Our Womens to Kids Shoe Size Conversion Chart Will Save You Money

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Our womens to kids shoe size conversion chart can save you money on your next shoe shopping excursion!

woman wearing white Vans kids shoes after converting adult to kids shoe size

Here’s a genius way to get women’s shoes for way less!

Do the prices of shoes leave you feeling not so skippy? I’m excited to share a little shopping hack to convert womens to kids shoe sizes and help you pay way less for your favorite kicks! 🙌

kids and youth shoe section at store with adidas and vans displayed

If you wear a women’s U.S. size 8.5 or smaller, you may be surprised to learn that you can shop in the kids shoe department at any store! Kid’s shoes not only tend to be less expensive than adult sizes, but you can also find similar (and even identical styles), often with additional color and fun design options available!

Here’s our adult womens to kids shoe size conversion chart:

kids to adult shoe size conversion chart for women's shoes

As you can see by reading the chart, you simply subtract about 1.5 sizes from your women’s size and that will give you the correct kids to adult shoe size conversion for the size you need to buy in the kid’s section. While all brands and sizes run slightly differently, this can be a great shopping guide until you’re used to buying in the youth department.

*Unfortunately, for men, this will only work if you’re sporting a size 7 or smaller, and in that case, you’d shop for the same size in both adult and kids sizes.

Here are a few shoes you can buy right now using the women to kids shoe size conversion hack…

1. Adidas sneakers

holding adidas white kids sneakers

Total savings when shopping kids sizes vs womens sizes: $9.99

2. Keds sneakers

side by side stock photos of white keds sneakers

Total savings when shopping kids sizes vs womens sizes: $12

3. Uggs Fluff Yeah Slides

ugg fluff yeah slides

Total savings when shopping kids sizes vs womens sizes: $25

4. Nike sneakers

Nike Women's Air Force 1 Crater FlyKnit Sneakers

Total savings when shopping kids sizes vs womens sizes: $15

5. Van slip-on shoes

holding white vans slip on shoes

Total savings when shopping in the youth section: $10

6. Hunter boots

Hunter Boots at Sam's Club

Total savings when shopping in the youth section: $65

7. Crocs Classic Clog

Crocs Sam's Club

Total savings when shopping in the youth section: $10 (savings varies)

8. Converse All-Star

black and white shoe boxes stacked on store shelves

Total savings when shopping in the youth section: $20

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About the writer:

Sara is a self-taught blogger and photographer with 8+ years of experience having work featured in various building, travel, and fashion publications, most notably Bassett Furniture and Fossil.

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Comments 110

  1. Mellie

    I tried this once & the kids shoes weren’t made as well as the adults so, I returned them

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Darn! Thanks for the honest comment, Mellie. Sorry to hear about that.

    • B Jane

      That is exactly what I’ve experienced. And it doesn’t matter what brand – I’ve tried to buy kids shoes in all different brands, expensive and cheap, the kids shoes are not made as well as adults, they don’t fit well, and lack arch supports. It seems kids shoes are less expensive because the quality is so poor – not because they are smaller!!

      • rebecca

        i have never had this problem — i can testify to the identical quality for Converse, Doc Martens, and Vans. of course, i haven’t tried every brand of shoe there is, but i definitely have Converse lined waterproof booties that i got on a screaming deal in kids’ sizes that i have worn for multiple winters and still in excellent condition, far outlasting my adult ones.
        i wear an 8 in ladies’ size, and after i buy Vans and use them for a while, i can’t even remember which ones i got from which section of the store, they all seem the same.
        for the Docs, i have bought kids pairs used/thrift store, then multiple of my kids wore them, then we passed them on, because they were still in excellent condition, quality as good as my adult ones.
        sorry you have had such bad luck.

        • Andrea

          I’ve had the same good results as you Rebecca. I’ve had Nike, Saucony, Vans, Chucks and Reeboks.I’ve saved a lot of money.

        • Trineke

          My kids vs unisex adult Converse are not the same. The right shoe constantly pinches my toes. Its’s this way on 4 kids sizes I’ve purchased. I’m sticking to adult sizes. Although, my husband says I have to stop. I’ve got 157 pairs of Converse!

