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*HOT* Sam’s Club 1-Year Membership Only $45 + Get Back $45 Credit to Shop

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Man holding a Sam's Club Membership card

A Sam’s Club membership offers so many ways to save! 🙌

Through July 31st, Sam’s Club is offering a $45 credit when you purchase a one-year membership for only $45 – no promo code needed!

Your $45 credit will be loaded to your new account within 72-hours of buying your membership and can be used on a purchase of $45+. The credit must be used within 30 days on an in-store Sam’s Club purchase and cannot be applied to a purchase of alcoholic beverages, tobacco, milk, fuel, pharmacy, gift cards, or additional memberships.

You’re literally getting reimbursed for the full cost of your membership which is like getting it for free which makes this an exceptionally awesome deal!

shopping cart full of bulk groceries and household items

Keep in mind that by purchasing this membership, you’ll be enrolled in Sam’s Club Auto-Renewal for your annual membership fees but you can manage and/or cancel your auto-renew subscription anytime by logging in to your account.

grocery services — sam's club scan and go app on iphone

Sam’s Club Offers a 100% Membership Satisfaction Guarantee!

If at any time you are unsatisfied with your membership, let Sam’s Club know and they will cancel your membership and provide a refund of the amount paid for your current year membership fee! Read the full guarantee policy here.

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Comments 80

  1. Allison

    Somebody sell me on this…. why would a family of 3 (soon to be 4 in January) need a Sam’s membership? I’m perfectly content doing grocery pickup from Walmart. But I do want to hear your “pros” for Sam’s. 🙂

    • guerita_bonita2002

      Some things that are ALWAYS cheaper than anywhere else are toilet paper and paper towels. Other things that we (also a family of 3) find to be worth it are: Dog food, tires, photo development, meat, shampoo and conditioner depending on their monthly sales, and many other non- food items that change all the time, like skillets, clothes, and I almost forgot the all important ALCOHOL! It’s not like you have to buy a box of 50 granola bars. Some things are great to buy in bulk that don’t expire

    • xochitl

      We are just 2 people( my husband and I) and we have a Sam’s Club and a Costco membership lol. My husband always fills the car gas at either one and has the credit cards so it basically pays off the membership. We buy a lot of the dry food items. It does last us a long time but if they have a long expiration date we are good. Plus household supplies like toilet paper, napkins, and cleaning items.

      • Tanika


    • rochellemcgee

      It’s probably dependent upon where you live, but the produce at my Sam’s is better than Walmart (bigger, nicer looking, cheaper). I like the variety that Sam’s offers in its bakery and ready made entrees; some of the inventory (both food and nonfood) is constantly changing so I can try new things and not break the bank. They sell quality clothing for cheap – you can’t get an entire wardrobe there, but name brand items come through all the time. My nicer dress shorts, capris and workout clothes are from there; I’ve picked up beautiful holiday dresses for my daughter for $10 and got her a trendy wool jacket for only $15. I just feel like the quality of everything is a bit higher…but yes, buying in bulk can easily lead to overspending, so you have to watch yourself for that. I use the scan and go function on the app so that does help you keep a running tab as you go through the store and curb too many impulse buys.

    • Allison

      All right. For $32 (really, $2), I think we can give it a try for a year 🙂

      • Lisa

        Allison, if it is convenient for you, we are a just a couple, and our Sam’s is close enough for us that it is worth it to buy the membership simply for the gas alone. We do shop in the store (maybe once a month), but not much. Oh, and we always visit the “Freeosk” too to see what they are giving out for free samples. Sometimes, we go in and walk out with only our Freeosk sample — we’re so weird. This week, we got a free full size energy bar.

        • Allison

          Our Sam’s is a 30-35min drive but we go that way a couple times a month. I think we’ll just make a point to go once or twice each month to see what they’ve got. Our Walmart has a Freeosk and we love it, and I know Sam’s samples are always different from Walmart’s. I’ve never paid attention to their gas prices because my city is usually cheaper, but I definitely will check it out 🙂

      • Mario

        Don’t forget if at any time you are not satisfied they will refund your purchase price.

