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“For it is in giving that we receive.”

10:15 AM MST
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Have I mentioned lately how lucky I am to have such amazing readers? Yesterday, I was extremely touched by the email I received…

Hi Collin,
I just wanted to thank you for posting the fabulous RA deal on the Bayer Monitor. I was able to get the deal this morning. I also have a cool manager who had no problem with the overage. :)

I consider myself VERY fortunate that no one in my family is currently battling Diabetes. So, in the spirit of giving that I think your site also inspires, I am mailing the one I got to one of your readers who doesn’t have a RA near her but needs the monitor for her 10 year old son. With two munchkins of my own, my heart goes out to her. I just can’t imagine…and pray I never have to.

I’m telling you this because I want you to know that what you do not only helps me save an absolute ton of money, it helps me pay it forward too. Thank you for that.

I think it’s pretty amazing how giving and incredibly loving we all can be… even to people we don’t know! Reading this email has inspired me and I hope it has inspired you, too. …And if you need even more inspiration, check out these 3 comments that were left on the Rite Aid Contour Meter post:

Commenter #1: I don’t have a rite aid near by and would desperately love one of these for my 10 yr old son! If anyone has an extra I could sure use it! I had a lady email and haven’t heard back so I’m not sure if she was able to get the deal! Thank you and God Bless You!

Commenter #2: Last night I told another poster that I would send her my meter if I found one… I didn’t write down her e-mail and now it’s gone. So… if you posted last night and I answered please post your e-mail again.

Commenter #3: I just sent her an e-mail offering mine. So now, she just needs to decide which one of us she wants to send it to her :) Collin, whenever you see comments about greed, etc. from hateful posters, I hope you can see comments like this and think “Wow, here are two Hip2Savers fighting over who they can send their free monitor to! LOL!

Simply amazing!

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  • Catrina says:

    Stories like these give me the warm fuzzies. Way to go gals!!! Our local Christian radio station challenges everyone to pay it “backwards.” They encourage you to pay for the person behind you in a food line or at a gas station. It has given me much joy the two times I have been able to do this. Keep up the good work Hip2Savers!!

  • Jessica says:

    My 8 yr old daughter with T1 has been wanting to try one of the new USB meters. I’ve been waiting for our CVS to get these in, but no luck yet:( Anyway, if anyone has an extra they would like to pass on, please email me at Thank you!

  • willa says:

    One reason that meters are so often “given” or free with rebate is because the company knows that the supplies are expensive and the meter doesn’t work without the strips, The company more than likely also makes some brand of alcohol wipes and/or lancets, which are necessary to use the meter. When my husband lost his job, I called the maker of my meter and they sent me a card with a phone number to call and activate so that I can get my stips for $15 a month (100 strips, which last more than a month for me) instead of the $60 with insurance, $110 when hubby lost his insurance. They said they were going to start putting the cards in with the new meters so it may be with the meter. Alcohol wipes and lancets seldom have coupons, but do go on sale. I watch for clearance and those are great to give when you give someone the meter. I have found boxes of lancets at Big Lots 200 for less than $2.00. If you are blessed enough, you could buy the strips—-or call the company that makes the meter (# is on the back of most meters) and they may be willing to send you the card and an extra bottle of strips. One company did for me when I was giving 2 meters to the local county home. They sent a dozen cards for each of the diabetic residents to get discount strips, 2 boxes (2 bottles in each box so each box had 100 strips) and 2 extra meters so the home had ample supplies for awhile. Helped many people that needed it. Just thought I would let the other readers know that while the meters are great, they do liltle good if you don’t have the srtips, alcohol wipes, and lancets. Just wanting the people to be on the lookout for the other supplies on sale or clearance to go with the meters. Also, most of the meters take a battery—–different ones take different kinds, so I always stick an extra battery (batteries) in the case with the meter. Hope this helps more of your wonderful readers help more people. Even when I was in the hospital a month ago, my hubby brought the computer and read your site to me every afternoon——I have him convinced that a day isn’t a day without Hip2save!!! Thanks for all you do.

    • marcia says:

      Thanks for that information! My husband is type 2 and SSSOOOO many people I know are diabetic both types and many could really really use this information! Thanks for sharing!

  • april a says:

    I have 20% off Diapers from expires 12/31/2010. Email me and I will give u the code.

  • Shelly T. says:

    Thanks for sharing your stories everyone! Wonderful way to end the night reading all of them.

  • Alma says:

    Well My 10 year old son was just diagnoised with Type 1 diabetes this summer. It has been a tough adjustment but we are doing it. I love HIp2Save because I am able to strech out the budget. I do not live near a RA also. If you recieve anymore emails about meters please keep me in mind.

    • chris says:

      Don’t know if anyone here is checking back, but I have a brand new/unopened Bayer Contour USB that you can have. I’ll keep checking comments over the next couple of days.

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