7 Tips for Getting the Best Kids Haircut Deals

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boy getting haircut at home

Shave a few bucks off the cost of kids haircuts.

Haircuts can be expensive. Whether it’s for back to school, family photos, or the holiday season, keep your kid looking presentable on a budget! We’ve got awesome tips to help you get a great deal on your kid’s next haircut.

1. Look for coupons to save $4 (or more).

JCPenny Salon Kids' Haircut Coupon

National salon chains like JCPenney, Supercuts, and Great Clips often have coupons available, bringing the cost of a child’s haircut down to around $10 or less. Check your local newspaper and mailers like Valpak for salon coupons. You can also get on your favorite salon’s mailing list for a chance to get even more coupons.

Hip Tip: To source coupons online, Google the salon of your choice and the word “coupon” or “promotion.” You can also follow your favorite salon on social media to be the first to know about any coupons, sales, or promotions being offered.

2. Try your local beauty school to get haircuts for as low as FREE.

child getting free hair cut at Remington College

Many beauty schools have student salons that offer a variety of services to the public at deeply discounted prices (or even for free)!

Contact the beauty schools in your area to find out what they charge for a child’s haircut. Because it’s a teaching environment, your child may spend more time sitting in the chair, but the cosmetology student will be under the supervision of a licensed instructor and their standards will be high.

3. Check out the corner barbershop and save up to 30%.

hair stylist trimming hair

For a basic haircut, check out your local barbershop. We’ve used this option in the past and know firsthand that the barbershop isn’t just for men! The barber we visited was always happy to work with children, and he did a great job.

The cost of barbershop haircuts have been significantly less than salon prices in my experience, and they’re fast. This is always a bonus when dealing with children who can only sit still for a finite amount of time!

4. Look for pay-your-age discounts.

boy getting haircut

There’s a popular family-owned salon in our area that offers a pay-your-age discount for kids. If you’re taking your 5-year-old in for a haircut, your cost will be just $5 plus tip! Call around to local salons or ask other families with children in your area to see if they know of any local salons offering similar discounts.

5. Find a work-at-home or mobile stylist to save up to 30%.

boy getting his hair combed

Many stylists prefer to work from their home or even come to yours as a way to eliminate the expense of owning a salon. These stylists are often able to charge less for their services because they don’t have the overhead expenses of a salon stylist.

Look for work-at-home stylists through Facebook, your local newspaper, or by word of mouth.

Hip Tip: Mobile stylists may also be able to offer you an additional discount if they’re cutting your entire family’s hair in one visit, so ask!

6. Swap services with a friend or family member.

boy getting his hair cut

Chances are, you know someone who cuts hair. Scroll through your social media contacts to jog your memory, and see if you have any local friends who could cut your child’s hair. Depending on your relationship, they might even offer to do it at a discount or for free!

Someone you know well may also be willing to trade services for something you’re skilled at doing (babysitting, lawn care, piano lessons, etc.). Lots of people are trading skills these days as a way to save money, so it never hurts to ask!

7. Do it yourself!

girl getting haircut outside

In addition to saving money, there are other benefits to cutting your own kid’s hair. Young children may be more comfortable with having a parent cut their hair versus letting a stranger come close to them with a sharp object or noisy clippers.

Kids may also be happier on their home turf. If they get bored in a salon or barbershop, they may fuss and wiggle, putting them at greater risk for accidental nicks and cuts. At home, they can get their hair cut while watching a movie, playing video games, or reading a book on the back deck.

If you’d like to try the DIY route for cutting your child’s hair, check out these inexpensive clippers available from Amazon. After just two at-home haircuts, they’ll have paid for themselves!

Hip Tip: Search YouTube for instructional videos. Although a YouTube video won’t compare to the training that professional stylists receive, it may just give you the confidence you need to try cutting your own child’s hair!

Learn the one strategy Lina uses to save on her own haircut EVERY. SINGLE. TIME.

About the writer:

Jenna has a Bachelor's Degree from Lycoming College and her Master's from Penn State, holding 4 years of writing experience between a variety of publications and Hip2Save.

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Comments 55

  1. Meg

    I vote a big NO to anyone thinking about DIY on children. In our area, they have back to school picnics and stylist’s/barbers who give free haircuts. We don’t attend those thing’s, we three all have the same stylist, but most boy’s end up with a buzz cut because Dad or Mom can’t do a fade or simple little boy’s haircut.

    After a teacher who we had known for year’s told how they stereotype children. I cringe when I see homemade buzz cut’s.

    • M

      We do all of our hair cuts at home. My husband buzzes our boys and I think they look great! They look just like their dad.