    • Katibell

      They’re out of everything during Covid times that u would want to stock up on. I wouldn’t join rn.

      • rochellemcgee

        I think that’s dependent upon locale…we aren’t experiencing shortages at my store anymore, but I don’t live in a major metro area either.

    • jennifer

      We are a family of three and I save a ton shopping at Sams. Ground beef 85% is half the price you’ll pay at the store. If you have any pets, pet food a lot cheaper

    • Tiffany

      I have 3 children who are 14.12.10 and I love Sam’s these kids eat!!! Easier to shop in bulk and they also do curbside pickup. I also find it most helpful at the beginning of the school year to just stock up on water and snacks for lunches and after school.

    • akajulz

      I live by myself and it is still a bargain to go to Costco. At Costco I get mostly food and personal care items, but I stroll the store and find so much more. I don’t buy any giant food bulk items and there are still a lot more food related bargains to be found that are reasonable in size. There isn’t a Sam’s Club less than an hours drive from where I live or I would take advantage of this deal. Walmart can’t compete with a lot of their items, although they are comparable with some items.

  2. Natasha S

    How do you use the egift cards? Are they sent to your email or loaded to your account?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      The fine print says, “Both eGift Cards will be delivered to the same email address used to activate your membership.”

  3. Jennifer R

    How long ago does your last membership have had to expire before you can be considered to apply as a “new” member to get this deal?

    • momof4boys

      Wondering the same thing!

      • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

        The fine print says, “not valid for membership renewals, for those with a current membership, or those who were Sam’s Club members less than 6 months prior to June 15, 2020.”

  4. Teri

    I just renewed mine Monday!!! UGH!!!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      These are not for renewals. You had to be a non-member for 6 months.

      • Jon Bentley

        You can sign up under your mates name and it will still work.

  5. Barbara

    I was last a member in October 2019 so I can get one right?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      It sounds like you qualify, Barbara!

      • Barbara

        thank you.

  6. Liz

    To anyone wondering whether they qualify, me and my husband alternate every year as the primary member and are always considered as ‘new members’. I havent paid for a Sam’s club membership in over 5 years.

  7. Luv

    You can use a different email address (not previously used with sams club)or if using Gmail, place “.” within your email address (eg instead of, use, you’ll still get the emails at and you will be considered a new member. Hope that helps someone. God bless you all. 🌺

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Thank you!

    • Lisa P

      How do we see the credit? Where will I find it on their site?

  8. Gramma C

    I did a deal a few months ago and got two gcs emailed and I have tried two times to use in store and cashiers didn’t know what to do. I just leave because by the time I pay I am ready to get out! It’s frustrating.

  9. llc

    The produce is amazing. The meat is awesome. It’s the only place I buy meat. And no it’s not the same as walmart. 3lb Rotisserie chicken for $5. Giant lunch meat tubs for $6 (at heb its 1/4 the size for the same price), the best cheap sheets 450 tc that also go on sale twice a year, discount gift cards, great clothing deals (5 onies for $10), the yummy cheap food court (I’m addicted to the frozen yogurt). I’m just a family of 2 and we couldnt live without them.

  10. Suba

    Do they have curbside pick up? Remembered reading it somewhere. Thanks

    • Lu

      Our store just added signage designating about 8 parking spaces for store pickup only. They just started the service last week where they will deliver it to your car so you don’t have to go into the store.

  11. Peaches

    I am a family of 2 if you count my dog. I got quotes on replacing the HVAC last month and the company Sam’s Club sent to give me a quote provided a 10% Sams Club discount and their company’s additional 10% discount on top of giving me the lowest price out of 4 quotes. I ended up saving $7000 by going through Sams Club. I think I got my membership fee back.🤑

  12. Becca

    I just signed up. I’ve been wanting to for a while and this was too good a deal to pass up. Thank you so much HIP2SAVE!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Yay! You’re SO very welcome, Becca!

