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Hallmark Coupon: $10 Off Purchase of $10 or More

5:25 PM MST
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Don’t you just love going to your local Hallmark Gold Crown Store this time of year?! I love browsing all the holiday decorations and the unique ornaments. Well, if you are an expectant mother or recently had a baby, then here’s another great reason for you to head to your local Hallmark store. Head over here to sign up for Hallmark emails and you’ll have the option to print a coupon good for $10 off your purchase of $10 or more!

(Thanks, Maria and Kim and the other readers who emailed me!)

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  • Susan says:

    I used this coupon today with no problems – it scanned just fine and the cashier was familiar with it and complimented me on my good deal. I didn’t visit this page before I went, I didn’t think it was fraudulent and I only used one. BTW – if your store is taking them, they have the Charllie Brown Christmas interactive books on sale for $6.99 down from $19.95. I bought two and paid $3.98 OOP. Happy Holidays.

  • says:

    i wpuld love to have the ten dollar hallmark coupon!!!!!

  • J says:

    I think that the employees who give customers a hard time are the ones really hurting hallmark. I won’t go back to a certain hallmark location because I had an employee who checked me out today talk loudly to her fellow employee about how I was ripping them off and she acted like I was taking money from her pocket and like I wasn’t standing right there waiting for my change. But she let me use the coupon. It was the first time I had tried to use it and she was so rude! The stores get the money from hallmark and hallmark provides the coupons, the stores should be grateful for extra customers, since they get reimbursed! And employees should be grateful because more sales means they are more likely to keep their jobs!

    I’m guessing that Hallmark brings in a ton of new customers with this offer and it is worth it for them, even though they know people will use more then one. Last year they did a printable $5 off $5. They did the $10 off $10 cupuon for new moms a few weeks ago, and they had a printable $5 off $5 from December 3rd-5th 2010 AND they just did a printable $10 off $10 good until December 24th 2010 (I found that one on another coupon site, though it linked to the hallmark site and has now been removed). I am not worried they will stop, because they are repeating the same coupon so often!

    • Anjanette says:

      Well what the customers dont know is that if the employees dont watch the coupons and dont follow the rules they set they will not reemburse the store for that discount, and then the store looses money. I dont agree that the sales assc. should be rude, thats unacceptable. But the consumers out there need to keep in mind that the economy is not bad just for them, but for the retailers as well. Just look at how many businesses have closed. Many Hallmark stores are individually owned by people just like you and me, and they are just trying to make a living to pay their bills. Keep that in mind to all those out there trying to get something for free. It wasnt free to the store, or the company trying to provide you with that product.

  • sue says:

    I just wish people would not take advantage of the coupons, That ruins it for everyone else.

    • Dave says:

      What do you mean, taking advantage, are you stupid ? If they are offering a coupon, they want you to use it , there’s no taking advantage of anybody.

      • laura says:

        There a lot of people printing these coupons off blogs which are somehow illegally reproducing and they photo copying them as well. As a Hallmark store owner I welcome the legitimate coupon customer with open arms ( matter of fact I am one) but because of the abusers I may have to stop taking them. As I write this I have 10 bougus coupons in my cash draw from today alone. I will not be reimburesed for these coupons. Each coupon should have a unique code on it, if you have any with dupicate numbers and you knowling use them we consider it stealing.

        • Steph Proffitt says:

          Just a question then, why did the hallmark website allow me to print multiple of this same coupon directly from their site? They ALL have the same barcode…

        • Penny says:

          As per Hallmark store owner, sounds to me like you have an issue with Hallmark. Not me as a shopper. Numerous coupons were distributed. And even after all of the complaining about coupons, I received another $5 coupon from Hallmark – (althought when I clicked on it, less than 24 hours after sent, it was invalid.) And then with all of the $5 coupons in the December magazines. Excuse me…if my friends and family give me their coupons as I collect coupons from everyone…even if it’s stuff I don’t use as I forward it onto others. i collect Precious Moments and really enjoy shopping for them, and my friends and family, (quite honestly) find Hallmark rather expensive and do not wish to shop at Hallmark. Our local Hallmark’s are rather snooty. Since Enesco began offering Precious Moments through other avenues than Hallmark, my friends and family don’t have to shop Hallmark. And then let’s get real. – How handicapped accessible are the Hallmark stores? Come on ….my mother recently has a stroke and utilizes a walker. She does not feel comfortable in the Hallmark store as all of the shelves are of glass and everything is so full, there is no room to move freely.