          I’ve also found that Doc’s have a slightly shorter toe in the kids sizes, but not enough to bother me. I’m assuming because adults have larger feet, they adjust for the toes.

    • Patricia

      I don’t think it would be the case if it’s the same brand & style? 🤔

    • Patricia

      I don’t think it would be the case if it’s the same brand & style? 🤔

  2. LChapman

    I do this and it really does save me money. Great post! 👏👏

    • s


    • Collin (Mrs. Hip)

      Thanks so much for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed the post!

  3. C

    Yes, my teen sometimes wears shoes labeled as big girls. I have not noticed any difference in quality with the brands I have purchased, but the fit is not always the same. You just need to try them on and compare.

  4. Jess

    I do this! I wear a 6 in women’s and a 4 in kids. I find the difference to be more like 2 sizes almost universally. I’ve seen very few stores that carry up to a kids 7 though. Most stop at 5.

    • Melanie

      I agree with the 2 size difference! This chart was definitely off because I buy a lot of kids shoes and they are actually cut wider so they’re roomier. They’d fall off if I went with the size listed in the chart above!

      • MrsG

        I agree. I wear a women’s 8 and a kids 6- I buy kids chacos

    • Emily

      I find 2 sizes to be a little more accurate! I wear an 8 or an 8.5 in womens and find that a 6 or a 6.5 in youth shoes fits me. 🙂

      • themayofamily

        I wear an 8 or 8-1/2 also and I get a 5-1/2 or 6 and they usually fit perfect. In Toms, get 5.5 because they run larger in kids.

    • Ashley

      Yep I am a size 7 and usually order 4.5 in kids. 5 can sometimes be too big in kids. Was just wearing my 4.5 adidas yesterday

  5. Tammy Jo

    Done this trick for years! Why pay more for same shoe or boot

  6. Queenie

    Yup! I’ve been doing this for years!!!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Awesome! Glad to hear it!

  7. Peaches

    I’ve bought Keen’s for kids sandals ever since I was diagnosed with neuropathy in my feet. The toes are wider than the women’s of the same style so that’s good for me. I love the colors and I am still wearing the first pairs I bought 8 years ago!

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)

      Wow! That’s awesome! Good to know how well they have held up for you, Peaches! Thanks for taking a moment to share your experience with us!

  8. Jillian

    Yep! I buy kids uggs and kids hunter boots for so much cheaper.

    • Christine

      My niece does the same thing. You guys are lucky.

    • Amber (Hip Sidekick)


    • jerseynancy

      Me, too!

  9. LauraG

    Only if your foot isn’t GINORMOUS! 😢

    • LauraG

      OMG! I’m a Laura G with a ginormous foot too! I miss the wall of 11s since they closed the Macy’s in the next town over. 🥲

  10. Jeremiah2911

    YES!!! This has saved me so much money over the years, not to mention kids shoes just never sell out as fast if it is really popular!
    I am a 7.5 Women’s and usually buy 5.5-6Y. My main reason for doing this initially was saving money, however it has allowed me personally to buy shoes of higher quality and support(nice runners, keen sandals, etc) that are so much more expensive in the adult sizes!

  11. Karen

    I do this a ton for my daughter. Shes a women’s 9 and I’m able to buy all her Nikes, Adidas, and Van’s I’m kids sizes!

    • Mell

      May I ask what size kids you buy for a woman’s 9? I didn’t see it on the chart. My necie wears a 9 and I always buy her shoes and flip flops. TYIA

      • HQB

        Some youth size 7s will fit a women’s size 9, depending on brand and exact foot size.

        • Rainy

          My oldest sons wears a 7 & I just tried his vans (I wear 8.5) did not fit lol

  12. CeacyM

    I’ve been doing this for years. I have small feet so I can get away with buying boys/ girls shoes and most of the time they are quite a bit cheaper. The biggest savings are on brands like Sperry and name brand running shoes.

  13. kelly

    I wish ! Ha ! Not when you are a size 11. So jealous ! Shoe deals are hard to find with big feet 🙂

    • Jamie

      Ha! Same girl! I’m size 12.

