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Amazon’s Top 10 Best-Selling Advent Calendars for All Ages

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HOT! Getting Toasty! Lukewarm Starting To Melt Ice Ice Baby
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Playmobil Advent Calendar(1)

Countdown to Christmas with a fun Advent calendar for all ages! 🎅🏻

Is there anything more exciting for kids (and kids at heart) than counting down the days until Christmas? It may be early, but it’s not too soon to start planning this year’s Christmas countdown. To get you thinking, we’re counting down Amazon’s top 10 best-selling Advent calendars for 2019.

There are some really fun options on this list, including reader favorites from years past and new releases for 2019. You’ll find Advent calendars for all ages, so grab one for the kids, or get one for yourself and feel like a kid again as you count down to the big day! 🎄

Melissa & Doug Advent Calendar

#10. Melissa & Doug Countdown to Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar

This highly-rated Melissa & Doug Countdown to Christmas Wooden Advent Calendar is a perennial favorite with our readers. It includes 24 unique magnetic ornaments plus a star for Christmas day – all of which fit neatly inside the box attached to the base of the tree. 

Coogam metal brainteaser Advent calendar

#9. Coogam Metal Wire Puzzle Advent Calendar

Celebrate the coming of Christmas with a fun and challenging new puzzle every day! This unique Coogam Advent calendar offers a metal brain-teaser behind every door. As the big day gets closer, the puzzles become more challenging!

 OurWarm Christmas Tree Fabric Advent Calendar

#8. OurWarm Christmas Tree Fabric Advent Calendar

Help your little one celebrate the anticipation of Christmas with this hanging fabric Advent Calendar. Each pocket holds a felt ornament that your child can use to decorate the tree. The pockets are also big enough to conceal small surprises if you’d like to add them as well.

Play Doh Advent calendar

#7. Play-Doh Doh Vinci Advent Calendar

Celebrate the holidays with this Doh Vinci Advent calendar, which will encourage your child to make a new Play-Doh decoration each day. This Advent calendar includes 24 design pieces, 4 support pieces, 6 tools, Styler, 6 Deco Pop tubes, and an inspiration guide.

Hanging burlap garland Advent calendar

#6. Hanging Burlap Garland Advent Calendar

This mantle-worthy Hanging Burlap Garland Advent Calendar is perfect for anyone wanting to fill an Advent calendar with personalized surprises. Place small gifts or candy inside the numbered bags so that every day hides a fun surprise. We love that this Advent calendar is reusable from year to year!

Hip tip: Looking for an inexpensive way to fill these bags? Use the Halloween candy your kids acquired from trick-or-treating. Have them open the bags after dinner each night for a sweet treat!

Playmobil Santa's Workshop Advent Calendar

#5. Playmobil Santa’s Workshop Advent Calendar

This Playmobil Santa’s Workshop Advent Calendar contains 24 surprises your child can use to create a winter wonderland scene straight from the North Pole!

Hip tip: Looking for a Playmobil Advent calendar with a different theme? Playmobil also sells a staggering number of other Advent calendars like Construction Site, NHL Hockey, Christmas Ball, Horse Farm, Post Office, Royal Ice Skating Trip, Pirate Treasure Island, Jewel Theif, and more!

Disney Pixar Cars Advent Calendar

#4. Disney Pixar Cars Advent Calendar

This fun Disney·Pixar Cars Advent Calendar comes packed with racing accents, holiday details, and special surprises! Each door hides a movie-themed treat like an accessory or a die-cast mini-vehicle. By the final day, your child will have a complete playset!

Mochi Squishy Advent Calendar

#3. Mochi Squishy Toys Advent Calendar

This Mochi Squishy Toys Advent Calendar is an adorable option for any fan of squishy toys. Inside there are 24 different squishy surprises to discover. Made with 100% high-quality thermoplastic rubber, these squishies are hypoallergenic, non-toxic, and free of BPAs, phthalates, and latex.

