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Ready to Hit the Road? Visit The 10 Best (Cheapest) Family Vacation Destinations

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mom with her two little kids in the mountains

Pack up the kids and get away – without breaking the bank!

When you think about taking the entire family on a vacation, you may be picturing one of two paths: An expensive trip or a boring one. But there are vacations that allow you to have a blast while spending very little! Check out this quick list of places that will ensure your next vacation isn’t boring orexpensive.

Southwest US:

Top Choice: Houston, Texas

Houston, Texas, skyline

Houston, we don’t have a problem … thanks to this Space Center visit. Get a feel for how the astronauts handled space flight at Space Center Houston, home to over 400 space artifacts. Admission is free for kids under three and starts at $25 for those aged four and up.

Ready to come back down to Earth? Consider these nearby sites:

Runner up: Grand Canyon, Arizona

Your Junior Ranger can hold an official title at the Grand Canyon! The Grand Canyon is clearly a milestone of every trip to this area, but your kids can solidify their interest by becoming a Junior Ranger at no extra charge, where they’ll be tasked with helping preserve the park’s beauty.

Once your kids have confirmed that the park is pristine, consider these attractions:

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Northwest US:

Top choice: Seattle, Washington

Seattle Washington Public Market Center

Make like Willy Wonka and sample the sweets of Seattle with this fun tour! Kids may not typically enjoy walking tours, but the Chocolate Indulgence tour of Seattle is different, allowing families to see how chocolate is made — and taste the samples, starting at $52.

Got your fill of sweets? Check out these nearby attractions:

Runner up: Yellowstone, Wyoming

Yellowstone National Park

Delve deeper into Yellowstone! After exploring Yellowstone National Park, strap on a life jacket and hit a whitewater tour or a scenic float adventure. Pricing starts at $50 each through Barker Ewing Whitewater.

Prefer to stay on dry land? Consider these options:

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Southeastern US:

Top choice: Outer Banks, North Carolina

White and black horses in Outer Banks, North Carolina

Become a junior aviator at the birthplace of flight, and see wild mustangs on the Outer Banks. Wild Horse Adventure Tours takes you to the beach to find the wild Colonial Spanish Mustangs in their natural environment starting at $29/day.

Once you’ve got a real wild horse chase out of your system, check out the local:

Runner up: Virginia Beach, Virginia

Relaxing on Vacation at Virginia Beach

Venture down a 35-foot water slide drop at Virginia Beach. Ocean Breeze Waterpark has a million-gallon wave pool, a lazy river, and even a pirate ship for the little kids, with packages starting at $32/day/person.

After you’re done drying off there, visit the nearby:

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Northeastern US:

Top choice: Niagara Falls, New York

Riding a boat tour to Niagara Falls

Ride a boat through the heart of Niagara Falls’ iconic waterfalls. You can always watch the waterfalls from above, but riding on the Maid of the Mist allows you to take a boat trip right into the heart of the spray, at prices starting at $11.20/person.

Once you reestablish your sea legs, venture nearby to see:

Runner up: Bar Harbor, Maine

Boats docking at Bar Harbor Maine

A Dive-in Theater adventure highlights a trip to Bar Harbor. You’ve seen a drive-in theater, but how about a Dive-In Theater?! Push the captain overboard in his dive gear and watch as he interacts with creatures on the seafloor, with tickets starting at $16 each.

Once you’ve got your fill of sea creatures, check out these nearby attractions:

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Midwestern US:

Top choice: St. Louis, Missouri

National Museum of Transportation St. Louis, MO

See all your favorite “things that go” up-close in St. Louis. Looking for a “moving” experience on your next family trip? The National Museum of Transportation features 42 acres of land with everything transport, from trains to aircraft to sea vessels – and admission starts at just $5.00 each.

When you’re ready to hop off the locomotives, ease on over to these other nearby sites:

Runner up: Rapid City, South Dakota

travel to view Mt. Rushmore in South Dakota

View Mt. Rushmore and so much more in this South Dakota town. Mt. Rushmore may be what Rapid City is known for, but this town also boasts a free seven-acre play area that’s also home to bounce houses, carousels, and train rides for just $2 each at Story Book Island.

Check out these other family-friendly activities in town:

Make the adventure your own!

Whether your kids love the outdoors or prefer to hit the indoor aquariums and museums, hopefully, this list provides you with plenty of bang for your buck so you can hit the road for a fun family adventure!

