walgreens cash earned. After checking through things if it still doesn’t look right place your order with a real person and confirm you will receive the WC. This is a monthly deal. I did it earlier in the month and I can confirm it does work and I did receive the WC. I hope it works out for you.

    • Natasha-ai

      Same here. Isn’t working for me unless I add a 3rd razor.

  4. Pat Goff

    Walgreens cash is given to you at the register correct? If I order online we do not get walgreens cash. We have to buy it instore to get the cash. All I ever get is the receipt. I do get the points for purchasing just not the cash.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi there! The Register Rewards will print out for you at the register and are only earned on in store purchases. Hope that helps!

    • Mani

      You can order online for Walgreens Cash , only for Register rewards you need to buy in Store .
      So this deal you can do Online do ,just make sure don’t use your walgreens cash for your payment , otherwise you won’t get Walgreens cash back

  5. LG

    Great deal!!! Thank you!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, LG!

  6. KR

    Thank you! I am following the deal details to a T, 2 manufacturer’s coupons, 1 mens, 1 womens razor, each exactly $10, each part of the deal as shown on the product page. No luck :(.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome! SO sorry for the issues, KR. Were you also able to add the booster coupon?

    • JD827

      Here are the varieties that I used and that I can say worked for me. Gillette Skinguard Razor $10 and the Gillette Venus Comfortglide Freesia $10. Are you using the app? If so about a month ago when Walgreens updated the app the system began seeing manufacturer’s coupons as Walgreens coupons so the system showed incorrectly that the threshold hadn’t been met. Try Switching over to a computer or the internet on your phone. I’m so sorry for the frustration.

  7. Karen

    Mine was $7 with $30 purchase. To get the bucks do I calculate the $30 before or after other app coupons?

    • JD827

      Karen, manufacturer’s coupons do not change the Walgreen cash you receive. Why? Because a manufacturer’s coupon will state something like “paid to vendor on behalf of the customer”. Walgreens receives real cash that goes in their bank account on your behalf. Disregard manufacturer’s coupons in your calculations. What will not count in a dollar threshold deal like this— discount codes, WALGREENS COUPONS, paying with Walgreens gift cards or Walgreens cash. Discount codes are obvious because that reduces the cash Walgreens receives. Walgreens coupons aren’t coupons really but discounts that take money out of Walgreens pocket. Fortunately when you go to checkout look at the line that says something like “coupons and promos” this is the amount that will not count towards meeting your $30 pretax threshold. The separate line manufacturer’s coupons may be ignored. If you use Listerine look for the products that carry the spend $10 earn $5 WC tag and you will have yourself a very lucrative deal. I hope this is somewhat helpful.

      • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

        Thank you for taking the time to explain that so well! As always, we love you, JD827! 🤗🤗

  8. Maria Cherneva

    Can I pay with Walgreens Cash and still get the cash back?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      On this deal, no. If you pay with WC, you will not earn it. 😉

      • JD827

        Oh I love Hip2Save folks right back! You are the best Jennifer!

  9. Mimi

    Ugh…. I just used my wc…. ibwas wondering why I didn’t get thec$10. Is there something I can do at this point?

  10. Liz

    Side question, with the booster coupon, can I get it when I pay with Walgreens Cash? Or does it work like the spend deals?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      No, you cannot. It works just like a spend deal, Liz. 😉

  11. Becki

    Sadly, this deal isn’t working for me either. I had issues with other deals over the past few weeks too. Before I clipped the manufacturer coupons, it showed that I would get the $10 WR. I clipped the coupons and now the $10 is gone. I’ve tried my phone (my usual way to order Walgreens) and my laptop. No luck.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I’m sorry, Becki! 😟I know it’s frustrating and couponing at Walgreens can be tricky.

    • JD827

      Becki, the following information comes from a very well-known Walgreens couponing site of why this is happening. I’ve tried to explain why you are seeing this but I think it might make it clearer if I just quote them.
      “Since the beginning of this month the projected cash rewards in the cart and in the order confirmation page are not working. For threshold deals, the MFG coupons are being deducted and it’s noting you won’t earn the cash rewards because you have not reached the threshold. As we all know this is not the case at Walgreens, and it’s not the case on the online order. Even though it does not show the cash rewards are being earned because of the MFG coupon, you will earn them. I’ve placed a couple orders since the month began, and everything is working like normal save for the fact the cash rewards don’t project correctly.”
      You still get the rewards just fine in my experience as well. I have no idea when Walgreens will get this corrected for everyone.

      • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

        Thanks a bunch for your informative and helpful response! Much appreciated! 🙌🥰

      • Becki

        Thanks for that info. Ill give it a try and see what happens. I figure we will use the razors either way and it’s a decent deal, even if the WR doesnt go through. Thank you!!

      • Becki

        Update: I went ahead and ordered the razors. I used the coupons and paid just over $20 with tax (I added the cashews and Palmer lotion deals too). On checkout page, my WR showed $1.xx. When I picked up my order, the receipt didnt show my WR from that order. When I looked on my account, the total had gone up $12, so the deal worked!! Thank you so much JD827! I wouldnt have tried it without your info, since I thought the deal wasnt working. Thank you!!

  12. Pat

    I noticed the last 2 times I ordered and picked up at the store, the receipt does not show the Walgreens Cash that I earned. But when I check the website, it shows. This is kind of frustrating, I want to see it on the receipt! Also, with this order, I should have had a total of $15 Walgreen cash and it showed that I earned $17.32 in Wags cash, weird.

    • JD827

      Pat remember that you get plain old everyday myWalgreens cash in addition to any threshold or buy deals although that is just pennies. I really miss when you could see the complete breakdown of how you earned in the app.

  13. Becki

    Update: I went ahead and ordered the razors. I used the coupons and paid just over $20 with tax (I added the cashews and Palmer lotion deals too). On checkout page, my WR showed $1.xx. When I picked up my order, the receipt didnt show my WR from that order. When I looked on my account, the total had gone up $12, so the deal worked!! Thank you so much JD827! I wouldnt have tried it without your info, since I thought the deal wasnt working. Thank you!!

    • JD827

      Yeah!!! I’m so glad it worked out!!
      Happy holidays and the best New Year!

  14. Julie

    I don’t believe you can use RR when purchasing either. I spent $30 because my booster coupon was $7 wyb $30 and I wasn’t sure about the coupons so I went over to be safe. Used the coupons and 1 $3 RR. Didn’t get the $10 coupon. I was told it was because the store only charged $9.22 (assuming it’s the $3 RR split amongst several items). They did manually do it but wanted to mention as I didn’t see anything about not using RR (which according to Walgreens is technically a manufacturer coupon). Also, is there a way to see which items qualify for the promotions? I asked about a different RR deal at the store and was told they no longer have them listed anywhere and I have to go by the stickers in the store (store had expired stickers so that didn’t help). I saw online they did have some, but didn’t have the $5 RR wyb 2 crest or oral b items. Walgreens has made this extremely complicated and I feel more like I’m gambling then shopping with them (because I may get the promotion or I may not). If the deals weren’t so good I would just give up.

    • Julie

      Also, why don’t they show what you do get and where it’s from? On the receipt or in the app, something. I was expecting $17 and got $14.35 so called. Didn’t get the $10, got 2 of the $7’s + the $0.35 for the order. They did add the $10 which was very kind of them but it would be so much easier to make sure we were within the parameters allowed if they were more transparent.

      • JD827

        Julie, keep going with Walgreens because as you say the deals are great. Yes you are right that you probably did not get the $10 WC because you used a RR. However it is a misunderstanding that all coupons that print at the register are manufacturers coupons. I used to say that most of the register rewards that printed were manufacturer’s coupons but the balance is shifting to more and more store coupons rather than manufacturer’s coupons. Remember that store coupons reduce the amount of profit that Walgreens makes so it will change how much you are credited as spending towards a dollar threshold deal. A manufacturer’s coupon has no effect whatsoever on a dollar threshold deal. Why? Read the language on a manufacturer’s coupon. They will say something like “pay to the vendor/store on behalf of the customer “ so Walgreens receives in cash the full amount of the coupon paid on behalf of you. The manufacturer controls the terms and conditions on the coupon and funds it to attract new customers as part of their advertising budgets. Walgreens controls Walgreens coupons. Their interests are completely different. So how do you tell whether you have a manufacturer’s coupon or a store coupon? Answer: not always easy. If you see in little tiny tiny print at the top “store coupon” or “manufacturer’s coupon” there’s your answer. If you see printed “Courtesy of P&G” it is a manufacturer’s coupon. However if you see something like”courtesy of P&G and Colgate” that’s a store coupon because major competitors do not share advertising budgets. The bar codes on a store coupon and manufacturers catalinas are not the same size or look the store. Read the fine print for further clues. The ones that say something like Spend $30 and earn $8 are store coupons. There are some great YouTube videos that will show you the differences. Hope this is clear enough to be helpful.

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