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Amazon: Tweet and Get FREE $5 Video on Demand Credit!

9:35 AM MST
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Through January 1, 2011, if you have a twitter account, you can snag a FREE $5 Amazon Video on Demand credit in a matter of seconds! Click here for all the details; keep in mind that this offer is limited to one promotional credit per customer.

(Thanks, Rose Knows Coupons!)

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  • Mallory Davis says:

    Nice! That was easy! Thx!

  • lilroysmom2 says:

    did i understand that right? if you allow them they an tweet on YOUR behalf and read you direct messages? that doesnt sound right?

  • Tina Horst says:


  • Sadie says:

    I’ll pass.

    Twitter takes your privacy very seriously.

    Only click “Allow” for applications you trust. Allowing this application to connect to your account may give access to your Direct Messages (DMs), or the ability to Tweet on your behalf.

    You may revoke access to this application at any time by visiting your Settings page.

  • Elizabeth B. says:

    Super easy! thanks :) :)

  • mamabear says:

    i didnt have to tweet it, i just logged in both accounts, and hit the button, and it automatically gave it to me. not unless, amazon plans on tweeting for me idk, i dont use twitter, i dont even know how to tweet, i just use it to get txts to my phone for this website lol

  • Wendy says:


  • Wendy says:

    Got 2 free music downloads today also!! Woo Hoo!

  • zigaggie says:

    You can revoke access to Amazon from your twitter account after you have done this. I can see why a lot of people would not want to do this because amazon would be able to see your direct messages to other people. Since I don’t have anything really private on my twitter account, I went ahead and did the deal.
    To revoke access to Amazon go to settings in your twitter account, and then go to the connections tab. You will see a statement saying you have allowed the following applications to access your account. Under that statement find Amazon, and then hit revoke access (mine was highlighted in blue). That way Amazon will not be able to send tweets on your behalf or read anything. Hope this helps.

  • Kristen M. says:

    Awesome thanks!!!!!

  • Deanna says:

    So where on my Amazon account can i see what credits i have for the VOD and MP3? I have looked through everything and just not seeing it i guess! Thanks for any help!

    • zigaggie says:

      One quick way that I know of to find your balance is to click on any movie you might want to view. When the page loads you will see the information on the movie in a black box. Information on the left of the box will be about the movie. Stuff you will see on the right are options for 24hr rental and purchasing the movie. If you go down to the bottom of that black box you will see “Have a promotion code?” To the right of that you will see the view balance. When you click on that you will have a small box that comes up, and it will tell you all of your balances for mp3, dvd rental, and much more. Hope this helps. I know this is a convoluted way of doing it, but it is the only way I know how.

  • Maria says:

    Where can i see my credit. I got a message saying i got the credit but i cannot see.

  • Brea says:

    Awesome! I just used this in combination with the $5 credit I had gotten from buying an Amazon movie and got to buy a new release on demand for FREE!!

  • Katie says:

    Do any of you know where I can view all of my credits? I only know where to find my gift cards. Thank you!

  • fuzzymitten says:

    Thanks, Collin.

  • diana says:

    I got the credit..can anybody tell me how to use it (step by step instruction would be great). Thanks so much

    • zigaggie says:

      If you go to the video on demand section on amazon, which you can find from just typing video on demand in the search box on the home page of amazon, it will take you straight to the page. On the left hand side of this page, you will see all sorts of ways to look for movies (Movies, TV, special deals, and etc.). You can also just search for the movie title you want to see. When you click on which ever movie you would like to view, another page will load that shows a black box that contains all of the information for that particular movie. In this black box, you will see on the right hand side the ability to rent the movie for 24hr. If you click on the button that says rent this video for 24hrs, it will say “processing order” for this title or something like that. It will take the money from the $5 credit you just received before it takes from your credit card. Then just enjoy your movie. Hope this helps.

  • Lisa says:

    Awesome. Thanks a lot!

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