          There is a local Hallmark’s that will not get my business at all. And I do purchase my precious moments. But I will take my business elsewhere. So Hallmark business owners who have had an attitude with these authentic coupons….shame on you. And I encourage consumers to find a friendlier store to shop, where they don’t treat you like second class citizens. just my 2 cents…

      • annie says:

        Yes it is taking advantage you are only allowed one per customer not copy 50 of them and stand in the store handing them out to everybody and FYI we do not get full reimbursement and not all of the stores are corporate stores so us independent stores it is money out of my pocket it is my raise which we did not get

  • Jenean says:

    please sign me up for emails

  • Sara says:

    Seriously. If the coupon says “one per customer” that is what it means. Do not blame Hallmark for not prohibiting you from printing more. You are responsible for your own actions. Not Hallmark.

    And, the newer version of this coupon that is not hosted on Hallmark’s site is FRAUD. You are stealing from Hallmark when you use it. I hope you enjoy your stolen merchandise and feel really great when you give a stolen ornament to your grandma.

  • Kayla says:

    Okay so I would just like to add that I am a Hallmark employee. I’ve been there for 2 years and it was going well until now we are being told that we are not making our last year’s goals for the day because of the coupons. I can see where yes you can have one, but to have a customer use one to buy something totaling 8.99 and then buying just a little bit more such as candy it’s ridiculous. Some are paying a total of .60 cents which is hurting us. Not only that but the fact that we are very great with making our customers top priority, how are we going to ever say “you can only use one coupon.” It’s also ridiculous that they can use it with sale merchandise, but I guess if people want to lie and scam us then that’s their choice. I’d just like to let everyone know we as Hallmark employees are noticing the different printing types that come in. However, if the bar code doesn’t scan we just type it in. I’m thinking those might be the fraudulent coupons. Well… only 2 more days and then they are gone forever until of course another one is leaked out. Maybe the Hallmark members can’t be trusted to keep their coupons to their self. I mean if I were a member and not an employee I wouldn’t want everyone getting something for minimal effort. I bet most of the customers that come in don’t even have a Hallmark Gold Crown Card therefore they do NOT deserve the reward.

  • jewelbabe2010 says:

    Happy holidays :) I hear what everyone is saying, but here is my story…….System allowed me to print out 2 coupons. I used one on Monday and got a big, beautiful ornament and paid the $6.00 difference. Showed it to a friend and decided to go back the next day w/other coupon to get one for her gift. Cashier saw the coupon and said “Oh my goodness” rang up my purchase, but tore off my $2.00 survey portion before giving me my receipt. My niece was trying to use her coupon and was told “no”. She made a purchase anyway, and the same cashier still tore off her survey eventhough she didn’t use her coupon. Should we report this store to corporate?

  • christine hemmer says:

    have not shopped in a hallmark store in quite some time but I look forward to visiting the store once again.

  • says:

    looking forward to shopping at the Dartmouth, MA store for the purchase of birthday cards and gifts.

  • chri9stine hemmer says:

    Look forward to shopping at the Dartmouth, MA store to purchase birthday cards and gifts.

  • linz70963 says:

    could someone send me a coupon for the ten dollars off because it says the promotion has expired and i didnt have a chance to take part in the deal? i would greatly appreciate it :)

  • ron says:

    would someone please email the 10 off 10 coupon for hallmark thanks Ron

  • Ashley says:

    Can someone please email this to me! I want to get my boyfriend a stuffed animal from there but its $25. I dont really think its worth that much, but for $15 id but it!

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