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Sears: Heroes at Home Program for Military

11:39 AM MST
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Note: The site is running VERY slowly, so be patient. :)

If you or someone in your family a member of the U.S. Military currently on active duty?! If so, hurry on over here to register for the 2010 Sears Heroes at Home Wish RegistrySM Program. This program provides evenly distributed donations to all registered members in the form of a Sears Gift Card. The gift card can be used on any Kmart, Sears, Great Indoors or Lands’ End merchandise online, in-store, by phone or through the Wishbook catalog. The Registry Donation is presently scheduled to begin on November 1, 2010 and end on December 31, 2010.

Keep in mind that you will need to register using the service member’s name and date of birth exactly as recorded by the United States Department of Defense. This application form is currently scheduled to close on October 15, 2010 at 6pm CST. Registration is on a first come, first serve basis. To view the frequently asked questions, click here.

(Thanks, Shining 2 Save and Kimberly!)

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  • keeley says:

    That link isn’t working for me.

  • Angela says:

    I can get the second link to load but when I submit it won’t go through. Will keep trying.

  • Ashley P says:

    worked for me!

  • Anna says:

    Where is “Submit” button. The site is loading for me but there is no submit button.

  • Yola says:

    I press the summit button but is not doing anything!!

  • sarah says:

    what is everyone that is getting through getting as a confirmation? I have been sent to a sears page.. but it isn’t confirming that I got through. thanks!

    • Danielle says:

      I signed up right at 9am cst when the registry said it was officially opened and it took me unitl 9:20am to actually get the conformation page that says “thank you. you will be notified by october 27th on your status.” I just kept refreshing and filling out the page over and over unitl it went through! Good Luck to all!!

    • sarah says:

      yay finally got a confirmation! for those that get a blank sears page ( like I did) I would keep submitting until you do! the confirmation thanks you for your interest int he program and says they will let you know the status by october 27th. We missed this last year but got it the year before.. it was awesome!

  • k. says:

    i had to hit the back button about 10 times and it finally went thru… thank you!!

  • Jesi says:

    this is a great program we got $300 last year and bought a $500 dyson vacuum cleaner with it, (would have NEVER been able to afford one otherwise)

  • Megan says:

    YAY finally went through! With a 3 yr old and we recently took in my 14 and 15 yr old brothers this will make things much nicer this Christmas!! Merry Christmas everyone!!!

  • Alexis says:

    how do you get it to stop blinking on your zip code thats all it keeps doing

  • Kelly says:

    The site is super slow because of everyone registering, if you are having problems just keep trying.
    I registered last night when it first opened (we are in Hawaii so it was up at 9 pm here, midnight CST) It didn’t have a start time frame on it when it first went up so hopefully mine goes thru got the confirmation page and everything and I know quite a few people in Hawaii that registered when i did

    • Leeann says:

      From what I have read numerous times so far everyone who applied early is still eligible to be picked for the program. I hope you are one of the lucky ones who get chosen for the program. I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas this year!!

  • Leeann says:

    I am so thankful for this program that Sears is offering. It took me thirty minutes this morning, but it finally went through & finally got the thank you page. Now the wait starts for Oct. 27th to see if we were one of the lucky ones who were chosen for the program. Good luck to everyone that applied for this wonderful program!! Hope everyone has a spooktacular Halloween, a wonderful Thanksgiving & a Merry Christmas to come!! :)

  • J says:

    Is there a rank/pay grade cut off? I can’t find it if there is?

    • Tara Kate says:

      I was wondering the same thing, but I don’t think there is. I though haven’t been able to get through yet, as after submitting it I just get a blank page. I hae been trying on and off for the past hour.

  • Angel says:

    So do you enter your family members name that is on active duty where it ask for name, birthdate, address? Or do you enter yours and then your family members somewhere else? Sorry I was just a little confused! Thank you!

  • J says:

    You can register at your local store too….might be easier to get through

  • Angel says:

    I have one more question sorry, can more then one family member do this? My mom and I share a house so we didnt know if we both could do it. Thank you!

  • Yola says:

    Mine just went through but it did not give me a confirmation number or anything it just You have already registered with
    Sears Heroes At Home Wish Registry so I don’t know if it really went through!!

    • c j says:

      That is what mine said. I wonder if it said I was alreay registered because I kept trying since I didn’t get a confirmation just a blank page.

  • Christine says:

    Took 2 computers and about15 tries but finally it submitted.
    We could really use it this year so I am keeping my fingers crossed.

  • cmcva1 says:

    Thanks for information!

  • FZ says:

    not working right now :(

  • melissa says:

    it says, “first come, first serve”… anyone know if they limit it to a certain amount of families or how you are chosen?

  • Angela says:

    Mine finally went through, hope it works out!

  • kristen says:

    Google Chrome worked the first time after trying a million times in IE – not sure if it’s just a coincidence, but worth a try if you can’t get through. HTH :)

    • marlene says:

      Same here, first time I hit the submit button, I got the confirmation page :) I registered my friends also, since they didn’t get it to go through on IE or Firefox!!

  • Tiffany says:

    spent 45 min trying and not working :(

  • Anonymous says:

    It took forever…then finally I got it through.
    the screen said ,

    The Sears Heroes at Home Wish RegistrySM helps
    America’s military families enjoy more of Christmas each year.
    In 2009, over 20,000 families participated in the
    Sears Heroes at Home Wish RegistrySM program
    and received move than $6.7 million in contributions
    from the Sears community.