Funko Marvel Advent Calendar

#2. Funko Marvel 80th Anniversary Advent Calendar

New for 2019, this Funko Marvel Advent Calendar will be released in honor of Marvel’s 80th anniversary! Preorder now so you’re ready to countdown to Christmas with Pocket Pops of all of your favorite Marvel characters.

Bonne Maman 2019 Advent Calendar

#1. Bonne Maman 2019 Limited Edition Advent Calendar

The 2019 Bonne Maman Advent Calendar features new holiday exclusive flavors including Rhubarb & Strawberry, Raspberry & Lychee, Strawberry & Verbena, Pineapple & Passion Fruit, Sweet Orange & Mandarin, Cherry & Blackberry and Mango, Peach & Lime. This wildly popular Advent calendar is in stock now, but it sells out quickly every year.

Thinking about making your own Advent calendar? We’ve got you covered!

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Comments 56

  1. Charmel

    Last month we got a honey sample from Bonne Maman. My teen daughter looks at it and yells “Bonnie My man!” And now my kids all yell that any time they see a jar on a show or at the store. They started doing it with Chobani yogurt too. “Chobani, my man!” We get an advent calendar every year. So this year it has to be Bonne Maman. My kids will get a huge kick out of it.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      LOL! Too funny! Thanks for taking the time to share with us! Hope they love it!

      • Charmel

        And thank you for posting this. I would have never known this advent calendar existed.

        • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

          You are so welcome, Charmel!

    • Gigi

      I got the Bonne Maman calendar last year when you posted it and gave it as a birthday gift to my daughter who loves jam. Her birthday happens to fall on the first day of advent so it was perfect timing. She loved trying a different flavor everyday and saved all of the cute little jars for crafts and storage. The price had gotten too high on Amazon at the time but I was able to pick it up in store at World Market.

  2. Katie

    Thanks so much for posting this! I love that you have options for different ages 💗😊

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re very welcome, Katie! Glad you enjoyed this list! Thanks a bunch for the feedback! 🥰

  3. Krystal

    I’ve got a ? For y’all, what do u do when u have multiple kids, does each kid have a advent calendar? Do they each take turns on who gets to open it? Do they have even/ odd days of the calendar? It’s getting difficult in our house to do 3 sets of calendars!

    • amber

      I just do the cheap chocolate ones for each kid

    • patricialavenz-goff

      We all get our own advent calendar. It teaches them to open one door every day so they learn patience and know how many days til Christmas and St. Nicholas Day.

    • Chelsea R

      I have 4 kids, we write their name on a post it note beside the date so they know when its their turn to open it. We don’t need that much extra stuff right before the holidays

    • Crystal

      I have 3 and did 1 paper chain and 1 advent calendar and they rotated days for each. Write it down, or everyone forgets their day!!
      Now that they’re teens, my 2 girls share and my son gets his own. Before you decide that’s unfair- I get the kohl’s ones with socks for the boy and undies for the girls 😜😂

    • HQB

      I would just do the paper ones, where they open a paper cutout window to see a picture. They are under $4 per calendar, usually. That’s the kind I always had growing up and I loved them.

    • E

      We have the wooden m&d one (#10) so it’s reusable. The kids take turns. I don’t remember to do it, so my 7 yr old is in charge of remembering it. As much as they would love a lego one, I refuse to get a new advent calendar each year.

    • R2

      Our family advent calendar isn’t a pre-made one, so we have moved away from little trinkets (because more junk is the last thing my kids need before Christmas) to filling it with experiences/activities, like baking cookies, watching a Christmas movie, going out to look for lights, getting a new personalized ornament, train ride on Polar Express, etc. My husband and I write up 24 silly little riddles and rhymes describing the day’s activity; the kids open it in the morning (or after school) and have to guess what it is. It sounds complicated, but our poetry isn’t going to win any awards and there are a lot of duplicate activities from previous years where I just use the same write ups. The kids know we’ll always do certain activities every year, but we throw in several new ones and don’t tell them anything about what we’re doing or where we’re going all month long ☺️

      • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

        Wow! I love this idea, R2! Thanks for sharing it with us!

