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Get 2 Pairs of Fabletics Leggings for ONLY $24 (Just $12 Each)… We Think You’ll Love Them!

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woman holding two pairs of Fabletics leggings

You’ve got to try these amazing AND affordable leggings!

Yes, you read that right… amazing AND affordable! Score two pairs of Fabletics leggings for $24 when you sign up for a new Fabletics VIP membership! Snag the latest arrivals – including their line of maternity leggings!

Maternity Leggings? Thanks, Fabletics!

fabletics maternity leggings

Fabletics offers a wide range of stylish athletic wear from yoga pants, leggings, sports bras, tops, and even maternity leggings! The leggings are perfect for any body style – they offer sizes from XXS up to 3XL and in whatever length you need including short, regular and tall.

For a limited time, you can now take advantage of this VIP membership deal!

woman holding two pairs of leggings

Score TWO pairs of leggings for JUST $24! 😱

With a new VIP membership you’ll score two pairs for under $25 or just $12 EACH!! Plus, shipping is FREE! 🙌 As a bonus, you can even pick the bottoms you want each month. If you don’t want to keep your membership, you can easily cancel it at any time so you won’t be charged for more great Fabletics deals in the future.

Check out what Lina and I have to say about these high-quality leggings that are nicely priced and available at Fabletics:

Here is Lina’s personal review…

woman wearing a pair of bright purple blue leggings holding pair of neon ones

Lina wanted to add color! 😍 She ordered the Trinity High Waisted Pocket Legging in Nightfall – a pretty bright blue/purple color (which she’s wearing above) and the Mila High Waisted Pocket Legging in Paradise Cove/Neon/Aster Purple – all the neon legging goals.

lina wearing neon colored leggings with black backpack on shoulder

Fabletics has a ton of color options for every piece that they offer so you can mix it up and really show off your personal style.

I LOVE the bright, springy colors Lina picked and I especially love her neon pair that makes her whole outfit totally pop! 😍 Not only are they cute and colorful, but they even have pockets – perfect for your credit cards or phone when running out the door! Genius! 👏

Here’s what Lina had to say about her leggings:

“I love both of my leggings so much! They feel great on, have excellent support, and are very high quality. I cannot believe they were only $12 each! Don’t hesitate on this deal ladies, they’re great!”

*Lina is 5’2″ and wearing an XXL short. 

Here’s what I scored:

woman holding purple tie pants wearing black leggings and green top

I ordered the High-Waisted PowerHold® 7/8 leggings in black and come to find out Fabletics even offers other styles of bottoms (besides leggings) that are also available in the 2 for $24 deal! I fell in love with the Chris Washed Tricot pants in espresso (which is what I’m holding) – they’re so cute and for something this style, the price for both of these bottoms was unbeatable!

woman wearing black leggings pointing to back pocket

When I first unpacked my black leggings I was slightly panicked because they looked way smaller than my normal size. (I knew this deal was probably too good to be true 😩) However, despite thinking that there’s no way they’d fit over my thighs I still tried them on. And…THEY FIT PERFECT!

The fabric on these leggings is amazing! Buttery soft, they stretch a ton and they suck everything in without squeezing too much that you’re uncomfortable wearing them – even the length was perfect, too! I was totally impressed already but another exciting reason why I picked these leggings is that they have THREE unique crisscross pockets on the back of the waist, so you can have your credit card in one, your house key in another, and even your phone if you’re going for a walk around town. 🙌

*I’m 5’5″ and wearing an XXS regular. 

woman wearing purple pants with tie in front and white crop top

Next was the Tricot pants which I was most excited over and they did not disappoint! These feel like extremely well-made pants, but they only cost me 12 bucks! They’re on the heavier side too so the fabric is buttery soft on my skin and feel super luxe!

Since my regular length was sold out, I opted for the “tall” length and I actually love them. Since the pant leg on these is really wide, it’s okay with me that they are a little long. To compensate, they could even be paired perfectly with some wedges if I’m going out, but they’d also be perfect for wearing to yoga, meditating, or even just lounging around the house in style (which is what I’ll be doing most). 😉

*I’m 5’5″ and wearing an XXS tall. 

woman holding two pairs of pants

We still can’t believe we got two new pairs of leggings and pants this cute and trendy for just $12 EACH! 😍

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Comments 71

  1. kayti

    You should really tell everyone that they are signing up for a membership and will need to cancel by the 5th of the month. They are not easy to cancel with either. I’ve had issues twice with them charging me once I’ve cancelled.

    • my3kidsarefun

      Kati, thank you for posting. I was not aware of the subscription.

