These 6 Swimsuit Cover Ups Are Better than the #1 Best Seller on Amazon (& Cheaper, Too!)

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woman wearing swimsuit coverup by pool

We’re loving these cute swim coverups! 😍

Getting yourself from your home to sitting poolside doesn’t have to mean a frumpy outfit in between. To help you rock it this summer, we tried some of the bestselling swimsuit cover-ups from Amazon so you know which ones to buy, which ones you shouldn’t, and all of them will ship super fast – just in time for your next vacay! 🌴

Read on to find out which best-selling cover-ups on Amazon are worth your summer spending.

1. Lina’s beautiful embroidered cover-up will be perfect for your next cruise or resort vacation.

woman wearing black cover up outside

Lina is resort-ready in her embroidered cover-up tunic. This coverup would be totally gorgeous on its own, and we don’t even think you need to leave home for an excuse to prance around in this stunning piece! From the lace neck details to the tassel trim, the low price tag of this cover-up sure doesn’t skimp on style.

Here’s what Lina had to say about her cover-up:

“This cover-up is so pretty and comfy! I love the details on the neckline, sleeves, and bottom. I also feel confident and fancy wearing it. Perfect for the pool or beach. For reference, this is a size B, and I am 5”3” and typically wear a size 14.”

2. Erica’s cover-up is perfect for the casual dresser ready to run out the door.

woman wearing swim cover up dress at the beach

Erica’s cover-up dress offers endless options, whether it’s hitting the beach or grabbing some ice cream on the boardwalk. What’s more, it comes in a huge range of colors and patterns, along with my favorite feature of all—pockets!

Here’s what Erica had to say about her cover-up:

“I am lovin’ this dress! Talk about versatile—you could literally wear this dress to the beach over your swimsuit, and then dress it up and head out to dinner at night. It’s super cute and flowy, and I love the navy blue color. The material is also great. It’s not see-through like some dresses can be, and I feel really comfortable in it. Oh, and it has these adorable pockets—so cute! I highly recommend this dress/swim coverup!”

Shop a similar wrap bracelet like Erica’s.

3. Andrea’s tassel swimsuit coverup can be worn multiple ways & will fit any size.

close up of woman wearing black sarong coverup in front of pool

Eicolorte Beach Sarong with Tassels – $15.99 (regularly $16.99)

No matter what size or shape you’re working with, this swimsuit coverup will look gorgeous and fit perfectly on anyone! Thanks to the tie-it-yourself design, cute tassels, and semi-sheer fabric, anyone and everyone will feel confident rocking this along with their favorite bathing suit!

woman showing off different styles for black swimsuit coverup

Here’s what Andrea had to say about her cover-up:

“I LOVE how versatile this cover-up is! You can wear it short, long, as a wrapped skirt, halter dress, and even a backless cover-up with sleeves. It is sheer but I felt the black one gave me the right amount of coverage. The detailed tassels give it a nice boho touch. Plus, it’s super soft and breezy, making it perfect for some extra coverage on hot summer days!”

4. Emily’s crochet cover-up will be your go-to ensemble for your next pool party or BBQ.

woman wearing crochet cover up

HARHAY Women’s Summer Swimsuit Cover-Up$16.99 (regularly $19.99)

This cover-up is tried and true and has to be one of my most coveted summer pieces! Plus, the crocheting makes it seem way more expensive than the 20 dollar price tag! Even better, the thoughtful drawstring sides let you cinch the seams for multiple wear options. Amazing!

Here’s what Emily’s had to say about her cover-up:

“I get so many compliments on this cover-up, and I beam when I tell people it’s from Amazon. Since it’s crochet, it’s quite see-through, so I tend to wear a pair of shorts with it when I’m heading to the beach. But it’s perfect on its own over my swimsuit when walking along the sand or heading up to the beach bar. It’s honestly even cute as an outfit with a tank underneath. Just be wary when people try to give you a hug—I’ve had a friend’s bracelet snag a small section on the back after getting caught on the knitting.”

Shop a hat similar to Emily’s here.