      • Amy

        You should snap a few pictures and submit this idea for the Happy Friday contest!

      • smellyann

        R2 that’s basically exactly what we’ve always done, too, with the addition of the reverse “give back” idea since they became tweens several years back.

    • LS

      I have 4 kids from 4 to 16 so very different interests, I do one big tree (outline) on a wall with green paper tape I found at the dollar store, there too I bought colorful paper bags in the party supplies, wrote each name in each bag, so everyone get one everyday, I filled them with things they like, like, takis, nail polish, cake in a cup packages, small perfumes, candy egg surprise, mechanical pencils, gel pens, small hand sanitizers etc… things that I know they’ll use right away

      • LS

        Forgot to mention, once u hang the bags on the wall it looks like a tree full of ornaments you can go an extra mile and add battery operated led string lights 😉 last year I added an extra kid making it 5, a neighbor of ours who we’ve known for years, it was really fun to make and to see them so happy about it

  4. patricialavenz-goff

    I still have the burlap calendar one above from my childhood in Germany. One of the stores gave it away with a catalog purchase of something. My mother sends me advent calendars from Germany every year. The grand kids really love them and so do the adults. She usually sends about 10 so I can give them to family and friends too.

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      What a great tradition! I love that you still have your childhood one!

  5. Jennifer

    I just received the Harry Potter funko pop calendar in the mail today. I don’t know if I can wait till December to open it though. Is it sad that I’m 40 and I still love Harry Potter??? 😀

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Absolutely not! I’d be opening it right along with you, and I am 39!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Not at all! We have several team members in the same age range that LOVE HP!

    • Sara

      I have that one on the way (for myself) and I’m beyond excited about it!!! I’ve started a collection of the full size Funko Pop HP characters in my office so I think I’ll take it to work and open it there so I don’t have to share it with the kids! Lol.

      I do have advent calendars for our kids…to answer the question from someone above, we have 4 kids. I buy advent calendars after Christmas on clearance so they each get their own. Last year I found the 12 days of socks ones so we’ll probably also do the chocolate ones so they have one to open all month long.

      • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

        I love the idea of buying them off-season for the following year, Sara!

  6. Brooke

    What a strange list. You have somehow missed all the popular ones 😂

    If you’re in the market, check out the Facebook Group Kids Steals & Deals… she knows all the popular calendars and where to get them before they sell out. She’s also awesome at finding the popular toys at retail!

    • Kalynn

      😱 Wow. Not cool.

    • Randy


    • HQB

      What a strange post. It looks like a transparent ploy to bring people to a competitor’s site.

      If you’re in the market, I recommend doing some research on how to be both more subtle and more specific with these kinds of posts.

    • michelle

      What a strange personality?!?! Bah, humbug!!! Sorry that you feel you need to be so passive aggressive in your comments. I pray that you will have better days ahead in the near furtue and that will not feel the need to be so snarky.
      And may I say that I LOVE the uniqueness of the list that Hip2Save posted. It’s not the same boring cliche calendars that everyone else already has and sees year after year. And I LOVE even MORE the fans on this site who are always being so pleasant, helpful and kind. If this site doesn’t stand up to your expectations, feel free to move along!
      ThankYou, Next….

    • Darla

      Wow. Passive aggressive. And especially we are talking about ADVENT CALENDAR! You may want to re-read the memo regarding the season of Christmas

  7. JMMPA

    Where would I find the Rudolph one in the top picture?? I didn’t see it on the amazon link.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      It’s the #5 Playmobile one on the list!

  8. Darlene

    Thanks so much for this-my mom has a November birthday-at 80 she can be very difficult to buy for, she will definitely like the Bonnie Maman. Without this post I would not have known it existed.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Awww, I love hearing that! Thanks so much for taking the time to let us know, Darlene!

