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  • katie says:

    I dont see it on the page, can anyone help?

  • Betsy says:

    I am on the swagbucks bandwagon, and I just wanted to pass on that I recently got the toolbar and I think you get WAY more swagbucks when you have the toolbar. I’m not sure why–it’s not just the one or two that you get just for opening the window– it seems that when I search in the toolbar instead of the actual site, I get swagbucks more often. Just my two cents, hope it helps!

  • Amy says:

    Thanks Collin, my swagbucks are adding up nicely :-)

  • Melissa says:

    You don’t have to become a fan. Just check out the wall post for the code.

  • Mrs. Hall says:

    Oh..guys, gals…Collin. I’ve never had soooo much fun being confused lol.

    I signed up yesterday and got 30 Swagbucks for doing so. Then I was like now what? I tried to put in the toolbar, but have not updated my IE yet (guess I’ll get IE8) so I don’t have their search bar yet. I sign in….and I presume you have to be searching form their site to get these bucks? Anyways..I went to their search and thought what do I enter? So I just did whatever came to mind. There was a little ad for some drink on the home page, so I entered that drinks name and next page said CONGRATULATIONS! YOU WON 20 SWAGBUCKS! I was like this is cooollllll.

    So I tried again and nothing. I was typing in websites I use daily..and nothing. I was wondering if I was doing something wrong. So I ended up saying ok how about this and typing in a name brand..and boom I got 10 more Swagbucks!. I tried others but nothing so I thought I’d wait and ask you guys if I’m doing it right.

    Today, I logged in and typed HIP2SAVE and brought up Collins link. No Swagbuck, but I was going there anyways so I clicked on it and saw this FREE Swagbuck code! I did what it said and got my 15 Swagbucks..then clicked back to the Swagbuck window..and for some reason I hit the BACK button instead of HOME and it gave me another 20 Swagbuck win?!?! I have no clue what I did. I guess I’m doing pretty good. I have 96 Swagbucks right now (in 1 day) and I’m just searching people, places, or websites. Am I doing it right? LOL I know..I must if I’m getting these bucks…but I see those “recent winners” on the right hand side of their screen and I’m like “Hey! That person won 50! I want 50!” lol.

    I just want my swagbucks to keep rolling in!! This could make for a good little prize by Christmas maybe? Thanks a bunch Collin for making me happily confused!

  • Mrs. B says:

    I cant find it, lol. Im never good at finding these codes

  • megan says:

    COLLIN!!!! I just got my $10 Amazon card for doing those 10 reviews on Viewpoint you talked about a while ago!!!!! :) So excited! :) Thanks for all of the great leads. I’m on my way to a $0 oop Christmas! :)

  • Mrs. B says:


  • Kenia says:

    Hi Collin,

    I’m new to this swapbuck site and already have 121 bucks so thanks much for the heads up on swagbucks because I’m still trying to figure out the site.

  • megan says:

    Hey newbies…pay extra attention to the codes on tomorrow. You can pick up A LOT of extra bucks just by getting on a widget throughout the day. ;)

  • ayesha says:

    you can earn 2 more points if you click on “special offer”on the left side of the page.then click no obligation ..skip all the offers in the end you will get swag bucks

  • mom2five says:

    I can’t find it either!

  • Dana says:

    You can also go to Special Offers and click on “Wall 2” – scroll down to the Axe video. Watch the 15 sec. video and get 4 SB!

    Warning: it’s a video showing you how to use the Axe Detailer to ahem…clean your balls.

  • ayesha says:


  • Pam says:

    Not only did I get the 15 on Yaysave, but for fun I put in the search box hip2save and got 20 more swagbucks, whoopee!!!!!

  • Stephanie says:

    Wanted to give a warning to Collin et al. Posting locations of swag codes, swag codes themselves, etc is grounds for having your account disabled. They are very serious about this.

  • Sofia :) says:

    i was typing in the search engine through swagbucks, and my water bottle fell on my keyboard! The next thing I know, the screen says I won 20 swagbucks!! :)

  • Mo Keaton says:

    I always seem to win swagbucks when I type in a search, and then click images or web at the top of the search. Weird! Any other way, no swagbucks for me!

  • Christie says:

    I was able to see it w/o becoming a fan. :D Thanks for the tip on the code!

  • mamabear says:

    And it says something on the home page- like if you upload a photo they are going around in early april giving 13 sb for those who have photos…

  • Lori says:

    I just signed up for Swagbucks a few days ago and I’m a little confused even after reading your post about it. I became a fan of on facebook, found the 15 pt. code, but couldn’t figure out where to plug it in to get my 15 swagbucks, and what is this toolbar everyone is talking about? Sorry I’m a little lost and I’m not very tech-savy.

    • Mrs. Hall says:

      I’m new too and really confused lol. If you copy the codes you find, go to swagbucks home page and on the right will be a space that says something like put your code here. Paste it there and hit the I believe “Gimmee” button and it will credit you.

      The toolbar is what you can download to search the web and get your bucks. I have yet to install it because I have like IE6 and it requires IE7 or better for IE. I think it would be easier, but I’ve been lazy lately lol. I just use the search on their site right now.

      I have found swagbucks, but i think I’ve just been lucky because i really don’t know what the heck I’m doing lol.

  • Valarie says:

    To find the Gimme box you click on “Home” to get to the homepage, it might now work it you just go to I just tried it and it said it has expired:(

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