5. My new favorite cover-up can even be worn by itself as a tunic dress. 

woman wearing white dress holding beach bag outside

Frilly, cute, and boho… what more could you want in a swimsuit cover-up?! I really love the simple style and pockets this offers and come to find out, it can even be worn as an adorable summer tunic dress if you’re in a pinch for a cute outfit after a long day at the beach. The fabric is soft and flowy so it’ll be perfect on any hot summer day.

Although this cover-up is on the shorter side, the modest sleeves give an element of modesty & sophistication. Plus, the gorgeous capiz shell-like buttons make it perfect for summer or any beach trip you have planned.

6. Here’s a gorgeous lace cover-up I’ve had for 3 years & still love.

woman wearing green bathing suit and lace coverup

The intricate details and long, flowy styling on this sheer cover-up kimono will leave everyone jaw-dropped when you tell them it’s from Amazon—for around $20, no less! The pattern is stunning, and I actually saw something identical while on vacation for over $100, so I totally felt like I got a great deal! It’s also sheer enough that I wasn’t hot when wearing it on the beach, and when the wind blows, it moves so beautifully!

I bought mine quite a while ago and still love it so much. In fact, I even wear it around the house like a robe over top of my lounge clothes – I can’t get enough of it! Washing it is super easy, too. Delicate cycle, no spin, and let it air dry. Voila! 

Shop my green one piece ruffle bathing suit!

Rachel’s piece is the top-selling Amazon swimsuit cover-up… but we DON’T think you should waste your money on it. 😬

hand holding purple and pink swimsuit cover up

Sometimes ya just can’t trust reviews, which is why we love testing highly-rated items for ourselves so we’re confident about the products we’re recommending to you all. Although we had high hopes for this piece (since it’s the #1 best-seller on Amazon), we actually think you’re better off without it. Plus, it’s slightly more expensive compared to many of our other options above!

Here’s what my Hip sidekick, Rachel said about it:

This kimono was a bust. 😫 The material is pretty cheap as it feels a bit rough and itchy on the skin. Plus, it came with a drawstring but had no loops around the waist so it basically is two pieces. I’m sure the string will eventually get lost while at the beach or pool.

I also want to stress that the sizing is one size fits all but, in this case, it probably will only fit up to X-Large. This kimono didn’t have the flowy feel like I thought it would, so for us plus-size girls this isn’t ideal even if you’re compromising on the material.” 

Shop our favorite summer shirts from Amazon!

Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 5 years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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Comments 48

  1. Luna

    I’m going to wear a swimsuit for the very first time and I’m desperately searching for other options like wet suit or shorts and swim top I’ve ordered so many things from Amazon but didn’t work out due to multiple reasons…any pointers where I can find decent Swim top bottoms with built in inners? I’ll just be going to the water park 😬I’m a nervous wreck with a non swim figure right now. TIA

    • Laura

      Try Kohl’s site! I was happy to find so many practical & modest but not frumpy options this year! I plan on taking my young kids to a water park (very shallow water only knee deep) and wanted to feel comfortable and not worry about anything but my kids. I found cute tankini tops and board shorts that are perfect! Just like wearing a tank top and shorts!

      • Lynn

        I swear by rotita swimsuits from amazon.

    • Cathy

      The swim shorts options seem endless but I rarely found chlorine resistant ones I liked for aqua class. The only ones I liked were the longer “UV Skin name brand” black (biker?) swim shorts for the best coverage and didn’t have to worry about them falling off or exposing parts of my body depending on the leg exercises. Also, I ended up buying a pair of cheap basic (running?) standard length light weight Avia shorts with built in biker shorts with a wide band from Walmart for $7-$9 dollars. They arent meant for swimming or chlorine but they are my favorite, so comfortable and cheap, for whatever reason they don’t change color in the chlorine and they dry fairly fast because the outside material is light and thin and then underneath you have the biker shorts for coverage. I just wear a swim T-shirt with short sleeves I found on amazon but all the ones I tried are very form fitting which is good because you don’t have to worry about it riding up at a water park BUT they show every fat roll you have.