      • podvintage

        Same 11.5 here

  14. Kate

    Agree, I have been buying kids shoes forever, I usually buy clearance at Walmart, Target and Kohl’s and the quality is the same as women’s sizes. Sometimes the styles are childish so I don’t get those. My sister envies my small feet.

  15. Denise

    Yes I do this a lot

  16. Breanna

    I always do this 🤣 I’ve even bought myself a pair of Cat and Jack boots lol

    • TaaeJ


    • Sara

      My daughter (age 31) wears a 5.5 needed a pair of shoes on the fly as she was out of town. Stopped in Walmart and bought a pair in kids. 2 days later realizes they’re Hannah Montana 😂

  17. acgold

    I wear a women’s 6 1/2-7. I have been doing this for years, especially sneakers. There is no difference in the quality. Michael Kors also makes very stylish kids shoes.

    • Makayla

      what size in kids do you get? I’m curious since we’re the same size

      • Ashley

        I’m a 6.5 -7 and I can almost always wear 4.5. 5 is a little iffy- sometimes are too big. I think a size 5 in kids feels like a 7 3/4. I say that because sometimes I can wear a 7.5, but kids size 5 is sometimes even bigger than that!

        • Ashley

          I had a 4.5 adidas in yesterday FYI. Different makers will be sized slightly different

  18. rebeccahessingmacdonald

    I can never find the bigger kids sizes. They tend to stop at size 5 everywhere I’ve looked (at least in boys styles). I’ve started buying my son women’s shoes because I can’t find kid ones big enough. I’ve never thought to get my shoes in the kid’s department though.

    • rebecca

      i’ve been doing this also, because my high-schooler son has really narrow feet. men’s shoes have been too wide for him so far. there are plenty of women’s tennis shoes and even dress-shoes/loafers that look totally unisex.

  19. Savvy Mom

    I’ve been doing this for years…the kids shoes in brands like Uggs, Sorel, Hunter, Nike, etc. are way cheaper, then if there are any sales on top of that it makes it even less. 😊

  20. Amber

    Thank you! I’m an 8.5 and I always thought only real small feet could get away with this! Totally going to try searching kids first next time!

    • Jennifer (Hip Sidekick)

      You are welcome, Amber! I’m sure happy you saw this post and hope you find some! Let us know!

  21. Beverly

    I’ve been buying Nike sneakers youth size 7 (Nike youth sizing runs small) for my women’s size 8 feet and it saves a bundle. I find the Nike youth sizes actually fit me better than the women’s… Perhaps it’s because the width is different, though I’m not sure. I assumed the sneakers were meant for boys because of the sizing so I never thought about buying youth-girls sized shoes for me. I will have to check this out!

  22. maria

    I have always gotten my footwear in the children’s dept. I also get my jeans and tops. A women’s small is a girls 14/16. I still use my sons winter jacket he grew out of it 20 years ago

    • MammaK

      I just bought my 19yr old daughter new underwear from the kids department she loves them and they fit her girls xl

  23. TaaeJ

    Won’t help me with my size 10 feet!! Boo 😒

    • Karen

      Nor my 11s!!

  24. ayesha

    My size is 9😔

  25. Lesly

    Stores like Burlington has up to size 7 on the kids section

  26. Kitty

    I wish I was able to do this with Birkenstock’s. My daughter has a pair that are size 37 that she is about to grow out of, and the next size is 38 and it goes into adult prices.

    • SM

      I agree Kitty. My daughter’s the same situation right now.

  27. acgold

    Nordstrom Rack has kids shoes to size 6-7. They do run a little wider and the toe box in sneakers is usually boxier.

  28. Susan Krug

    I’ve done this for under armour slides. The kids were alot cheaper so i bought a size 7 and they fit!

  29. Jennifer

    I buy size 7 kids for myself in kids. I wear a 9 woman’s shoe. Chaco’s is a good one to use this rule on. 55.00 vs 115.00 I think YES! I have also bought nike running shoes with this also.

  30. Jackie

    I tried this once, but my feet are narrow and the kids shoes just don’t fit correctly (too wide for me).