    • krystal

      Love this one! Wish I could do it at that price… totally reminds me of Christmas vacation one. That’s our family holiday movie and my husband’s all time favorite movie. Thanks for passing it along, maybe one year I’ll be able to get it 😊

  9. Amanda

    Yes thank you! The Marvel Funk-O pop one is perfect for my 12 year old son who collects funko and especially loves Marvel. I am having trouble thinking of what to do for my 14 year old daughter, though! She has had calendars of charm bracelets, bath bombs, the jam one you posted, chocolate, etc. I’m stumped. Luckily I have lots of time!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You are welcome on the Funko! Have you ever gotten your daughter one of the skincare ones? Last year, several stores like Target, Ulta, Philosophy, QVC & more had them. Plus, last year Muk Luks had a 12 days of Christmas sock set – it’s not the full month, but still fun counting 12 days leading up to Christmas. We will make sure we post these as soon as we see them this year, Amanda!

    • HQB

      World Market has a tea one this year, L’Occitan has a skincare one, and if you wanted to combine two, you could get her a 12 day sock one and the 12 day Lip Smacker lip balm one.

  10. Angela V.

    Thank you! I love the variety of options you posted, and that so many of them weren’t the typical ones I’ve heard of. Think I’m going to have to go for the Bonne Maman one for something different. 🙂

    • michelle

      I completely agree!!!

  11. Kris P

    Why is it increasing hard to find advent calendars?

    ………………….their days are numbered.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      SO cute! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Cassie

    I AM SO EXCITED that my favorite sites are starting to talk about CHRISTMAS!!! 🙂

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)


  13. Cassie

    I preordered a Disney storybook calendar for my daughter and the Harry Potter Lego one for my older son. I just need one for my 8 year old son..A difficult age.

    • HQB

      Star Wars LEGO? Star Wars Micro Force? Hot Wheels? Disney/Pixar Cars? PlayMobil construction?

    • Sarah

      My son is 9 and he has gotten the Lego one for the past 3 years, (City or Starwars depending on the calendar that year) the year before that he got the Thomas minis advent calendar that one is really cool too.

      I would maybe ask him (if you dont already know) what he thinks of fortnite? There is a funko advent calendar for fortnite that looks awesome is listed for 6 years and older and I swear my son has been to more fornite birthday parties for 8-9 year old boys this year than anything else. Might be a good option if your son is not into Legos or trains. There are also several funko calendars that might be interesting if he isnt into fortnite.

  14. Lindsay

    I made my own advent calendar from a cheap over the door shoe holder (that magically has 24 pockets) and little felt number flags I got from the $1 section of target. Our elf brings it on December 1. I collect stuff throughout the year that I might see on super clearance like little toys for $1 or less, mix in some chocolates or candy, dollar store finds, etc. They get a new holiday book every Friday and they always get extra candy decorations for our gingerbread house kit that we always do one day too. And on Dec 24 they get their christmas jammies. I can fit both kids stuff in the same pocket – I just wrap them in red or green tissue, one color for each kid. They love it! And to mommy delight the Elf said they are NOT allowed to open their gifts each morning until they are completely ready for school (dressed, teeth brushed, ate breakfast). What a smart elf! ; )

  15. Tracy

    if you Google the Marvel Funko advent calendar several websites are selling it for $24.00 shipped instead of the $40 on Amazon. Has anyone used any of these sites because I am skeptical? And in response to the person who asked if you have multiple kids do you get more than one calendar. I have two boys and one is in charge of opening even days and the other one odd days.

  16. Arlene

    The Bonne Maman calendar says it’s $80 to $109 on Amazon! Is that that what they go for? That is way too much!

    • Michelle

      World Market has them for 34.95 right now. That is the normal price but they go so fast and are sometimes hard to find.

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