    You have already registered with
    Sears Heroes At Home Wish RegistrySM.

  • sallie spangenberg says:

    We did this the first year they offered it (2008) and got a gift card in the mail. Then it was loaded twice, once before the holidays and again after the first of the new year when the program ended. It was several hundred dollars as I recall ($300 range). We used most of it toward a high end video recorder so that Daddy could see his kids on his next deployment, but there were no restrictions on how/when to use it.

  • Teresa says:

    I tried with my Mac Desktop 1000 times, and nothing…..took my 8 year old dell 1300 laptop out and worked the first time. Their software may like explorer better. Just a word for the wise for the Mac users out there…….could be a total coincidence, but if it works try it. Good Luck.

  • Linda says:

    I was able to register my son , only issue I had was entering a APO, Ap address. Emailed my daughter who is in Germany so she can register. It was slow had to select submit several times before it went thru and brought up the confirmation page.

  • Chrissie says:

    it says its not available anymore =[

  • kristi says:

    I am very disappointed. I have tried almost 50 times since noonish, but it always says page cannot be displayed once I hit submit. It doesn’t even go slow, just didn’t work at all. So I doubt I got in, and now it is closed. I was planning to make a special trip to my closest Sears (30 minutes away each direction) tomorrow, but now its too late. I’m glad most of you were able to get it.

  • Amy H says:

    They are taking registrations until 15 Oct. The site says that they are ‘temporarily closed’ right now so keep trying!

  • janist. says:

    A little upset that the “heroes” deployed here, including myself weren’t given a heads up about this. It would have been nice to take part of this.

  • Robin says:

    I am VERY upset with Sears for closing registration of this two days early. They are claiming the 25,000 responses they got are just too many to handle, yet had clearly stated earlier they had helped significantly MORE families last year. Something like 2 million if I am correct. I have absolutely no idea if my application went through or not, and I would advise anyone that couldn’t get their form through, or anyone who decided to nicely wait until the site slowed down- and then never got the chance to enter your information during the stated time frame, send strongly worded emails to customer service. I’m done with Sears screwing families over. First with not fulfilling rebates as promised, and now this. It’s just too much bad customer service.

  • karen says:

    same here upset I could not get through. I called yesterday and they said it should be back up today. Guess they were lying about that.

  • Heidi says:

    I am upset that they temporarily closed and then permanently closed right after. Instead of giving each family $300 they could accept more families and give $100 instead so everyone can have a chance to provide for their families during the holidays. Yep I’m done shopping at kmart and sears!

  • leeann says:

    Yay, we just got an e-mail from Sears “Congratulations! You have been accepted to the Sears Heroes at Home Wish Registry program!” I hope y’all get yours soon too!!

  • Anna says:

    I also got an email.

  • Diane says:

    Okay, I have to say, what is wrong with you people? Boycotting Sears because you didn’t get in? Being angry and sending nasty grams to Sears customer service? Seriously? Way to get them to STOP the program all together. They don’t HAVE to do this. People don’t HAVE to give money. They do it out of the kindness of their hearts. Stop acting like spoiled children. Oh and last year, the numbers were about 20,000, they distributed about 6.7 million in gift cards.

    It’s not like anyone in the military is “poor”. You’re not surviving on 10k per year like some civilian families I know. You’re not worried about a layoff. You know you always have a roof over your head and food on your table and free medical care. Why can’t you just realize that they were overwhelmed with applications, it’s first come, first served, and you missed it… no big deal.

    • Molly says:

      Well said, Diane! As I was reading these responses I said just what you typed to my husband! (and while, yes, we did get an acceptance email to the Sears program, there have been many other programs we haven’t been accepted to!) I am always amazed when ‘Beggers’ (I use that lightly because no one budgets in free money! your trying to win a lottery. Its not state funded and no one ‘deserves’ free money for any reason…) become Choosers and ruin it for all the rest! Considering so many of the coupon-ers I have met are Bible-Thumping Republicans, there are quite a few people who demand and feel they deserve hand-outs! Blows my mind!

  • Britney says:

    You should all be ASHAMED!!! So you didnt get picked! I didnt bother signing up, but there is ridiculous!!! So UNGRATEFUL its not even funny. This is something that should be smiled about, not bashing sears….Wow, I thought better of military wives……

    • Molly says:

      I’m just amazed by how people reacted to not being chosen. Its amazing. This is something done by Sears not because they have to, but because they want to. and now people are turning around and bashing them for their generosity! AMAZING. JUST wow. This whole issue has me so upset. I fully understand the dislike towards “the Military Wife”. While I am not ashamed of myself, my husband or our marraige, I AM ashamed to call myself a Military Wife when it gets lumped in with all the other negative nellies!

  • Julie M says:

    IF you registered on Oct 13th but either your submission did not go thru or you got the already registered page, there is a chance your submission went thru without your knowledge!!!

    I did not get confirmation page and I did not get acceptance email. I found out there were many people like us who applied on same date and got same problems.

    One lady got acceptance email, yet only got errors date she applied so acceptance letter shocked her. Another lady had same issues as us and called 800-416-9501 only to find out that she too was accepted. (yet she never got confirmation email or acceptance email!!)

    So guess what?? I called that number today and they asked for hubbys email and name and addy and sure enough we were accepted an will receive the 3 gift cards on the preselected mailing dates!!!

    I told the lady on the phone all of the above and she said that they have received many calls like mine who never got confirmation page or acceptance email but were indeed accepted!!!

    It never hurts to call. You might be pleasantly surprised!!

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