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Comments 92

  1. Michelle

    You’re also in Acadia National Park’s backyard when you visit Bar Harbor – stunning hiking and biking trails, with a chance to watch the earliest sun rise in the continental US! And of course don’t forget the opportunity to eat super fresh, super inexpensive seafood. We are life-long Maine residents and feel so lucky to live in such a gorgeous natural environment!

    • Shil

      Hi Michelle,
      I’m traveling to Maine with young kids this fall and would like some inputs on what to do and how to do them best from locals like you. Pls share your email or email me shilthemommy @
      Thank you.

      • Cg

        Were also thinking about visiting Maine this summer! Please share any must do’s! My kids love the ocean so any kid beach friendly areas you can suggest would be greatly appreciated! TIA

        • Amanda

          Check out old orchard beach! Kennebunkport is great too. The Portland Head lighthouse, you can climb all over the rocks when the tide is out. The highlight of our last trip for our 3 kids was blueberry picking in the summer!

    • Amber

      We are also wanting some travel info, it would be greatly appreciated

      • Amber

        Forgot my email lol amberleeminix @ gmaildotcom

    • Aley0010

      I would love some information as well please! My email is Thanks you so much!

    • Mackyjane

      We had a chance to stay in Bar Harbor at the Black Friar’s Inn July 4, 2017 and loved seeing the fireworks out over the water! Acadia National Park is a must for anyone who enjoys hiking and we highly recommend Beal’s Lobster Pier!

      • Martha

        I grew up spending summers in Maine. The best family beaches, in my opinion, are at Wells and Ogunquit. Those beaches are next to each other. For Ogunquit, go to the Footbridge Beach. When down there, make sure you drive into Perkins Cove and walk on the Marginal Way. The boats come in there, and there are fabulous restaurants all over the cove.

  2. Jen

    I live in St. Louis. The Zoo is a must…and it is free! Also, the Arch grounds and museum have been recently renovated and is also a must visit on a trip to the STL. The City Museum is also an a unique, amazing place to visit.

    • Angie

      I agree! The zoo is awesome and I don’t mind spending extra on souvenirs because it’s free and amazing!

    • el

      Yes, native STL person here and totally disagree with the list they put together! No Arch, no City Museum, no Grant’s Farm, no Botanical Garden? A simple Google search would get better information than this list. And so many free attractions! Makes for a fantastic trip for families, or really, anyone. Dig deeper for better ideas if you are planning a STL trip! There is lots to do!

    • melinda

      We just got back from St Louis. The zoo, science center, history center and Grant’s farm are all free! The arch is really affordable as well. City museum wasn’t cheap but well worth it.

      • Xna

        314parent here. I was surprised they didn’t prioritize to highlight all the free attractions. And if we are talking about kids here…. then city museum is a must! Even if don’t have kids. City museum is still a must!

    • Tm

      Bye your arch tickets early! I waited in case we didn’t go and the whole day sold out in minutes. Oops! My 5 year old is still mad. Lol

      There’s free parking for the science museum if you’re willing to walk the bridge over the interstate. Which we did and was soooo fun!

      We also stayed in st Charles which had a super cute historical area with restaurants and shops. So much to do!

      • Tm

        Buy* lol

      • Candis

        Oh my goodness that is so funny!

        • candis

          The funny part was your cute 5 yr old not the fact you missed a fun adventure. Sorry… 🙂

    • Michelle

      Our family is visiting St. Louis for 3 days July 2nd – 4th. We have the City Museum, Zoo, Science Center, Arch & Incredible Pizza on our list. Are we missing any must sees? or Events taking place at this time?

      • Jen

        Fair St. Louis will be going on July 4-6. Music, air shows, etc. on the Arch Grounds. Be sure to stay for the fireworks that take place on the riverfront as well!

        • Michelle

          Awesome! Thank you!

        • Tiffany

          I agree. The waterfront fireworks on the 4th are a must.

      • mamasweetpea

        Definitely take advantage of the “free” attractions. The zoo-museum districts are free for visitors to enjoy but are paid for by Saint Louis City and County taxpayers. They include the Zoo, Art Museum, Science Center, Botanical Garden and History Museum; all these attractions in or around Forest Park are fabulous. has a listing of activities/events going on in the area. So many family friendly attractions in STL. Aside from city museum, if you have young ones, they may enjoy the Magic House (a children’s museum). There’s also Annheiser Busch brewery house tours, Purina Farms, and much more. Definitely try STL style pizza at IMOs and BBQ @ Bogart’s or Pappys and Ted Drews Frozen Custard. Many of our community pools are also like mini water parks.

