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JCPenney: $10 off $25 Mobile Coupon!

10:32 AM MST
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Did you know that JCPenney has new mobile coupons available? If not, you can sign up for these mobile coupon offers here. About a day or two after signing up, you’ll receive a text message with a $10 off $25 JCPenney coupon! To use it, you’ll just need to show the cashier your phone and the code that appears in the text message.

I love mobile coupons! It definitely helps save that oh so precious printer ink! ;)

(Thanks, Monica!)

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  • Jenny says:

    Very cool, I am wondering how long until it expires after you receive it? Has anyone set this up and do you know how long the window of time is?

  • Julie S. says:

    I wonder if that coupon can be combined with the $10 off $10 purchase coupon that they mailed me.

    • Kristine says:

      I was wondering the same thing….has anyone tried this mobile coupon $10 off $25 in combination with the mailer $10 of $10 or more?? The mailer coupon doesn’t say that it cannot be combined with any other offer, so as long as the text coupon doesn’t exclude that, then I think we will be good! Let us know……

  • Jen says:

    Do you know when it expires?

    • Monica says:

      My first coupon ($10 off $25) expired two weeks from the day I received it. Once I used the first coupon, they sent me another coupon ($10 off $50) and that one was only good for 4 days.

  • Anonymous says:

    so far i have recieved $5 off any purchase, $10 off $25, and $10 off $50 they let me combine the $5 off any and $10 off $25

  • Anonymous says:

    i wonder if all codes are the same or if the coupon can be used more than once

  • Jessica A. says:

    Does anyone know if you’re charged by the cell company for receiving these?

  • aysha says:

    did anyone receive theirs rigjt away? i needed to get to the mall today for some boy clothes.

    • Anonymous says:

      i got a reply right away then you text them back your e-mail and then i got a coupon text back almost right away

      • Shelly T. says:

        I signed up via the link and received a text back to reply with Y if I wanted to be singed up. They did not ask for my email address, and so far I have not received a text coupon. Hope it comes soon. I have a trip planned to JCP in the next couple of days.

  • Victoria McKinnon says:

    I was in a JC Penney store a couple of weeks ago and the cashier asked me about signing up and so I did and since then I have gotten two coupons one worth $10 off $25 and the other $20 off $50. Both coupons did have an expiration date and when I went to redeem on of them the cashier was a little confused about how to do it, but figured it out and all was well.
    I think this is awesome on their part and kudos to their “going green” effort!

  • Shelly T. says:

    Thanks, signed up!

  • Amanda says:

    Thanks! I have been getting some great deals there lately, this will just sweeten my week even more!

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