    • M

      How sad that a teacher would think that way.

      • Tracy

        Agree! I use to feel that way, but, now being a single mother, I don’t always have the money to pair for a haircut. I have had to start cutting my own hair on top of my son’s. I have learned to do an ok job too.

    • Rachel

      I’ve been a teacher for years in different areas and income levels. I have never heard of any hair cut stereotypes by staff. The exception is detailed etching on one side not allowed by some schools for gang representation.
      I wouldn’t base any hair decisions on one teacher’s personal thoughts.

    • Cristine

      How sad that people would judge these poor kids.

    • Carolyn

      My husband cuts my hair, my mom’s and two of my best friends also have him cut their hair. He gives my two boys their monthly haircuts and at the middle school orientation, two teachers and a couple mothers asked where I took my son to get his haircut. They really liked how his hair was cut. I told them my husband gives my boys their monthly haircuts, a combination of the clippers with different attachments as well as scissor over comb for the longer hair on top and to blend the shorter hair with the top. He finishes the neckline and sideburns with a peanut trimmer. Very polished, not buzzed or whitewall hack jobs. I wouldn’t have him do them if he was not better than the barbershop. One mother asked where his shop was and his hours. I told him in the entry room and I don’t make promises for him. He started cutting my mom’s hair because she asked him to, I asked him to cut and color my best friend’s hair because she was my maid of honor and I wanted her to look good for the wedding pictures. My other friend liked how my hair and my best friend’s hair looked, so she asked him to cut hers. Honestly most home haircuts are not better than the salon or barbershop, some I have seen are horrible and most salons and barbershops are nothing to brag about. So If you have a friend, family member or a stylist/barber who gives good haircuts at an affordable price, that is probably the best you can do.

    • Lucy

      How do you know whether the parents are doing it themselves because the children don’t feel comfortable with a stranger cutting their hair? Also, not everyone lives close to a barbershop, let alone a good one. It’s sad that you would cringe at how a child’s hair looks!

    • Ana Rebeca Chaverri

      Meg, please tell me you were just kidding! I really can not believe you just wrote that. Sad, very sad for you, for that teacher and for all the kids that were judged by her 🙁

    • Amy

      Wow what a sad group of teachers! I’ll add this to my ever growing list of reasons I homeschool my kids! Absolutely ridiculous what has come of some of these public school teachers!

    • Erin

      I frequently cut my kids’ hair and I get many compliments! I watch YouTube videos on how to do a certain style and just try it out. Kids can be the best people to practice on. I’m a teacher and have never stereotyped children based on their haircuts. Grammar and punctuation mistakes on the other hand …

  2. Kate

    I have 3 boys and a Goldendoodle, the barber and grooming bills were getting outrageous. I watched a few YouTube videos and started doing everyone’s myself, it’s really not that that hard. I do need to upgrade my clippers though, def worth investing in a good set. Not only does it save money but if anyone’s had to sit in a barber shop waiting for 3 haircuts on a Saturday morning you know that’s enough motivation right there! 😉

    • Amy


  3. Buckeyemom

    Aw, that’s so sad to hear that children are “stereotyped” based on a simple haircut. Not all families have access to those types of events you mentioned, for back to school. I, for one, have never heard of that. Eh, my now 19 year old, sported a buzz cut all through school, mainly for sports & wearing helmets. If he was “stereotyped”, we knew nothing of it. It’s his hair, therefore his decision.

    • Ang McC

      I personally wouldn’t care about the opinion of someone who would “stereotype” my kid by his or her haircut. Says more about the person doing the “stereotyping” than the kid or the kid’s parents.

      • M


    • Cristine

      I feel the same, we don’t have those free or nearly free options in my area and haircuts even for kids is $15 to $20 a pop minimum.

  4. Marni

    My husband cut my son’s hair until he was 13, and I am still cutting my daughter’s hair at age 11. Can’t believe how much time and money that saved … and they both have looked great the entire time. Thanks for this informative post, H2S!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re very welcome, Marni! I know! I have always cut my son’s hair and it has saved a ton for sure! Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  5. rti

    Few days back there was a promotion on hair cut at j c Penney salon. Was it posted here? Any link pls.

  6. Kaylee

    I do all 3 of my boys (husband included) and my 4 girls at home. YouTube has helped me feel more confident and saved us a ton. If I have questions my stylist friends are happy to help, too. You may even consider having someone you know teach you how and video them doing it once!

  7. Kim

    I actually have no problem cutting my sons hair and also cutting my daughters hair most times. They end up looking fine and my kids are not picky anyways lol. If someone has a problem with it they can take it up with me 🤣 I love to save money.