      • xna

        I would say skip incredible pizza. I recommend botanical garden instead or grants farm.

      • candace

        Pappy’s Smokehouse. They were on Man vs. Food. Will not be disappointed. Get in line right when it opens!

    • Lindsey

      We are doing a quick stop in St Louis on our road road trip from CO-PA and our friend said top places to go are zoo, city museum, and of course the arch. We have 3 kids and are only planing to be there for 8 hours but excited to hopefully do those 3 things.

      • Laura

        You might want to do two of the three. If I were to pick, I would say the Zoo and Arch are the top two. We spent 6 hours at the zoo alone! I would say that you should allow at least 2 hours for City Museum and, since it is pretty expensive, if you don’t have that kind of time then just do the Zoo and Arch and pass on City Museum. The Science Center and the Art Museum are both near the zoo and are both free so you could spend any extra time in those. Or, plan for more time in the Lou!

  3. TJ

    We’re leaving for Kill Devil Hills, Outer Banks this Sunday! You know what I discovered this year while searching for a rental? I’m sure lots of others already know this, but this was a new discovery to me! Often it’s cheaper to rent thru a rental agency than to find a place on Airbnb or VRBO. If you search on Airbnb, it will usually list the rental company. So just go to the rental agency site and prices may be cheaper. One house we looked at was $600 cheaper on the realty website as opposed to Airbnb or VRBO.
    Or obviously if you know the realty company just go right to their website and search.

    • Casey

      I agree about using a realtor/rental company over Airbnb or VRBO. The fees they add on have gotten ridiculous. Also, sign up for their emails. I was able to save 20 percent on our house. I used to love VRBO but the last time I went to rent there, the fees added up to over $700.

      • Denise

        How do I contact the realtor company your speaking about?

        • TJ

          If you go to Airbnb or VRBO and search the area and dates you’re looking for, it will bring up a list of places, right? Ok so then click on one that you interested in. Just a bit underneath the picture it will say “Owned by” or “Managed by” and often it will be a realty company, but not always. So then you just Google that realty company and (hopefully) perform the same search and find the same house.

          OR if the property has a name just Google the property name and it might come up under a realty company.

          Good luck!

          • Denise

            Thank you TJ

            • Martha

              I agree with all of this! We own a beach property, and we have it listed with our property manager and with VRBO. Price to rent is the same either site, but the extra fees VRBO charges make it incredibly more expensive!!

    • Stephanie

      So true! I found this out last fall. We saved over $400 on a 4 night vacation by using the realty company that was listed on the VRBO website. And it still included the cleaning and everything. It is easier in my opinion also because the company has after hours numbers if there are issues and you could run into trouble if you can’t get hold of the host from VRBO. I also received an email from a cabin we had rented on VRBO, the owner gave us contact info as they were no longer going to use VRBO to list the cabin. They noted that the fees keep going up for us and for them as renters and they wanted to offer an affordable stay.

      • Vanessa

        How do I find the realty company? I don’t see anything listed with the VRBO.

        • TJ

          Some of the properties are just listed by the owners. It will say just under the picture of the property when you click on it. It says “owned by” or “managed by” or something like that. And then it might say just the owner’s name or it might say the name of a realty company. Good luck!

    • Sheila

      We’ve been vacationing in the OBX twice a year for over 20 years. We’ve stayed in every town top to bottom of the OBX and stayed in alot of different rentals. Now we only go to Carolla and book with Twiddy. We’ve found our sweet spot.

      • TJ

        Thanks for those extra tips, ladies! I’m going to sign up for the realty company’s emails so we can prepare for next year.

        Sheila, I found several nice houses in Corolla but hubby wanted to go just slightly south this year. He grew up going to OBX but this will be my first time there. I love history so I’m planning to take the family to the Wright Bros. memorial and Roanoke. Anything else you would suggest?

        • Sheila

          If you will be more south….Jockeys Ridge state park, Nags Head, free. Its the tallest sand dune on the east coast and you can see the sound and the ocean at the top. I really enjoyed the Elizabethan garden on Manteo, not free, but a great change seeing all the greenery as the ocean areas don’t offer much. There’s also Bodie Island lighthouse if their your thing. I mean who doesn’t love a lighthouse. But most importantly food! I’ve Got Your Crabs in kill devil hills is awesome and the Blue Moon Grill in nags head are the first that come to mind for your area. All of OBX is littered with fab food so look at yelp and other reviews as eating great food is a great part of a beach vacation.