  13. Lu

    Our Sams Club has had some items available during the worst of pandemic shortages that we had not been able to get in the grocery store or through Walmart pickup. I’ve always had a regular membership, but when we got our stay at home order I upgraded to Plus to get the free shipping, and it only cost $16 because they prorated it to my July expiration date. That $16 quickly paid for itself by being able to order items with free shipping, including shipping items to family members who could not get things where they lived. Now that I have been in the store, it is one place I’m most comfortable shopping because the aisles are very wide to avoid other people and the Scan and Go app is very easy to use and lets me avoid the register altogether. They also just added outdoor pickup service.

    • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Thanks for that feedback, Lu! It’s awesome you were able to ship stuff to other family members too!

  14. David Colmenares

    Thank you so much. I thing the credit must be used within 30 days, not 60 days as it is written here. Please, check that.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      You’re welcome, David! I did speak with customer service and was able to confirm that you have 60 days. Hoping this helps!

  15. Gina

    A family of 3 here. Have both Sam’s and Costco memberships. Love Sam’s for the fresh grocery, something which I just started buying there during the quarantine. While other stores were raising their prices, Sam’s had it all at pre-pandemic prices. That made me a loyal customer. Their frozen vegetables, milk, eggs are all good. Their clearance is phenomenal after holidays in the baking section. Never ever see such low prices anywhere for almonds, walnuts, spices etc. We are happy with our membership. For $3.75/month, the membership is the best deal. It has helped me cut down on grocery trips in these worrisome times. Only drawback is that one may overspend with all their deals. I call it stocking up. 😄

  16. Gina

    Checkout the Sam’s website for Grocery. (Select shop by Department and then Grocery. This is what one uses for placing club pickup orders.) No need to login or be a member to browse this. You can see all the items and the prices at your local store. Only you know what you buy and if it is worthwhile. So it may help you makeup your mind either way.

  17. Becky M

    I bought a $45 membership about 1 month ago. The $45 “savings” was put on my account the same day and automatically came off my purchase at checkout. Plus, I received $10 on my Dosh account. Better than free. We love their fresh salsa and buy Powerade in bulk.

    • Lisa P

      How did you see that the savings was put on your account? I just bought the membership yesterday, and want to use the $45 savings during my first visit.

  18. gracie3486

    I bought a one year membership for $25 and got a $5 e gift card. The deal is on bradsdeals.

  19. Tina

    This offer is not working if you sign up online at least. We followed the link from Sam’s Club website about a month ago. It never credited. Contacted customer service who said they’d pass it on and get back to us. Never did. Contacted again and they said we have to spend $45+ in store. Wait 72 hours and would get the credit added to the card. Husband waited over 72 after spending over $45 and nothing came off his next purchase. Gotta contact them again. I recommend signing up in the store.

    • Ziggy

      I realized it doesn’t work if you do scan and go, which is all I do. But one day I went to a cashier and was not expecting it to be there and my order was free (only $18) I hope it wasn’t one use only, haven’t been back yet.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh darn! SO sorry for the issues, Tina. I do find that their online chat option is super helpful and easy. Hoping they get back to you soon!

  20. MarieN

    We did this recently online and had no trouble. $45 came off our order just fine.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh good! SO glad to hear that, MarieN! Thanks a TON for your feedback!

      • Lisa P

        How does the credit show up? I just bought my membership yesterday, and have no idea how to look for the $45 credit. I would like to shop there for the first time, using the discount.

        • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

          It will be automatically loaded to your card, Lisa P. You should get your $45 deducted at checkout automatically, if you’re buying grocery items. There are some exclusions.

          • Lisa P

            Is there any way for me to see if it’s there before I checkout?

            • Stacy F (Hip2Save Sidekick)

              You might be able to see it in Scan & Go. In the Sam’s Club app, you can scan your groceries as you shop and just pay right there in the app. You never even have to go through a checkout line. You might be able to add your items to cart in your app and see the $45 discount on your Scan & Go checkout.

              PS this is one of my favorite things about Sam’s Club – no lines, no unloading and reloading my basket. I scan as I go and swipe right as I am heading to the door and it submits my payment. At the door, they scan my payment barcode on my phone and one of my items in the basket to make sure they match. It’s SOO easy! I wish every store did it.