    • Yvonne

      Swim suits for all website is a great site for all types of swimsuits and cover ups. I love the site due to all the different types of suits they offer and the range is sizes. Also if you search for promo codes you can get it really cheap and free shipping. There return policy is really great too .. no hassle at all. Good luck.

    • Bunny

      Luna if you happen to belong to Costco they sell those long sleeve tops with 50 spf. Pair that with a pair of men or boy’s bathing trunks. That should give you enough coverage. I have a problem too with traditional bathing suits. I’m also sun averse since I had a skin cancer removed from my face years ago. I try to be as covered up as possible with a hat and sunscreen. Hope some of these comments are helpful to you finding what you want.

      Please comment later and let us know what you decided to buy!

      • Bunny

        Thank you Me for posting this. I’ve been able to find SPF tops but not bottoms until seeing your post above.

        Awesome! Hip2Save readers are the BEST 🙂

    • Shannon

      If you’re ok with wearing a shirt and shorts you could get some from the men’s department. A lot of coverage and you could wear a women’s bikini top under the shirt. I’ve seen men’s styles that have cute girlish prints also!

    • bunged

      Hapari sells excellent quality suits. I especially love their tankinis because most tops are actually long enough to cover your stomach and their shorts are wonderful.
      Also, check out the exercise section for spandex shorts and tops/tanks–I wear those as swimsuits all the time! Walmart has cute styles that are inexpensive. They’re pretty much the same material and are quick dry.

    • Beach Bum

      Look into Swim Capris with built in mini skirt!! I have a petite one from Lands End I think they stopped carrying but they do have similar options on Amazon. It’s modest yet sporty! Old Navy has rash guard tops but in the heat they are too much. Hope that helps 🙂 Don’t worry too much, most of us fear swim season lol! Those coverups are GORGEOUS!

    • s

      Check out lands end. They have a lot of more modest options and great quality too.

    • beth

      I just want to say that while I have no advice on where to get what you are looking for, I also want you to know that regardless of what you think of your body, please don’t stress. You look much better than you think you look(we are our harshest critics), and the people who love and care about you don’t care if you don’t have the perfect “swim” figure. Almost no one does, and some of those that have the “perfect” figure come by it in a not great way.
      I also want to say that almost no one will be judging you at the water park. They will all have their own insecurities and won’t be looking at others in that way. For anyone that does, forget them! You are beautiful regardless of size!

      • Irene (Hip Sidekick)

        Great words of wisdom, Beth! #truth

    • Christiane

      Luna, every body is a swim body!

    • Olivia

      Hi Luna,
      I know I’m late to this post, but I second! They have high waisted shorts that help flatten your tummy (mom of 4, I need all the help I can!) And they have a variety of swim tops- short sleeves too. Don’t be fooled by the prices, sign up for their email because they have a lot of good sales, like 75% off. I HATE wearing bathing suits, and it wasnt until discovered this place that I felt comfortable being seen in anything. Last year I found shorts, a v neck top, and a skirt to wear as a coverup. Returns are super easy also! Good luck!

    • Charlotte

      You want to check out ModLi Swimsuit Co

    • cleo brown

      I love my skirt by Ripskirt. Its on amazon. It is perfect! The velcro makes it easily fittable and easy on/easy off without bending over ( not what I want to do in a bathing suit. And the fact that the bottoms are NOT built in make it much more versatile–I hate having a wet bottom that is 2 layers. I have had it now for 6 years—-worn non-stop. Going to purchase a socond one.

    • Ann

      Kohl’s and Lands End have the Lands End brand swimsuits that are very nice. Tankini tops and quick dry swim shorts with built in panties. Best swimsuits I have found in years. So good, I decided to stock up and bought 3 tops and 3 bottoms that all can be mixed and matched. A little pricey, but well worth it to feel covered in all the right places…

    • Stacy

      I get the zeroxposure swim shorts from kohl’s and I love them. I use them for kayaking and water sports. I got my favorite swim cover up at cvs… it is a tunic but I love it and it was like $12

  2. Abby

    This is a fun post!! Thanks for the ideas!

    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      You’re so welcome, Abby! Glad you have enjoyed it! 🙌

  3. keesh

    Lina you did it again girl you look FABULOUS.😊.