  4. mom of 4

    Hey I was wondering what is fun and cheap in the south or the best deals in that area

    • Jennifer

      What part of the South did you have in mind? Alabama and Florida beaches are beautiful. We don’t spend much money because we split the room cost between our family, eat all meals in the room, and avoid the tourist traps.

      • mom of 4

        Thanks for replying and I was thinking about Biloxi Mississippi but am looking for any ideas on free/ cheap ideas I have 4 kids it doesn’t have to be that specific area

        • Robyn

          In Biloxi there is a Margaritaville that is strictly for kids. I’m not sure of the price but you can go for the entire day. It’s a HUGE water park and arcade. (My grandkids are not fans of arcades anyway.) But my daughter takes her kids there and they LOVE it. Also check out Ship Island. There’s a boat that runs every so often but it gets you past the muddy brown water. You would swear you’re in Florida.

          • Robyn

            There is also some sort of marine park in Gulfport. (We haven’t checked that out yet.) And of course you can make a day trip to New Orleans. The zoo and aquarium are awesome and you can usually find discounted tickets through coast radio stations.

        • Robyn

          Check out the Lynn Meadows Discovery Center. It’s a children’s museum. There is a free train museum on Pass Road in Gulfport. It’s Lego trains not full size trains but it was pretty cool for a free adventure.

        • MSmomof5

          Sorry but Biloxi beaches are awful & nasty from the casinos. We have family that lives there & they even told us never get in the water because it’s so nasty. And there aren’t any waves either. I’d go over into AL if I wanted to visit a beach.

        • Rhonda K

          Have you looked into Orange Beach or Gulf Shores, AL area? We were just there in May and had a great time! We went to beaches, drove into Mobile to tour the USS Alabama, visited Fort Morgan and Gulf State Park, and went on a Dolphin Cruise. It was very fun!

      • K80

        In Florida it is a good idea when trying to avoid tourist traps to remember Groupon, Living Social and the numerous coupon books that are free at gas stations and restaurants. There is also something called Explorer Pass that you pay a set amt for and depending on what option of pass you choose you can do a variety of things. Some let you pay such n such and do any 3 choices of the many, some passes let you pay a set mt and you can do anything and everything on the list in a 2-3 day time frame. Many cities have them but its really cool in the Orlando area for when you have been there done that with Universal or Disney. Or you just need a break.

      • Jennifer

        I live in Mississippi and while I do love Biloxi, For just a bit further drive you can have white sandy beaches with clearer water such as Gulf Shores or Orange Beach ,Alabama. Biloxi has more of a brown water. To me the best free entertainment is the beach and pool at whenever we stay. We don’t do all the “extras”or buy souvenirs, really. I just have “the talk” with my kids before we go and let them know we are going to the beach to enjoy the beach. If you do choose Gulf Shores and decide to eat out, Lulu buffets is a cool place that has fun games to do while waiting on a table that my kids love. Consider staying in a less expensive place like the town before Gulf Shores(Foley) for less money then visit the public beach. Pensacola beach is also nice but there is a toll bridge on the way in and out and you will have to use for things like going to Walmart. We have been going to Panama City Beach, Florida for the past few years. I give my kids a little money to spend at “the everything’s a dollar” stores(like Dollar tree but stranger stuff) for a treat. If you go to any of these places on July 4 there will be free fireworks on the water, weather/wind permitting.

  5. Natasha

    I just booked hotels for Niagara Falls a few weeks ago…. taking a roadtrip with my boyfriend who just moved to PA from Texas …. I’ve been there before so I sorta know where to go and what to see but it’s been his bucket list item since before we met…. got a train ride in Pa planned then onto Erie to see the lighthouses and then all the way up to NY… there is so much to see and do on a roadtrip from Erie to Niagara

      • Natasha

        This is on my list of things to do on the way home and I havnt seen it before so I’m super excited to get there and explore haha😄 I have a full 4 days packed with things to do

    • Amanda A

      What else are you doing?

  6. kerRI

    If you love the beach make sure you consider a stop in Rhode Island. Especially if driving by in order to go to other destinations. Miles upon miles of beach and just when you think your done.. look to the left and there is more beach !! 😃 Lots of incredible seafood of course too..

