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Rite Aid: Earn $50 in Gift Cards for Prescriptions!

5:04 PM MST
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Wahoo! Rite Aid released a new prescription transfer coupon! Just take along this new coupon here and transfer your prescription to Rite Aid and you’ll score a $25 Rite Aid gift card! Even sweeter, if you have an additional prescription to transfer, you can get another $25 gift card! Plus, you’ll get 25 bonus points added to your Wellness+ Rewards Card!

If you’re a frequent Rite Aid shopper, I’m sure you know just how far $50 worth of gift cards will go! :)

(Thanks, Coupons 4 Utah!)

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  • Pamela Bauman says:

    We have these in our weekly ad often. Must not be in others ads?

  • Dana says:

    It has to be a prescription that you do get filled at another rx, cant be a new one you dropped off at another rx, and can’t be on any government insurance plan, ( like medicaid, tencare, ect) and then it is a great way to help buy great deals in the front of the store

  • what's the deal says:

    I’ve had my 2 perscriptions at Walgreens for years, but I am going to have to take advantage of this – just can’t pass up $50.00 just to move them over.

  • Judy says:

    Remember to read the small print. In NY and NJ this was mistakenly put into the ad. You must be over 65 years of age and not use any government programs for your prescriptions.

  • SenoraE says:

    Stupid NY. Grrr. :(

  • Derek says:

    I live in MD and there are two $25 coupons just like this almost every single week in the ad–are we super special or something by getting these so frequently? I never even knew they weren’t in everyone’s ads!

  • Anna in NC says:

    I did this tonight. I needed to get my children’s inhalers for school. I went to Walgreens to find out how many refills were left. My daughter had one and my son two. She asked if I wanted them filled. I told her no thanks that I was going to have them filled at Rite Aid because they were offering $25 gift cards for transferred prescriptions. I wondered if she would match that. Nope! She was understanding and said then you can bring them back next month. It’s hard to pass up $50 in gift cards. The prescriptions came to $70. I love these Pharmacy/GC deals!! Thank you Collin :)

  • fairydust says:

    Thru my employer, I’m on a health insurance plan (no choice) that has a mega-high deductible, then after that’s paid, everything that’s covered is covered at 100%, including prescriptions. Because of some health issues earlier in the year, I’ve hit the deductible, which means all my regular monthly prescriptions cost me nothing the rest of the year. So I admit to transferring around to any store that will give me gift cards (mostly Target and Rite Aid) because for me it’s basically free money. Right now I have $75 in RA gcs in my wallet – just loving the perk of having to pay so much up front earlier in the year :)

    One tip I would suggest is to cut those coupons out whenever you see them and tuck them in your wallet, binder, box, etc, so you can take advantage of any gcs offers like this whenever you get a new Rx or have one somewhere already you can transfer. I usually get the $10 Target gcs with any new prescriptions, then transfer those a month later to Rite Aid :)

  • Priscilla says:

    I need one for a NEW prescription

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