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MyPanera Card = Freebies and Savings!

11:06 AM MST
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If you frequently grab a bite to eat or drink at a Panera Bread Bakery, then you definitely want to sign up for the MyPanera Card! As a MyPanera card member, you’ll snag extra bonuses and gifts picked specially for you. From FREE items in the bakery-cafe (like a free pastry, fruit smoothie, and/or espresso drink) to exclusive tastings and demonstrations, MyPanera will continually think of unique ways to thank you. Plus, the more you visit, the more surprises you can get (just when you least expect them)!

Here’s what you need to do to become a MyPanera Card Member…

* MyPanera cards are only available from Panera associates so head over to your local participating Panera Bakery and ask an associate for a card.

* Register your card online; this is the first step towards receiving special surprises. You’ll automatically be entitled to a reward on your next visit just for registering and you’ll snag a birthday reward!

* Each time that you visit a participating Panera bakery, be sure to present your card or give the associate the phone number associated with your card.

Are you currently a MyPanera Card Member? If so, let us know what yummy freebies and/or discounts you have received!

(Thanks, Short on Cents!)

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  • Lindsay says:

    Just for registering my card I got a free pastry/sweet and since then I’ve earned $1 off bread also.

  • Norteasterner says:

    Not avail in my area yet…but SO looking forward to when it finally comes here!! :)

  • Rita says:

    i got a free pastry for registering…then within a couple of weeks a free handcrafted coffee drink for my b-day, another pastry and a free bagel…loving this card…no rime or reason to the freebies.

    • stephanie says:

      I got the same things. I don’t even spend that much there so I’m not sure if it comes from the number of visits or how much you spend. I spend about $1 there 3 or 4 days a week getting a plain bagel and water. I’ve earned more in freebies than I’ve spent I think LOL.

  • Mama Bear says:

    Collin, you must be a psychic! I was just thinking that I wish Panera Bread had coupons or other deals! LOL! I hope it’s available in my area because I will be there tomorrow.

  • Mama Bear says:

    Not in my area yet. Boo! Link to check your state. :)

  • Couponing4myTacoma says:

    oooohhh going to get my card next time!!!! I LOVE Panera’s. It’s my starbucks… LOL

  • Sandy says:

    Just wanted to let everyone know what a great company Panera is! They donate all of their leftover bagels, muffins, etc. to local food banks!!! Love companies that have social awareness too!

    • Liz says:

      Glad to hear that they donate them. Many restaurants just trash their leftovers for fear of liability. :(

    • Julie@EssentialSimplicity says:

      Yeah, SUPPOSEDLY they donate all their leftovers to the shelters,etc. Unfortunately, when I worked there I saw LOTS of food getting dumped in the trash. It’s great that the occasional big bag of bagels gets donated, but they could do so much more.

      I still like Panera though. Their coffee is better than Starbucks, the food is awesome, and we got GREAT employee discounts. My only problem with them is the fact that they don’t do nearly as much donating as people might think.

    • kate says:

      They donate GIANT bags of bread, and other goodies to my local church every week!

  • Qpon Saving Mommas says:

    we love there shortbread cookies

  • Karin says:

    They are my favorite bakery cafe!!! And I’m going to take my parents from Japan who are visiting us in 2 weeks. Definitely I will sign up for those program. Thanks so much!! :)

  • mouni says:

    Panera is much better than Starbucks in my opinion. Not only their selection is much better but also cheaper. Can’t wait for the card to come to my area. I used to go there a lot when they had that old card that earned free coffee but don’t go nearly as much now. I like to feel like a company values my business and i LOVE to earn freebies. :)

  • mouni says:

    Sandy, i didn’t know that. That’s awesome. More reasons for me to love and go to Panera!

  • MARY ANN says:


  • Erin says:

    Oh! Like registering a Starbucks card! Love the freebies! I’m on it!

  • Lauren says:

    I love this card! I work a part time job near a Panera and I’ve already redeemed a free pastry and a free espresso drink in the past month. I had been disappointed with the lack of coupons issued by Panera in the past, but I think this card has been worth the wait!