  7. Lauren

    The “other things to do” sections for Niagara Falls and Bar Harbor are switched!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thanks so much for pointing that out, Lauren! We are getting those fixed up now!

  8. Marina

    I grew up by Rapid City, SD and Storybook Island is a must for families with littles ( although mine are older and still love it!). Another great place to visit in RC is Dinosaur Park, its a free park with huge statues of Dino’s. It is alot of stairs, but if you can make it, it’s worth it!

  9. m

    Headed to Duluth, MN for some mountain biking. We will be camping. Any locals on here that can mention some “must see” activities? We have a teen and 8 year old. Thanks

    • Amy

      Duluth MN is beautiful!! I’d make sure to check out Canal Park and eat at Grandmas!

    • S.

      I would highly recommend watching the big ships come in under the lift bridge and taking a tour on the Vista Fleet of Lake Superior. If you are into animals, the aquarium is neat.

    • Jennifer

      If you head about 20 minutes further North, Two Harbors is a cute smaller town and to go Gooseberry State Park. The waterfall is wonderful, lots of scenic hiking, and the view is great. In fact the whole trip up the north shore to Grand Marais is great if you have time to explore. In Duluth, the Lake Walk/Canal Park, watching ships come in, Hawk Ridge (great hiking and migrating bird viewing), Park Point, Enger Tower/Park. Guessing if you are mountain biking, you are looking at Spirit Mountain already, but don’t skip their alpine coaster, it is a fun and pretty ride down the rails!

    • Emily

      Split Rock Lighthouse is further north of Duluth (up near Gooseberry and Castle Danger) but if you have time, it is beautiful and the tour is great!

  10. jade

    Yes love to see my city Houston, tx!

  11. Monique

    Love how everyone is swapping travel info everyone is so friendly I love it!!!!

  12. sharon

    Any tips for Seattle?

    • R

      I’m from the Seattle area and this list is a little bewildering. I can’t believe Pike Place Market, the Space Needle, or Woodland Park Zoo weren’t included. Go to TripAdvisor and scroll through the top attractions there; far better “iconic Seattle” than this list.

      • shop4mybabies

        born and raised. Pike place is a must every time you’re in the city, not just once…it’s iconic, it’s amazing, and it supports local vendors/farmers. Woodland park zoo is fantastic, but expensive if you have a large family. Dicks burgers are cheap and make up for the zoo cost, it’s just a couple miles away. The space needle was a do it one time and i’m fine with that, but I still think it’s cool to say you’ve done it and see the view. we love the experience music project, the paramount and 5th avenue theaters if you want to take in a show

    • Lisa

      If you’re heading to Seattle and want to do attractions get the CityPass it will save you $. Free stuff Pike Place, Olympic Sculpture Garden, go to west Seattle and hit Alki Beach.

  13. Jennifer

    How is the Outer Banks on this list, but not DC? OBX rentals are pricey in the summer. DC has dozens of museums to check out (most of them are free), plus a free Zoo and a lot of other free events all summer.

    • Dn

      😀 I was thinking how did Virginia Beach make the list and not D.C.? Smithsonian museums are awesome. But still fun to read and good info.

      • sarah

        We are headed to DC next week and the hotel was very affordable, everything we are doing is free… Even the bus is free.

  14. Heather

    our family is traveling to galveston tx area in three weeks looking for free cheap things people would recommend there, also any recommended places to eat would be helpful, flying into Houston Hobby staying near League City Thanks

    • Natasha

      It’s a bit on the pricey side but I just come back from visiting Galveston and the Moody Gardens rainforest pyramid is spectacular you get to walk through the rainforest and there are no berries between you and a lot of the animals …. the birds fly free and so do the monkeys…. some animals are contained for safety purposes but it was an experience I will never forget

      • Natasha

        *barriers not berries lol

    • Tnn

      Kemah Boardwalk

  15. 🙂

    Does anyone have any suggestions for Jacksonville Florida for early December? I’m traveling down for a wedding but planning to stay a couple of days extra to explore. Where to stay and what to do would be greatly appreciated!!! Thanks! 🙂

    • Sheila

      We spent a week in Amelia island Fl just outside of Jacksonville in April. It’s one of my favorite places I have visited. We were a few doors down from John Grisham’s house (I was informed by a local as I had no idea)lol. He picked a good island!!

