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Walmart: $1 Uncrustables, FREE Starkist + More!

12:58 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

According to reader, Jennifer, Walmart has the 4-pack of Smucker’s Uncrustables on sale for just $2 per box! Use the $1/1 coupon from here to score a box for just $1! Please keep in mind that Walmart’s prices do vary by region, so this may not be priced the same where you’re located.

Other Walmart Deals:

Starkist Tuna Pouches $0.93

Use the $1/1 coupon from here
Final cost FREE!

Sunbelt Granola Bars $2

Use the buy one get one free coupon from here
Final cost $1 per box!

Old El Paso Heat & Serve Sides $1
Use the $0.50/1 coupon from the 1/3SS or from here
Final cost $0.50!

Revlon Nail Clippers $1.47

Use the $1/1 coupon from the 1/17SS
Final cost $0.47!

Dove Visibly Smooth Deodorant $2.47
Use the $2/1 coupon from here: IE or Firefox
Final cost $0.47!

Finish/Electrosol Power Ball Tabs (20-ct.) $3.87

Use the $2.50/1 coupon from the 1/3SS
Final cost $1.37!

**Make sure to head on over to Passion For Savings for a very extensive Walmart deals list!

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  • Valerie says:

    How do you find out about all these wonderful deals so quickly?

  • Megan says:

    We bought some of the Finish Powerballs last week with this sale price! They have boxes there for the same sale price with double the product! So 40 tabs instead of 20!

  • Cindy says:

    Ooooh, thanks for the Uncrustables and Starkist coupons! I need to get both this week.

  • A.Marie says:

    I love the Uncrustables…my kids don’t like them, so I get to eat them all!! :)

    • Diane says:

      I just purchased Uncrustables for the first time over the weekend. I got them for $1 a box. Turns out my two year old doesn’t like the PB&J or the grilled cheese. Like you, I think they are great so I get to eat them.

  • Jaime says:

    Off subject BUT….I’m so addicted!! Does anyone else feel like they get nothing done during the day because they are too busy shopping and obsessing over coupons and deals?! ;) Thanks Collin for helping us all out so much! I check this site all day long and for the first time ever I can afford to shop and not feel gulity! Now…I must go power clean before my family gets home HA! ;)

    • katie says:

      Right there with ya! I need to get away from my computer and get some things done. I am on such a coupon high, it is amazing the deals we can get. Thanks Collin for showing us the way!!!

    • Carla says:

      Absolutely!!! I was thinking about writing in to ask Collin how she balances it all! I feel like I spend way too much time reading, printing, clipping, organizing my list, then all the shopping!!! I don’t know how she posts so much so fast! I am trying to cut back now that I’ve been coupon shopping and stocking my pantry for the past 6 months. It’s so FUN, though!! :) Thanks Collin for all your hard work to bring us the deals!!

    • SaraJC says:

      LOL ! I feel the very same way.

    • Amanda M says:

      Yeah when I’m not online I miss a deal then I kick myself lol. Or I’m out shopping and when I get back coupons will post for items I just bought it’s crazy but I love it!

    • Anonymous says:

      Yes! My hubby complains that I spend too much time couponing ont the computer.

  • Stevie says:

    At my walmart they only have the pb&j ones int he big box for 4$ and sumthing.
    The 2$ boxes are grilled cheese and pb&honey. Bummer

  • MM says:

    My daughter has peanut allergies but she can eat the grilled cheese. Surprisingly they are not processed w/nuts so it is a great alternative for her.

  • Shelly T. says:

    Dollar General has the Finish/Electrasol Power Ball Tabs (12-ct) for $3.00, so with the coupon only $0.50 each!! They also have the Kotex liners for $1.00, so free liners with the $1.00 coupon!

    • Sharon says:

      Thanks for the tip, Shelly. I went to Dollar General and picked up the box with 40 in it for $4.50-$2.50 coupon. $2 for the box. Great deal which will last me at least a little over a month. With 7 people in the house, we run the dishwasher ALOT!

  • Sharon says:

    Giant PA has the uncrustables on sale for $2. Plus, when you buy 7, you’ll get 20 cents off per gallon of gas. Which for me, is around $5.40 worth of gas!! I purchased a bunch of these deals(not only the uncrustables) Sunday and only paid 95 cents per gallon of gas!! My kids love them and probably would never have purchased them except for the sale. Thanks so much!

  • Mary says:

    Your Giant has Gas? Wish mine did!

  • Craig says:

    More free tuna? Here kitty, kitty! lol
    Sweet Mejier also has darn near free tuna this week to after sale/q’s!!! .4c to be exact.

  • Kerstin says:

    Thank you… my son will loves Uncrustables and they are only 49 Cents after the Coupon in the Commissary… yay!!!

  • SaraJC says:

    Ugh I just need to vent. LOL !!!!
    I just spent over and hour with the cashier at walmart. She looked at all my coupons, questioned almost every single coupon. The manager and cashier kept saying I couldnt use a manufacturer q paired with a BOGO q and that the printable q’s that beep wont be entered manually because thats whats been said :S Then I had a B3Gthe 4th free q for those chefs requested meat and had another 3 $3/1 q’s for the other 3 I wasnt getting free, well that q kept beeping so I told them to give me back my B3G4th freeq and just use the others. They had to rering ALL my items again every single thing that had already been rung to get that q back. I used the $4/2 q for the Rolaids and got them free with no overage-at least I got them free right lol. It was ridiculous. I almost gave up seriously. I even told the people in back of me that I would probably be a while there, I was so embarrased they had waited so long. I was so stressed and felt bad for my supportive hubby and crying baby. In the end I stood my ground just because I dont give up too easily. I came a long way making my list and saved $78.06 and payed $60.18. So not bad I guess. grrrrrr I think the cashier and the managers will remember me for a long time LOL !

  • Kenne says:

    I scored 4 packages of tuna for free (had 4 q) and also had q for All Natural eggs 75.cents off.. total price was .82 cents…. The cashier did the same thing… looked @ the coupons like they were illegal..Called the manager over and he said they were legit
    . then she tried not to scan 1 of the 4 tuna q’s.. I just wont go back to this employee’s line.

  • Melissa says:

    Just came back from Walmart! They had the 32 load All on roll back for 3.97 from 4.97, I used my 2, $2 off coupons for some pretty inexpensive All plus I think $1 printable coupon is floating around too!

  • Patty says:

    Well….Walmart would not take the Internet coupons for the Sunbelt snacks. I bought 4/getting 4 free. So, I unloaded them and had them deduct them from my total. Except when I got home, I found one in the bag!

    Also,,, I had two $3 Qs for the Olay regenerist cleanser. Sure enough, they only took one Q off. I let that slip by me. I usually separate duplicate Qs, guess I did not this time.

  • Kendra says:

    I went to my Wal-Mart tonight and was so excited because I was going to be getting a lot and saving a lot too…So, I started looking for my items and hardly any of them were on sale. I was going to get the Dove deoderant and none of them were ringing up, then I looked for the Carefree and Stayfree pads and those were not on sale either, I looked for a few more items and none of them were on sale!! I am so disappointed!! I don’t know what the deal is that my Wal-Mart didn’t have these prices!

  • kim says:

    I just printed and cut the Sunbelt BOGO coupons and happened to look at the fine print: No payment will be made for coupons that are mass cut, in mint condition, or otherwise judged to be improperly submitted…

    I’ve never seen that before on a coupon. Is this a legitimate coupon?

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