      • Kelly

        I’ve done Fabletics for years and love their products, but the VIP membership is a monthly subscription. They give you great deals as a VIP, but the first week of each month you either need to place an order of $49.95 or more, or manually skip that month. They will charge you if you don’t and then that money gets saved in your account for later use. It is a challenge to cancel. I have tried before as well…mainly because I had accumulated enough. Now I just have a reminder on my phone to go into Fabletics each month to either order or skip. I do love their leggings with pockets!

    • Sara

      Hey Kayti! I’m sorry if you had any confusion with this post. It is stated in the beginning that this is a membership and that is can be canceled at any time. In regards to canceling, I found it to be very quick and simple. I started a chat from the top of their site and said that I’d like to cancel my membership. In less than a minute I had everything canceled and a confirmation number to refer to. I just wanted to share this experience with you since it worked so well for me and hopefully it can help you or other readers in the future if you need to cancel a membership with them. Hope you have a great day!

    • Sylwia

      Ugh, thank you as well! I ALMOST fell for it, and OF course they only have x small of the one I actually wanted left. I’m more relieved than disappointed…

    • melissa

      This is indeed very misleading and I did not expect this from Hip2save.

      There is actually a class action lawsuit against Fabletics for charging people monthly fees even after they canceled their subscriptions, so be cautious.

      • C

        That is exactly what happened to me years ago. I was charged fees even after I cancelled. I had to call them back several times before the issue was resolved. Each time I was on the phone for a very long time just trying to get them to refund the fees. I avoid this company at all cost. The deals are not worth it in my opinion.

  2. J

    I did the 2 for 24$ deal and haven’t had a problem with the monthly “skip” . You do need to make sure between the 1st and 4th that you call Fabletics or go online to skip your monthly fee or they will charge you. Their leggings are great quality, fun colors and patterns, sizing is true. The only con I’ve found is that some styles are the exact same size but fit and feel different by color or pattern.
    The only thing I would change is to make MID RISe leggings in all their fun colors and patterns- they tend to have all high waisted leggings.

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us, J! I’m glad to hear you’ve had such a great experience with Fabletics! I have been loving mine lately!

  3. Shay

    Maybe because I’m curvy but I think their leggings are awful (at least if you want to actually work out in them). I got 2 pairs and they were COMPLETELY see thru when I bent over. Buyer beware!

    • Lily

      Hi Shay, have you tried sizing up in Fabletics leggings? While Fabletics isn’t my favorite leggings brand, I have purchased probably a dozen pairs over the years and never had any trouble with sheerness personally (and my gluts/thighs are probably proportionally larger than the rest of me). While there are certainly issues with Fabletics, sheerness is not something I commonly hear? Fabletics sometimes offer the best deals in athletic wear (particularly leggings!) so wouldn’t want you or others on this site to miss out if you’re looking for active wear!

      • J

        You probably got the many with white in the inside- when they use white it stretches the pattern and makes them look see through. I’ve actually written them and asked them to use a color inside. A few I’ve ordered have the inside the same color and they are awesome! If they have a white inside I don’t even bother buying them- which is a shame because most cute patterns they put white inside . No clue why?

        • Shay

          It wasn’t white I could see by underwear through them.

      • Shay

        I didn’t size up I bought the size I normally wear in every other brand I’ve tried. They were fine until I bent over and looked in the mirror (I could see the pattern on my underwear very clearly). I have friends who’ve had the same issue. You can find better quality for about the same price elsewhere in my experience.

  4. Megan T.

    Just make sure you skip each month or cancel. I will say their sales are amazing and that’s why I stay with them! Their leggings are great! So soft and smooth. I love them. Not willing to pay $50 or more but the sales are great!

    • Sara

      I’m so happy to hear you love your Fabletics too, Megan! Thanks so much for sharing with us, have a great day!

    • Em

      What kind of sales do they do if you are a VIP?
      I was a member a long time ago but was disappointed because there were NEVER deals for existing members. If that’s changed I might resubscribe!

  5. JT

    Thank you. I chose the leggings and then was offered 50% of additional items so I bought a few more things. A great deal!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh awesome! You’re welcome, JT!

  6. Wendy

    I’ve been a member for years and never had any issues with the SKIP feature. I’ve skipped a lot of months but also purchased quite a few times. Their leggings are very high quality, and they’re my favorite brand.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SO glad to hear that, Wendy! Thanks a bunch for the helpful comment!

  7. rivdog

    You can actually cancel online…you have to click around a bit to find where you need to go, but it was easy to do. Or, use PayPal, then cancel the automatic payment so they can’t bill you again.

    • Hunterwoody

      I could never find that option. I cancelled two Months ago for good. First they hung up on me when I said the word cancel. Then they left me on hold for 45 mins. I finally got cancelled via Facebook messenger. I do believe they were having technical difficulty tho that day I decided to cancel. Perhaps it won’t be so bad for others.

  8. SueJo

    Very cute!!! Thank you for posting your height and sizes!

    • Sara

      Of course, SueJo! I’m so glad you found this post helpful!