    • Ronda

      Jax resident…Any of the beach areas are great to visit with many things to do – Jax beach, Neptune beach, Ponte Vedra or close by St Augustine, FL (30 mins away) even in early Dec the weather should still be nice enough for the beach

  16. kharrington

    Ok. I hope someone gets use out of this sweet little tip! So hundreds (if not thousands) of museums have what is called the “passport program ” where you can buy your family pass at any museum and it is good at all the other museums that participate in the program for FREE or very very low cost. We have done this for years and last May my daughter graduated from college in LA. We drove down with the other 7 of us and hit free museums all along the way. It was great and a huge money saver when you have a family of 8! We bought our pass at the least expensive museum that was semi close to us and got so much use out of it. Also, many many museums offer nearly free entry if you are on govt food assistance(which I think is awesome😁), always worth a phone call to ask😁.

    • Rhonda K

      Yes! We recently bought a membership to our local museum, which was $65 and on our vacation used it to get into McWane Science Center (would have cost us $93) and U.S. Space and Rocket Center (would have cost us $143). Definitely a good investment and we felt like we could stop at places for just a couple hours without feeling guilty about the cost. If I find a museum/zoo we want to visit on a trip, I look to see what reciprocal program it’s part of and then look to see what’s in our area or if we already have a membership to a museum that’s in the same network.

  17. KB

    Anybody have vacation tips for Denver in August? I have two college age girls (no shopping, please :). Staying for three days. Thanks!

    • Cami

      Red rocks amphitheater, Estes Park, Rocky Mountain National Park, Denver Zoo, Boulder farmer’s market (so many local vendors and artisans, food trucks, music, and so on), Broomfield Butterfly Pavillion, Broomfield Bay Aquatic Park (so cheap!), Flagstaff Mountain, so many places to hike, downtown Boulder is great.
      My kids have been to CO and Disneyworld and they are on the same level of awesomeness – and CO cost a fraction of Disneyworld.
      I hope you have a great time and add to the memory bank!


    Hello there fellow H2Savers: we will be traveling to the Grand Canyon next spring (Mid May) with a high school graduate. (Grand Canyon was at his request). Any suggestions for the 3 of us? (one adult with minor disabilities, such as stairs & uneven ground, but willing to try)Curious about the railway tour & possibly a rafting experience for him & his dad. TIA

  19. 😎

    Love your site, but I noticed 2 things on this post. Fist, I live in Houston & the picture shown doesn’t look like any skyline I am familiar with. Could the picture be from another city? Also, the picture shown for Grand Canyon is of Horseshoe Bend in Page, AZ, which is a 2hr drive from Grand Canyon. We just got back from a vacation where we visited both of those places. Just thought I’d warn others incase they expected to see these vistas on their visits. Thanks!

    • Ash

      Any tips for Grand Canyon? Or surrounding areas. I’m leaving for that area on Friday. Southern Utah also.

      • 😎

        Desert View @ Grand Canyon & any viewpoints on the way from Grand Canyon Village. The drive to Page is a must for Antelope Canyon (upper or lower). Horseshoe Bend was a long walk from the parking lot, but worth the view. Be ready to pay for parking. Everything is close together in Page so very convenient if driving. In Utah we went to Zion -gorgeous scenery, fun drive & several wild animals to see.

        • sarah

          My tip for the grand canyon is go to the north rim!!! WAY less crowded, not as hot And there are various mule rides, which are amazing and totally worth the $! Zion get there EARLY. Crowds have gotten crazy. Get out and hike some of the trails (note many are still closed due to flooding last year) It is totally different from up high! Zion is my fav national park and I have been to and hiked almost all of them out west. Bryce canyon is less crowded and if you want even less crowds, Kodachrome basin state park is amazing.

      • Heather

        I’m in Southern Utah! Zion is amazing, Snow Canyon State Park is beautiful, amazing red rocks etc. Gunlock Falls is a phenomonem that only happens about every 7- 8 years when one of our reservoirs overflows. Its so amazing – but be careful! The North Rim of the grand canyon and mule rides there are so fun! If you have time, Bryce Canyon National Park is my personal favorite.

  20. k

    Any suggestions for Memphis or Branson?

  21. Sarah

    Any suggestions for Ocean City, Maryland? Places to go, things to do, restaurants? Going for a week in July 🙂

  22. Amanda

    Houston has an awesome zoo they have been updating and children’s museum! There’s a weekend pass you can get for the aquarium, kemah and pleasure pier (Galveston).

  23. LS

    any suggestions for St. Petersburg, FL area? Thanks everyone!

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