  8. Christina

    For my own boys I think an 8 on top is too short, just my preference, so I was taking them into the salon or trying and failing with scissors and then I found out they sell 10 and 12 combs on amazon! Game changer. You can get the longer look on top super easy and then taper up the sides and back. Hope this help someone 🙂

    • Amy

      Thanks for posting this! I never thought to check for bigger guards! Just ordered some off Amazon.

  9. Lisa

    I’ve been getting my hair cut at a beauty school for years and have had mostly good experiences. A couple times I’ve had to return and have it fixed, even after the teacher signed it off but they were good about it both times. I’ve found that asking for a student that has been there for several months increases my chances of a good cut. Here’s what I really need to know…when and how much is appropriate to tip stylists…not just at a beauty school but anywhere.

    • Courtney

      I also don’t know how much to tip? 20% + like wait staff?

      • Sue

        I always tip 20%.

    • Renee

      I’m curious what others do too. Probably depends on the area. For my hair I tip $5 for a cut and $10 for color and cut. I would probably tip more if she didn’t double book me because then I end up being there much longer and end up having to pay my sitter more money. Should I say something to her?

      • Emily

        You can request not to be double booked

  10. Lindsay

    I have tried to cut my 3 little boys hair so many times and they always look awful. haha! My husband now asks me to take my kids in to get their hair cut! I get coupons from Dollar Cuts for $2 mid week so that makes each hair cut $8. Or my friend will do them for $6 each which is worth it to me!

  11. Katie

    And some people wonder why education is such a mess – there are teachers publicly admitting that they stereotype children based on their haircut. How pathetic! I cut my son’s hair b/c he has horrible anxiety about doing it at the barber. Everyone’s life circumstances are different. Get over it lady!

  12. CL

    I always buzz my boys for the summer, I think they look fresh and clean! I have been practicing crew cuts with YouTube lately, a stylist recommended Wahl clippers once so I found a pair on amazon and they have been working great! Decent price, easy to use, and cordless. Interested in the #10 guide as im still timid with scissors…

    • Sydney

      The #10 and #12 are really amazing. And they are usually only around $5 a piece.

      • CL

        Awesome thanks!

  13. Kp

    Not to be rude, but asking a hairstylist ‘friend’ for a discount or a free service is demeaning. I’ve been a stylist for many years. This is my means of living. Hairstylists go to school, and yearly and often more classes to perfect their trade. I don’t ask my mechanic, electrician or plumber to do a service for free. Either should you

    • Jen

      It says swap services so I think the thought was find a friend to cut hair for you and you do something for them that’s not monetary.

  14. Mara

    I have always done my boys haircut and they are 6 and 12. I do a fade and it looks fine. Why pay someone money every 6 weeks when you can easily learn how to cut hair yourself? I also have always cut my daughters hair and she’s 15.

  15. Jane

    Good lord. The judgement in this post is crazy. I cut my own kids’ hair because we’re really darn busy, not because of finances. Think otherwise and that just makes you super shallow.

  16. jan

    My husband’s dad taught me to cut my husband’s hair when we were first married. He actually prefers me to cut his hair and my son’s because I know exactly how he wants it. I trim my girls’ long hair. I’m the only one who pays for haircuts around here (I go to Great Clips). My husband also learned to foil my hair! He does a great job!

  17. Rebecca

    My husband cuts both our boys’ hair & does a much better job than any place I’ve taken them in town.

  18. Jamie

    I started cutting my son’s hair when I realized he chums scream at home for free (or the one time cost of a buzzer). 🤷🏻‍♀️ he no longer screams and I’ve gotten significantly better at it over the past 8 years. 😂. There may have been a few meh cuts every now and then but he doesn’t mind.

  19. Tm

    My oldest really needs a cut every three weeks. I’ve gone so, so many places and begged for a shorter cut and they WILL NOT do it! One lady told me she was afraid he’d get a sunburn on his head and left it at least 1.5”. What??? His cut there looked terrible the next week and my other son’s was incredibly bad. My husband’s friend gives him the best cuts (not even schooled/licensed), but I can’t ask that favor every three weeks and I really don’t want to pay $30 plus tip for the next step up of salon/service level. Anyone found helpful YouTube’s or guides so I can try to learn?