  9. simplyme

    I tried fabletics but the sizing was way off for me. I usually wear a size small but according the their size chart I needed XS. I ordered that but it wasn’t even close to getting on so I exchanged for small. Still way too tight. I gave up and cancelled membership. It was so tight I can’t imagine what size I would’ve needed

    • Sara

      Thanks for sharing, simplyme! I did find mine to be tight, which I like, but I can see why that would be frustrating if you were expecting a different fit. I hope that if you do try them in the future you find something you love!

    • MamaCass

      I also found them to be too tight. I’m a 4/6 and the mediums were extremely snug. I kept them anyway but I don’t wear them as much as I should. I just use them because they have pockets, which for some reason is hard to find in leggings. I wish I’d gotten a large though. I canceled my membership because they stopped sending the reminder emails and I thought that was sneaky. I can’t be trusted to remember anything on my own 🙂 If I order again I will definitely order a large. I’m 135 and 5’6″ for reference.

  10. MsMDDoll

    I love Fabletics. I skip every month and I wait for the great sales. I just scored 5 pair of leggings for 64.00. I highly recommend waiting in their sales. Earlier this year I scored 22.00 complete 2 and 3 piece sets.

    • Sara

      Wow! What a great deal, MsMDDoll! Thanks so much for sharing! I’ll have to keep my eyes peeled for a sale like that in the future!

  11. nita

    This is why I never fall for this Fabletics marketing sales pitch to lure people in. Just go to Marshall’s, they sell high quality brands also. Just sayin

  12. EmilyMab

    Thanks so much! I grabbed two leggings and a sports bra!

  13. rivdog

    I ordered these leggings and they are my favorites. I highly recommend them. If you’re worried about the subscription, just use PayPal. After you order, you can log into PayPal and remove Fabletics from your automatic payments. They can’t charge you again for the membership even if you forget to cancel. However, I did find it easy to cancel the subscription online with Fabletics. I hate calling companies.

  14. kait

    I got this deal a couple years ago, and I was *so* impressed. I love the simple Powerhold high waisted leggings. And another poster was right – they have some really good sales throughout the year. The only trick is to cancel at the beginning of each month.

    But if nothing else I would HIGHLY recommend getting the 2/$24 deal and then cancel. They’re well worth $12/pair!!

  15. MrsG

    I tried fabletics and was not a fan! They are more of a “compression” material and all high waisted. I found that they were incredibly uncomfortable and the waistband wouldn’t stay put. Just my personal experience!

    • IndyMom

      I agree with the compression fit. As such, I thought they were very thick and too warm for fitness workouts.

  16. Dee

    If the leggings are so great, why do we have to sign up for a subscription? Why can’t they just sell them like any other store? Hard pass.

    • Dkp91576

      They have stores where you can buy their products. Being a member just gives you the VIP discounts. Just like Savage Fenty.


    For those who have a Ross discount store near you, keep and eye out…..I found Fabletics leggings for $12.99 a pair. Purchased two right before the shutdown and they are great!

  18. Cathy

    Does anyone know how these compare with 90 Degree leggings? I love 90 Degree leggings which I can get at Marshalls for under $15.00 so I am debating if it is worth signing up for the VIP membership to try these out.

  19. Liz Roemer

    Since it is the end of the month now, if we sign up and purchase the 2/$24 leggings will we be able to turn around and cancel or skip tomorrow? And if you skip a few months and then decide to order, do you have to order $50 worth of items minimum at that time? Same with the 2/$24 – I assume that’s allowed even though it doesn’t reach the $50 threshold? Sorry for all the questions! 🤪

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Liz! You can skip by the 5th of the month and you will not be charged. If you don’t shop or skip the month, your card will be charged $49.95 on the 6th, until you cancel. You can use that as a credit to spend or save it! Hoping this is helpful!

  20. Errrr

    I don’t like how high-waisted pants is the current trend, whether it be legging, jeans, etc. The fit is just so uncomfortable, and I personally find it ugly-looking and unflattering because I am short, and high-waisted bottoms makes my torso look super short. I cannot find any bottoms in the store/online that is not high-waisted. I cannot wait for this trend to die!

    • Jennifer

      Omggggggg I thought I was the only one! I look like Urkel in this trend, I’m so short waisted! Low rise pants look like regular pants on me 😂

    • EmilyMab

      I hope it never ends because I have the opposite problem I’m tall with a long torso so finally jeans, leggings, etc. come up to my natural waist. So amazing! I get where you’re coming from though. I just wish high waisted, regular, and low rise, would all be options for everything, that would be perfect.

