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JCPenney: 97¢ In-Store Sale!

2:13 PM MST
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Woo Hoo! I’m about to jump in my car and head over to JCPenney for an awesome clearance sale! According to reader, Alli, JCPenney currently has many of their clearance items marked down to 97¢ which means BIG savings for you! Alli purchased all the clothes pictured above for only $16.30 including tax…she saved over $308 (Check out her receipt below for proof). How awesome is that?!

If you head over to your local JCPenney, be sure to come back and let us know what you snagged!

(Thanks, Alli!)

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  • Christina R says:

    We are some SERIOUS couponers if we are worried about shirts that are still ringing up at $3!! So glad this site is here!!

    • MommySpendsLess says:

      LOL How true! All this couponing has definitely warped my sense of money. I think the last time I went to the nearest shopping center, I spent more on tolls getting there than I did on one of my daughter’s shirts!

  • Emily says:

    I was just in there on Friday and used my $10 off $25 plus 15% survey coupon. I got two pair of super cute sandals for about $12. So happy! The toddler clothes was pretty picked over. Ready for some cute fall looks anyway.

  • Becky says:

    My hubby needed clothes so we went tonight. He got Polos for work for $8.99 and Khakis for 19.99…. which is not bad. They didn’t have his size in the good sale pants!! Now the kid stuff was awesome! Anywhere from 1.97 up to 4.97. Got my daughter a princess 2 piece swim suit for 2.97!!! I don’t care if it wasn’t .97, it was still a deal!

  • Jodi says:

    Guess where I’m heading at 10 a.m. sharp! (don’t you wish stores opened before 10?! I mean…we’ll have been awake for at least 4 hours by then!) Thanks for the tip!

  • Nicole says:

    I am jealous that her sales tax on the receipt is 5%. WOW, what state is that? LOL, I can’t even remember 5% since I have been the one doing the shopping.

  • Jo says:

    Same here, went right after seeing this post. Didn’t see anything but they did have children’s clothes for 3.17

  • Tanya N says:

    Anyone in Fresno, CA? BTW, I am jealous of the 5% tax rate also. We have a 8.9% sales tax rate here in Central Cali and income tax as well. :(

  • pg says:

    the deal at jcpenny is great… but how awesome is 5% sales tax? We’re at 9.75%!!!

  • Stephanie says:

    I am in Illinois. They had TONS of tops ranging 1.97-3.97. I found my daughter a bra and jeans for $10 and some toddler tops for an upcoming birthday gift for $1.57 each. Still great shopping. Spent $17 with tax, savings on receipt said $80!

  • Stephanie says:

    I went to my JCPenney in Tallahassee, FL and bought 36 items. I spent $83.91 and saved $333.66! About $6 of that was tax, too!

  • AMANDA DUNN says:


  • Maureen says:

    I found a few cute denim shorts and a fun top for my daughter for only $1.97 each less 20% coupon (found in one of my free magazines). Thanks so much!

  • anonymous says:

    in my opinion, JCPenneys does not have cute clothes, and I don’t think the quality is all that great either. Why do they have to put characters on all of their children’s clothing? Good luck to any of you trying to find these deals, but it seems like a majority of you aren’t finding anything worthwhile. Stick with the cuter, and similarly priced sales items from Children’s Place, Target, and Old Navy.

  • Alyssa M says:

    I went today, no $0.97 deals, but still a few cheap things. I got my little guy a pair of sandals for next year that were marked down from $28.00 to $5.37!

  • Kesha says:

    No 97 cents stuff at my JCPenney either, but lots of girls 1.97 stuff and I found great stuff (seeing as my 3 1/2 yr old is already in size 5/6 big girls shirts b/c she is so tall). I got 12 items for 25.29 with a 330.25 savings!!! Wish I could have gotten more and definitely wish I had one of those coupons. lol Thanks for the tip :D

  • Paulette says:

    Nothing w/.97 cent endings in Arlington TX. Parks mall but some panties and a few pairs of sandals. :(BUT Dillards has shorts for 2.39 and a few other things in the kids department so it ended well!

  • Tsukiakage says:

    Aside from the absolutely hilarious typo and all the comments, does anyone know if this sale is still going on? If so, I am definitely going by there on the way home.

  • Tsukiakage says:

    Actually, I just called our local JC Penney’s and they’re having an 80% off same… not $0.97. They said that all stores are different — just thought I’d throw that out there.

  • Desirae says:

    Went tonight & our sales suck!! I did end up finding darling flip flops for $1.57 :)
    And i did use the 20% off coupon from the parents magazine. But i have a question…
    Was the coupon 20% off full total or 1 item. Because i just looked @ my receipt and it only took off 1 item when i swore it was off the full amount.

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