    • Lina D (Hip2Save Sidekick)

      Ah thanks so much Keesh!! ❤️

  4. CourtA

    Luna, my son and I just returned from Schlitterbahn water park resort in Texas and I found my suit separates at Target. Shorts have built-in “bikini” bottom. Worked great! I also bought a full-zip rash guard top with 50 spf on Amazon to wear over my suit top, so I didn’t have to worry about my very light skin getting fried. Worked great and very comfortable. It even kept me cool while walking through the park in high 90-degree heat.

  5. HBee

    You guys all look beautiful, now go enjoy summer!!

  6. Amy

    I bought the lace one last summer. It falls apart quite easily.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh no! SO sorry to hear that one didn’t hold up! Thanks for the honest feedback, Amy!

  7. Laura

    I bought a bathing suit I am extremely happy with from Land’s End. I got a keyhole top and a high waisted (holds everything in) skirt for the bottom in addition to a pair of swim shorts which they have in different lengths. They are pricey but go on sale often. I usually hate summer because of bathing suits but am looking forward to the pool this year.

  8. Juma

    Oh my you ladies look fabulous, cool and comfortable. Thanks everyone for the tips/suggestions. I’m a little self conscious since the knee injury and was dreading the summer weather. But I love dresses , biker shorts and T-shirts it’s always good to hear someone else’s suggestions/tips and learn other ways to put pieces together for an outfit that you normally won’t think of . Great posts/replies everyone.

  9. Shannon

    The lace one says one size fits all but that’s so vague! What size is it about? I’m small and sometimes things like that look like I’m wearing a bed sheet lol.

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      Shannon, if you read through the Amazon reviews many people state their size/weight and how it fits. That might give you a better idea. Hope this helps!

  10. Luna

    Thank you so much for all the tips and links! Appreciate your replies, I’ll definitely post if I find something awesome. Hip2Save and hipsters rock!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Happy Shopping, Luna! Thanks for the sweet comment! 💖

  11. Alissa

    You can also try They are pricey but have many coverage options available.

  12. Becki

    Luna – I just bought the women’s board shorts from Land’s End. They are super comfortable and like all Land’s End swimwear they wash well. Land’s End always has great sales and they stand behind their product.

  13. Mel

    Great post! All of you look gorgeous! 😍 Sara, may I ask where you got your swimsuit from? I have been looking for one that color and it looks beautiful with that coverup.

    • Sara

      Thank you, Mel! I actually bought it at Target last year, so not sure if they still have the same style but I’m sure they’ll have a similar color online. Have a great day!

      • Mel


  14. Nicole A.

    You will have to try the Herou summer tank dress! I love it. It is very flattering and a great dress. I’m always looking for something to throw on from the pool, then run errands in. I don’t want people staring at me in a short cover-up.LOL

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Oh cool! Thanks a ton for the suggestion!

  15. Cathy

    I found a pair of Nike jogging shorts with the mesh panty that I love to wear in the pool or at the beach. Dries super fast! Found a tankini top at Kohl’s. I have swim shorts and a swim skirt but I love those shorts!

  16. Rachel

    Luna, I bought a swim dress from amazon! I love it! It has built in shorts. Doesn’t look old lady like either. 😊

  17. Helen

    I have the 4th one and get so many compliments and inquiries on where I bought it, I wear it over my bathing suit and sometimes with cut off shorts for a bohemian look!

    • Carrie M.

      We just purchased 6 of the crochet cover ups. The sizing is all over the place and 3 of the colors are very different in person, especially the pink striped. The difference in lengths might not be a huge deal but 2 of them are at least 4” longer in the front than in the back so they look really strange. The striped are varying dress lengths while the solids are like longer tops. Other than that my girls loved the 2 that did work. Just a heads up that manufacturing on these varied a lot.

  18. Em

    Is the one Sara is wearing beige or white? Love it!

    • Irene (Hip Sidekick)

      Hi Em! Sara is wearing the cover-up in beige. Glad you love it! It is beautiful, isn’t it? 🙂

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