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  View changes → Additional 10% Off Already Discounted Gift Cards + FREE Shipping

12:30 PM MST
The links in the post below may be affiliate links. Read the full disclosure.

If you are planning to purchase gift cards for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or just to have on hand for a day of shopping, you’ll definitely want to check out You can find gift cards for retail stores, restaurants and more at discounts of up to 30%! Plus, all gift cards ship FREE! Even better, use the coupon code HIP2SAVE10 at checkout to save an additional 10% off select gift card purchases mentioned below (this code is ONLY valid for the gift cards listed and is valid through Friday, January 28th).

Check out the great deals below that you can currently snag on GiftCardRescue
(the final prices below are after the HIP2SAVE10 coupon code has been applied)

*$50 TGI Friday’s gift card ONLY $40.50

*$25 Lucky Brand gift card ONLY $20.25

*$25 Pier 1 Imports gift card ONLY $20.25

*$100 Sonic gift card ONLY $76.50

Remember, you can combine gift cards with coupons to score an even sweeter deal!

* If you have gift cards that you do not want, GiftCardRescue will buy your unused/unwanted gift cards and then re-sell them for up to 30% off their face value.

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  • Carrie says:

    So far, I’m not overly impressed. I placed two different gift cards into my cart and by the time I went to check out (minutes) they were purchased by someone else. This is frustrating as I created an account and I hate doing that when I am not actually purchasing something.

    • toba10 says:

      Carrie, this is most likely because that particular card was purchased right before you completed your payment. There were many Hip2Save readers using their codes over the past few minutes and completing purchases, so that’s why you experienced that.

      • Carrie says:

        I wasn’t trying to say that I didn’t appreciate Collin letting us know about this site/service (I do). I just don’t love the fact that the site hasn’t been programmed to not allow multiple users to place the same gift card into their cart, then try to check out simultaneously. When it happened with the first card I selected, I thought it may be a fluke, so I tried again. The second time made me feel that there has to be a better way to have programmed this, so users do not feel as if hey are wasting their time or giving out their contact info without anything in return.

        I may try again, but now 3.5 hours later, I can still see the same card as available and it still tells me that someone has already purchased it.

  • coachk says:

    I get the following message when trying to purchase:

    Coupon HIP2SAVE10 (10% OFF orders over $25.00)
    This coupon doesn’t offer any discounts for your cart.

    The card im trying to buy is $42.50. Code does not seem to be working.

    • bfam says:

      Are you sure you’re trying to purchase one of the four cards that the promotion covers? I don’t see any above that are $42.50 before the 10%.

  • Derek says:

    The code isn’t working for me either! :( :( :( :( :( :( There are several places I frequently shop that I would love to save extra on listed here! I hope it works soon!

    • toba10 says:

      The code only applies to the following as listed in the post: Pier 1, Sonic, TGI Fridays and Lucky’s brand. There will be more coupons and giveaways over the next few days if your favorite store wasn’t included this time.

  • coachk says:

    I guess the code only works for the 4 merchants listed on the post. (TGI Fridays, Lucky, Pier 1, and Sonic).

  • Maria S. says:

    So far Sonic is coming up at $81.00 for $100, still not a bad a deal, I’m thinking about it. Maybe the price went up.
    Thank you for the post and discount, I didn’t know about this website.



    subtotal: $90.00
    Shipping options: USPS First Class Free – $0.00
    Coupon HIP2SAVE10 (10% OFF orders over $25.00)
    Applies to all your cards
    ‒ $9.00

    Total to be paid by credit card $81.00

    • ashley says:

      Yes it says the same for me. 81 not 76..

      • toba10 says:

        Ashley, the coupon code only takes off an additional 10%, so if the card is already discounted 10% before you use the code, then applying the code means you end up saving 20% in total. Hope this clarifies it for you.

        • Maria S. says:

          I’m sure we were both just trying to find the $100.00 Sonic gift card that costs $76.50 after the discount posted here. $4.50 difference isn’t a big deal, just trying to find the best deal and since the price of $76.50 was listed as one of the gift card deals to find, that’s what we were looking for first.

  • ashley says:

    Im not going to use this site! You add something to your cart and then go to pay and it says its already been purchased but when you go back its there again and then does the SAME thing!
    They need to change that! Its a waste of time!

    • toba10 says:

      Ashley, try picking a card with the same value but lower down the list (There are many of the same cards, with same values listed). You probably had that problem because someone else completed the payment for the selected card right before you completed yours since there are many people buying those cards over the past few minutes. Hope that helps.

  • chrissygwhite says:

    I just purchased a Sears $25 card for $22.50. Not a bad price. I wish I could have gotten the 10% off though. I didn’t have any problems.

  • Maria S. says:

    I’m loving the Kohl’s card discounted at 15% through the gift card site, great to match up with Kohl’s printable discount coupons combined with a Kohl’s cash reward earning event.

  • Melissa S says:

    I love this site and have nothing but good things to say about them. I refer all of my family and friends to their site regularly! Thanks for you great service – Gift Card Rescue!

  • Maria S. says:

    Collin, I think you have just sparked an interest in an extra way for me, and I’m sure others, to save in a way that I just never really thought about getting into, BUYING GIFT CARDS AT A DISCOUNT, for places I frequent most. I’m pretty sure I am going to love this, and just found a website that actually compares prices of different websites to buy disounted gift cards from, it’s called
    Thank you for posting this awesome way to save even more :)

    • Joy says:

      I agree with the previous poster that this is an awesome shopping strategy.

      Thanks so much for posting this, Collin! I am only able to locate the Lucky Brand card you posted about. It seems that the others may have been purchased already. It’s too bad.

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