  • Ryan says:

    Got a free smoothie when I registered mine. Was on a work trip and work bought several of us lunch. All going on the card baby:)

  • Beth says:

    I just stopped at ours because just hearing panera made me want a yummy sandwhich…they said they won’t have the cards for a few months (Fitchburg, WI).

  • Jennifer Miller Jaster says:

    i work for panera bread and it really is a good company. not only did they finally start this rewards program that even employees can use, but they really do donate all their leftover product at the end of each night. there is also a “panera cares” cafe, i belive in st. louis, possibly coming soon to michigan (where i live), where everything there is from donations and you pay what you can. there are no prices, so those that need a meal can go and eat. based on the honor system. really great company to be a part of.

    • Christen says:

      Hi Jennifer! :)

    • Jenn says:

      Yep. I am here in St. Louis and live nearby. When you check out they tell you what the total would be retail, and you can pay none, some, all, or more. It really does work out. To be fair, it is in a very mixed area of St. Louis….a lot of high end businesses and white collar offices, but across the street from the county courthouse and metro bus line….so it gets both ends of the socioeconomic scale.

  • Christen says:

    I work for Panera. The rewards on the Panera cards are completely random. It doesn’t matter if you spend $1 or $100. You get your first item when you register your card, which is almost always a bakery item, then your rewards will vary. These are all the rewards so far that I have seenso far: free bakery items, espresso drink, smoothie, soft drink, bowl of soup, salad, bagel. Also $1 or $2 off loaf of bread, pastry, lunch item, etc…
    When the program first came to Michigan, over a month ago, customers got freebies every 2-3 times they came in. Now it isn’t as frequent, but still many freebies. The longer you use the card, the better the reward. We are now starting to see free lunch items and free loaves of bread.
    Just make sure you register your card right away. You will not be able to go back and get any credit for purchases made before you register.

  • Emily says:

    I was just there this morning and got my card! My first reward was a free smoothie – worth $3.99! :) Now I just wish there was a Panera closer.

  • Carolyn says:

    We’ve had a MyPanera card for awhile and it’s been very worthwhile! It has definitely let us enjoy Panera a little more – although we like their food and enjoy eating there, the lack of coupons makes it not great – and the kids meals aren’t as cheap or as healthy as Corner Bakery, for example. BUT the card is fun and we’ve received a good number of freebies, so I appreciate that. I just wish they’d give some healthier food choices for kids.

  • Melissa says:

    So glad to see this! My birthday is coming up in a few weeks so I’m hoping to get my card registered in time to get a bday freebie!! Thanks!

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  • Glenn says:

    Products are good, company donates food, card is useless – you will get a few free items up front trying to generate traffic from you and then nothing – the card is pure marketing – that is fine but I will discard the card as it just takes up room

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  • Jennifer M says:

    I scored a free espresso drink when I registered my card!!!

  • Melissa says:

    I just ate at Panera today and they told me I’m due an expresso drink or a smoothie….I saved it for another time…she told me it will expire in a month.

  • Restaurant Deals: Olive Garden, White Castle, Quiznos + More | Midwest Coupon Chick says:

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  • Kristen says:

    I just activated mine, how do you find out what your freebie is? Do they email it to you or just give it to you when you go in to purchase something else?

  • Carol S. says:

    I’ve had their card for a while now. It’s great. I get freebies all the time. I love Panera & go there lot! I even bought their stock a long time ago & make a good bit of money when I sold it. That shows how good a company really is!

  • Donna Smith says:

    Quality food at reasonable prices!

  • David and Sharon Adams says:

    I have a card but didn’t have it with me the last time I went in. How do you remember your sign in and password? The clerk tried both phone numbers and neither came up on her register. Can you help me?

  • Susan Flores-Bowman says:

    When your delicious Asiago cheese loaf goes on sale that’s or if you Panera have an additional cheese bread and pastries Mmmmm delicious

  • worst reg ever says:

    What a crock, there’s everything but registration form. Other reg sites want as much info as the IRS. . . . ridiculous

  • Susan says:

    For some reason I can’t get my card to register via smartphone. Is it me , or the system?

  • dana says:

    I have a mypanera card & I can’t load the code numbers from my receipts on my card. I went into paneras without my card & the cashier said to go on line, put the number code from the receipt in & I can’t do it because you all don’t have an icon on line to do it.

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