    • Carolyn

      My husband gives my boys their haircuts and a friend who just buzzes her three sons’ hair with a number 3 attachment all over asked if he would show her how he does the boys’ haircuts. She came over with her boys, watched hubby give my boys haircuts then she had her sons take a seat and get caped while he coached her as she gave her boys each their haircuts. I think she did a pretty good job of giving her sons each a haircut. She felt comfortable and felt she could repeat doing them herself at home. He told her if she wanted to come back again and have him coach her doing haircuts or has any questions to give a call. She thanked him and said she wished she could do her own hair as she needed a haircut herself. He told her if she wanted to, she could take a seat herself and he could cut her hair. She said that would be great and took a seat and he gave her a haircut. So my recommendation would be if your husband’s friend would be willing, ask him to show you how he does the haircuts and have him coach you while you do the hands on cutting. You learn by doing, not just watching and you need to practice to sharpen your skills and feel comfortable doing them. My husband has given hundreds of haircuts to family, friends and acquaintances, so he has gotten a lot of practice and experience to be able to give such good haircuts.

  20. Jacki

    It’s sad if teachers really stereotype based on hair cut. That also means they stereotype on financial background of parents.
    I pity these kids now. There’s no hope for them if this true.

  21. CAJ

    I am not judging anyone but do consider that some kids can’t go to a hair dresser. My child is on the spectrum and has sensory issues and can’t tolerate the clippers or the lights/stress of the salon as well as the feeling of the cape and the feeling of pieces of hair on him etc. I know it sounds crazy but it is a nightmare to him. You never understand until you’re in someone else’s shoes. Those moms who have ASD kids know just what I am talking about.

    I would love to be able to take my kid to a salon but it just is tooooooo stressful for him.

  22. Karen

    I guess my son just got a “cringe worthy” haircut. Out here in CA, it’s triple digits. Little boys are busy body’s and they sweat! And personally I think my little guy looks adorable with a buzz. You should take your judgement somewhere else!

  23. MollyMi

    My husband cuts my son’s hair and his own. He started because my son was absolutely terrified of getting his hair cut and he would scream and throw the biggest tantrums. At first the haircuts didn’t look the greatest and I kept hoping my son would get over his fear so we could take him to a salon. However, my husband got better and once I realized how much money we were saving I got on the home diy haircuts train pretty fast. At this point, I’m the one costing us the most with the haircuts I get once every two years, though once my daughter starts to get more substantial hair that might change since neither my husband or I feel courageous enough to cut girl hairstyles. 😂

  24. Amy

    I learned how to cut my 3 kids and husband’s hair at home! There was a learning curve to do fades but it wasn’t too bad! Saves us SO much money and heck- hair grows back so if you mess up you can always cut it shorter to fix it and it’ll grow back!

    • Amy

      Oh and my mom still cuts my hair to this day and I’m 35! I went to a salon ONCE in my life when I was a teenager and they messed up my hair (did some kind of cut/layering I did NOT want!) so I’ve never gone back! Why pay someone when my mom can cut my hair for free when she’s over for dinner?! 😍

  25. Shannon

    I cut everyone in my family’s hair. Never a buzz cut. My teen is super picky about hair cuts (and everything lol) and he’s happy with the cut I give him. Definitely watch you tube. So many great learning videos!

  26. KW

    I cut my family’s hair at home too. My son and I have sensitive skin so much so that the trimmed hair irritates our skin really bad, it turns red and super itchy immediately. We have to cover his face so the hair doesn’t land on it. I have to cut his hair quickly and he jumps in the shower immediately. He wouldn’t be able to go to a barbershop! When I went to the salon as a child they powdered my neck and I was so itchy and uncomfortable all the way home. (And I’m the mom so this was without clippers being used I had long hair) My parents would try to cut mine at home too. I cut my own hair now too. I’m amazed people would even assume someone cut hair themselves or paid for it to be cut. How would you know if someone had a great home cut or a bad stylist cut? Or vice versa. Or maybe that lopsided look was intentional. Hair is a great way to express yourself.

  27. Mimi

    I took my father in for a haircut last weekand he told the hair dresser what he wanted, sat still and recieved his cut for about 15 min, meanwhile in the chair next to him, a young boy and his mom who were already there argued about the style for 5 min, and once his mom won the war he whined and wiggled as his younger siblings ran around. When we paid and left the boy was crying as the mom was hovering over telling the hairdresser how to do the cut. While of course I know not everyone is like this, it was quite interesting to me in that moment that that child’s haircut cost half the amount of an adult’s despite being double or triple the amount of work and stress.

    • Katie

      I find your post upsetting.. it’s best to assume there is more to the situation than you realize.

  28. Nancygaye

    Paul Mitchell hair schools have a program where you pay $25 and get haircuts for one full year. I just bought one but haven’t used yet. Would be perfect for kids.

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