  21. C

    I heard about this company years ago. I ordered from them before and HIGHLY regretted it. It was extremely difficult to cancel the membership they gave me a really hard time. I was on the phone with the representative for what seem like an eternity. They kept trying to get me to keep the membership even though I had refused several times. It made me feel really uncomfortable. The representative was also very unprofessional the way that he spoke to me. I haven’t ordered from them ever since. Its not worth it in my opinion.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you for your honest feedback, C! I’m terribly sorry you had to go through that experience.

    • Leslie S

      I had the exact same experience. The deal is not worth the immense hassle in my experience.

  22. Amber (Hip Sidekick)

    DARN! SO very sorry to hear that. When clicking through to the link above it does give a message that they are in high demand at the moment. They must be really busy. Hoping you can speak with someone soon!

  23. Stormy

    Question….ordered yesterday and today (new month), got the May order. I pressed “skip” month along the top banner. I didn’t see a confirmation, not email stating so. Am I to assume it did skip for me? Thanks!

  24. Linds

    I’ve thought about getting these for a long time but never have. I ordered them today based off your recommendation. Thank you so much!

  25. Mbrown

    I love this deal. Please be aware though when you ordering myself and some of my friends have been waiting 3 plus weeks for order to ship.

  26. Micki

    I love their leggings so much. I am plus size, and they have a wonderful variety of styles. The quality is awesome. I work-out 5 to 6 times a week. As many times as they’ve been washed and dried, I am so impressed at how well the leggings hold up. I do have a reminder set on my calendar on the 1st of each month to either skip or buy something. I have forgotten to skip a few times. They will charge you $49.95 if you don’t skip but that can be used on the monthly bundles or anything else in the store.

  27. Alli8

    Lol! I was going to ask the same question!

  28. Kristine

    Zella is my go-to for leggings! I just wait for the Nordstrom half yearly sale and get them then. Then there’s no hassle with memberships. Sara, that top is so cute! Would love for Zella to bring it back.

  29. Catherine

    I was so excited when I saw that they have tall sizes, but when I went and looked there was literally ONE option remaining in my size. And I won’t be alone– most of the styles have one or two size combos left out of the many they supposedly stock. I know lots of places are having stocking/supply chain issues… but you might as well pull this post from today because it’s pretty doubtful that there is anyone who will be able to find two pairs in their size. Really, almost no stock left. So sad!

    • ddd0319

      I’ve spent hours looking for two pairs in my size and can’t find them. It’s annoying they keep sending e mails saying to check out the new stuff when it’s never there. Even if they are having supply issues I’m so over it!

  30. ddd0319

    I’ve been hunting for the “right” pairs of these leggings to get the 2 for $24 deal. I’ve spent three or four hours (total in 30 min increments) hunting for desired pairs and they NEVER have my size in stock. I finally was able to order at the recommendation of a representative the “correct size” but one pair came and didn’t fit. I’m staying the course and hoping the other pair will be better but so far I’m pretty disappointed to spend so much time looking and get so many promotional e mails and never really end up with a pair of leggings. 😑

  31. Tina Tina

    Ya’ll are some hot mamas

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Aww, Thanks, Tina Tina! 🥰

    • Sara

      You’re so sweet, thanks Tina Tina!

  32. brk

    I have had the same experience as Kayti. I love their clothes but expect to pay $50 for a pant and bra after the 2/$25. The 2/$25 is the only time you ever pay less than $50 a legging.

  33. MrsG

    I hated these! REALLY thick and uncomfortable and hot. My butt looked great but that was about it. 🤣🤷🏼‍♀️

    • Em

      I agree! I tried these and they were terrible! I wear a 0/2 dress size and up to a 4/6 in pants so I ordered a small…I could not get them halfway on! I called them and (after weeks) I had exchanged for a larger size (medium) that was not any larger! I had ordered a basic black legging and a basic black capri. I kept the capris, but should’ve sent them back. The fabric is very thick, reminds me of neoprene like used in wetsuits. It was a very similar experience to get Fabletics on as is tight wetsuit bottoms without zippers! They looked good once on, but they were painted-on tight, uncomfortable (changed my breathing!), and hot! I also tried a sports bra in small (cute but offered as much support as a bikini top) and a strappy, loose tank top in small – ran very big! Tank looks cheap (super thin) because the fabric rolls at the edges, but I do occasionally wear the tank top- its cute. It was a hassle with the membership for me because I had to do 2 SLOW exchanges and I couldn’t cancel until they were processed to get the membership prices for the exchanged items $$$. Would have been good if I had a store to check things out in person first (sizing, different materials, etc).

  34. AngieM

    So easy to cancel

  35. Amy

    Is anyone else not getting free shipping? It is still charging me $4.95
    Is there something I’m missing?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      I’m trying now on a desktop computer and I do show free shipping. Are you using a different device?

  36. paulina

    I love them

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you for taking so much time to write this out. It’s great and super helpful!

    • Sara

      So glad you had such a great experience! Thank you for stopping by to share it with us. ♥️

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