          • Ann Twente

            Was this in store on online? I have an order to place online but it’s not deducting $45.

  21. Crystal

    It’s worth it family of 4 here we just brought $250 including produce and meat 2 weeks ago the only thing we go back for is milk and fresh fruit . We already had non non grocery item such as tissue . Bath room essentials but I find the items way cheaper compared to Walmart and Kroger . Especially with kiddos home + hubby home we go through quite a lot for snacks lunches etc

  22. shop4mybabies

    My state, no longer has Sams club. I wanted to purchase something’s online so i did this deal last time. I have since upgraded to get free shipping and i order once a month. mostly snacks and cleaning supplies. things that are different from what my costco sells.

    • akajulz

      Good idea! I never thought about shipping. The nearest store to me is over an hour away and there is no way I would drive there. I’ll check out the website now. Thanks!

  23. Jiya

    Do they offer free shipping for normal members or you have to buy the plus membership?

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Jiya! Here are the details I found on that –
      “Club Members who have the $45 membership will only receive free shipping on items denoted by “Free shipping”. However, to enjoy free shipping on most items, Club Members are encouraged to upgrade to a Plus membership (members only pay prorated charges). Shipping charges on items may vary.”

      Hope this helps!

      • jiya


        • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

          You’re very welcome!

  24. Dan

    We just went to our local Sam’s club and they wouldn’t honor this deal. They said it was “fake” and not something would honor without a promo code. So frustrating!

  25. Ann Twente

    I signed up yesterday and am super excited about this deal. Where will the $45 credit show up online? Want to double check that it is there before I shop.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Mine just showed up when I went to pay. It came off my total.

  26. Katie Baker

    We went to our local Sam’s Club this weekend and I showed them this post. They asked if I wanted to apply the $45 to the cost of my membership, so I didn’t even pay anything up front. Thanks so much for this post!!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Wow! That’s awesome!

  27. dillon

    HIP2SAVE claims free $45 has to be used within 60 days, SAMS terms of service claims free $45 has to be used within 30 days. Who’s got the fake news here ?

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Looks like it’s 30 days. I just updated the post, dillon!

    • Sar

      The Sam’s Club site itself says 60 days one place and 30 days another (Ad vs fine print).

  28. Cat

    Has anyone ever received a membership refund after using these kinds of deals? I got one last January and never got half the free food items as they were always out. Anyway I want a refund as I am not comfortable shopping at our local store. They are way too crowded, always out of everything I need and not following basic cleaning protocol. I am wondering if they deduct any of the free items prices from your refund.

  29. Samantha Vargas

    Can you sign up for the Plus membership with this offer?

  30. rachelandersonsnyder

    Does anyone know how long before the credit shows up? Also where will the $45 credit be listed on my account? Can you use the credit online or does it have to be in store? Any information would be highly appreciated. Thanks!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      They had this offer a few months ago. I signed up for it online in the evening and the next day activated my card. I spent $110 in store that day and the $45 credit came off my total immediately. Hope this helps!

  31. Tiggy

    My DD signed up today using the Val Pak coupon she rec’d in the mail. They applied the $45 “giftcard” to her purchase price of the membership so essentially a free membership! If you sign up in person, you are supposed to get a gift card on the spot as opposed to getting the money loaded to your account. This may be an option for people who want to “verify” that they did receive the $45 incentive.

  32. Selma

    It’s hilarious how many unanswered questions there always is in here.

    • I don’t mind trolling a troll

      Here as in hip2save? Because if that’s the case I highly disagree with you! The Hip2Save team is great about answering questions. I find it hilarious (as in funny not funny) the amount of questions asked as if hip2save is supposed to have every answer to every question. People ask questions that they can EASILY find the answers to; some common sense, others it would take just a few extra clicks to figure out. The hip2save team is always gracious with their answers and replies. Maybe instead of sitting behind a computer screen typing out needless comments, you could do some research and help answer the unanswered questions here. It’s always best to be a part of the solution, especially when implying there’s a problem.

      • Sar

        Love this – Words to try to live by!! “ It’s always best to be a part of the solution, especially when implying there’s a problem.”

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