  31. Amy F;)

    This post made my day! I’ve been trying to understand the difference between son’s growing shoe size compared to men’s and women’s sizes this week when he outgrew his shoes seemingly over night. ALSO, I’m always hunting for both a bargain for myself AND shoes made wide enough for my short/wide feet. Lastly, I often think the girls’ shoes are SO cute and fun and wish there were more styles like that offered in adult sizes- I never thought to try a large girls size for myself. I think this post is a game changer for me!

  32. J. Jay

    I do this sometimes, and I am a man who can pull this off! I have really small feet for a guy (men’s size 6 to 6.5) and kids/youth sizes are the same, so needless to say I can wear youth size 6 kids shoes! The upper limit of kids shoes are actually a little too big for me believe it or not 🙃

  33. NYC BRAT

    TIP: This works well with UGGS, as well.

  34. Caron

    I do this with some shoes, kids shoes tend to be wider, which is a plus for me. However, the support is not as good as an adult shoe, since they were not intended for the adult weight, but a child’s weight.

  35. Kristina

    I did this. I wear 7 or 7 1/2. The shoes I wanted did not come in women’s but they had for kids. I was able to fit a 7Y 😃. Saved 30 bucks. Well my bf did 😂

  36. BCBC

    I do this all the time, but a few brands this hasn’t worked for me are Vans and Rothys. They run a big smaller that comfy for me.

  37. Kavi

    I fit into US 5 making it difficult to get this size for my tiny feel, left with very less choice, maybe I should try considering d kid size

    • Ashley

      Yes you may be even like a 3.5 or smaller in kids! I’m a size 7 in women’s and a size 4.5 usually in kids

  38. Kim

    I have a few pair of kids UGGS. I can’t do the taller ones because I don’t have kid sized calf’s 🤣, but it’s saved me quite a bit from the same size in the adults. Nordstrom even has an adult to kid sized conversion chart on their website.

  39. Scott

    My wife frequently buys men’s sneakers, usually 2 number sizes smaller than her women’s size. If the styles work for you, men’s sneakers tend to be priced the same or better, be much better made and last ~twice as long. Crummy sneakers and no pockets in their pants mean women really get the short end of the stick. (and yes, I know that list goes on…)

    • Lo

      Pink tax. Thanks for understanding I need pockets!!!

    • Clestina

      I did this with my Dr. Martens. The Men’s were $10 less for the same shoe (weird?).

  40. Beth

    We have BIG feet here, my 17 year old wears a men’s size 16, my 12 year old wears a men’s 13 wide. I wear a women’s 11 wide. But I will pass this tip onto my petite friends. 👍👍

  41. Tracy

    This works great for non-specialty shoes (shoes without arch support or other things women look for in shoes). Sanuk is a brand that specializes in a flip flop footbed for nearly all of their shoes. This footbed doesn’t differ from kid to adult sizes. I have bought kid sized Sanuk for that reason. Other brands in kids lack the toe or arch width for someone like me that has a bunion and needs more toe room. I have found that the shoe size conversion is not always the same between brands or shoe type so try-on shopping works best, not online purchasing. 😊

  42. Akumtula

    Iam a size 3 adult so what size fo you guys think will fit me in the kids section? (For shoes)

    • Ann


    • AmandaJ

      ? 3? I didn’t know there was a size 3 in adult…

  43. Gilly P

    I have been doing this for almost 20 years with sneakers and some boots. Love the savings.

  44. barbara

    I buy Teva sandals in kids and they are the same as adults and I save about $40

  45. maria

    Would this work for my size 10 feet?

  46. Leane

    This always worked for me work boots were a great savings.

  47. Sbhallinan

    Yup! I have been doing this since I was in junior high! That was a long long time ago🤣I love sneakers and big kids are usually exactly the same. I also shop men’s 6-6.5 if they are on sale too.

  48. Alea

    I wear an 8, but can easily fit a kids 6 and sometimes 5. It’s great!

  49. MrsG

    My chacos are a child size! Quality is identical. I’ve only owned 2 pairs over the span of about 15 years. You can’t wear them out!

  50. lila

    My 20 yr old wears kids shoes. They just fit better. She actually wore kids sandals to her high school graduation because the adult version was huge on her (and a funny, her little cousin who was 9 wore the exact same sandals to the graduation ceremony).

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